GH Update Monday 6/17/13

General Hospital Update Monday 6/17/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

TJ is in a limo riding around with Felix's sister who is miffed that he is completely distracted, looking at his phone and expressing no interest in being there with her.

Molly is with Rafe depressed that within a short time, his uncle whom he does not know and does not choose to live with, will be taking him to an unfamiliar place far away and they will never see each other again.

Michael finds out from his dad that his cousin (Franco's daughter, Lauren) is known as Kiki.

Kiki is with Morgan revealing that she has found out startling information about her father. He reminds her that he thought her father was dead. She tells him no. he's very much alive and he wants her in his life and to make it public.

Alexis is with Shawn telling him she now knows that he is responsible for Olivia getting shot at the Metro Court.

Morgan goes to the Quartermaine house and puts two and two together that Kiki is a Quartermaine and Michael's cousin.

In the other room, AJ and Tracy both attempt to "plead their cause" and their accomplishments to Franco. They both realize that "some lunatic" poisoned both of their patented relishes. Little do they know who did it Franco listens silently.

Alexis reminds Shawn that she told him she needed him to be there for her when her grandson needed a bone marrow biopsy, but he told her he had more important plans. He had to get to the Metro Court. She thought she knew all the facts about him and had good reason to trust and have no secretes with him. She knew that he worked for Sonny and suspected nothing, but she needs to know if he kills people for Sonny. She knows that he is evading her questions. She tells him he needs to tell her the truth. She asks him one more time if when he was called away from the hospital, was it business or was it to "work" for Sonny. She knows he was lying when he said he was with TJ when she called and TJ confirmed he had not seen or heard from him.

While with Felix's sister, TJ is worried about baby Danny and what's going on with Molly, but Taylor wants him to forget about it.

Molly is happily with Rafe and they talk about all the things they could be doing together. He gives her a gift. He reminds her he can afford it now that he's found out he has a rich uncle. They talk about his mother.

Taylor asks TJ if he's over Molly or not. She reminds him that Molly is with another guy. He protests that she is not "with" Rafe. They are just friends. His date asks him if he really wants to be with Molly. She questions why he'd want that but can clearly see that it is what he wants.

Alexis tells Shawn she wishes he would tell her where he went when he left the hospital as she knows it was not to find TJ. She knows that his phone was turned off. She knows that Shawn later came back to the E.R. after Olivia was shot. He was a wreck as anyone would be after shooting an innocent person. She knows that he intended to shoot Franco for Sonny but accidentally shot Olivia instead. She then asks him how she did as a "lawyer cross examining a hostile witness."

Tracy reminds AJ that not long ago he shot his own father. He protests that he changed although she scoffs.

After Kiki talks to Michael about the discovery of her father. He tells her that his revelation of his own father is not unlike hers of hers. He was reunited with AJ for the first time not long ago. Curiosity got the best of him and if he listened to all the things everyone tells him about AJ, he would not have been able to have the relationship with him that he now has. Kiki then concludes that she, not unlike Michael, will never know if her father is sincere or not until she gives him a chance.

Morgan talks to Alice in the other room about the misinformation that Franco is dead when they have now found out otherwise.

Kiki and Michael conclude that they do not dislike each other. She compliments him on being a good listener. They apparently do not know that they are cousins. They end up kissing until they pull themselves apart realizing that she is his brother's girlfriend and he is her boyfriend's brother. She tells him this is not right.

When Morgan finds out that his brother and girlfriend are cousins, he tells Alice he is very relieved and happy. He seems to know that things are the way he wants them to be.

AJ tells Franco that he's gotten his life turned around. He has a great relationship with his son. And Franco can have the same thing with his life and with his daughter. IF Franco partners with him, they can both have another chance with their kids. He tells AJ that what Tracy is offering him pales in comparison. She is offering him a "badge". AJ is offering his "brother" redemption.

Alexis reminds Shawn that she knows that Sonny has people killed for a living. But he does not do it himself. He has others do it for him. Jason used to be the one he employed. But now that Jason is gone, Sonny needs someone new. So she asks Shawn again if he was the one to shoot Olivia.

Kiki departs from Michael and runs into AJ asking him if he's seen her "boyfriend." He tells her that AJ is not far away but asks her if they can chat. She asks what about. He replies about his son, her cousin.

Alexis tells Shawn what she really wants to know is when he accepted this job from Sonny, did he think about someone else. She does not mean herself. She means TJ. She happens to know that his own mother dumped him. All he has is Shawn. If Shawn gets caught, TJ will have nowhere to go. Did he even think about that? He then reveals to her that all he could think of when Olivia got shot was about TJ's dad. He hit the wrong guy. And that very same thing is happening again.

TJ admits to Felix's sister that he has Molly on the brain and that she may believe he's cheating on her. She tells him she cannot believe that she has been in this town for all of five minutes and is already love-sick over a guy.

Molly tells Rafe she is sorry. This is his last night in Port Charles, and she's making this all about herself. He tells her he wants it to be about her and asks her if he can have this dance.

Franco tells Tracy that all he wants is a relationship with his daughter. She asks if he really believes that AJ can help him with that. Does he not remember when AJ tried to strangle him on the boat of The Haunted Star? Would he not like to make AJ pay for that. AJ has been talking a good game about helping him bond with his daughter and using Michael for that. But Franco needs to realize he cannot buy that. So what does he say.

In the other room, AJ tells Kiki that he'd like her to meet his son, her cousin. They are about the same age. And if he was a betting man, he'd bet they will really hit it off. He gets a call from Michael and is very encouraged to introduce his son to his cousin. But Michael is less than happy. He tells his dad that something has happened. He kissed Morgan's girlfriend. Hearing that, AJ asks just who Morgan's girlfriend is, not having a clue and not really concerned. He wants Michael to come over there and meet Kiki so that the two of them can help him win Franco over. Kiki overhears AJ's conversation but is unaware that his son is Michael.

Felix's sister tells TJ she's going to have fun without him. She jumps out of the limo and he demands to know what she is doing.

Alexis asks Shawn how he can do this to all the people who count on him. He protests that he knew he had to protect many people from Franco. She furiously asks him how he thinks he can take justice into his own hands. He tells her that he makes no apology for his intent to rid the world of people like Franco and it's lawyer like her who let people like Franco go free. She then asks him if he thinks he can live with having shot an innocent person who had nothing to do with Franco.

At the Quartermaine house, Alice is startled to find out that Kiki's boyfriend is Morgan.

Rafe tells Molly he's afraid they will never see each other again. But she tells him there are trains and planes and Skype and phones. But he tells her that he never had a place to call home in his life. He and his mom always traveled and never stayed in one place., And she's the only friend he's ever known.

Felix's sister jumps out of the car and is determined to have fun although TJ is not having fun or wanting to be with her. Right then, she catches sight of Molly and Rafe kissing. TJ urges her to get back in the car. She then smugly tells him she promises she will get back in the car if she can show him the "lovely view" of something she sees right now. Having no clue what she is talking about or what he will see, he agrees. She lets him see what she is seeing and he is horrified and angry.

Shawn asks Alexis where this leaves them.

Michael talks to AJ about "meeting his cousin" although he's concerned about Morgan's girlfriend without knowing they are the same person. AJ urges his son to know he's his secret weapon with Franco while Tracy is in the other room working on Alice and Morgan. Kiki walks in and AJ introduces Michael to her. Morgan announces to his brother that Kiki is Michael's cousin.

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