GH Update Tuesday 6/11/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/11/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Dante and Lulu are making up for lost time.

Patrick and Sabrina arrive at Patrick's for dessert. He's on the phone with Anna checking up on Emma. Emma is having the time of her life using Uncle Duke as a human dress up doll. After he hangs up, Sabrina mentions that she's never been alone with Patrick in his house before.

AJ has come to visit Elizabeth at work bringing coffee, croissants and a comedy routine. He tells her that he did some sleuthing and found out when her break was. He needed to get away from his new found brother, Franco.

Franco is having dinner with Carly on the Metro Court terrace. Shawn is in the room Carly assigned to him ready to take aim. Sonny shows up on the terrace wondering what's going on.

Nikolas has come to the hospital to check on Alexis, Sam and Danny. He's brought latte for Alexis and a stuffed elephant for Danny. Alexis asks for the elephant to keep her company, too. Nikolas lets her hold it. she tells him that Shawn has left for work.

Sonny's presence makes Shawn's job difficult. Connie and Olivia are at the bar watching the scene outside. They both think that Sonny isn't happy, and then Olivia has a vision of Sonny covered in blood. It turns out to be a waiter, but Olivia has rushed out to the terrace, thinking Franco is going to kill Sonny. Olivia grabs Sonny just as Shawn takes his shot. Olivia goes down like a rag doll.

Dante and Lulu are finished making love in their apartment. Lulu decides to order Chinese, but just then Dante gets called into the Metro Court shooting. He takes off, unaware that it's his mother. Lulu calls someone to invite them over to keep her company.

Meanwhile, in Anna's suite, Emma is having fun with Uncle Duke. He and Anna talk about how much she reminds them of when Robin was little. He asks her if she's alright with Patrick moving on, Anna says that she is, and that Robin would be, too.

After a long kiss, Patrick goes to get the dessert that he offered Sabrina earlier. Sabrina goes over to the armoire and picks up Patrick and Robin's wedding photo. She looks at it thoughtfully.

At the hospital, Alexis tells Nikolas about the bone marrow test, and that Danny is being a trooper. Alexis is nervous but wants to change the subject. She asks Nikolas how things are with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth and AJ are talking about Franco's party and how Michael is doing. AJ tells Elizabeth that Michael is incredible and more concerned about how he's handling it. Elizabeth tells AJ that he's being too hard on himself. AJ seems to think the Franco's little movie exonerates him. He seems to want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Sonny tries frantically to stop Olivia from bleeding out. Carly seems frozen on the spot so Franco jumps into action. He calls 911 and hands Sonny something to help stop the bleeding. Connie has come to check up on Olivia, and freaks out when she sees her cousin on the ground. "Who did this?" she cries. Carly stands by, still frozen, staring up at Shawn's room.

Sabrina puts back the wedding photo, when Patrick brings out dessert. He tells her that Emma wanted to bake something, but he didn't think that was a good idea. They bought decorate-it-yourself cupcakes. Hers is red velvet and his is chocolate. Playful and suggestive conversation ensues!

Anna is being playful as well, taking pictures of Uncle Duke in all his finery. Emma has a surprise for him, and goes to get it. She comes out with an adult size tutu. Apparently, Sabrina found it in the hospital lost and found. She wants him to wear it, but Anna says that men don't wear skirts. Emma reminds her that Duke wore one at the Nurse's Ball. Just as Duke is explaining kilts to Emma, Anna is called away to the shooting. he tells Duke not to leave the room.

Downstairs, Sonny and Connie are fighting to keep Olivia alive. Franco questions Carly about how this could happen and why.

AJ tells Elizabeth how after months of everyone looking for her, Kiki/Lauren just shows up at the mansion. This right after Franco runs up, and now they're both living there. He had to get out of the house so he came to see her. Elizabeth then tells him that Sam and Danny are in the hospital, too.

Nikolas and Alexis are chatting while Sam is with Danny, who is sleeping over the sedative. She asks him if he's told Elizabeth yet about AJ and Carly. He says he hasn't but changes the subject. Alexis tells him that when he was shot, she was already in the hospital. She tells him how Sonny hired Shawn to watch Dante and Lulu's apartment when Lulu went missing. He was there when the shooter tried to get away and shoot Anna. Shawn jumped in to save her and got shot himself. At the same time, we see Shawn frantically putting the gun away.

Elizabeth tells AJ that Sam is on the fourth floor. AJ realizes that Elizabeth is thinking of Jake. She tells him that he's on her mind all the time. she misses him everyday. She thanks AJ for thinking of that, but she has to go back to work. AJ goes to look for Sam and Danny.

Nikolas is shocked to learn that Shawn works for Sonny, too. He wonders if Shawn if replacing Jason, but Alexis doesn't think so. Nikolas brings up Alexis's pattern of picking bad men from Sonny on. Alexis doesn't think that Shawn falls into that category. She mentions that he's an ex-Marine but Nikolas isn't convinced. Just then, Shawn turns up so Alexis finally introduces Shawn to her nephew. Nikolas thanks Shawn for saving his life. He then takes his leave to go and check up on Sam. Alexis needs to talk to Shawn alone.

Dante reaches the Metro Court just as paramedics are leaving with Olivia. Connie assures him that she will be with her. Dante begs his mother to be strong. Her family needs her. Connie says that she's a Bensonhurst girl, she's tough. Sonny and Connie leave with Olivia. Anna questions Carly and Franco about what happened. Carly claims she didn't see anything, but Franco says he did, much to Carly's amazement.

Oblivious to all this, are lovebirds Patrick and Sabrina. They are enjoying their first night alone. They talk about being in his home with Robin. Sabrina wants to know if he's comfortable with moving on. Patrick says he is. Emma is enjoying being with Uncle Duke, who is now wearing the tutu. She wants to dance with him the way he did with Grandma at the Nurse's Ball. Duke finds tango music on his iPod, and grants Emma's wish.


Back at Metro Court, Anna asks Franco if he actually saw the shooter. No, but he did see movement, and points to the room that Carly was staring at earlier.

On the fourth floor, Nikolas runs into AJ, who has come to check on Sam and Danny. After playing word games, Nikolas decides to confront AJ, and tell him that he knows that AJ slept with Carly.

Maxie shows up at Dante and Lulu's, looking even bigger than the last time we saw her. Lulu wants to spend some time with Maxie, because of her memory loss. Maxie smells the food and just wants to eat. They don't know yet about Olivia. When they finish eating, Lulu says that she will have to order more for Dante. Lulu urges Maxie to open her fortune cookie. Hers says that the truth will be revealed, making Maxie nervous. Lulu's is "Something of yours may be lost forever.." Maxie thinks that she knows what it is.

The GH staff are working to keep Olivia alive. Elizabeth comes out to report to Sonny and Connie that Olivia is being prepped for surgery. sonny asks what her chances are but Elizabeth is cautious. They ask if they can see her, and Elizabeth says one at a time. Connie lets Sonny go first so she can call Dante.

Back at Dante and Lulu's, Maxie pulls out Lulu's favorite red shoes out of her bag. It's the same shoes that Lulu teased her about, when she got her memory back. Lulu says that she didn't have too, but Maxie is trying to be a better person, and besides they don't fit her anymore.

A terrified Carly shows Anna and Dante the room, she assigned Shawn, 1202. She thinks back to giving Shawn orders on the hit. Anna and Dante check out the room, but Shawn has cleared out already. Carly is clearly relieved, until Dante and Anna check out the line of sight, and Dante mentions Olivia.

AJ tries to remain calm when Nikolas tells him what he knows. He tells him that he has acquired the tape that Tracy made. AJ says that he just saw Elizabeth, and she didn't say anything. Nikolas tells him that he decided not to use it-yet. AJ says why doesn't Nikolas erase it.

Patrick wants Sabrina to spend the night, but she wants to make sure that he's okay with. Patrick tells her of Robin's HIV scare and the DVD, she made telling him to be happy. When he says that he's ready, Sabrina leans in and kisses him.

Alexis wants to know where Shawn was tonight. He's taken aback, because they had agreed not to talk about his work for Sonny. A suspicious Alexis has changed her mind.

Anna and Dante are going over the room, when he receives a call from Connie about Olivia. Emma and Uncle Duke are crashed out on Anna's couch in her suite. Also in room 1202, Anna finds a shell casing,

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