GH Update Wednesday 6/12/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/12/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At Metro Court, Franco wants to know who Carly was talking to. Carly claims she's calling the head of security, but Franco doesn't believe her. Franco has his own theory, and it's pretty dead on! Franco makes not so veiled references, that Carly is responsible for Olivia being shot.

Patrick and Sabrina find their way to Patrick's bedroom. When Sabrina says she's a bit nervous, Patrick wonders if it's her first time!

Taylor shows up at Kelly's excited about the prom, and her shoes that she's going to wear. TJ doesn't seem interested, so Taylor distracts him by tickling him. Of course, that's when Molly shows up and watches them through the door.

Anna and Dante are in Room 1202 of the Metro Court. Dante is on the phone with Connie about his mother. Anna is searching the room and finds a shell casing under a chair. Dante gets off the phone and says that his mother is about to go to surgery. He can't leave until they find the evidence. Voila! Anna produces the evidence she found. She sends him off to be with Olivia, and tells him to let her know how things go.

At GH, Sonny tells Olivia how much she means to him. He gives her a kiss, just as Connie returns to the room. Connie overhears Sonny's confession, and it makes her uncomfortable. She tries to leave, but Olivia spots her, and calls to her. Connie and Sonny share a moment, before she wonders who did this. He promises her that he will find out, and that they will pay. He leaves Olivia in Connie's care.

At the same time, Shawn begins lying to Alexis. He tells her that the call wasn't from Sonny but TJ. TJ has his hands full with plumbing problems and Taylor. Taylor is aware of Molly watching and puts on a show. When TJ leaves the room, Taylor turns around and waves at Molly. Molly goes off in disgust, but Taylor is very pleased with herself.

Shawn tries to distract Alexis, but she tells him to check on TJ. Shawn goes to check on Olivia, just as Sonny comes out of Olivia's cubicle. He's a man on mission, and his mission is to track down the shooter. He jumps on Shawn, and demands answers.

Patrick and Sabrina are in their own little world. He discovers, that she's not a virgin like he thought. Sabrina had a boyfriend back on Puerto Rico for a long time. When it came time to get married, she didn't want to give up her career, so they broke up. She wanted to be a nurse, and came to Port Charles instead. And the rest is history!

Molly turns up at the hospital, where Alexis explains to her that Danny may have leukemia. Molly worries about Danny's chances, when Alexis reminds that so people, like her, survive cancer. Alexis notices that Molly is upset, and somewhat pale. Molly tells her that she was going to get something to eat on the way, but lost her appetite.

TJ has been trying to reach Shawn, who's a little preoccupied at the moment. He ends up calling Alexis. Shawn is being interrogated by Sonny, who's about to explode. When Shawn tells Sonny that he thought he had a clear shot, Sonny wonders what he's talking about.

Connie tries to keep Olivia awake, when Dante finally shows up. Shawn is beside himself about Olivia. Alexis realizes that Shawn lied to her about going to see TJ. Shawn realizes that Carly lied to him about Sonny ordering the hit.

Connie goes over the events for Dante, who can barely hold it together. Connie tells him that Olivia had another one of her visions about Sonny. Sonny was covered in blood, but it wasn't his blood, it was Olivia's. Dante asks Connie where Sonny is.

At the same time, over at Patrick's, he and Sabrina finally make love. Afterwards, Sabrina tells Patrick how Felix always believed in them.

Molly has rejoined her Mother with a bag of chocolate. Molly tells her that she's not going to the prom. Alexis wonders why since she's been so excited about it. She tells her that's when she was going with TJ. TJ is trying to fix the pipes at Kelly's, and Taylor is being less than helpful.

Back at Metro Court, Anna questions Carly, who's anxious to hear about Olivia.

At GH, Connie tells Dante that Sonny went to check out some of his sources. Dante wonders when it will all end. He makes an impassioned plea to his mother to pull through. He tells her that Lulu needs her to teach her how to make meatballs. she burned hers tonight. Dante and Connie make a crack about burning meatballs.

Sonny reams out Shawn for not checking with him, and listening to Carly. Both Shawn and Carly are in big trouble.

Anna questions Carly and Franco. Franco doesn't rat Carly out. He's trying to make amends, he tells her, and walks away. Anna also questions a waiter about where Carly and Franco were sitting. It's clear that Franco was the target.

Dante and Connie are talking, when Sonny suddenly appears. They let him talk to Olivia before they take her to surgery.

Patrick doesn't understand why Sabrina doesn't think she's worthy of him, He thinks that she's wonderful! Patrick and Sabrina continue to enjoy their first night together.

Molly finally admits to Alexis that Rafe may have feelings for her. Alexis tells her that TJ was upset over their breakup, according to Shawn. Molly updates her on Taylor Dubois! Taylor and TJ are getting soaked at Kelly's. She blithely takes off her shirt for him to throw in the dryer.

Shawn returns to Alexis so she sends Molly off to check on Sam. She asks him how TJ was, and Shawn lies to her again.

In the ER, an anxious Connie follows Olivia to the OR, leaving Sonny and Dante alone. Dante confronts Sonny but before he can answer, Anna shows up with an officer to take Sonny in for questioning.

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