GH Update Friday 6/7/13

General Hospital Update Friday 6/7/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the Metro Court restaurant, Spinelli and Ellie are on a date. Ellie is excited that they are on a date. Spinelli promises to take her on lots more dates. Ellie tells him that she's not sure that her new boss Brad will let her have the time for the dates. Spinelli tells her that he will figure out how her new boss was able to get the promotion over her. Ellie says she's working on it, too.

At home, Britt is on the phone with Brad. She asks where he is, and he tells her that he's at work. Britt tells him that she needs his help, and asks if he didn't understand that from that morning's conversation. Brad says that they didn't speak that morning.

At the hospital, Patrick walks down the hall and nearly collides with Sabrina. Sabrina apologizes, saying that she was distracted, thinking about their date. She tells him that she's on her way home to get ready for their date, if they're still going out. Patrick says they are, and that nothing is going to get in the way of their date after he takes care of one last procedure.

In an examination room, Elizabeth joins Sam, Daniel and Alexis, commenting on Daniel's birthday, then asks if they are there for Daniel's one year exam. Alexis tells Elizabeth that they are there for a bone marrow biopsy and Sam tells her that Daniel may have leukemia.

In Michael's apartment, Kiki tells Morgan that they should get their own place. Morgan tells her that he's broke, and that his parents turned him down for a credit card. He tells her that they can either stay there and live with Michael or they're going to have to go to Kiki's family for help. Kiki says if they go to her family, they will play right into her mother's hands.

At the Quartermaine, mansion, Ava joins Tracy and AJ, telling them that they need to talk about Franco. Franco makes his presence known by correcting Ava, calling himself "Frank Q". He tells them that now everyone is there.

In Sonny's office, Shawn tells Carly and Sonny the situation with Franco, saying that he's a bad target at the Quartermaine mansion, because he's surrounded by Quartermaines, making a hit at the mansion impossible. Carly asks what they are going to do, and Sonny says that there's nothing they can do. He says that Franco isn't an immediate threat and that he's not going to risk getting Shawn arrested. Carly is upset, thinking that Sonny is suggesting letting Franco go. Sonny disagrees, saying that they just need to bide their time and make their move when the time is right. Carly disagrees, saying that they can't wait. She wants Franco gone yesterday.

Franco makes introductions for Ava to Tracy and AJ, then tells her that the Quartermaine mansion is home. He kisses Tracy's cheek, and Tracy is clearly not happy about it.

Elizabeth is surprised to hear that Daniel may have leukemia, but Alexis stresses that they don't have a diagnosis yet. Elizabeth encourages Sam not to get upset yet, saying that perhaps Daniel just has something relatively minor. Sam wonders where the doctor is, and Alexis offers to go get the doctor. After telling Daniel to help Sam not to worry, she leaves to find the doctor. Once she leaves, Elizabeth asks if Sam has any questions about the procedure, telling her that it's fairly routine. Sam asks how Elizabeth could say that.

Sonny tells Carly that he wants to get rid of Franco, but they need to be smart about it. Shawn encouraged Carly to trust Sonny about it. Carly reminds them that Franco is free and doing whatever he wants thanks to them. Sonny says that Franco took a big risk coming back, and that he doesn't think Franco is going to blow it. Carly says that Franco threatened Josslyn and hurt Michael. She's worried that Morgan will be next.

Kiki tells Morgan that her family is fighting over the family business, and her mother is trying to use her to get into the fight. Morgan says that they can leave her mother out of it. He tells her that it's her inheritance and she is entitled to it. Kiki tells him that her family lives in Port Charles. Morgan says he happens to know all of the wealthy people in town, then asks who her family is. Michael walks into the room and asks who they are talking about.

Tracy warns Franco not to touch her again. Franco tells her how most women find him irresistible, then asks Ava to back him up on that. She fails to so, and insults him. Franco tells her that she's not as creative as she used to be. Ava and Tracy ask what he's doing there. Franco says that since he's out on bail, its only natural that he go to his family. He then asks Ava what she's doing there.

Sabrina is surprised to hear that Patrick has another procedure to tend to, because she thought his shift was over. He tells her that he's just following through on a case that involves a friend he wants to support. Sabrina admires this about Patrick. He tells her to go ahead and get ready for their date, encouraging her not to let Britt slow her down. Sabrina tells him not to worry about her.

Britt insists to Brad that they did talk that morning, but he assures her that they didn't. She asks who she spoke to if it wasn't him. Britt tells Brad that she called around 10:30 and spoke with her. Brad tells her that he was at Kelly's but he didn't receive any calls.

Spinelli is impressed that Ellie seems to be investigating something on her own. She names Spinelli as her inspiration, then asks where his investigation led. He tells her how he encountered Brad at Kelly's. He says he asked Brad about the promotion, but he wouldn't say anything. He mentions Brad's cell phone being helpful.

Spinelli tells Ellie that Brad walked away, leaving his cell phone behind. He says he didn't get time to try to crack the password before the phone rang. He tells her that Britt called Brad.

Britt tells Brad that they talked about Sabrina and her followers plotting against her. Brad asks what he supposedly told her. She said that he mentioned having a cold, causing him to sound different. Brad asks if he sounds like he has a cold now.

Ellie wonders why Britt would call Brad. Spinelli tells her that he pretended to be Brad to find out. He tells her that Britt demanded Brad's help because Sabrina and Felix were watching her too closely.

Britt and Brad argue over whether or not they spoke that morning, then Britt drops it and tells Brad to get over there with his phlebotomy kit. She says they need to convince everyone that she has hyperemesis gravidarum, then asks if that is clear. Felix, standing in the doorway of the apartment, says that she's crystal clear.

Sonny promises Carly that he's going to do everything he can to protect his family. Carly tells him that he's in the same position that Jason was in: Franco never hurt Jason directly, just went after Jason's loved ones. They are interrupted when Shawn's phone rings. Shawn tells them that Alexis is calling him. Alexis tells Shawn about Daniel. Shawn promises to be there when he can, then hangs up and tells Sonny and Carly about Daniel being sick.

Sam tells Elizabeth that she knows Elizabeth means well, but Daniel may have cancer. Elizabeth encourages Sam to not panic until they have all of the facts. Sam says she's trying, but Daniel has been through so much this year already. Elizabeth tells Sam that she knows that there's nothing worse than seeing your child suffer. Sam wishes she could take the pain away from Daniel. Elizabeth understands that, then tells Sam that if it gets to be too much, Sam can always lean on her. Sam tells Elizabeth how much she misses Jason.

Ellie wonders why Britt feels threatened by Sabrina and Felix. Spinelli guesses it's due to their suspecting Britt of dirty dealings. He guesses Britt's pregnancy must be putting stress on Patrick and Sabrina's relationship. He also guesses that Brad owes Britt for securing his promotion. Ellie says that would explain his having Britt's file in his desk. Spinelli asks what file.

Felix tells Britt that he has her water. Britt ends her call with Brad, promising to talk to him soon. Britt tells Felix that she was catching up with a girlfriend, but Felix doesn't buy it. Britt comments on Felix needing a nap, but Felix says it's not like he can sleep on the sofa bed. Britt taunts him that she isn't due for months, and that's if the baby isn't late, so he's stuck. Sabrina walks in, and Britt complains about Felix's attitude. Sabrina tells her that she's going to have to deal with it because she has plans. Felix shares that Sabrina is going out with Patrick. Sabrina says that before she goes, she needs a blood sample from Britt.

Kiki tells Michael that she and Morgan were having a private conversation. Morgan tells Michael that they will be out of his apartment soon. Kiki tells Michael to take up his complaints with Morgan because she has things to do. Morgan offers to go with her, but Kiki says it's a bad idea.

Tracy tells Franco and Ava to take their dealings out of her house. Franco reminds her that the house belongs to Monica because Alan gave it to her. Franco says that he's sure Alan would want them to be hospitable to his long lost son. Tracy disagrees, but AJ wants to hear Franco out. Franco tells them that Ava is using his daughter to get a piece of the Quartermaine fortune for herself. Ava tries to deny it by calling Franco insane. AJ says that he had a feeling that Ava was Lauren's mother. AJ offers to double Tracy's deal with Ava, but Tracy says that the shares are hers. Franco asks if Tracy is sure about that. Tracy says that she and Ava have a deal. Franco tells her sarcastically that Ava never backs out of deals. Tracy asks Ava if her nephew is telling the truth. Ava tells her that he isn't, so Tracy asks for Lauren's proxy. Franco asks Ava to do even more and produce his daughter.

Alexis returns to Sam, bringing Patrick with her. Patrick introduces Dr. Singh, explaining that Dr. Singh will be doing the procedure. They get to work on starting the procedure, but Sam is nervous by the size of the needle. Patrick assures Sam that it's necessary and that they will give Daniel a sedative, so he won't feel a thing.

Back at the hospital, Brad looks at his cell phone and sees the call from Britt on his call log. He wonders how he could have missed the call, then remembers back to seeing Spinelli at Kelly's earlier that morning.

Ellie tells Spinelli that she saw Britt's file when she was looking into Maxie's files. Spinelli that he is certain that Brad is crooked, and is plotting with Britt.

Britt is surprised that Sabrina wants to take blood at the apartment. Sabrina tells her that they need to keep current labs on Britt. Britt doesn't want Sabrina or Felix taking her blood, even after Felix assures her that they are both professionals. Sabrina asks if she doesn't want what's best for the baby. Felix wonders if Britt is hiding something.

Sonny and Carly ask Shawn what's wrong with Daniel. Shawn tells them that Daniel is in the hospital for tests. Carly guesses that Daniel is in the hospital because of Franco.

Franco tells Ava that he wants to see Lauren, to apologize for not being there for her. Ava says he'll never get the chance. Franco says that their daughter is an adult, and Ava can't keep hiding her.

Michael tells Morgan that he doesn't have to clear out on his account. Morgan asks if Michael wants to snoop through more of Kiki's things, but Michael apologizes for doing that, then promises not to do it again. Morgan says he knows that he won't because he talked to Carly, and Carly promised that they would both back off. Michael says that he won't apologize for caring and looking out for him. He says they haven't had much time together, then asks Morgan to stay. Morgan wonders if Michael wants him to stay for bonding or so he can hook up with Kiki.

Ava tells Franco that he will never even get to say hello to Lauren, and that the only way he will see her is over her dead body. Franco tells her that is an interesting idea. He reminds her that Kiki is grown up and will eventually going to just show up. Kiki then walks into the room.

Spinelli offers to get into the lab himself and get to Britt's file. Ellie wonders if Spinelli thinks that she would compromise things, but he says he's acting to protect her. Ellie says that she can get a look at the file, and she is going to figure out what Brad is hiding about Britt.

Sabrina and Felix try to convince Britt to let them take her blood, but they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Brad has arrived to take Britt's blood. He hits on Felix who is clearly not interested. Sabrina tries to dismiss Brad, telling him that she and Felix have it covered, but Britt tries to dismiss Sabrina and Felix, opting for Brad's help.

Dr. Singh has finished the procedure and says that he wants to keep Daniel for observation, just to make sure there's no complications. Elizabeth says she'll get the sample to the lab, and Patrick tells Elizabeth to have Brad put a rush on the results. Elizabeth tells Sam to take care, then leaves. She runs into Ellie and Spinelli. Elizabeth asks Ellie if she's seen Brad, but Ellie has not. Elizabeth tells her that she needs to get Daniel's sample to the lab, and Ellie offers to take it for her since she's going there anyway. Elizabeth thanks her, then mentions that Patrick wants a rush on it. Ellie remembers that the sample was from Daniel. Spinelli asks them what is wrong with Daniel.

Sonny wonders if Franco poisoned Daniel, but Shawn says that Daniel is just a kid. Carly reminds them that Franco has threatened Josslyn before, and tries to convince Sonny and Shawn that Franco is involved in whatever sent Daniel to the hospital. Shawn says they know next to nothing about why Daniel is being tested. Carly says that there are no coincidences with Franco, that everything was planned out and to look at the timing of Daniel going to the hospital right after Franco resurfaces. She says that they need to get rid of Franco now.

Kiki asks Ava what is going on. Tracy is relieved that Kiki arrived, and AJ guesses that she is Lauren. Franco introduces himself to Kiki, but she says that she thought he was dead. Ava says that she thought Franco was dead, too, but Kiki mentions Ava's history of lying. Franco accuses Ava of lying to keep him and Kiki apart. Kiki says that she doesn't go by the name "Lauren". Franco tells her that they have a lot to catch up on.

Michael and Morgan argue over whether Michael is interested in Kiki. Morgan mentions how they were close in nothing but towels before, and that he checked her out when she flashed him. Michael tells Morgan that he thinks Lauren has an attitude problem, and that he's tried to get along with her, but if Morgan thinks it isn't working out, then maybe they should move out.

Sonny asks Shawn to go to the hospital to check on Sam and Daniel, then to see if there is any connection between Franco and Daniel. Shawn leaves, and Sonny tells Carly that once they know what they are dealing with, then they can make their next move. He tells Carly that until he says so, the hit on Franco is off. He warns Carly against doing anything stupid. Carly insists that killing Franco would be the smartest thing she'd ever do.

Morgan apologizes, saying that he knows that Michael would never betray him. Michael asks him what is bothering him. Morgan shares his feelings about Kiki with Michael who realizes that Morgan is falling for her. They decide that things are good between them, but Morgan says that he and Kiki are still going to get a place of their own.

Tracy and AJ introduce themselves to Kiki. Kiki tells them that she doesn't go by "Lauren", she goes by "Kiki". Ava tries to convince Kiki to leave with her but Franco insists that Kiki isn't leaving until he gets a chance to get to know her. Ava refuses and chaos ensues. Kiki tells everyone to shut up.

Elizabeth tells Spinelli that she can't tell him what is wrong, but hints that he may want to find Sam to support her, then leaves them. Ellie asks Spinelli if he's ok, but he's worried about Daniel. Ellie encourages him to go support Sam, but he reminds her of what they were doing. Ellie assures him that she can handle it on her own, and that she will find out Britt and Brad's secret.

Brad finishes taking Britt's blood as she reminds him what they need to do. Brad says he know what she want, then asks if Felix ever talks about him. Britt tells Brad that if he screws her on the deal, he will regret it. He says he already does. Brad tells Britt that he figured out who she talked to: Spinelli. Britt remembers that Spinelli is a P.I., but says that there's nothing for them to worry about yet, because there's nothing to tie them together. Brad mentions the file he has about Britt. Britt demands he goes to get rid of it now. Brad rushes off and Patrick arrives. Britt mentions that Brad came to take some blood. Patrick wonders if she is ok. Britt says that the blood is just for routine tests. Sabrina joins them and Patrick mentions how beautiful she looks. Patrick asks if she is ready to go, but Sabrina is concerned about leaving Britt. Felix assures her that he can take care of Britt. Britt asks Patrick to go to her. Patrick tries to decline, saying they have reservations, but she says it will only take a minute. Patrick goes to her, and she puts his hand on her stomach, asking if he feels the baby kicking. Patrick tells her that it's amazing. Felix encourages Patrick and Sabrina to go on their date. They both thank him and leave.

Ellie starts to look at Britt's file as Brad walks in. He asks what she is doing, and she tells him that she's trying to find out what he and Britt are hiding. Brad urges Ellie to stay out of it if she knows what's good for her, and to keep Spinelli out of it, too.

Spinelli joins Sam and Daniel in the exam room. Sam tells Spinelli that Daniel could be in trouble. Spinelli comments on how trouble seems to follow the Morgan family, but luckily, Daniel as Sam and has Jason's genes. He assures her that they will get through it.

Out in the lobby, Shawn approaches Alexis. She is glad that he's there. He apologizes for not being there sooner, but Alexis says that she told him not to. He tells her that it's the last time he listens to her. He asks her to tell him everything about what happened. Alexis embraces him as she breaks down.

Michael asks Morgan where Kiki went. Morgan tells him that she went to get some money for them. Michael wonders if her way includes gambling. Morgan assures him that it doesn't. He mentions that Kiki has wealthy family in Port Charles.

Kiki asks everyone to stop fighting, then admits that she's there for an advance on her inheritance. She tells them that she needs rent money. Tracy tells her that Quartermaines buy, never rent. AJ suggests that there's plenty of room at the mansion. Tracy agrees, then invites Kiki to move in. AJ and Tracy then disagree about which room she should take. Franco comments that he's going to be able to get to know his daughter after all.

On the phone with Shawn, Sonny asks if there's any information on Daniel yet. Shawn says they're waiting for test results to come back, but he doesn't see any way that Franco is involved. He hopes that will calm Carly down, but Sonny isn't sure that it will.

Ava threatens to kill Franco if he gets near Kiki. Franco reminds her how hard he is to kill. He then tells Ava how he and Kiki have in common that they go by nicknames instead of given names. Franco tells Ava that he will have a relationship with his daughter, but Ava says he's going to regret it. Ava leaves the room, and Carly walks in and says hello to Franco.

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