GH Update Friday 5/31/13

General Hospital Update Friday 5/31/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the PCPD, Anna walks through the station on the phone with someone, telling them that Franco is in custody, and promising a full briefing later in the day. Milo catches up to her as she hangs up the phone. He wants to report a missing person as Lulu didn't come home last night.

In his apartment, Dante wakes to find Lulu gone. He calls out her name.

In the hospital, Tracy calls Ava to leave a voicemail to let her know that she is at the hospital if Tracy needs to reach her. She lets Ava know that she has a check for Ava. When she hangs up, she walks back into Luke's room to find him gone.

Kiki walks into the living room of Michael's apartment, texting on her phone when Michael lets her know from the couch that he's awake. She defensively lets him know that it's not hers and Morgan's fault as they tried to be quiet, but Michael says he never said that his being awake had anything to do with her. Kiki asks what happened to him.

In the Quartermaine living room, Monica sees AJ outside, and asks what happened last night. She asks who sent the invitation with Jason's picture on it. AJ tells her that it was Jason's twin brother. He breaks the news to her that Franco is still alive.

In his cell, Franco sits on the floor, meditating as a guard tells him he has a visitor. Franco looks up to see that his visitor is Carly.

AJ explains to Monica why Franco gathered everyone at the Haunted Star. He says that the police are looking at the DVD to see that it isn't doctored. He explains about Franco not raping Sam, then says that she isn't the only one who suffered. Monica assumes he means Elizabeth, but he says not her. AJ says before he tells her anything more, he wants to know why she didn't tell him that Michael went to Pentonville. She tells AJ that he was a fugitive, and that Jason handled everything. She tells him that Jason arranged to get into prison to look after Michael AJ tells Monica that Jason was too late. Monica is confused, wanting to know what AJ means that Jason was too late. AJ tells Monica that Michael was raped in prison. Monica is shocked to hear this.

Michael apologizes to Kiki for snapping at her. She asks if Michael is not gong to tell her what happened. He says that's right. She tells him how she had a lousy night herself. Michael asks if she and Morgan had a fight, but she says no. Michael offers to listen if she wants to talk. Kiki says she had a fight with her mom, and found out that her mom has lied to her for her whole life.

Franco tells Carly that he was meditating. He tells her how happy he is to see her, and how glad that she knows the truth. He assumes that they can put side aside all of the bitterness. Carly tells him that they can't.

Milo follows Anna through the PCPD, explaining about Lulu staying with him. Anna knows this, and tells him that Dante isn't happy about it. Milo says that Sonny isn't happy about it either. He tells her that Lulu didn't come home last night, and he needs to find her before Sonny finds out he lost her. Behind him, Sonny walks in and tells him it's too late.

Dante is up, getting dressed and heading out when Lulu walks in with breakfast. She says she wanted to surprise him with breakfast in bed. She tells him what Milo eats for breakfast, and assures him that they are not having the same thing. Lulu sees that he's upset, and wonders if he is ok. He says he feels like he doesn't want to let her out of his sight. She tells him she's ok, and that she remembers because he never gave up on her. Dante says that he never wants to lose her again, and kisses her.

Tracy curses Luke as he walks out of the bathroom, fully dressed. She is surprised to see him. She asks why he is dressed. He says it's to spare her and anyone else the sight of his backside showing through the opening of the hospital gown. Tracy tells him that she thought he was trying to get out of the tests that are scheduled to be done on him. Tracy notices that the sheets are off his bed. She asks where they are. Luke suggests that maybe someone came in and got them. Tracy insists that she was outside his door the entire time, and no one came in. She then notices the sheets and the hospital gown tied together, and stashed on the side of his bed. She throws them at Luke, cursing him again.

Milo tells Sonny that it isn't his fault. He starts to explain how he looked for Lulu all night, but Sonny says Lulu is ok, and that he saw her at the Haunted Star last night. Anna comments how they may want to talk to each other first next time. Milo asks if Lulu stayed on the Haunted Star, but Sonny tells him that she left with Dante. Milo seems a bit disappointed.

Lulu tells Dante how she found the keys, said "Hi" to a neighbor's cat, then go him his coffee just the way he likes it. Dante asks her when she started to wait on him. Lulu tells him not to get used to it, it's just for today to celebrate how happy she is that she has her life and her memories back. They start make out on the couch.

Sonny tells Milo that he needs to talk to Anna, and he dismisses Milo. Sonny tells Anna that he wants to see Franco.

Franco asks Carly if she's not swayed by his explanation, and is concerned that she doesn't believe him. She tells him that the DVD is being authenticated, but she does believe him. She also mentions how Franco pointed Carter in Michael's direction because he thought he could control Carter, but he was wrong. Franco says he regrets that. She asks him if everything is supposed to be ok because he regrets Michael being raped. She tells him that he's even more insane that she thought.

Monica tells AJ that he's mistaken, that Michael was not raped because Jason was in prison protecting him. AJ tells her that Michael admitted it to him personally. He mentions how Carly told Franco that because he proved that he didn't rape Sam, it didn't change what happened to Michael. He explains to Monica how Franco was involved and how Carter went against Franco's orders. Monica says that it doesn't make sense, and AJ agrees that it doesn't, but Franco is crazy. He says that all that matters is that Franco used Michael to hurt Jason. AJ is upset that it happened, but Michael couldn't tell him about it. Monica tells him how sorry she is as her pager goes off. She sees it's the hospital, and offers to tell them to get someone else, but AJ tells her that she should go. She doesn't want to leave him, but AJ tells her that Michael has dealt with it and faced it, now he needs to as well. Monica hugs him, telling him how sorry she is, then leaves him. AJ looks at a photo of Michael, then vents by smashing a vase. Ava walks in and sees him. She comments on the vase, telling AJ how valuable it was, but AJ doesn't care about the vase.

Kiki comments to Michael how she can't trust her mother. She explain to Michael that her mother urged her to come to Port Charles to make sure that Morgan was ok, but she found out that her mother had ulterior motives. Michael asks if she had ulterior motives with Morgan. Kiki says that she honestly thought he could win the money back, and that she was just trying to help him. Michael reminds her how she encouraged Morgan to hide. He tells her that it didn't occur to her that Morgan has family who cares about him and would worry. Kiki tells him that he's overprotective. Michael tells her that is because he knows how fast things can change in life, and go bad. Kiki says that Michael wouldn't know because he's never done a bad thing in his life. He asks her if she's sure about that. She says that she is, so he needs to stop acting like he knows how things can get trashed. He interrupts her by telling her that he'd been raped. She looks at him, stunned.

Franco tells Carly how she should be very proud of Michael. Carly asks if that's because he survived a rape that Franco started. He says that she has every right to be upset, but he's trying to explain that he never intended for Michael to get hurt. He says that he did everything he could to protect Michael. Carly asks why he would care about protecting Michael. Franco says that it's because Michael is his flesh and blood.

Tracy tells Luke that he promised, but then says that when he promised, it should have been her first clue that he was going to run. Luke tells her that he got bored and wanted to do crafts, so he chose sheet art. Tracy asks if he was seriously going to climb out the window after collapsing in her home less than 24 hours ago. He says that she locked him in a room to be poked and prodded by doctors. Tracy also notices that Luke's ID bracelet is gone, too. Luke insists that he's fine and just needed some sleep. Tracy is concerned about his liver. He tells her that his liver is fine, but Tracy pushes him to admit that he's scared. Luke tells her to taint some relish, and get the document signed by Franco's daughter for ELQ. Tracy wants to know why he's fighting this. Luke says that he doesn't want his insides scanned and he doesn't want to be poked with needles. Tracy thinks that Luke is running away. Luke said he would if he could. Tracy guesses that Luke is afraid that the doctors will find something truly wrong with him.

Lulu apologizes for how she treated Dante. Dante tells her that it wasn't her fault. Lulu comments on how she thinks about how she threw herself at Milo. Dante asks her about her throwing herself at Milo. She tells him it's not what he thinks. She feels bad about how she treated Milo. She says Milo was very sweet to her, but she took advantage of him. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Milo calls out to Dante.

Michael apologizes to Kiki, saying that what he told her was inappropriate. Kiki tells him not to apologize, and asks if he's been to a doctor or reported it to the police. He explains that it isn't a recent event, that it happened when he was in prison. Kiki is surprised to hear that Michael was in prison. He tells her that he was in prison for manslaughter, and Kiki realizes that he's telling her the truth. Michael explains the circumstances that ended up with him in prison, and how he ended up raped in prison. He tells her that he thought he knew why Carter targeted him, but he learned last night that he was wrong. Kiki asks him about last night, but Michael says it doesn't matter because it doesn't change anything. Kiki expresses sympathy for him, even though they hate each other.

AJ cleans up the vase he broke. He tells Ava that Tracy isn't there. Ava tells him how Tracy left her a voicemail, and asks if he knows where she is. He says he doesn't, and maybe she should check her message. He asks her what her business with Tracy is. Ava flashes back to Tracy telling her the terms of the deal. Ava then tells AJ that it's between her and Tracy. AJ guesses that it has something to do with Franco's daughter. Ava feigns ignorance as to who Franco is. AJ thinks its interesting that Ava doesn't know who Franco is since he was a big deal before he lost his mind, and started to kill people. He figures that Ava would know that since she knows the art world. Ava says that she does remember Franco as something as a self-promoter and conceptualist. She says that the value of his art went up after he died. AJ says that the value went down again, because Franco is still alive.

Anna refuses to let Sonny see Franco. Sonny tells her that she doesn't understand what Franco has done. He tells her that he has questions he needs answers to. Anna says she understands that, but she can only allow one visitor at a time to see Franco, and he already has a visitor.

Carly asks Franco where all the family bonding was when Michael was sent to prison. She blames him in part for digging up Claudia's body after Michael buried her. She says that he knew that Jason would do anything to protect Michael. She tells him how he used Claudia's body as part of his game with Jason when he blew up his studio and left Claudia's body behind. Carly tells him that he must have been happy the day Michael went to prison, because he could use Michael to hurt Jason. Franco continues to insist that he didn't intend to hurt Michael, only Jason. She assures him that he did hurt Jason, because there's nothing worse than watching your child suffer. She tells Franco that knowing that your child suffer was a million times worse than suffering yourself. Franco says that he knows, and he is sorry. She asks why he is sorry now, after all the time and energy he used to make Jason suffer.

Ava tells AJ that Franco is dead, but AJ tells her that it isn't true. He tells her that he met Franco last night, and tells her about the gathering he attended. Ava doesn't believe it. AJ tells her that for someone who had trouble remembering who Franco was a few minutes ago, she looks pretty shaken up by the news that Franco is alive and in town. He guesses that Ava's business with Tracy has to do with Franco's daughter.

Michael tells Kiki how he went through therapy, and thought that he learned to deal with it and move on until last night. Kiki asks what happened. Michael tells her how he thought that someone sent Carter after him until last night. He says he learned he was wrong. Michael explains how the person he though sent Carter after him only wanted it to appear that he sent Carter, but he learned that this person wanted Carter to protect him. Kiki tells him that whomever it is found Carter, so it is definitely his fault. She asks who it is, and offers to go after him and take care of him for Michael. Michael wants to stop talking about it. He says that AJ nearly killed the guy.

AJ asks Ava if Tracy is paying her to put Tracy in touch with Franco's daughter. Ava says that her business with Tracy is confidential. AJ tells her that he can't help but think about her reaction to the news that Franco is alive. Ava says that it would shock anyone to find out that someone has risen from the dead. AJ can't help but notice how they found Lauren's father, but they haven't identified her mother yet. He then guesses that Ava is Lauren's mother.

Sonny learns that Carly is talking to Franco. He asks Anna if Carly is alone with him, and Anna insists that she is not alone with him. She tells him that there's a guard down there, and Franco is behind bars, so Carly is safe. Anna reminds him that it's not the first time that Carly has had a conversation with a killer. Sonny reminds her that she wasn't there when Franco did all that he did to people, so she doesn't know who she is dealing with, but he and Carly know.

Franco tells Carly that he went to see his mother, and how she told him about his twin brother. He tells her how he is an artist, but Jason killed people. Carly insists that Jason killed people to protect people, but Franco says that Jason killed whomever Sonny told him to kill. He says he wanted to bond with his brother, before he told Jason that they were twin brothers, but Jason rejected him and tore his heart out. He says that this made him decide that he would tear Jason's heart out in retaliation. Carly says that Michael was Jason's heart. Franco comments on how Jason's icy exterior could be broken, and that he could have Jason running around in circles, and he never even threatened Michael. He says that he could never hurt Michael, but Carly says that he did. Franco insists that it was unintentional. He tells Carly that's why he's there. He's there to make amends.

Milo knocks on the door of Dante's and Lulu's apartment, calling out to Dante, saying that they need to talk. Lulu answers the door, and Milo is pleasantly surprised to see her there. He tells her that he was worried about her, but Sonny told him that Sonny ran into her at the Haunted Star, and that she was ok. He then notices that she is wearing Dante's shirt as Dante steps up behind her. He notices Dante is not dressed. Lulu tells Milo that she got her memory back and came home. Milo unenthusiastically tells her that's great, and that he needs to go. As he leaves, Lulu asks him to wait. He comes back to hear what she has to say.

Luke tells Tracy that he doesn't do fear, because of the number of times he's faced death. He asks Tracy if she really thinks he is afraid of a few needles and a CAT scan. She tells him that she really does believe he's afraid, otherwise, why would he try to escape.

Lulu thanks Milo for taking her in and taking care of her. She apologizes for him being dragged into her problems. He tells her that she needed help, and that he was glad he could be there for her. He says that if he got his hopes up, that's his own fault. He tells Dante how lucky he is, then tells them that he needs to get to the gym. He leaves them, and Lulu tells Dante how much she hates hurting Milo. Dante asks her if they could go see Kevin, have him look Lulu over, and give them the final ok so they can put everything behind them, and move forward. Lulu agrees on the condition that they go tell her family afterwards. She says she knows that Laura is on her honeymoon, but her father is in town.

Tracy says that Luke asked her not to tell Lulu that he collapsed. She says that she kept her word, now he needs to do the same. Luke says that if that was supposed to be a binding agreement. They hear a knock at the door as Tracy tells him to just let them run the tests. She tells him that the sooner they run the tests, the sooner they can get out of there. An orderly opens the door and tells Luke that he has an appointment in radiology. Tracy asks Luke if he's going to cooperate or not.

Ava asks AJ if he's going to get to a point anytime soon, or just keep fishing. AJ tells her that he knows that Tracy is probably paying her a bundle, but he will top it significantly. She says she will keep the offer in mind. He tells her that if Tracy asks Ava's daughter to sign documents, don't let her do it. Ava flashes back to her and Kiki fighting about Kiki being a Quartermaine, about signing the document, and finally about Kiki telling Ava that she is losing Kiki. Ava then tells AJ that she can guarantee him that it won't happen.

Kiki is surprised that Sonny didn't know what happened to Michael, but Michael clarifies, saying that it was AJ who didn't know because he was sort of out of town at the time. Kiki says that she just found out who her father was last night. Michael asks if that's what she was fighting with her mother about. Kiki tells him that it was one of the things, then says that she should go wake Morgan so he doesn't sleep all day. Michael asks Kiki for a favor. He tells her that Morgan knows he was in prison, but not that he was raped. She asks if this is another way of protecting Morgan. Michael says that Morgan is his little brother and that he doesn't want Morgan living his life, worrying about consequences. Kiki asks if Michael is going to do all of the worrying for Morgan. Michael says that he doesn't want to control Morgan, he just doesn't want Morgan to do anything stupid that could wreck him. Kiki tells Michael that he isn't wrecked. Michael says he can handle anything happening to him, but he doesn't know what he'd do if anything happened to Morgan. Kiki tells him not to worry about Morgan. She says that Morgan's not going to prison over bad bets, especially with Sonny involved. She promises to keep Michael's secret. Michael says that he knows that he needs to eventually tell Morgan, but he's not ready to yet. Kiki says she understands.

Ava asks AJ if Franco mentioned his daughter last night. AJ says he did. He says Franco mentioned wanting to try to find his daughter himself. Ava asks if AJ knows where Franco is. AJ tells her that he was arrested, and is in jail where he belongs.

Franco says that when saw Jason and Michael at Francophenia, he knew that something had happened, because of what was said and how it was said. He said that's when his game stopped being fun, and he wanted it to be fun. That's when he went to Hawaii. He said that in Hawaii, he was able to control everything, and he was able to make sure that Sam didn't get hurt, only Jason. Carly asks Franco if he didn't think that it hurt Sam to think she was raped. Franco says that the thought did occur to him, so he decided to let Jason kill him. Carly asks why he isn't dead. Franco tells her it's because life is an amazing adventure. He let Jason "kill" him, then Franco was able to get back to his life and his work. He says that Jason then had to go and get himself killed, something Franco didn't see coming because Jason always seemed so invulnerable. He says that after all that he put Jason through, Jason gets shot in the back and drowns. He wondered how that could be. He says that's when it occurred to him that he was wrong and made a mistake. He says he wanted to get closer to Jason, but he only made an enemy of him, and he couldn't undo it. He said that what he could do is make amends with the people he hurt. Carly tells him that he could have sent he DVD to an attorney and turned himself in, but he chose to play one more game with them at the Haunted Star. She tells him that he hasn't changed a bit. She tells him that they were all better of with him dead, and she leaves him.

Luke agrees to take the tests, but makes Tracy promise not to tell anyone about it. She says she gave him her word that she wouldn't. Tracy lets the orderly in. He brings in a wheelchair and asks where his ID bracelet is. Luke cracks that it was stolen. The orderly promises to tell admitting and asks Luke to sit in the wheelchair. Luke insists on walking as Tracy apologizes to the orderly for Luke. As Luke walks into the hall, Lulu and Dante arrive. Lulu tells Luke that she remembers everything, which makes Luke happy. Luke welcomes her home with a hug. She apologizes for everything and tells him how much she loves him. Tracy joins them in the hallway, and Dante shares the news with Tracy. Lulu tells Tracy how important she is to her and hugs her. Tracy asks if she's sure she's fully recovered. Lulu says she needs to check with her doctor. Tracy says that's the mature thing to do, as she glances at Luke. Lulu asks Luke why he's there. She asks if something is wrong with him, but Luke says that nothing is wrong. He tells her that Tracy is there for routine tests. He says it's nothing serious, but Tracy makes a big deal out of everything. He says he's taking Tracy to radiology himself as he sits Tracy in the wheelchair. He takes Tracy away with the orderly following them.

AJ finishes cleaning up the broken vase as Michael arrives. AJ asks Michael how he's doing. Michael says that he's ok. AJ wants to know why Michael didn't tell him what happened to him, then hugs him.

A guard tells Franco that he's popular today, because he has another visitor. The guard leads Ava in to see Franco.

Carly steps out of the holding area where Sonny waits, and asks what she was doing visiting Franco. She says that she wanted to see him. Sonny asks if it was so Franco could lie to her some more, because that's what he does. He tells her that Franco is a freak. Carly assures him that she didn't believe a word Franco said. Sonny asks what they are going to do about him as the leave the PCPD. Carly says the only thing they can do: wipe him off the face of the earth.

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