GH Update Monday 6/3/13

General Hospital Update Monday 6/3/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny is talking to Carly about what they plan to do regarding Franco.

Sam and Alexis are ready to go to trial to fight Dr. Clay for custody of Rafe.

Kiki reveals to Morgan that she just talked to her mother and found out who her biological father is.

Monica notices Tracy at the hospital and informs her for the first time that Franco is alive.

In the courtroom before the trial, Sam informs Alexis that she got to see the video, for the first time, that Franco made of when he allegedly drugged and raped her during her honeymoon with Jason. Alexis is shocked until her daughter informs her that she found out for the first time that Franco did not, in fact rape her. But regardless, she is still violated for having to be tortured all this while believing that he did and what it did to Jason and believing as long as she did that Danny was the result of that.

Ava goes to see Franco in the jail to talk about their daughter and the fact that she willingly slept with him and got pregnant. And he reminds her they cannot keep it a secret from Lauren forever.

When Kiki/Lauren is talking to Morgan and he talks about what a jerk his brother Michael is, she surprises him by urging him not to speak ill of his brother. Hearing that, he hasn’t a clue why, for the first time, she is defending Michael and offended to hear him speak negatively about him.

Michael is talking to a shocked AJ who has jut found out for the first time that he is son got raped in prison. AJ tells his son he clearly blames Carly and Sonny although Michael disagrees.

Carly tells Sonny that he has to take drastic action against Franco by killing him now that they've all discovered that Jason's evil biological brother is still alive.

Alexis, Sam, Danny, Molly and Rafe all enter the courtroom to see a smug Dr;. Clay ready to obtain custody of his nephew. He tells them that Rafe needs to be with his family. Sam protests that she is his family. He is nothing more than a stranger who looks just like the psychopath who killed his mother. He reminds her he cannot help that. Alexis tells him she hopes he has a good lawyer. He tells her he has the best. Right the, Diane Miller walks in. Alexis furiously confronts her demanding to know how she could represent this man. She tells him that she is there to protect the rights of a responsible physician.

Sonny sounds like he is hesitating to murder Franco. Carly tells him if he doesn't do it, she will do it herself.

Michael protests to AJ that it's not due to the life that Carly and Sonny have exposed him to nor the choices they made. If anyone is responsible for what happened to put him in prison, it was himself.

Monica informs Tracy that her son got some horrifying news. Herring that and having no clue whether sister in law is going to say, Tracy appears "flip" and asks Monica if the "horrifying news" that AJ got about Michael is that he "likes his other daddy better". Monica tells Tracy no.. What he found out was that Michael was raped.

Morgan asks Kiki (Lauren) why she is suddenly angry with him for speaking ill about Michael. Up until this conversation, she could not stand his brother and did everything she could to make him feel unwelcome. He reminds her that she has been harder on Michael than he has. But she knows something she's not sure whether to reveal to Morgan.

Franco asks his daughter's mom what has become of their daughter whom he has not seen since she was born and she prevented him from seeing her. She tells him that there are no limits with him. He is a great artist but has a real problem with reality. And that also makes him a great murderer. He tells her even if that were true, he would never do anything to hurt Lauren. He tells her he has made a great many mistakes. But Lauren is not one of them. And as soon as he's out of there, he is going to go and find her whether his daughter's mom likes it or not. She tells him she will make certain he is never able to do that.

Michael tells AJ about the day when he was compelled to kill Claudia Zacchara in order to save his baby sister. He tells his bio dad that he has no one to blame except himself for what sent him to prison. And that's part of his recovery and how he got past this. AJ tells his son he loves him more than anything or anybody else.

Monica gets emotional telling Tracy what she saw come over her son when he found out what happened to Michael. And she always thinks that maybe if she and Allen had been able to raise Michael, they could have prevented that from happening. But Tracy takes her aside and firmly tells her that she cannot blame herself for what happened to Michael. Rape is a hideous act and she can't do this to herself.

In the courtroom, Diane presents her case that Dr. Clay is a respected physician with the emotional and financial means to support and raise his nephew whereas Samantha Morgan has only been a temporary guardian. The judge then asks Rafe how he feels about his uncle and the possibility of living with him. Rafe looks back to seethe people he's known since he's been in Port Charles. He announces that his mother used to live in this town but before he was born, she had to go on the run to get away from his biological father. Steven Clay looked him in the eye and smiled when he murdered Rafe's mother. Whereas Sam and her family have been his family since he's been there. He only feels safe with them so please let him live with Sam. the judge asks Diane to speak. She tells him that while young Mr. Kovich's story may sound moving, her client is not his brother and cannot be blamed or judged for what Steven Clay did. The judge coldly tells her he will take that into consideration and asks if she has anything else to add. She tells him yes and announces that Samantha Morgan is an unfit mother. She talks about Mrs. Morgan's late husband's career as a criminal until Alexis stands up to argue that her daughter's deceased husband is irrelevant and immaterial to this case. Diane then tells the judge that she can speak about Mrs. Morgan, formerly Ms. McCall's record all on its own. She smugly announces that she does not want to take up the court's time and would like them to speed things up so that Rafe can leave the court and be in his uncle's home before lunch. Alexis and Sam look at her furiously.

Kiki talks to Morgan about her previous conversation with her mother about her biological father.

In the jail cell, Franco explains to his daughter's mother that his biological Mother is Susan Moore who left him with her cousin heather Webber. He had a twin brother named Jason Morgan. Hearing that name, she admits it sounds familiar. He then explains that he and Jason are the offsprings of Alan Quartermaine and heirs to a rich family. So she needs to know that their daughter is an heir to a fortune.

Michael concludes to AJ that maybe now that they are looking for a Quartermaine heir, they will have to look even harder to find Franco's daughter. AJ tells his son that it might not be that difficult to find her. She might be right in this down.

Franco tells his daughter's mother (Ava) that he bets the only reason she is in town is to squeeze money from the Quartermaine's. He knows what she is up to and he's on to her. And she should know that he might have a problem with that.

When the judge calls a recess in the court, Alexis and Sam confront Diane and demand to know how she could do what she just did. Dr. Clay then answers because he asked her to.

Morgan asks Kiki why her mom would suddenly bring up her father for the first time now. She replies that as it turns out, her father was the black sheep of a very rich family. And now they are trying to find her for that reason.

Monica cries about how her son and grandson are affected by what happened to Michael. Tracy tells her that "they" will make certain that Michael gets through this. Monica asks her whom she means when she says "we". Tracy replies that "we" are Quartermaines and we will get through this. And she reminds her sister in law that Franco has Quartermaine blood in his veins.

AJ tells Michael that he knows that since he and Tracy are deadlocked for control of ELQ and so Lauren is their only swing vote. Michael tells his dad maybe not necessarily.

Franco tells his daughter's mom that she's forgetting one thing. Lauren is not the only long lost Quartermaine.

Carly asks Sonny if they are in this together to "end" Franco. He tells her yes. But there could be risks with his son being a cop.

Franco tells his daughter's mother that their daughter is an heir and so maybe the two of them need to come up with a plan that is mutually beneficial.. She furiously tells him if he thinks for one minute that she will let him have any face time with Lauren, he's got another thing coming. And she walks away.

Dr. Clay tells Sam and Alexis that he is going back to his hotel. She tells him he's not going anywhere. They are going to have this out right there and right now.

Tracy tells Monica that she's a bit concerned about the sudden revelation that Franco is alive and what that can do to ELQ's voting rights. Monica tells her she doubts there’s much he can do when he's behind bars.

A guard announces to Franco that he has a visitor and remarks that his inmate’s "pretty popular with the ladies". Franco appears to assume that the visitor is someone he knows. But he's startled to see that it's Diane Miller. He asks her if she might want to represent him.

Sonny and Carly contact Shawn and ask if he has a "problem" doing what they’d like him to do with Franco. At first Shawn is silent. But he concludes that he knows Franco is a dangerous man who’s ruined many people's lives. He's threatened Jocelyn. So no. He does not have a "problem".

At the jail cell, Franco tells her he's heard she's done excellent work for his "brother." He reminds her that Jason can no longer afford her retainer since he’s dead. But he (himself) can. He will pay her all she wants and needs if she can get him out of this jail cell.

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