GH Update Wednesday 6/5/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/5/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Franco is being escorted to court and stops to look at the Scales of Justice statue. He rambles on about how the courthouse is run down, and what a shame it is. The guard wonders why he cares, when he's going back to jail. Franco says that he's feeling lucky. Franco greets Diane cheerily, but she's all business.

Shawn is in his room at Kelly's, preparing for the hit on Franco. Carly show up at Sonny's office, anxious, to have the hit over with. He tells her that "he's handling it."

Felix and Sabrina have a rude awakening, thanks to an uncomfortable sofa bed, and their "house pests". Britt and Taylor are becoming "fast friends" and enjoy torturing their hosts. Sabrina misses a call from Patrick, checking up on her and Britt.

At GH, as soon as Patrick hangs up, he meets Dr. Silas Clay, who is there to check up on Danny.

Sam is at home, speaking to Ellie about Danny's lab results. When she starts to criticize her boss, Brad Cooper ( yes, you read that right), he rudely grab the phone away. He tells Sam that the lab results will be ready, when they're ready and hangs up. Ellie gets upset because Sam is Spinelli's business partner, and she's very worried about her baby. Brad shrugs it off and goes on a break, in spite of a backlog.

At the same time, Rafe joins Sam in the living room, and sees that she's upset. He immediately thinks it's because of the custody hearing. She tells him they won't hear about that for awhile. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door, so Rafe goes to answer it. It's Molly, Alexis and Spinelli, who are loaded down with balloons and presents for Danny's birthday. It's been a year already?

Back at the courthouse, Diane is rattling off Franco's considerable list of charges. She mentions the murders that were carried out, based on his artwork. Franco says he's sorry those happened, but he wasn't responsible. He asks about the recordings but she doesn't think they will exonerate him completely. Franco continues to flirt with Diane but she ignores him.

In the meantime, Carly keeps badgering Sonny about Shawn. He tells her that it takes time, because Shawn has to be careful. Sonny, of course, has a plan. Just then, a guard announces a Mr. Lazaro, and lets him in.

Shawn has come downstairs at Kelly's, but is so distracted that he doesn't hear TJ calling him, He finally snaps out of it, long enough to tell TJ that he heard about him and Molly breaking up.

Molly and company have all donned party hats. Spinelli is waving a birthday cake with a big number 1 on it. He's asking Danny to make a wish, and Danny gives him a look that Jason would be proud of. Sam tries to put on a brave face.

Felix and Sabrina are being tag-teamed by Britt and Taylor. It's obvious that Taylor has something on big brother.

Over at GH, Patrick and Silas are playing battling egos. Patrick recalls how Stephen Clay terrorized Sam and Danny for months. Dr. Clay repeats that he hadn't been in touch with his brother for years. He's not about to apologize for what his brother did. he just wants to know about Danny's condition.

At the penthouse, Sam makes a wish, but when Molly asks what she wished for, Sam takes off the hat, and runs upstairs. Molly wonders what she said to upset Sam. She wonders if it's about the custody hearing, but before Alexis can stop him, Spinelli blurt out that Franco is alive.

Back in the courtroom, Franco continues to flirt with Diane, who ignores him. She tells him that Jason was a very good friend of hers. She got him released from jail so he could kill Franco. She's sorry that he didn't succeed. Franco asks why she took his case, if she hated him so much.

Sonny completes his deal with Mr. Lazaro. Carly says that she's forgotten how good he is at this. Really?

At Kelly's, Shawn is listening to TJ's tale of two women. He tells Shawn that Molly came to apologize to him. She wanted to go to the prom with him, but TJ had already asked someone else.

Speaking of, Taylor and Britt are running roughshod over Sabrina and Felix. Taylor has to introduce herself to Britt, who tells her that she's pregnant, not disabled like Felix said. Taylor thought that Sabrina was his "beard". Taylor then jumps to the conclusion that Felix is the father. Felix quickly denies it saying "he's out and proud." Britt says we've heard over and over. Taylor says "No comment!" and gives Felix a pointed look.

Back at GH, Patrick tries to dismiss Dr. Clay, but he won't go away. When Clay asks Patrick why a neurosurgeon was looking after Danny, Patrick tells him that he was in the ER when Sam showed up. Patrick tells Dr. Clay that Sam trusts him. Patrick makes a crack about being able to read a blood test. Dr. Clay says not the way I can.

Spinelli apologizes to Alexis for spilling the beans about Franco. He makes his excuses, and takes off. Alexis goes to upstairs to comfort Sam, but is totally unprepared for the reason Sam is upset.

Molly tells Rafe that she Googled Franco without Sam and her mother knowing. She tells Rafe that he's this Avant Garde artist, that was accused of being a serial killer. She tells him how they thought that they thought he was Danny's father for awhile. Thank goodness, he turned out to be Jason's, and not have a killer's DNA. Realizing her faux pas, Molly quickly reassures Rafe that she didn't mean him. She meant that both he and Danny have a choice of who they can become. To change the subject, he asks Molly how it went with TJ.

Felix tells Taylor and Britt that he doesn't need a beard. He's out and he's proud of it. Britt says so we've heard over and over again. Taylor offers "No comment." and gives Felix a pointed look. She then extorts money from him to buy her prom gear. She tells him that she's TJ's date.

At the same time, TJ is explaining to an amused Shawn, how Molly came to apologize for overreacting. She really did want to go to the prom with him. "So it's all good." says Shawn. Ah, not quite, cause TJ already asked someone else.

Outside Kelly's, Spinelli is on the phone with Ellie, who's still incensed that Brad got promoted over her. Spinelli spies Brad inside, and tells Ellie that he may have a plan. Spinelli hang up, and then goes inside, and plops himself down at Brad's table. "So how much of your soul did you sell to Dr. Westbourne?" he asks bluntly. Spinelli is questioning Brad, but he's getting nowhere fast. Spinelli then accidentally spills something on Brad. Brad then goes to the washroom to dry off. Spinelli gets a hold of Brad's phone.

Sam tells Alexis how she found Dr. Clay examining Danny in the courtroom. She tells her Mother that Dr. Clay said that Danny has cancer, and then walked away.

Patrick takes offense to Dr. clay's attitude.

Sonny ask Carly again if she wants to go through with this. Carly says she has no regrets.

In the courtroom, Diane tells Franco that she took his case for fame and money. The judge comes in, but the ADA is late. Diane tries to get the hearing dismissed, but just then Mr. Lazaro shows up.

Patrick realizes that Dr. Clay is the one who scared Sam. He's not impressed with him at all.

Alexis is shocked when Sam tells her that Dr. Clay said that Danny has cancer, and just walked away. She tells her mother that she took Danny to the hospital right away. Patrick was there and did some blood tests. She recalls what Alexis went through with her cancer. She called the lab this morning, but got nowhere.

Felix and Sabrina try to talk Taylor out of going to the prom with TJ. They tell her about Molly, but of course, Britt encourages her. Taylor wonders what's up with the wheelchair. Britt tells her that she has the same condition that Kate Middleton had early in her pregnancy. Sabrina and Felix chime in with how well Kate is doing, travelling and all. Britt makes an excuse to return to her room. She complains about the cell service but there's nothing they can do. Taylor offers to "pilot" her, and Britt remarks that Sabrina never offers. Taylor reminds him about her money. Sabrina wonders what Taylor has on her brother.

Molly tells Rafe about Taylor being TJ's date. Sam and Alexis come back downstairs, where Sam asks where Spinelli is. Molly tells her that he had to leave. She also mentions that he told them about Franco. Sam checks on Danny.

Sonny asks Carly if she still wants to call if off. Carly says that Franco has to die before he hurts anyone else. He makes a call to Shawn. Shawn is giving advice to TJ about Molly and Taylor, when he receives a call from sonny. Before he leaves, Shawn tells TJ to "protect what is his." At Sonny's office, Shawn gets instructions to kill Franco.

Franco's hearing continues as Diane states he case, and asks for bail. Everyone is surprised, when the DA Mr. Lazaro agrees to let Franco be free until his trial. Diane says that was easy, but Franco thinks that it's too easy.

Sabrina and Felix are putting away the sofa bed. Sabrina is curious about what Taylor has on Felix. It must be good if he's willing to pay her off. At the same time, Britt is trying to reach Brad at the lab but gets Ellie instead. Britt then tries Brad's cell phone, which Spinelli picks up. He pretends to be Brad, Britt order him to get over there right away. Felix and Sabrina are watching her like hawks. Taylor come back into the living room to ask for money. She receives a phone call from TJ, and after Felix hands her some money, she rushes out to see him.

Taylor shows up at Kelly's, talking about the dress she ordered. She asks TJ what he wanted to see her about. TJ chickens out, and tells he just wanted to know the color of her dress so he can match the corsage.

Molly wonders if Rafe knew about Danny's doctors appointment, but Rafe said that he didn't. He was too worried about his uncle taking him away from Sam, Danny and Molly, of course.

Diane is sending Franco off with his personal effects. He asks her out for dinner, and she says never. Dr. Clay shows up to find out about his hearing. He and Franco recognize each other from pier. Diane sends him off with a warning "No maiming. No kidnapping. No killing." she tells Franco. She tells Clay to stay away from Franco. Clay plans to return to Manhattan as soon as he wins custody of Rafe.

Alexis and Sam have found Patrick at GH. Alexis says they went to the lab, and Patrick tells her that he has the results. He wants to talk to them privately.

Carly is anxious as she and Sonny wait in his office. Sonny tells her calmly that Shawn will let him when the job is done.

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