GH Update Tuesday 5/28/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/28/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

It is a dark and stormy night.....and the man, who looks like Todd Manning, arrives at the Quartermaine mausoleum. "There's a storm brewing." says he. "Perfect!" He passes by all the familiar nameplates, and stops at Jason's.

Michael is checking his phone, waiting on the pier for AJ. He is trying to figure out who sent him the invitation with Jason's picture. Carly turns up surprised to find him there. He tells her that he knows that he's supposed to be watching Morgan and Kiki, but he had something important came up.

Morgan and Kiki are taking full advantage of it, by having sex on Michael's couch. He wants to go again, but there's a knock on the door. Morgan goes to have a shower, while Kiki answers the door, wearing only a bed sheet! Surprise! It's her mother, Ava Jerome.

At the same time, Tracy is at home, on the phone to Ned, updating him on the aforementioned Ava. She hangs up when Luke shows up unannounced.

Dante is at his loft, staring wistfully at his and Lulu's, wedding photo. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door, and he answers it with a hopeful look on his face. Unfortunately, it's only Sonny, who can see Dante's disappointment.

Lulu is on The Haunted Star putting on the finishing touches of the mystery man's party. She stops short, when she looks at one of tabletop flowers She has another memory flash of the mysterious wedding, but it's interrupted once again. This time it's Maxie who's arrived for the party. Maxie notices that Lulu is distracted but Lulu brushes her off. Maxie thinks that must have her memory back, and shows her the invitation. Lulu knows nothing about it.

Back on the pier, Carly and Michael compare notes about the invitation. Carly is surprised when she learns, that AJ has received one too. Michael tells her that AJ tried to talk him out of coming. Carly tries the same thing, but to no avail. Michael wonders who else received an invite. Michael is worried because AJ is late so he calls him. AJ is at the Quartermaine mausoleum, where he tells Michael he had to do something first. Inside, the man who looks like Todd Manning, hears him and has to hide.

While waiting for Morgan and Kiki to get dressed, Ava looks over the proxy for Kiki's ELQ shares. She quickly hides it when Kiki comes back, and asks Ava why she's there. Ava tells her its business, but Kiki wonders what kind, since she nerve heard of Port Charles before she met Morgan. Ava tells her that her business concerns Kiki.

Which brings us directly back to Tracy and Luke in the Quartermaine living room. Tracy wants to know how Luke got pass Alice, since she gave her explicit instructions not too. Luke tells her that Alice made it hard for him, and her intentions were good. Tracy isn't fooled and wants to know why he's there. He says to apologize, much to her amazement!

Back on the pier, Carly and Michael are still trying to figure out the mystery. Carly tells Michael that Sonny will be there too, and he would want him to leave, too. Michael suggests that she call Sonny to let him know they already had that conversation.

Carly talks about the people that were invited were close to Jason but AJ wasn't. Just then, Elizabeth turns up surprised to hear that AJ was also invited.

Back at the loft, Sonny assumes that Lulu is back home. Dante tells him that she's agreed to see Kevin Collins. Sonny tells Dante that he told Milo that Lulu can't stay with him anymore. Dante thanks him, and when Sonny wonders where she is, Dante tells him that she's on The Haunted Star. He shows him the invite on his phone. Dante, worried about Lulu, immediately grabs his gun, and they head out.

On The Haunted Star, Maxie is also questioning who sent the invite, if not Lulu. Lulu doesn't remember anything about Jason, so Maxie tells her. She agrees with Carly that the whole thing is creepy. She too wonders "Who sent it?" As does Sam, who arrives with Spinelli, just then.

AJ is still at the mausoleum, where he talks to Jason, unaware there is someone listening. He tells him that he regrets what happened between them, and wishes it could be different. He doesn't think that Jason is alive or would pull a stunt like this. He wishes that Carly and Michael mixed up in it. Monica turns up scaring the crap out of AJ. She says that the gardener reported there was someone lurking out here. She assumes it was AJ.

Sam starts questioning the beleaguered Lulu, and tells her that Jason was her husband. Sam apologizes for her jumping on Lulu. Maxie has told her about Jason and Sam, so Maxie steps up to introduce them. Lulu offers Sam her condolences. Sam tries to treads more carefully, but suddenly Michael, Carly and Elizabeth show up. Carly is in no mood to treat Lulu kindly, and starts to interrogate her. Sam and Spinelli try to tell her to go easy, but Carly's on a tear.

Monica wonders why AJ is at the mausoleum, and AJ tells her that he's been thinking about Jason a lot lately. They talk about Jason and how AJ wishes they would've had another chance. He recalls the memorial service that Sam and Monica had, and how moving it was, when they revealed his nameplate. AJ looks at the nameplate that says "Jason Morgan". He says "that my brother's name will always be Jason Quartermaine!"

That brings us back to Tracy and Luke at the Quartermaine mansion. He sets up the chairs so they can sit face to face. Tracy tells him that he doesn't know what the word apology means. He takes out a piece of paper and reads the dictionary version of apology. She still doubts him, and he tries to be witty. He suddenly has a look of pain, and Tracy asks him what's wrong. He brushes her off saying he slept funny. On the serious side, he tells her that she's the last person he would ever ever hurt.

Kiki and her mom are having a reunion, when a half-naked Morgan joins them. He's surprised to see Ava and Kiki tells him that she's here because of her.

Tracy makes apologizing hard on Luke, but he goes ahead. He tells her that he let Baldwin in his head when he said that Luke would end up bald and alone. He then makes a heartfelt speech how he's his best friend, partner-in-crime, etc. He gets emotional and tells her that he has a very short list of people he cares about. She's on the top of that list. He wants her forgiveness.

Ava lies to the kids and tells them that she's in town to check up on Kiki. Morgan welcomes her while Kiki tells him to get dressed. He continues to suck to her by inviting her to stay. Fortunately, Kiki reminds him that Michael already hates her, and pushes him into the bedroom. As he's being pushed, he says that Ava is infinitely intrusive than his parents.

And Carly is displaying that behavior with Lulu. In her usual Carly way, she introduces herself to Lulu as her cousin. She also introduces Michael and Elizabeth. Lulu asks her to slow it down, and Sam tries to help, but Carly isn't listening. She continues to badger Lulu about their mysterious host.

Monica and AJ are talking about the accident that cause Jason Quartermaine to become Jason Morgan. It's clear that AJ has a lot of regrets, but Monica say they will never forget Jason. She's forgiven AJ a long time ago, but wonders what bought this all on. AJ tells her someone is trying too. He shows her the invite.

Carly should've been a prosecutor the way she's going after poor Lulu. Lulu is being bombarded with questions by Carly, but doesn't have much information. Carly shows her a picture of Jason, but Lulu tells her that's not who rented the boat. Lulu has sketchy information and tells Carly that at least he didn't pressure like they are. Several people try to intervene, but Carly is like a dog with a bone. Just as Lulu is about to break, Dante and Sonny show up and Dante stops the questioning.

Monica is just as surprised as the rest of them, when AJ shows her the invite. AJ tells her what he knows, and tells her that mystery man doesn't to involve Jason's Mother. Monica, however, has other ideas, and insists on going.

Dante takes Lulu out of the line of Carly's fire. Sonny tells Carly that he knows that she's scared, but she has to back off Lulu. Carly tells him the reason she's so freaked out is that someone made Sam think Jason was alive. Sonny looks over at sympathetically, who has a sad look on her face. Date has taken Lulu to another part of the ship. He tells her that he's there to help with this Jason thing. As he's talking, the flower arrangement triggers another memory flash. Dante notices and starts pushing here again.

Morgan apologizes again to Ava about what happened in New York. Ava is cool with it, because she's more concerned about Kiki/Lauren's shares. She talks about how Sonny paid his debt, and one day Morgan can pay him back. Morgan mentions that he's broke,, and then Kiki/Lauren suggests that Ava take them out for dinner. Ava says no too quickly then tells the kids that's it's just because she's tired. She ask Kiki/Lauren to walk her to her car. Morgan teases them that they're going to talk about him, and Kiki/Lauren says yes, as they leave.

Tracy has been listening patiently for Luke's actual apology. He's had a laundry list of reasons for their friendship. Tracy wants the real thing so Luke finally offers her a heartfelt apology, and tells her that he's sorry for hurting her. She forgives him but there are conditions, of course. Luke, unrepentant, goes to pour a drink to make a toast. Tracy tells him that she doesn't like his drinking, and even after she mentions Jake, he has a drink. She believes he's in denial. Tracy decides to leave well enough alone, and forgives him. The storm is getting worse so Tracy closes the balcony doors. She starts to tell Luke about Ava Jerome, but when she turns around, he's collapsed on the floor.

Morgan doesn't know what to do with himself, after Ava and Kiki/Lauren leave. He receives a text message from Travis, who's found a new poker site, that he thinks is legit. Morgan does his level best to avoid giving to look at it, but the temptation is too great. He wants to pay back Sonny.

Monica is still insisting on going with AJ to The Haunted Star. It takes some convincing but AJ finally talks her out of it. They leave the mausoleum so the man, who looks like Todd Manning, crawls out of the coffin he was hiding in. "No wonder you didn't talk much. Your family talks too much," He checks his watch and says "15 minutes to showtime!" and hurries to his party. He leaves the coffin open.

Dante continues to ask Lulu if she's remembered something. Maxie has tried to follow them but is stopped by Spinelli. He asks her about the baby, and she tells him it's fine. She tries to get her to leave, but she tells him that Jason meant a lot to him, and she's going to stay.

Sonny asks Sam how she is and she's obviously upset. Sonny and Carly still can't figure why AJ received an invitation. Carly continues on her rant when, Michael hears someone coming, but it's only AJ. Carly still doesn't understand why AJ is involved. Sam checks the time and says it's 8 o'clock. The lights go out and Sonny says "Here we go!"

Ava has led Kiki/Lauren to the pier. Her daughter has had enough, and wants to know what's up. "It's about who you really are!" she tells her.

Lulu has made it all the way to the pier. She doesn't want to go back to the boat. Dante offers to take her home, and she agrees, thinking he means Milo's. He wants her to go back to the loft , and she nervously agrees. She enters slowly and focuses on the wedding photo that Dante was looking at earlier. Suddenly, we see more images of her wedding to Stavros, including smiling face.

Michael and Spinelli check on Carly and Maxie, who say they are okay. Sam reaches for Sonny, when the monitors back on. They see a slideshow of pictures of Jason. When the lights come back on, they all turn around and say "You!" It's the man who looks like Todd Manning!

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