GH Update Wednesday 5/29/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/29/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

[The role of the artist known as Franco is now being played by Roger Howarth, formerly known as Todd Manning.]

Franco reveals himself at The Haunted Star. Franco's audience is completely stunned by his reappearance. Sam utters, "Oh my God! Franco?" Elizabeth moves closer to AJ and says "Franco!" AJ says, "Jason's twin!" Carly responds, "No, Jason killed you!" Franco tells them that Jason tried but apparently, he wasn't thorough enough. He reminds them of multiple shots to the chest and Jason burning down the warehouse to destroy evidence. Sonny pulls out his gun and yells "How about if I do it?" Franco turns to him and greets him sarcastically. Elizabeth suggests that they call the police. Carly doesn't agree. "No, we don't. Shoot him. End his miserable life." When no one else objects to Sonny killing Franco, Franco offers them a carrot. He says that if he cheated death, maybe Jason did, too.

Dante and Lulu return to the loft, where her memory is coming back. Dante is stunned to hear that Lulu married Stavros. Dante urges Lulu to tell him about marrying Stavros. Flashback Stavros is trying to get to Lulu's attention so that Helena, who's officiating, can finish the ceremony. Helena is frustrated with Lulu's lack of enthusiasm, and compares her to her vapid mother. Lulu snaps out of it, and shows Helena her Spencer side. Feeling much better, Helena continues on and marries Stavros and Lulu. Present day: Dante recalls how when they found Lulu, and when she came to, she asked for her husband. Dante thought she was confused, but Lulu tells him no, she married Stavros.

Luke collapses in the Quartermaine living room. Tracy yells for Monica, but of course, she isn't home. She fusses over Luke and calls 911, talking to him the whole time.

Ava tells Kiki/Lauren the truth about her father. Kiki/Lauren wonders if she's adopted, but her mother assures her that that's not the case. Kiki/Lauren is flabbergasted that Ava wants to talk about her father now. She has asked her, her whole life about him. All she ever got was his name was Robert, and he wasn't a good man. And that he died before she was born. Ava tells her that she lied. Kiki/Lauren rants at her about what. His name, his character or his death! She asks her if he's still alive.

Sam begs Sonny not to shoot him, because she has to know if Jason's alive. Sonny tells Franco he's got five minutes. Sam begs Franco to tell her about Jason, but Franco tells Sam it's not just about Jason, there's more. Sam begs Franco to tell her what he knows about Jason. Carly calls him a freak and he calls that hurtful. He turns to Elizabeth, and asks if that's how she sees him. "Guess you bring out the ugly in people." says Elizabeth. "Not you!" taunts Franco. "You're hot! Seriously, look at her, she's gorgeous!"

AJ jumps in to shut him up. Franco leaves the stage, and joins them on the floor. He begins his party games, and starts with Maxie. He brings up their one night stand, and taunts her about her looks. She tells him that she's pregnant not fat. He congratulates her and Spinelli, but Spinelli tells him that Maxie is a surrogate for Dante and Lulu. Franco says he will have to congratulate Lulu, if she ever comes back.

Lulu is at home, being reassured that she did the right thing because she was protecting her family. Flashback: Lulu is being held by a guard, while she battles with Helena. She breaks away, and faces off with Stavros. He tells her she can marry him of her own free will, but then threatens everyone including Maxie. Lulu wonders why, because she thought that Stavros loved Laura. He tells her that he loves her more." Present day: Dante again reassures Lulu, that she did what she had to do.

The paramedics have arrived at the Quartermaines, and are working on reviving Luke. One of them sees Luke's drink and says there's alcohol involved. As Luke slowly comes to, Tracy says that alcohol isn't the problem, he has a hollow leg. Tracy also mentions Luke clutching his side earlier. She tells them that he didn't complain of any pain to her. They decide to take Luke to the hospital.

Franco continues to play his games on The Haunted Star, where he goes on and on about getting Lulu a diaper genie, When he says he loves babies, Elizabeth jumps in saying he loves babies so much that he kidnapped hers, and gave him to his crazy mother. Franco takes offence at Elizabeth calling his mother crazy and calls her eccentric. He rambles on about making mistakes and that's why he's here to apologize to them all. He tells Elizabeth that he can sympathize with her, cause the same thing happened to him.

Kiki/Lauren is reeling about what Ava has told her about her father. Ava fumbles around for answers. She tells her that his death was just recent, and that they never found a body. She tells that he was unstable and dangerous. She was trying to protect her. Kiki/Lauren wonders what was so awful about him. She wonders if he even knew about her. Ava tells her yes, then tells that her father was a famous artist. His name was Franco.

Maxie is astounded that someone had a kid with him. AJ and Spinelli exchange knowing looks. Franco turns to Carly, and blames her for spilling the beans. She wonders if that's what this party is about, payback for her spilling the beans. He tells her how disappointed he is in her, for throwing in with his blockhead brother. AJ responds by saying "Hey, psycho, you mean nothing to me!" He leaves Elizabeth's side to face Franco. Franco facetiously gives him a DNA lesson. We are both Quartermaines, and so is my daughter.

Ava asks Kiki/Lauren if she has heard of Franco. Kiki/Lauren says she remembers hearing about a fire at the Los Angeles museum that got out of control. And that someone died. Ava tells her that a man jumped from the roof of MOCA. They thought it was murder, but it appears to have been a suicide. Ava tells her that Franco was like that. Puzzles, games, like a maze falling in on itself. Kiki/Lauren questions her mother about Ava's relationship with Franco. Ava tells her that he was charming, but troubled, and that he killed people. Ava goes on about how worried she was, that her daughter would think that she was like him. She wants to know why she wants to tell her now. She tells that she and Robert are both related to a family here in Port Charles. They're called The Quartermaines.

AT GH, Luke wakes up looking for Tracy. She tells him that she's here. Luke's handsome attending is Dr. Rashi, and he asks for Luke's medical history. Tracy tells him the complete history, so Dr. Rashi asks her if she's his wife. She tells him ex-wife, then Luke groans. Dr. Rashi tells him where he is, and introduces himself. Luke wants to know what happened. Tracy isn't sure, but if he scares her like this again, she'll kill him herself.

Dante tells Lulu that she did the right thing. He calls her a hero but Lulu still doesn't trust him. Dane tells her that he understands that she was blackmailed. He pleads with her to move on, but Lulu tells him that there's more.

Franco asks AJ, if he or Tracy have made any progress finding his daughter. Sam has had enough, and doesn't want to hear about Franco's daughter. Sonny tells him "Clock's ticking!" He tells Sam that she's waited this long. Sam is at the breaking point, and doesn't want to hear about anything other than news about Jason. Franco says that he hurt a lot people but none more than Sam. Spinelli gets upset, and goes to protect his partner. AJ and Michael stop him. He talks about Jason and Sam's honeymoon where things got a little out of hand. "You mean you raped me?" she says. "Is that what I did? he answers. This time its Carly that jumps to Sam's defense. Sam is at her wit's end, as Franco continues his mind games. He tells her that she was drugged so how would know if he raped her?

Kiki/Lauren asks her mother how found out about the Quartermaines. Ava tells her about Luke's visit and that he told her who Franco really was, and that Edward Quartermaine left him shares of his company ELQ. She goes on to tell her that the Quartermaines recently discovered that Franco had a daughter. His shares reverted to her and all she has to do is sign the proxy. Kiki/Lauren asks her mother how rich they are. "Stinking rich!" says Carly, oops Ava.

Dr Rashi is questioning the now conscious Luke. He asks him what he was doing when he collapsed. Luke tells him that he was listening to Tracy yammering and just needed to rest his ears. He tries to leave but Dr. Rashi says "No labs, no release." and goes to set them up. Tracy goes to use her phone, but when Luke finds out that she's calling Lulu. he orders her not to.

Lulu is recalling the nightmare of her wedding to Stavros. He gets angry when she doesn't return his kiss, and orders Helena to take care of Lulu's family. A frightened Lulu concedes so Stavros pulls her into a violent kiss. Dante is clearly upset but tries admirably to contain himself for Lulu. Lulu tells him there's more to it.

Sonny tells Franco that he's had enough of his games. He tells Sonny that he enjoys games and is good at it. His favorite person to play games with ,was his brother. He turns to AJ, and says not you, the golden child, Jason. "So many people in this world wanted your love, and only a precious few ever received it. Sadly, I was never one of them." Carly goes after him, and says that if that's he wanted was Jason's attention, well then, congratulations, you raped his wife. I think he noticed!"

Again he teases Sam about what did or didn't happen. She recalls how conflicted she was especially when she became pregnant. It wasn't until someone told her that what's he did. He then talks about Heather Webber switching the DNA results.

When he asks about Danny, it's Michael who gets upset, and tries to go after him. AJ and Spinelli stop him, but Carly tells Franco that Danny is Jason's not his. "I guess there is a God!" she says. Franco rambles until a desperate Sam begs him to tell her what happened in Hawaii. All are shocked. "You made a rape tape? What's wrong with you?" asks Maxie. Sam tells the group that they're room was bugged and that Franco made Jason watch. Franco claims that Jason only saw, what he wanted him to see. He says there's another tape, and when he goes to turn it on, Sonny tries to stop him by manhandling him. "You think you felt pain in that gonna hurt now. " Sonny wants Franco to destroy the tape. Sam begs Sonny not too, she needs to see the tape. He turns it on, and all are horrified. Carly is there to comfort Sam, as she breaks down in tears.

Sam is not the only one reliving a nightmare. So is Lulu as she recalls marrying Stavros, and Helena welcoming her to the family. Helena warns her to be a better wife than her ungrateful mother was. She reluctantly hugs Helena, who tells Stavros that their stateroom is ready. Helena leaves with her goon. Back to present, Lulu tells Dante that she couldn't believe it actually happened. She reluctantly tells Dante that Stavros wanted to consummate the marriage.

Luke implores Tracy not to call Lulu. He's adamant cause for one thing, she doesn't remember him. Besides, he has all the family he needs with her. Luke is in denial about his health and doesn't want to talk about it. He asks her instead about Ava's progress. Tracy reminds him that's what she was yammering about when he passed out. He's positive that Tracy will turn out to be victorious. But little does he know....

Ava is having a hell of a time trying to get Kiki/Lauren to sign on the dotted line. She knows her mother is up to something because Ava keeps pushing her. She wants to look things over first but the more she stalls, the more anxious her mother becomes. Kiki/Lauren finally gets upset, and wants to know what's going on. Ava finally blurts out that if she doesn't sign right now, she won't get any money.

Sam is distraught and unsatisfied. Franco assures her that there is the answer on the second tape. We see Franco's confession that there was no rape. He just wanted to torture Jason for rejecting him He apologizes to Sam for everything he put her through. Sonny questions his honesty, and the tapes validity, and Spinelli wants to check out the tapes. Franco freely offer them because he wants to make amends to Sam. Carly speaks up, and says maybe he's telling the truth, but it doesn't make up for what he did to Michael.

Kiki/Lauren blows up at her mother, when she learns of the deal Ava made with Tracy. She doesn't want to be Ava's ATM machine. She questions how long Ava has known about all this. She guesses long enough and the two have a heated argument. When Ava says that everyone wins, Kiki/Lauren tells her, not her cause "You've lost me!" She throws the papers back at Ava, and storms off!

Luke is wondering why Tracy isn't zip-a-dee-doo-dahing all over the place. Tracy denies it and he tries to tease her, and has a new nickname for her "Brer Rabbitt". He's convinced that Ava is getting her daughter to sign on the dotted line. Fortunately, Dr. Rashi returns,, and Luke looks hopefully at him for his release. Tracy, however, asks the doctor what the results were.

Lulu continues to tell Dante about Stavros's threats, and tells him that she had to go through with the wedding. She was trying to protect him.

AJ wants to know what Franco did to his son, but they are all afraid to tell him. He knows that Michael went to prison, but that's all. He looks around, then goes to Carly, and demands answers.

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