GH Update Monday 6/10/13

General Hospital Update Monday 6/10/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly meets with Franco and shows him something in a box that she's kept and always remembered the night he threatened to take Jocelyn and his terrorizing her family.

Shawn finds Alexis and asks her how Danny is doing and what has happened. She tells him that they've assured her that her infant grandson will be ok. But she cannot believe this is happening and that he's had to have a bone marrow transplant and all.

While Patrick and Sabrina are on their date, Felix stays home with Britt who tells him that she's not exactly having fun being stuck there with him. She makes a remark about Sabrina's dress not looking right. When he defends his friend, telling Britt he thought Sabrina looked nice and that he picked it out, she makes a comment about how he would think that since he's gay. At that point, he tells her that her hostility and the way she cuts down and insults everyone is the reason he calls her “the Britch”.

Patrick and Sabrina are at the metro court where he orders expensive champagne and they toast to them.

Not far away, Connie and Olivia observe and Connie reminds her cousin that not long ago, she and Sonny were like that. Olivia also remembers how she and Sonny appeared “close” when they were both worried about Dante, the son they had together many years ago.

Sonny talks to Dante who tells him things are getting back on track. Lulu has regained her memory.

Lulu is talking happily about the same thing with her mom.

Dante tells Sonny that he found out that the reason his wife repressed her memory was because of what Helena and Stavros did to her. But her doctor assured him that Lulu will be ok. Sonny informs his son that Franco showed up to announce he’s still alive to many people whose lives have been terrorized by him.

Franco tells Carly that he wanted to frighten her and Jason and used Jocelyn for that but would never hurt Jocelyn. Just like he'd never hurt Michael. He reflects how his art has a lot to do with his personality and behaviors. But he is truly sorry for his wrong-doings. IN response to that, she asks him to prove it. He hands her a buzzing object and reflects that since he's been back in this town, he has made himself accessible and given people adequate opportunity to arrest him. Yet nobody seems to trust him except for his new best friend, the DA. She remarks that is because the DA does not know what kind of a person he is. He protests that he would never hurt her children. She tells him she does not believe that until he gives her reassurance. He needs to prove that he is for real and that he is really going to make amends. He asks her when it is that she wants a list of his redemption of character. She replies right now.

Sonny informs Dante about how Franco appeared and indicated that he thought he was going to protect Michael in danger. Dante does not believe that Franco had any intent of preventing what happened to Michael when he was in prison. Sonny reminds his son that he and Carly and their family all took the legal system in their own hands and have lived to regret it.

Lulu tells her mom about how Dante was persistent to not give up on her. She pushed him away but he never got discouraged. Laura tells her daughter that’s really what love is.

At the Metro Court, Patrick tells Sabrina how good and kind she has been to him and to his daughter and she makes him laugh. He reminds her that she went so far as to let his ex girlfriend stay in her home and put up with her. So he doesn't know if that makes her an incredible person or a masochist.

At the apartment, Britt protests to Felix that all the things that people believe about her are not true. She is a very caring person. He tells her she is despicable and he questions why on earth she could become a doctor. She replies it's because she graduated top of her class. He tells her he does not mean in regard to her education. It’s her personality and the way she treats people. He tells her his only question is why she is the way she is. Who made her this way? She answers that question by saying it was her mother. Hearing that, Felix asks if it's true that the likes of her has a mother. That is really surprising, he tells her. He would have thought she was spawned from poisonous eggs or a seed from Satan. She replies she sure does have a mother. He asks what is so bad about her. Britt replies for starters she's a mad scientist that holds people against their will and performs made experiments on them. And her father tops that. He asks her parents are a combination of Rocky Horror and Austin Powers. She tells him she wishes it was that funny and entertaining for her to live with as he's making it sound. He tells her he gets the point that she's saying it's not her fault that she's a bitch. She tells him she doubts he understands and she bets he grew up with adoring parents who praised him and patted him on the head and put all of his art work on their fridge. He tells her not exactly. But he knows that she blames her mean mommy and daddy who were never there for who she's become and wants him to feel sorry for her. But the only person he feels sorry for is that poor baby she is carrying. The only thing fortunate for that baby is that it will have Patrick for a father.,

At the Metro Court, in response to Patrick's remark about Sabrina's “act of kindness” letting Britt stay at her home, she admits to him that it's not entirely for that reason and that she does have ulterior motives. She informs Patrick that she and Felix are still questioning whether she's faking her sickness or that the baby is really even his. He tells Sabrina that he does understand why they are doing that regardless of what she may think.

Lulu talks to her mom about her and Dante's plans for the baby coming. They're buying a bassinette and a crib and might be buying a house soon. She asks about her mom’s honeymoon with Scott to Hawaii. Lulu tells Laura she's really happy for her. Laura then remembers she has a gift for her daughter and soon-to-be grandchild. Lulu pulls out an infant size Hawaiian shirt. Lulu then remembers that her meatballs are burning and reflects that she realizes she is nowhere near the cook Olivia is although she wishes she could be for her husband, remembering his mom's cooking skills.

At the Metro Court, while Connie talks to Olivia about her memories (or future?) with Sonny, Olivia admits that she lost the man she loves and it was his choice to turn himself in and go to prison instead of marry her. Hearing that, Connie assures her cousin that she mustn’t give up on love. She's beautiful, smart, successful and she knows Olivia will find a man who appreciates her.

While Carly is talking to Franco, Alexis tells Shawn she is not going to cry because she's afraid she won't be able to stop. She does not want to be vulnerable. He assures her he will be there for her. He then gets a call. He tells her he has to take this. She tells him she will go and check on Sam and Danny. Shawn gets a call from Carly telling him about her “plans” with Franco.

Patrick admits to Sabrina that he did question from the start if the baby was his. But as far as he knows, Britt was not sleeping with anyone else. He got the message from her that she intended to have an abortion so he didn't question it then. Then, she decided she wanted to keep the baby and he got the discovery that she was terribly sick so he wasn't about to push having an amnio or any type of paternity test.

Britt and Felix have the same conversation where she tells him that he may be chasing anything with pants. But she's only been with one person in the last year which is Patrick. He tells her he knows when she “ambushed” him in the shower. It attracted a lot of attention. And he happens to know that she only slept with Patrick once. She then yells asking if they do not teach one in nursing school that once is all it takes for a pregnancy to occur. Felix then tells her that in that case, like his friend, Carly would say... prove it.

Sonny reminds Dante that a year ago on his birthday, Connie (then Kate) gave him a ring that he has not known what to do with. He tells his son that she's told him that she loves him but has to be away from him. So he has to respect that. Hearing that, Dante reminds his dad that a very similar thing has been happening with Lulu yet they are back. So Sonny shouldn’t lose hope that the same thing can happen for him and Connie.

When Shawn gets off the phone with Carly, Alexis asks him just what Carly and Sonny have put him up to doing. She then admits she knows she has no business judging but she's feeling vulnerable and wants him to be careful and not put himself in danger.

Carly and Franco walk into the Metro Court. Olivia tells them that this man is not welcome there . But they disregard her. Connie stands beside her cousin and asks why on earth Carly would “go out” in public with Franco.

Lulu finds that she's burnt the meal she intended to make for her husband. She tells her mom that Olivia has tried to teach her how to cook the way she can, but she just can't learn or cook to save her soul. All she wanted to do is make a nice meal for her husband, but she's failed that. Laura assures her daughter that Dante loves her and wouldn't care if all she could give him was cereal. They talk about what a wonderful husband Dante is when he walks in. Laura leaves her daughter and son-in-law alone. He smells the burnt food and asks his wife what happened. She tells him this was her pathetic attempt to show her appreciation for him. He tells her she need not ever feel bad and must know that he loves her. And he kisses her.

Felix asks Britt if she is really certain that Patrick is the father of her baby. If she has nothing to hide, then why can't she do a test to prove it once and for all. She tells him that she is sick and won't subject her unborn baby to that.

Sabrina has the same conversation with Patrick. He tells her that he does not feel it's his place to demand that Britt gets an amnio when she's sick or says she is. Sabrina tells him there are always less invasive procedures that could be done to prove paternity. He then tells her he has a better idea which is to stop talking about Britt. And he invites her to come back to his home for some “desert”.

Carly invites Franco to have dinner on the terrace. She tells him it's nice and quiet and they will have no interruptions. Yet, unknown to anyone, there's a hidden gun pointed right at him. Inside, Olivia and Connie are completely baffled as to why Connie would have a “dinner date” with a man she despises. Right then, Sonny appears and remembers the birthday gift Connie gave to him a year ago. And he gives her the gift he intended for her. But he realizes maybe he needs to leave her alone so he will get out. But Olivia, right then, informs him that Franco is not far away.

Felix again attempts to “implore” Britt to prove that she is not a dishonest person and all that she's told him is “good” about her. He tells her that if she has the test to prove paternity, then she's “in the clear”. She tells him she refuses and does not have to prove anything.

Lulu tells her husband that she has absolutely no confidence in her ability to cook. And maybe they should get down to the Metro Court so that his mom can prepare them a proper dinner. He tells her he'd rather be alone in the apartment with his wife.

When Carly is ready to “put the plan into motion” with Franco, Olivia gets a horrifying vision that Sonny is covered in blood and fatally injured. Liv follows Sonny out to the terrace as he yells at Carly. Shawn takes aim at Franco and lets the bullet fly just as Olivia pushes Sonny away and stands in front of Franco.

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