GH Update Thursday 6/13/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/13/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick and Sabrina luxuriate in bed on their first morning together.

At GH, Sam is in the elevator, praying to Jason, for Danny to be all right. As she steps off the elevator, she is shocked to see Dr. Clay talking to a nurse, asking how Danny is. When he tries to pass himself off as family, Sam puts a stop to it.

At Metro Court, Carly surveys the crime scene, while calling the hospital to check on Olivia. She also pretends to be family, but unfortunately, Lulu walks right by the nurse on her way to Olivia's room. Carly is about to try another tactic, but someone grabs the phone away from her. She turns around to face an angry Shawn.

Lulu stands in the doorway while Dante talks to Olivia. He's holding a cross Olivia gave him for his first communion. He says that it wasn't really used, until Lulu went missing. He hopes that Olivia won't keep him waiting that long. Lulu comes up and kisses him on the shoulder. She reminds him that Olivia is tough, and she will pull through.

At Metro Court, Shawn confronts Carly about lying to him. She tries to deny it at first, but Shawn tells her that he won't be manipulated by her anymore.

Alexis has gone to Kelly's, to look for Shawn, but instead runs into Franco. He tells her about the attempt on his life. He tells her how Carly invited him to dinner at Metro Court. Then Sonny showed up, and wanted to drag Carly outta there but Olivia interfered. She had some kind of crazy vision and got shot instead. Alexis says that it sounds like the bullet was meant for Sonny. Franco tells her that because of the trajectory, the bullet was definitely meant for him. When Alexis asks if they arrested anyone, Franco says Sonny.

Anna has pushed Sonny to his limit. He wants Anna to charge him or let him go. He needs to go and be with Olivia and Dante. Sonny tells her that he's holding her for something he didn't do. Anna talks to Sonny about Jason, and who could've taken his place.

In Olivia's hospital room, Lulu and Dante are also wondering if Sonny could've been behind the hit. Dante tells her the same thing that Franco told Alexis about the trajectory. He tells her that Sonny tried to kill Franco on The Haunted Star. Lulu reminds him that there were plenty of people who wanted to kill Franco.

Shawn and Carly are talking about the same thing at Metro Court. Shawn is beside himself with anger. He yells at Carly about not thinking of the consequences for him, Sonny and Alexis. Typical Carly, she doesn't know how it affects Alexis. Shawn tells her that he had to lie to Alexis, but it won't be long until she figures it out. Carly doesn't think that Sonny wouldn't kill anyone over this. Shawn disagrees.

After Sonny's outburst, Anna tells him to calm down. Of course, that only makes him more upset. She asks him why he was on the terrace last night. When he asks for Alexis, she tells him that they tried to reach Alexis, but couldn't get a hold of her. Sonny tells her to let him go, and she finally agrees. She tells him that she's not giving up. He tells her to have at it.

Patrick tells Sabrina about the shooting. Just then Patrick receives a call from the hospital. Danny's tests results are in and he has to leave.

Sam is at the hospital warning Dr. Clay to stay away from her and Danny. Dr. Clay insists that he is right, and when she calms down, she will realize that. He tells her that when she needs one of the best doctors, he will be there for her.

Alexis is surprised that Sonny was arrested and no one called her. Franco refreshes Alexia's memory, about the chain of events. Franco says that it's a good thing he hired Diane instead of Alexis, but Alexis tells him that's not an option. He goes on and then mentions Shawn. Franco sees Diane enter Kelly's, and goes to see her. Franco says he wishes, one day, Diane will let him call her Diane. But he'll settle for being free. Alexis scoffs at him. Alexis thinks back to the times when Shawn lied to her. Thinking about Shawn, "Oh God." sighs Alexis.

Dante and Lulu are still talking about whether or not Sonny was involved in the shooting. He gets very emotional thinking that his father got his mother shot. Dante tells Lulu that even though Sonny is his father, if he is responsible, he will go after him. Just then, Sonny shows up, and goes straight to Olivia. Dante is near tears. Sonny says that Olivia use to bug him to go to church. He would say a 100 Hail Marys, if she would wake up right now. Sonny tells him he heard what Dante said. He swears that he didn't do it. "Who did? asks Dante. Sonny sees Carly waiting outside the room.

Patrick arrives at GH, where Sam practically jumps him. She tells Patrick that she hasn't seen Dr. Singh, and that she's been climbing the walls. Patrick tells her that he has a copy, and Sam is anxious to hear the results.

Diane comes up to Alexis to remind her about the court hearing. Alexis tells her that Sam won't be able to make it. When Diane makes a snarky remark about Sam not wanting to be a foster parent, Alexis tells her that Sam is at the hospital. Danny may have leukemia. Diane is shocked, and so is Franco. Outside of Kelly's, Alexis calls Anna, who tells her that Sonny's been released. Alexis questions Anna, but she's not forthcoming. Anna hangs up, just as Shawn turns up for questioning.

Shawn asks if the questioning will take long cause he has to go back to work. At Kelly's or Sonny, Anna wonders. Shawn just sighs and again asks her if she as any questions. She asks him if heard about the shooting. He says, of course, its been all over the news. She asks him for his whereabouts when Olivia was shot.

Back at the hospital, Dante tells his father that he wants to believe in his innocence. Unfortunately, he knows the way he thinks. He would do anything to make Franco pay for hurting Michael. He says that he might have even been a decoy. He certainly didn't expect Olivia to be there. Sonny sees Carly taking off and says "Excuse me". He tells Dante to stay with his mom. Dante is confused by the sudden switch in conversation.

Carly is at the elevators who are moving fast enough. Sonny catches up to her, and asks where she's going. She not going to pay her respects to Olivia, he asks? Carly is frightened, as she should be. "I know what you did!" He says in her face.

Shawn is denying his involvement to Anna. She goes over his military training, but Shawn has an answer. Anna goes over the sequence of events, trying to rattle Shawn.

Dante is upset that Sonny took off, but Lulu tries to calm him down. She tells him to focus on Olivia so he wonders where the doctor is. Lulu offers to go and find him.

Sonny confronts Carly about the shooting. He warns her that if Olivia dies, she dies. They turn around to see Lulu watching them.

Franco asks Diane if she believes in redemption. Diane tells him that he needs to see a shrink. Diane tells him that he either does what she says or end up in prison. Franco makes a comment that he might be safer in prison. When she asks why, he tells her about the shooting. Diane asks if it was Sonny, but then she sees Dr. clay come in. She tells Franco that she has another client to see. "You have another client? he smirks "Learn to share!" says Diane.

Diane goes to ask Dr. Clay for a continuance because Sam's son may be sick. There's no doubt about it, he says.

Alexis shows up at the hospital, where Sam is asking for the results. Patrick is sorry to tell her that Danny has leukemia. Patrick wants to wait for Dr. Singh but Sam tells him what the treatments will be. Alexis comforts her daughter. She lists off "Induction therapy to destroy the cancer cells? Chemotherapy via spinal tap. And then maybe radiation?" Alexis wants to know how she knew all that. Sam doesn't tell her Dr. Clay told her.

Dr. Clay tells Diane that he's the one that diagnosed Danny, but there will be no continuance. He thinks that he's doing Sam a favor because Danny will need her now. Diane is flabbergasted!

Lulu is uncomfortable with the tense scene between Sonny and Carly. Sonny says Hi but Lulu takes off saying that she was looking for Olivia's doctor.

At the police station, Anna questions Shawn about his "friendly fire" incident in the army. It is obviously upsetting Shawn, but Anna uses it as a lure.

Lulu comes back to the room and reports that the doctor will here soon. Dante asks if she saw Sonny. Lulu nervously says that she saw Carly and Sonny, and that it was really intense.

Carly tries to apologize but Sonny won't hear of it. Just then, Franco shows up, saving Carly from possible harm.

Anna tries to pull good cop on Shawn, because he saved her life. She wants him to make things right. Shawn also says charge him, or let him go. Shawn gets up to leave. Anna warns him not to leave town.

Franco asks about Olivia, and Sonny warns him away. Franco lets Sonny know that he knows it was him and Carly that tried to kill him. However, he is keeping his mouth shut.

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