GH Update Tuesday 6/4/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/4/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Dante is at GH waiting for Lulu when Olivia comes rushing off the elevator. He's apparently called her to meet him there. Olivia is anxious for news of Lulu but before he can tell her anything, Lulu turns up saying "Hello Olivia or should I say Ma!" When Olivia can't believe it, Lulu recites one of the recipes that Olivia taught her. Olivia is ecstatic and welcomes Lulu warmly.

Patrick calls Sabrina to check up on her and Princess Britt. Britt is taking full advantage of Sabrina's hospitality which Patrick can clearly hear. Damn dinner bell!

Over at Kelly's, Felix has returned from his vacation with new baggage, his spoiled brat sister, Taylor. He's apparently been saddled with her for the summer.. She asks Felix where all the "hot Port Charles" boys are. Of course, that's when TJ walks by.

While Britt is running Sabrina in circles, Sabrina reassures Patrick that she can Handle. Patrick swears that he will make it up to her. It better be good, is all I can say. As soon as Patrick hangs up, he's accosted by Maxie, who still thinks that Britt is moving in with him and Emma. Patrick wonders why Maxie is so upset, and she tells him that she has to meet her new ob/Gyn today. Maxie carries on about Britt until Patrick finally tells her, that Britt is staying with Sabrina! We see Britt treating Sabrina like a slave.

Sam is still at the courthouse, where she is arguing with Dr. Clay. He tells her that there is something seriously wrong with Danny.

Molly and Rafe have arrived back at Sam's, where she tries to cheer him up. He's convinced that Dr. Clay will win custody. Molly refuses to believe it, and tells him that he has to stay. She tells him that Kristina has left for summer school at Wesleyan. When Molly puts herself down, Rafe won't hear of it. He tells her how great she is, and what a good friend she's been. He wants to borrow Sam's car, and drive to Niagara Falls to watch the sunrise. When Molly seems hesitant, Rafe wonders if it's because she thinks that he won't be here for Prom, or if she wants to make plans with someone else. Molly doesn't answer him right away.

Taylor is scoping out TJ at Kelly's. Rafe tells Molly that he knows that he's a substitute prom date. Molly insists that he's a friend and that friends can go to the prom.

Patrick is surprised when Maxie starts calling Britt "Dr. Evil", and a whole bunch of other nicknames. Maxie tells Patrick that he lucked out in the girlfriend department. They get a little emotional when she tells him that Robin would approve of Sabrina. Patrick returns the favor by telling Maxie how proud Robin would be of her for having Dante and Lulu's baby. For once, Maxie remains silent.

Britt is making Sabrina's life miserable but Sabrina doesn't back down. Felix returns home and all hell breaks when he sees The Britch there. Britt goes to her room, formerly known as Felix's room, where she makes a crack about his Zac Efron poster. Sabrina has some explaining to do.

Patrick wonders if Maxie is having second thoughts about the baby. Maxie is worried about what's gonna happen to the baby if Lulu doesn't get her memory back. Patrick reminds her that the baby will be loved by Dante, Olivia and even Maxie.

Molly tells Rafe that she does miss TJ, and only wanted to teach him a lesson. She doesn't regret asking Rafe but admits she misses TJ. He tells her that if she want to change her mind about asking TJ, he's okay with it. Just then the doorbell rings, and it's Dr. Clay, making Rafe leery, and Molly protective.

Sam has gone to GH, where she runs into Patrick. A frightened Sam asks Patrick to look Danny over. She tells him about the arrogant doctor, but Danny's first year appointment was not for awhile. Patrick can sympathize with her because of Emma. He agrees to take a look at Danny.

Maxie runs into Dante, Olivia and Lulu, who are still having a reunion. Olivia and Lulu are blubbering all over the place, and Maxie wonders what's up. Olivia tells her that Lulu has recovered her memory.

Dr. Clay tells Rafe that he's not there for him, he's looking for Sam. When Molly tells him that she's not there, he thinks it's because she followed his advice. He also make a point of telling Rafe to get used to seeing him, because he's going to win custody. After he leaves, Rafe tells Molly to go and patch things up with TJ.

Olivia tells Maxie that Lulu has recovered her memory. When Maxie can't believe it, Lulu recites Kate's coffee order, and office duties down to the last detail.

TJ and Taylor re getting o know each other. She still wants dessert, so he offers to make her a sundae. TJ ends up telling her about Molly and what happened. Taylor does a pretty good job of cheering TJ up.

Back at the hospital, Lulu suddenly remembers that it was Franco who rented The Haunted Star. Dante and Olivia still think that he's dead. Maxie assures him, that he's quite alive and tells them what happened after they left last night. She tells them that the police were called, and that Sam clocked him.

Sam is in a cubicle at GH, showing Patrick the rash. Patrick notices that Danny's lymph nodes are swollen, which is also what Dr. Clay said. Sam is rambling on and on but Patrick tries to remain calm.

Felix can't believe that Sabrina volunteered to look after Britt. He's aghast when she tell tells him, that he was her inspiration. She remembered that he always said "keep your enemies closer." Felix agrees to go along with, after all, he invited someone to stay without asking her too.

Taylor tries to trash Molly but TJ won't hear of it. Meanwhile, Molly admits to Rafe that she does miss TJ, and would like another chance with him. As she leaves, she tells him not to give up on Sam winning the custody battle.


Patrick tries to reassure Sam that Danny will be okay, and goes to check on the test results. As she is reassuring Danny, Dr. Clay appears and tells her not to lie to him. Dr. Clay's beside manner leaves something to be desired. Rafe is at home, staring at his prom ticket, which he eventually tears up.

Molly turns up at Kelly's to amends with TJ. She gives him a sincere apology which he accepts. Molly then asks him if he still wants to go to the prom with her. before he can answer, Taylor comes back in the room and says she's his date.

Felix catches Sabrina up on his sister visiting for the summer. Britt starts ordering them both around, but then Patrick shows up. Britt says they re out of bottled water, and wants Sabrina to go out and get some. Patrick tells her that he'll have it delivered, because Sabrina will be busy. He tells Sabrina that he is taking her out on their long overdue date.

Dante has checked in with Anna and is reassured that Franco is in jail. Olivia and Lulu are ready to celebrate, while Maxie realizes that she's back to square one.

Dr. Clay wants to know what the doctors have told Sam about Danny. She tells him that they haven't got the results yet. Dr. Clay seems frustrated by the local doctors. Without further adieu, Dr. Clay tells a frightened am that Danny has cancer.

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