GH Update Thursday 6/6/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/6/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

AJ tells Monica that Michael stopped by to check on him, after she left for the hospital. Monica asks how Michael is doing, and AJ calls him incredible. Monica recalls being shocked at Michael's sentencing. AJ thinks it was because of Michael being associated with Sonny. Monica doesn't think that Michael sees it that way. AJ tells her about the tape that Franco showed them It seemed to exonerate Franco but AJ still wants Carly and Sonny to pay. Monica reminds him that Jason did get sent to prison, but it was just too late. AJ thinks that it never would've happened if Carly let him raise Michael.

Patrick leads Sam and Alexis into an exam room. Sam is anxiously asking him questions, Patrick won't say anything, until their behind closed doors.

Luke is teasing Tracy about her concern for his health. Tracy asks him if he's heard from the doctor, and asks him to tell her know when he does. He rambles on telling her that if he occasionally massages the truth, he considers it an act of affection. She warns him not to lie to her, and he once again denies there's anything wrong with him. Tracy tells him to call her when he gets the results. As soon as he hangs up, Ava Jerome shows up at the bar. "Well, well, if it isn't Luke Spencer." she says, "Mind if I join you?"

Michael doesn't let Kiki/Lauren see what's on his computer. She asks him what he does, and when he says that he works for his father, she assumes he means Sonny. She makes a crack about the "coffee business" but Michael tells her it's for his other Dad.

Sonny tells Morgan that when people walk into his office, they usually knock. Morgan mouths offs to Sonny and makes a crack about whacking people. Carly intervenes and says they were only talking about a business deal. Morgan hits too close to home when he says well, that is Dad's business.

Franco doesn't know who Olivia and Connie are. Franco tells them that he's a free man. Olivia wonders what kind of wacko judge would let him be free. He asks again who there are. Olivia tells him that she's Dante's mother, and he say that he knows them. Olivia reminds him that he had lulu strapped to a chair with a bomb. Franco says that he can explain all that but his lawyer won't let him. He claims that Lulu has forgiven him, and helped him plan a party the other night. Olivia warns Franco to leave Dante and Lulu alone. He says that he's like a doctor now. "My motto is I live and learn as dig and be dug in return. "

Sam asks Patrick if what that awful doctor said was wrong. Patrick says that he met Dr. Clay when he came to the lab. He wanted to see Danny's results, but he didn't let him. He told him to leave. Sam tells him how cold, and blunt that Dr. Clay was, and how upset he made her. She asks Patrick if Dr. Clay was wrong, but he can't do that. He tells her that there is something wrong with Danny. He's not sure if it's cancer or not. After a long explanation of possibilities, Patrick tells her that Danny may have leukemia.

Kiki/Lauren, still dressed only in a towel, offers Michael some cereal but Michael turns her down. She says she will buy some cereal but Michael just wants to know when she's getting dressed. She says after breakfast, then asks him where Morgan went. He doesn't know, but he's clearly trying to ignore her. She then tells him that she didn't say anything to Morgan about what happened to him. He thanks her and says he will tell Morgan but in his own time. She gets sincere for a moment and tells him, that she's really sorry for what happened to him.

Tracy joins AJ and Monica in the living room. AJ asks for a truce for the day, and is surprised that Tracy agrees to it. Tracy tells him that Monica told him what happened to Michael. AJ gets upset but Tracy and Monica explain how upset Monica was. Tracy is surprisingly sympathetic, and when AJ asks why, she reminds him that she has two sons. She offers her sympathy and her help if he needs anything.

Luke and Ava are having a friendly drink at the bar. He tells her that he's heard that she's reconsidered letting her daughter be involved with the Quartermaines. She reminds him that she said that she would think on it, and she did. Luke realizes that all Ava is looking for is a big pay check. He reminds her that if Lauren doesn't sign the proxy, Tracy won't cough up the money. He senses trouble.

At the same time, Michael asks Kiki/Lauren if she's heard from her Mother. Kiki/Lauren tells him no, and she's not gonna call her.

Sonny is ticked off at Morgan's ungrateful attitude.. Morgan says he's sorry, but then gets snarky saying, "I didn't ask for your help." Carly cuts him off before he digs his hole even deeper. Sonny knows Morgan is there for a reason, and wants to know what it is. Morgan wants Carly to get Michael to stop spying on Kiki/Lauren. He tells them that he found Michael going through Kiki/Lauren's purse. Carly admits that he asked Michael to spy on Kiki/Lauren because they know nothing about her. She rattles off the list of crimes Kiki/Lauren already been involved in.. Morgan defends her and tells them that she's going through a hard time right now. Morgan gets confrontational ,with Carly and uses the guilt card. He still resents being sent away to boarding school, but Sonny defends Carly's reasons. Morgan tells them that Kiki/Lauren just found out some news about her Dad. He wants them to give her a break.

Franco is still at the courthouse dealing with Connie and Olivia. He tells Olivia that he feels like he knows her. She tells him that he knew her as Kate Howard. She sponsored his first art show in Port Charles. She regrets doing that now. He makes a crack about her not being the same person. She tells him that she's Connie Falconeri now. He wonders what's wrong with being Kate Howard. "None of your business, Blondie" he still doesn't make the connection until Connie tells him that Sonny is her ex. Franco goes on and on about Sonny, until Olivia drags her away. Shawn watches them as they part ways,

Sam is shocked when she hears the word leukemia. Patrick tries to calm her down, while Alexis pulls herself together. Patrick tells her that he doesn't know why these things happen. There's no easy way to tell Sam that her child has cancer.

In the courtroom, Olivia asks Connie if she's okay. Connie tells her that she worried about more than Franco. She's worried that she could go to jail today. Olivia says that she thought that it was only procedural stuff but Connie admits that she's scared. Olivia reassures Connie that she will be there for her. Just as Connie wonders where everyone is, Diane calls her to let her know that he case has been dropped. Connie can't believe it and blurts out that she has to tell Sonny. They both stop cold!

Morgan tells his parents that she just found out the truth about her father. Sonny asks who he is, but Morgan doesn't know. Kiki/Lauren grew up thinking that her father died when she was a baby. It turns out that he just died last year. Carly feels sorry for Kiki/Lauren not knowing her father. Morgan tells his parents that it turns out that Kiki/Lauren's father is related to a rich family here in Port Charles. They've been trying to track her down.

Michael tells Kiki/Lauren that he's sorry about her mom, but maybe she was afraid. He tells her that Carly has done some things to try and protect him. Kiki/Lauren says that this is different because her mom tried to trick her into signing the documents. Michael's ears perk up and he says "What documents?"

Luke guesses that Ava is having trouble with Lauren. Ava says that it's complicated and flashback to her visit with Franco in jail. He tells her that Lauren shares are useless to her because he's alive. He wants to trade Lauren's shares for spending time with her. When Luke asks what the complication is, Ava tells him none of his business. Luke tells her that he has a daughter, too, and she can see right though him. Ava says that's not the case, and goes to phone Kiki/Lauren to prove it to him.

Kiki/Lauren is about to tell Michael about the proxy documents, when her cell phones rings. She thinks that it's Morgan so Michael goes to have a shower. Kiki/Lauren picks up the phone, and sees that it's Ava. Ava tries to talk to her but Kiki/Lauren hangs up on her. Luke is amused!

AJ and Tracy are enjoying a momentary truce because of Michael. he asks Tracy if Monica told him about Franco being alive. Tracy says she did and she can't believe that that Franco is a part of her family. Monica is shocked when she learns that Franco has voting rights in ELQ. Just then, Franco strolls in from the garden patio, greeting his new found relatives.

Sam is in shock but Alexis is there to comfort her and Danny. Patrick suggests they do the bone marrow to prove whether or not that Danny has leukemia. Sam is frightened.

Luke is amused but Ava tells him that she has other options. When he asks her what options...she says, Team AJ!

AJ and family are dealing with Franco in the midst. He tells them that he's out on bail, much to their amazement.

Connie and Olivia are recovering from Connie's outburst. Olivia makes sure that Connie still wants to stay away form Sonny.

Sonny and Carly are dealing with a snarky Morgan. He wants to them lay off Kiki/Lauren, and oh by the way, can you guys sign for a new credit card? The look on Sonny's face is awesome and so is his answer "Get a job!" Of course Morgan is ready for that and asks if he can come work for him. Yea, like that's going to happen. Carly gets rid of Morgan. Sonny can't believe his arrogance but Carly is more worried about whether he heard plotting the hit on Franco. Sonny doesn't think so and goes back to calming down an anxious Carly.

AJ and Tracy wonder how Franco made bail, and he tells them that it was Diane Miller. She's now represented all three brothers. Tracy quips. "I could just shoot that woman!" Franco takes offense and said no one is going to be shooting anyone anymore.

Michael comes out of the shower yelling at Kiki/Lauren because she used up all the hot water. They argue about her taking over his life. He grabs her arm and almost kisses her, but Morgan comes back. He wonders what's going on.

Luke warns Ava away from AJ, whom he calls a chronic loser among other things. She doesn't listen then takes off.

Morgan breaks up the arguing, and tells them that he told Carly to back off of Kiki. He tells Michael that means him, too. Michael says just stay out of his face, and goes off in a huff.

Franco is looking at all the Quartermaine family pictures. He picks up one of Alan, which Monica grabs away form him. He then looks at the one of Edward, making comments. Tracy says that he's lucky that he didn't live to see Franco ins his house. Tracy gives Monica her cue, which Monica does. She tells Franco to get out of her house. He teases them then says that he would have to take his ELQ shares with him.

Patrick explains how a bone marrow works, and that Danny won't feel a thing. He'll have the results as soon as possible. Sam and Alexis reluctantly agree to have it done. Patrick goes off to make the arrangements. Sam is terrified but Alexis is there to comfort her.

Morgan and Kiki/Lauren discuss Michel and their living arrangements. They need to get out of Michael's, but not for the reason Morgan thinks. He suggests that she look into that rich family of hers.

Franco is playing with his new family. He keeps calling Monica "mummy", AJ asks Monica to leave the room, so they can talk to Franco. Monica reluctantly leaves. So does Shawn who has followed his quarry there. Franco uses a priceless statue to call the meeting to order. He's calling an end to the squabbling between AJ and Tracy. He says that everything is about to change.

Luke is still at the bar when he receives a call from the hospital. A nurse tells him that his lab results are ready. Luke thinks back on Tracy's plea to call him when he gets the results back. He thanks the nurse, hangs up, then orders another drink.

Olivia offers to take Connie out for her birthday. They talk about another Falconeri memory, and Olivia apologizes for not being Sonny. She's determined that Connie have a good birthday.

Shawn arrives at Sonny's office to report his failure. He tells them that Franco had a run in with Olivia and Connie who gave it to him pretty good. Sonny remembers that it was the start of Connie's trial. Shawn then tells them about the family reunion at the Quartermaines. He couldn't get a clean shot so he left. Carly is frustrated.

Franco is holding court, standing by the fireplace, when Ava comes in to talk about Franco. "Not Franco," he quips "Frank Q!"

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