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General Hospital Update Friday 6/14/13


Written by Tami
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At Alexis' lake house, Molly shows off her prom gown to Alexis. Alexis tells her how beautiful she looks. Molly tells Alexis that it doesn't matter anyway because they're not going to prom. Alexis assumes she isn't going because of Daniel's illness, but Molly tells her that the prom was canceled.

At Kelly's, TJ tells Shawn that he got all dressed up, but the prom was canceled. Shawn asks why. TJ tells him that the prom was supposed to be held at the Metro Court, but there was a shooting there last night.

At the Metro Court, Luke walks past the police tapes to the bar. He fixes himself a drink as Tracy walks in and asks what he's doing.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Kiki calls Morgan. He asks she didn't call sooner. She tells him that the family insisted she stay overnight, then comments on how big the house is. She the says that both sides are falling over themselves to make her happy to get her support. Morgan says he thought she was going to get the money and leave. She says that's what she thought, but then she got a better idea.

At AJ's ELQ office, Michael walks in after working out at the ELQ gym. He invites AJ to join him at the gym sometime. He asks about the figures he sent AJ, and AJ tells him that he did a nice job. Michael tells AJ that its only a matter of time before Franco figures out his role in the family. AJ tells Michael that Franco already has figured it out, and made it clear that he's going to move in.

Franco arrives at the Quartermaine mansion, and is greeted by Alice. Franco tells Alice that he heard a lot about her. He introduces himself to Alice who shuts the door in his face. Alice opens the door again, and Franco tells Alice that she may not know who he is. Alice says that she knows he's an artist and a serial killer. Franco says it's not been proven. Alice asks if he's innocent. He says he's not a serial killer after a moment's thought. He says he's a Quartermaine, and that he wants to speak with his Aunt Tracy. Alice says that Tracy is out, and tries to shut the door on him again, but this time Franco blocks her with his foot. Franco asks if she works for the Quartermaines. She says that she does, and they told her not to let him in. He says that he is a Quartermaine, so she works for him. She says she still isn't letting him in. Franco tries to tell Alice how his shares of ELQ could control her future. Alice tells him that Monica owns the house, and that AJ and Tracy only live there. He says they live there because they are Quartermaines, like him. He tells her that she doesn't want to upset him, or she can start looking for another job. They both struggle with the door, Alice trying to close it, and Franco trying to get in.

Michael is in disbelief that Franco showed up at the mansion. AJ explains that he wanted to throw Franco out, but they do need his shares. Michael agrees that it's about business. AJ explains that Franco is important to the business, and so his daughter. He tells Michael that Franco's daughter stopped by the house, too. Michael is surprised that Lauren just shows up after all the searching they did for her. AJ tells him that Lauren's mother told her about them, and that Lauren hasn't decided who she is going to side with yet. Michael tells AJ that Franco holds more shares than Lauren, so he's the more important one. AJ guesses that maybe Franco will want to side with whomever Lauren sides with, then suggests that maybe Michael can win Lauren over. AJ tells him that Lauren is at the house, so maybe he can stop by the house, introduce himself to her and make friends with her. Michael agrees to do so. As he leaves, AJ tells him that Lauren doesn't go by the name "Lauren". Michael asks what name she goes by.

Kiki tells Morgan that she wants to move into the Quartermaine mansion. She tells him about all of the amenities the house has. Morgan asks what happened to them getting a place together. Lauren invites him to come and live with her at the Quartermaine mansion. She says it won't cost anything, and Morgan says that this could change as he logs onto an online poker site. He's wondering if the Quartermaines are going to be ok with him moving in. Kiki assures him that they will be because they want to stay on her good side. She says there's no downside to the situation. Franco opens the doors and walks into the room. Kiki says she may have spoken too soon.

Luke asks Tracy what it looks like he's doing. Tracy says it looks like he's breaking two laws: tampering with a crime scene and stealing Carly's alcohol. Luke says that his minibar wasn't re-stocked, so he's being proactive. He asks Tracy what she's doing there. He says if she wants to see bloodstains, they are outside on the patio. She tells him that she's looking for him. She went to his hotel room to find he wasn't there, so she decided to check the nearest bar. Tracy asks if his phone is out of order, but he says it works fine. She tells him that he promised to call her when the test results came in. Luke reminds him that he didn't promise it, she demanded it and then hung up on him. Tracy guesses that either the lab is very slow or he's avoiding her.

TJ tells Shawn that he heard the shooting happened outside the restaurant terrace. Shawn comments on how terrible it is. TJ says that he heard that the shooter was aiming for Franco when Olivia got in the way, that Olivia is in bad shape, and that they haven't found the shooter yet.

Molly comments to Alexis that the shooter hasn't been found yet. Alexis tell her that is what she hears.

Shawn flashes back to his shooting Olivia. TJ calls out to Shawn, asking if he's ok, and asking him to sit down.

Alexis flashes back to confronting Shawn about lying to her that he was talking to TJ. Molly asks Alexis if she's ok, and if she knows something about who shot Olivia. Molly says it's not that hard to figure out. She says that Franco hurt a lot of people, and that Sonny has ways of handling his enemies. Alexis tells her that Sonny's been questioned about it and released, and that's all she knows about it. Alexis then says that she's just distracted about Daniel, and that he's all she can think about right now.

Shawn tells TJ that he's a bit distracted. He tells TJ that he was at the hospital with Alexis. TJ asks if Alexis is ok. Shawn tells him that she is, and then shares the news about Daniel being sick. He says it could be serious, and that they are still waiting for test results. TJ is upset on behalf of Sam and Molly. TJ says that he needs to go see Molly.

Molly says it is likely for the best that the prom was canceled. She says she couldn't have a good time because of Daniel. Alexis tells her that she disagrees. She says that things are going to be difficult, and that they need to grab as much joy as they can. She mentions that the prom was a big deal. Molly remembers that she hasn't told Rafe that the prom was canceled. She rushes to her phone to call him when he appears in the doorway.

Tracy asks if the doctor called yet, and Luke says he hasn't spoken to the doctor yet. Tracy guesses that he's playing semantics. Luke confesses that the doctor's office called to let him know that the test results were in. Tracy asks why he's hiding things from her. She says that if it's bad, they will get through it together, then asks what is wrong with him. Luke says he doesn't know.

Michael asks if Lauren uses a nickname. Before AJ can answer, his phone rings and he answers it. AJ tells Michael that he has to take the call, because it's his broker. He tells Michael to go home, shower and get to the mansion. He wishes Michael luck with Lauren and gets back to his conversation with his broker, asking the broker for some good news. Michael says he'll figure it out himself.

Morgan asks Kiki if something is wrong. She says that her father just walked into the room. Morgan says that he thought her father was dead. Kiki says that she thought so, too, but unfortunately he's very much alive. Morgan says that he doesn't understand. Kiki tells him to pack up and she'll try to send a car for him. Morgan says having her own car must be nice. Kiki says she has to go and handle things with her father, and she hangs up. She asks Franco what he wants. He holds his arms out and tells her to come to papa.

TJ tells Shawn that he is going to see Molly. Shawn says that he thought they weren't on good terms. TJ confirms that they're not, but with Daniel being sick, nothing else matters. He says that she is the only person he wants to be with tonight as he grabs his jacket. Felix and Taylor walk in. Taylor comments on how romantic TJ is.

Rafe confirms with Molly that there's not going to be a prom because of Olivia being shot. Rafe says it sounds like it's for the best because they are both worried about people, and he didn't feel like partying. Alexis' cell phone rings and she steps outside to take the call. Molly tells Rafe that she's sorry he rented the tux for nothing, but Rafe tells her there's one good thing about it. He says he got to see her in her dress and she looks beautiful. Rafe tells her that he knows he's not the one she was supposed to go with. Molly says she would have been happy to go with her. She says that since TJ found someone else to take so fast, there's no reason for her to think about him. She apologizes for not reaching him before he got dressed up, then tells him how great he looks in a tux. Alexis returns, saying that it was Diane who called. She breaks the news to Rafe that Silas was granted custody of him. Rafe asks what that means. Alexis tells him that he's going to have to leave Port Charles tomorrow.

Tracy asks what Luke means he doesn't know what is wrong. She asks if the tests were inconclusive. Luke says that he hasn't gone in to get the test results. Tracy asks why he hasn't, but Luke says he's not interested and won't understand anyway. Tracy reminds him of the circumstances that brought him to needing the tests. She reminds him that he agreed to the tests, and all he has to do is let the doctor explain the findings to him, but instead he went to the nearest bar. Luke quips that she missed her call, and should have been a reporter because she has great observational skills. Tracy accuses Luke of self sabotage. Luke disagrees. He says he's just having a drink. Tracy says either he thinks he's invincible or he has a death wish. She asks which it is.

At Michael's apartment, Morgan attempts to play poker online, but he has exceeded his credit limit on his card. He pulls out Michael's credit card and buys $5000 in credit to play. He starts to play poker as Michael walks in. Morgan quickly shuts his computer, and Michael asks if he's looking at porn. Morgan says that Michael caught him before he starts to pack. Michael asks if he's really moving, and he says he is. Michael guesses that Kiki got the money, but Morgan says that she didn't, but they are going to move in with her family instead. Michael is concerned about Morgan and Kiki moving in with people Morgan doesn't know and people Kiki just met. He tells Morgan that they can make things work. Morgan says it's better that they move out. Michael flashes back to an encounter he had with Kiki that resulted in her towel dropping. He then agrees with Morgan that he's right.

Franco encourages Kiki to hug him, but she refuses. He tells her to give him some sugar, and she throws a sugar bowl at him, missing him widely. Alice rushes in, saying that she just broke a $1200 sugar bowl. She tells Franco and Kiki that it was an antique. Franco tells her to put it on his tab, and Alice suggests having Monica bill him for it. Franco tells Alice she doesn't have to be there, because they are just having a family squabble like the Quartermaines tend to do. Alice then goes to coddle Kiki, asking if she is ok, and if Kiki needs her to get anyone for her. Kiki asks Alice to go get her boyfriend. Alice is concerned that if she does, she has to leave Kiki alone with Franco. Kiki says that she can handle Franco, then gives Alice the address to get Morgan. Alice reluctantly agrees, saying that she will hurry. She asks if Kiki will be ok alone with Franco. Kiki says she'll manage, besides, they need to talk. Alice leaves them to get Morgan. Franco thanks her for the time alone with her. Kiki tells Franco to get away from her and stay away from her.

Morgan tells Michael how amazing Kiki is to have made the arrangements for them to live with her family so fast. Michael agrees that it's amazing. Morgan tells Michael that Michael could be happy for him. Michael says that he has a lot on his mind with ELQ. He explains how important ELQ is to AJ, and how much he wants to help AJ. Morgan tells Michael that Michael never told him what it was like to have AJ back. Michael says that AJ has made some mistakes, but feels like running ELQ is a second chance for him. Morgan doesn't understand why Michael is responsible for it, but Michael explains that he just wants to help. Morgan tells him that when Michael is handing out help that Michael should remember that he is first in line. Michael asks if he's in trouble. Morgan says he just wants to know that he can count on Michael. Morgan says he'll finish packing and go. Michael tells Morgan that he needs to shower and go meet his long lost cousin anyway.

Taylor asks TJ what heh thinks. Felix comments that her dress nearly bankrupted him. She says he was not in a position to turn her down. Felix says that if modeling and acting doesn't work out, she has a future as an extortionist. She asks TJ what he thinks of her dress, and when he tries to answer, she sees the corsage and ignores him for the flowers. She tells TJ that between the corsage, the limo and TJ, she's in prom heaven. Shawn looks at TJ sympathetically as TJ starts to tell Taylor that there's not going to be a prom, but gets ignored by Taylor who is asking Felix to take photos of her with TJ on her phone. The two pose for photos as Taylor comments on how they will be the hottest couple at prom. TJ finally gets to tell Taylor that there's not going to be a prom. This upsets Taylor.

Molly complains about how unfair it is that Rafe has to leave tomorrow, and asks how Silas got custody when they weren't even in the courtroom. Alexis explains that she and Diane both tried to get a continuance, but the judge denied it. Rafe asks if Silas knows that Daniel is sick. Alexis says that the Silas believes that he is acting in Rafe's best interest. Rafe says that he's not and Molly tells her that it's not right that this got decided without Sam getting a chance to fight for custody. Alexis agrees with her, but says that the judge didn't agree and that she thinks it didn't help that Sam couldn't be in court. Molly tells her that the system doesn't work, and Alexis agrees that it isn't fair, but the judge's decision is the law, so they have to abide by it. Rafe says that he may never see Molly again.

Michael and Morgan discuss Lauren's place in ELQ, and how Michael is going to go and see if he can convince Lauren to vote with him and AJ. Morgan reminds Michael that Franco is a psychopath, and his daughter could be, too, but he's supposed to go and suck up to them. Morgan says he's not a Quartermaine, but maybe Lauren is hot. Michael reminds him that Lauren is his cousin. Morgan says that's too bad, and says that maybe Michael should have bagged a rich girl like he did.

Franco asks Kiki for a chance. Kiki says that all she knows is that Franco is dangerous, and that her mother spent her whole life protecting her from him. Franco apologizes, saying that he's not good at the father thing, then suggests they spend father's day together. Kiki asks why she should. Franco tells her that he is her father, and the only father she will ever have. Franco tells her that he was almost murdered last night, and if it wasn't for some unfortunate woman getting in the way, they would never get the chance to know each other.

Michael and Morgan are interrupted by Alice knocking at the door. Morgan says that it's probably Kiki picking him up. Michael says he needs to shower, but if things don't work out with Kiki's family, he's always welcome back, then leaves him. Morgan answers the door to see Alice. Alice asks if he is Kiki's boyfriend. Morgan says he is and Alice takes his bag, the leads him out. Morgan stops her, and says that he knows who she is.

Luke accuses the doctor of wanting to just get more money out of him, then asks Tracy if it occurred to her that there is nothing wrong with him. She tells him yes, because perfectly healthy people always pass out for no good reason. Luke suggests that it could have happened because of his blood sugar since he hasn't eaten. Tracy says that they can get that answer by calling the doctor and finding out. Luke is surprised that Tracy has his doctor on speed dial. She calls to make an appointment to discuss his test results. Luke says he does not, takes the phone and hangs up the phone. Tracy says that he must know something is wrong because he's fighting it. Luke says he's not fighting it, she's badgering him. She says that it's not going to go away because he ignores it. Luke then explains to her his issues with the medical system. Tracy says that she's had it with his rants. Luke says that the medical community makes people think that they are sick so the doctors can get richer. Tracy says that sometimes people are really sick, and Luke may be one of those people. Luke says maybe not. Tracy says that she has thought Luke was a lot of things, but she never thought he was a coward, and she storms off.

Molly asks if they can appeal and fight for Rafe. She says that Rafe can't leave now when everyone needs him. Alexis says that they will continue to fight, but it takes time, so Rafe is going to have to leave with Silas. She explains that the court knew that it would mean a move for Rafe, but still placed him with Silas, so he will have to go. Molly holds Rafe's hand

Taylor comments on how awful things are. Felix says it's awful about Olivia. Taylor says "that too", but complains about the prom being canceled, calling it a tragedy. Felix tells her that an innocent woman being shot is a tragedy, but prom being canceled is not. TJ tries to send them home, but Taylor says she isn't wasting being dressed up. She tells TJ that they are going out. Taylor continues to complain about prom being canceled. Felix tries to get Taylor to go home with him when TJ steps in and offers to take Taylor out, pleasing Taylor. Taylor promises that they will still have fun. TJ goes to speak to Shawn. TJ tells Shawn that he's the only person she knows, and he couldn't just send her home. Shawn assures TJ that he's doing the right thing. TJ asks Shawn to go check on Molly, and let her know he's thinking about her. Shawn promises to, then walks TJ over to where Felix and Taylor wait. Shawn asks Felix to watch out for them, then tells TJ to be safe as he leaves Kelly's. Taylor tries to dismiss Felix, but Felix tells her that he heard Shawn say that Felix was in charge of them.

Alice is surprised that Morgan knows her. Morgan says that he's a big fan of her, The Dominator. They discuss her wrestling career. He tells her that he won money on her matches. Alice reminds him that betting on matches is illegal, but Morgan says only if he gets caught. He tries to call Michael out to meet her, and asks if Alice can wait five minutes to meet him. Alice says she'd love to, but she has to get him home to Kiki, and she has work to do. They leave just as Michael comes out of the bathroom to find them gone.

Kiki asks if he would have expected her to grieve for him, even though she hadn't met him, and he was a monster. Franco tries to explain to her that not everything he did was terrible. Kiki reviews how he did art, but played mind games with people and killed people. He tells her that he's been called a visionary. Kiki says she's never called him that. Franco says that the hurting people comes from a small part of him that he couldn't control. He explains to her that he became obsessed with his twin brother, Jason. He says he wanted to hurt Jason by hurting the people around him, but now he's dead and everything changed. Kiki asks if it was all Jason's fault. Franco says that the evil part of him had nothing to feed on, so it starved and died, but now he just feels empty. He tells her that he is trying to change. He's hoping that Kiki will take a chance on him. AJ walks in, asking if everything is ok. Kiki runs out of the room in tears. AJ asks what happened. Franco says that was AJ ruining his reconciliation with his daughter. Tracy walks in, saying that if Franco wants to get back at AJ, she knows exactly how he can do it.

Taylor tells Felix that they don't need a chaperone. Felix says that they can't just ride around in a limo by themselves. Taylor threatens to call their parents, and Felix backs off, but tells her no drinking. Taylor says she knows. TJ asks Felix to trust him that they will be ok. Felix gives TJ his sympathies, and Taylor blows Felix off. As Felix walks off, TJ asks where she wants to go. Taylor says she doesn't care, because they will have a good time, as she shows him the flask in her purse. She grabs TJ's hand and drags him off to go out.

Shawn arrives at the lake house, telling Molly that TJ asked that he make sure she's ok. Molly says that she's fine, just worried about Daniel. Alexis asks if Shawn's heard about the prom being canceled because of the shooting at the Metro Court. Shawn says he'd heard. Molly takes Rafe's hand and drags him out of the lake house, saying that they are going for a walk, leaving Alexis and Shawn alone. Shawn reassures Alexis that Daniel is strong, and he's a fighter. Alexis asks if he was really there to check on Molly for TJ. Shawn says that he was there to check on her, too. Alexis asks if he's really not going to say anything about why he lied to her about going to see TJ when he didn't. She says that she'll say it. She tells him that he's the one who tried to shoot Franco.

Franco asks Tracy what she's talking about. AJ asks Franco to ignore Tracy, because she will do anything to make him look bad. He tells Franco that if something upset Kiki, it had nothing to do with him. Tracy urges Franco to back her and oust AJ from ELQ to pay AJ back for ruining his chances with Kiki.

Kiki runs into Michael's apartment, looking for Morgan. Michael appears, letting Kiki know that Morgan left. He says he thought that she had picked him up. Kiki says that it was the maid who picked him up, but she was trying to stop him because doesn't know if she can live at her family's home anymore. Michael asks why not. Kiki explains how she is told things when she grows up, then learns other things, and now she doesn't know what she wants to believe. Michael asks what she's taking about. She says she's talking about her father. Michael hugs her as she cries on his shoulder.

Alice shows Morgan into the house, welcoming him home. He is excited to be living in the same house as The Dominator. He looks around and recognizes the Quartermaine mansion.

Luke makes a call. He says he wants to make an appointment with the doctor to go in and discuss his test results.

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