GH Update Thursday 5/30/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/30/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

An angry AJ turns to Carly when no one tells him what happened to Michael. Carly says that she can't.

Lulu tells Dante that she agreed to consummate the marriage to Stavros. Dante tries to remain calm, when he asks her if she slept with him.

Luke and Tracy badger Dr. Rashi for answers. Dr. Rashi hasn't looked over the labs properly yet.

We have a new scene with Nikolas having a drink, and listening to Tracy's recording of AJ's confession. He seems to be mulling over what to do with it. Suddenly, he hears Alexis announcing herself, and puts the tape away. She's there to check up on her favorite nephew, and he reminds her that he's her only nephew. Alexis can see that he's upset, and nags him until he tells her what's wrong. Of course, he's worried about Elizabeth!

Franco admonishes his guests for leaving AJ out of the loop about Michael. Elizabeth stands up to Franco for AJ and asks "About what?" Maxie also doesn't know what's going on. Everyone else is trying to protect Michael, leaving AJ even more upset. Sonny starts to intervene, AJ goes after him, and says he's Michael' s father, and there's nothing that he can do can change that. AJ demands answers, but Sonny warns him to back off. AJ turns on Carly for answers, and that's when Michael speaks up. He says this is my story, and I'll be the one to tell it. Franco applauds him, which ticks Carly off. She goes over to ask Michael, if he's sure he wants to do this. Michael keeps saying he's okay, and again AJ begs him to tell him what happened. He tells AJ that he didn't want him to find out like this, but it looks like he doesn't have much choice. He turns around and glares at Franco.

Michael takes a deep breath, and faces the group. He starts by saying that some of the people here, already know what happened. He tells AJ that he went to Pentonville when he was 18 for killing Claudia Zacchara. AJ recognizes the name, and Carly tells him that she was a crazy woman. He continues with the story of how Claudia kidnapped his baby sister Josslyn, right after she was born. He heard Carly screaming and rushed in, grabbed an axe handle and hit her over the head with it. AJ quickly realizes that it was "justifiable homicide", and Michael was a hero. He turns on Sonny and Carly, for not doing anything to protect Michael. Michael defends them, and tells a frustrated AJ, that his parents and Jason did everything they could to hide the body. Unfortunately, the cops found out anyway, and Dante had to tell the court.

AJ takes aim at Sonny, who tells him that Dante was just doing his job. Carly takes up the story about Sonny taking the fall. She tells AJ that they both perjured themselves, but the judge accused them of playing the system. She goes on to say that there was no way of proving Michael's innocence. He sent Michael to prison for five years. AJ still hasn't caught on, and blames Franco for buying off the judge, but Franco tells him that's not what happened. AJ is still trying to figure out what Michael went through, when Carly steps up and faces Franco, and says "something much, much worse ." AJ can't imagine what's worse, and looks at an extremely embarrassed Michael. Those who know have varying degrees of pain on their faces. The others look on horrified, as they slowly figure it out.

Back at GH, Luke and Tracy listen impatiently, as Dr. Rashi reads the report in "medicalese". Tracy demands answers.

Dante is being admirably patient listening to Lulu's nightmare. Flashback: A smug Stavros promises to be gentle with her. She turns him down making Stavros extremely angry. Lulu stands up for herself and throws the ring back at him. She takes out her wedding rings, that she's wearing on a chain, around her and says she is married to Dante Falconeri! I love him and nothing that you could do can change that. Present day: Lulu breaks down saying that she couldn't do it. She blames herself for putting them all in danger.

Michael goes to Carly, who tells him that he doesn't have to do this now. Michael tells her, that he's not ashamed. He doesn't want Franco to have control anymore. He faces him and says "Is this what you want?" Carly tells him that she loves him, and he tells her he loves her too. He then says that he's ready! He turns to the group and says that he's okay. It took awhile, but he's moved on. He bravely faces his father, and says that most of you know, but those who don't, but when I was in prison, I was assaulted. AJ tries hard to control himself, and asks with a knife? Michael says no, and tells him, he was raped.

He goes on to explain, that Carter was protecting him from a guard, that giving him a hard time. When AJ asks him about what, and Michael tells him Sonny. AJ and Carly look at Sonny, who looks down at his shoes. Sam watches Michael closely. Michael takes another deep breath, and tells AJ that Carter demanded payment, but when he didn't have it, Carter assaulted him. He tried to fight him off, and it worked the first time, but not after that. When Michael says that Carter raped him, AJ has a hard time containing himself. Michael tells him that for a long time, he couldn't even talk about it, but he swear he's okay now. AJ takes Michael in his arms, and hugs him, saying "I'm so sorry.". He tells him that he's sorry, as Franco watches with a concerned look on his face.

Dante knows how AJ is feeling right now. He's trying his darnedest to be supportive of Lulu. He tells her that she did the right thing, but she still doesn't remember him. Lulu asks him not to say what she wants to hear, until she finishes her story. Dante agrees and asks her what happened after she said no. Flashback: Stavros looks at Lulu menacingly and threatens her family. She clings to her wedding rings, Stavros makes a call, and puts a hit on Nickolas. Lulu can't believe that he would kill his own son. Present day: Lulu can't believe that she almost got Nikolas killed.

Nikolas is at Wyndemere, talking to Alexis. He's telling her that he and Spencer had a wonderful life in Italy. Unfortunately, he couldn't stop thinking about Elizabeth. He tells Alexis that he stayed away, because he didn't want to hurt Lucky. Alexis teases him about being noble, but wonders why he's still in Port Charles. Nikolas tells her that he had a lot of time to think after being shot. His feelings for her have only gotten stronger.

Lulu realizes that Nikolas could of died because of her. Dante tries to comfort her, then asks her to tell him how she ended up in the freezer. Flashback: Lulu demands to know what Stavros has done to Nikolas. He tells her the same thing that his mother and her guards will do to her parents and Dante when they get here. Lulu gets excited but Stavros tells her they will be long gone. When Lulu asks him where, Stavros tells her to Cassadine Island. He tells her that he plans to reward her coldness with a little deep freeze of his own. Present Day: Lulu breaks down in tears, and tells Dante that she doesn't deserve to remember any of you. Dante looks like he finally has a clue to her amnesia.

Lulu's father is still in the hospital, giving Dr. Rashi a hard time. Dr. Rashi isn't afraid of witty comebacks, but Tracy wants answers now. Dr. Rashi doesn't want to tell them until he's sure. Tracy pulls out the Quartermaine card. Dr. Rashi concedes, and ends up telling them, that it looks like Luke has liver damage. Tracy turns to look at Luke, who remains unconcerned.

Alexis tells Nikolas that Elizabeth was by his side during his whole recovery. She clearly cares about him, but when Alexis mentions that Elizabeth is seeing AJ. Nikolas surprise her by saying that Elizabeth has already made her choice clear. Alexis is very surprised that Elizabeth chose AJ over her nephew. She thinks things are settled, but Nikolas says "Not quite!"

AJ is shattered, but Michael tells him that it's over for him. At, least he thought it was, as he looks over at Franco. AJ is in shock and says that somebody should've been there for Michael. Carly takes over, and tells him that Jason plead no contest to charges, and got himself sent to Pentonville, but it was too late. AJ says that at least AJ did something "too little, too late" but he did something. He turns on Sonny, and says that it was all down to you. He then goes after Carly for choosing him over Sonny. Unaware of recent events, Sam is shocked that AJ would make this about himself. Meanwhile, Maxie, Spinelli and Elizabeth all have varied reactions to finding out about Michael's rape.

Michael pleads for everyone to calm down, but long held resentments come out of AJ's mouth. Carly and Sonny stand there silently. Sam jumps in and tells AJ, if he wants to blame anyone, blame Franco. She throws an accusing finger at Franco, who takes it all in stride. Sam and Carly tell AJ how he hired Carter to give Michael a hard time. When he asks where Carter is now, Carly tells him that Jason killed him but before he died, Carter told him that "Franco says Hello" Carly says they have proof because Franco made a tape and Jason saw the DVD. AJ can no longer hold back, and says "I'm gonna kill him!" He lunges after Franco and tries to strangle him. Michael tries to go after him, but Sam stops him.

Dante tries to calm a guilt-ridden Lulu, and tells her that he's proud of her for standing up to Stavros. He begs her to let go of her guilt, and come back to them. We hear Stavros menacing voice threatening her parents, Dante and even Maxie. Everything literally comes flooding back to Lulu. We see snapshots of her life, and even flashbacks to her meeting Dante. A scene with Luke, and seeing Maxie's baby for the first time. Dante can't believe it, until she mentions her Yankee jersey. A tearful, emotional, and happy reunion ends with them all over each other.

Tracy asks Dr. Rashi if the liver damage has been caused by Luke's drinking. When Dr. Rashi asks how much he drinks, Luke denies his drinking has anything to do with it. Tracy asks the doctor if it's a fact, that alcohol can cause liver damage, He says it's a fact, but so could a lot of other things. Dr. Rashi want to admit him to run some test. Tracy agrees, but Luke says, "Over my dead body!"

Nikolas tells Alexis that he has something damaging about AJ, that could hurt Elizabeth. He doesn't know what to do with it. Alexis tells him that he's being too vague. She can't advise unless he tells her what it is. He says he can show her, and pulls out his phone, then plays the recording for her. We hear AJ begging Tracy not tell Elizabeth about him and Carly." Is that enough information for you?" he asks a stunned Alexis.

Elizabeth tells AJ to stop, but AJ yells that "He had my son raped". Spinelli jumps in to help her drag AJ off of Franco. Franco is coughing, and says he's wrong about that. He makes a crack about AJ always being wrong. AJ calls him a smug son of a bitch. Sam begs AJ to let Franco go. She still waiting to hear about Jason. Elizabeth makes AJ sit down on one of the chairs. Carly takes up the cause and says wrong about what. She asks him if lied about being behind Michael's rape. Franco says that he didn't lie. Carly argues with him about the DVD Jason saw. Franco tells her that Jason saw what he wanted him to see. He tells them that there's another recording. He reminds them that Carly accused him that he was being disingenuous about Sam. He wants to make amends to Michael, too. Sonny says he doesn't plastering Carter's face on the screen as he waves his gun around. Michael intervenes and says it's okay. Sonny tries to talk Michael out of it ,but Carly tells him, it's Michael's call. Michael agrees to go ahead, while Sonny and Carly gather around him.

Franco thanks Michael, and plays the tape for everyone. Everyone but AJ, whose has his back to the monitor. We see Franco giving Carter instructions, including what to say to Jason. Franco stops the tape, to tell his audience, that's the part that Jason saw. He then plays the part that Jason never saw. We see Franco tell Carter to never hurt Michael. He's playing games with Jason, but never hut Michael. Carter supposedly agrees. Michael and Carly glare at Franco, while Sonny and AJ try to maintain their composure. Again we have various reactions from the rest of the group.

Dante and Lulu are kissing passionately, as they realize that Lulu has recovered her memory. Lulu tells him that she felt, that she lost something other than her memory. Dante admits that he was scared, that she'd never come back to him. She reminds him that's she's a fighter and fought her way back to him.

Her father is fighting Tracy, who wants him admitted to the hospital. She orders Dr. Rashi to leave, so she can confront Luke. She echoes his earlier sentiment, and tells him he's leaving 'over her dead body!"

Back at Wyndemere, Alexis is shocked and amazed by what she just heard. Alexis wonders why Tracy gave it to him. He tells her that Tracy needed money, so he bought the tape from her. Alexis asks if his first thought was to tell Elizabeth. Nikolas says of course, but he was interrupted. He flatters her then asks he opinion. would she want to know?

Franco apologizes to Michael, because he never intended him to be hurt. "Just Jason?" says Michael. Franco tells him that it was always about Jason. He knew Jason loved Michael more than anything, and knew he could get to Jason through Michael. He says that the tape will prove it and Spinelli speaks up by saying "We'll see." Carly doesn't care and goes after Franco but he doesn't have any answer. He thought he could control Carter but he made a mistake. He apologizes for changing Michael's life forever.

AJ, feeling completely helpless, mutters, "I just couldn't help him." Elizabeth tells AJ, she's sorry, and hugs him. Michael stands up to Franco and give a impassioned speech about how Jason loved him. Franco says of course, they had a special bond. Michael isn't finished, and goes on to say how Jason was his best friend, a father-figure, and that he got through the rape only because of Jason. Michael goes on to say how Jason taught him to be a man. He can't believe how Franco and Jason are even related. When Franco tries to speak, Michael stops him saying "You only meant to hurt Jason? Screw you!"

Carly picks up the slack by saying it doesn't matter what Franco has to say. She tells him that," they don't want to hear any more apologies or watch any more movies. It means crap to me" Franco still tries to apologize again. With Sonny's hand on his shoulder, Michael looks at Franco, with amazement.

Tracy is chasing Luke around the hospital, trying to get him back to his cubicle. She uses emotional blackmail, and reminds him what he said to her earlier. She tells him that she doesn't want to lose him either.

Alexis tells Nikolas that it doesn't matter what she thinks. Of course, he knew that. She asks him what his motives are. Does he want to protect Elizabeth or break up her and AJ. Nikolas admits to both. She plays devil's advocate and asks him how he thinks Elizabeth will act. He doesn't know so she tells him he has two choices. Either Elizabeth will be grateful or she'll shoot the messenger.

Sonny takes over from Carly, and asks Franco if he's finished, and Franco retorts sadly yes. Sonny says the only thing between Franco and a bullet is Jason. "Cough it up!" Sam joins him, and demands to know if Jason is alive. Franco makes a speech about how loved Jason was. "Loved?" says Sam. Franco goes on to admit he used Jason to get their attention. "What the hell is wrong with you?" says Carly. "You evil son of a bitch" says Sam.

When Franco admits that he doesn't know anything more about Jason than they do. Sonny draws his gun, and says this it Franco says fine, he's made his peace. But Sam suddenly yells stop, and tells Sonny to give her the gun. "Let me do it!" Sonny shrugs and hands it over. Sam points the gun at Franco.

Dante and Lulu are basking in the afterglow of having "we're back together" sex.

Tracy has convinced Luke to stay at the hospital. He makes demands as she goes to find the doctor. He yells that he wants a private room.

Alexis and Nikolas end their conversation but Nikolas is none the wiser.

Sam has the final say about all the people Franco hurt. She's angry that Jason will never know the truth about being Danny's father. She says that everything inside of her wants to pull the trigger. Danny is the only thing that stops her. She tells him that he will never ever see Danny and to enjoy prison. She wishes a Carter of his own on him. Suddenly, she clocks him with gun, and he goes down. The look on Spinelli's face is priceless!

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