GH Update Friday 5/24/13

General Hospital Update Friday 5/24/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Dante brings Lulu to GH to see Dr. Kevin Collins on a professional basis, so she can discover what's stopping her from remembering her life.

At the Quartermaine house, Tracy and AJ discuss whether or not Tracy should tell Elizabeth about AJ sleeping with Carly. AJ tells Tracy that she has no reason to tell Elizabeth, but Tracy says maybe someone else has a reason to tell her.

Nikolas finds Elizabeth outside of Kelly's. He says that Audrey told him that she was there. He has something to tell Elizabeth. Elizabeth figures it's important if he tracked her down at Kelly's. She asks him what it's about. Nikolas tells her it's about AJ.

At the gym, Sonny and Shawn spar in the boxing ring, with Shawn coaching Sonny. They are interrupted by Carly. Sonny accuses her of trying to distract him. Carly says they need to have a talk about their son.

At his apartment, Michael starts to go through Kiki's purse. Kiki walks out and catches him in her purse. She asks what he is doing.

Sam arrives at her apartment. As she and Daniel start to enter the apartment, the stranger hides before she can see him.

At the hospital, Kevin meets with Dante and Lulu. Lulu heads of with Kevin after Dante wishes her luck. He tells her no pressure. Lulu heads to Kevin's office with her. He tells her how he normally runs his sessions. Kevin says that Dante tells him that Lulu is starting to have some memory flashes. He assures her that she is in a safe place to talk about her memories of what happened. She promises to try.

Elizabeth warns Nikolas that he needs to stop trying to interfere with her relationship with AJ, and that she doesn't want to hear what he has to say. Nikolas flashes back to Tracy telling him how AJ slept with Carly. In present time, Nikolas assures Elizabeth that she will want to hear it.

AJ asks Tracy what she means by someone else may want to tell Elizabeth about him and Carly. He insists that no ne else knows about it, unless Tracy told someone. Tracy says that she didn't say anything to anyone, but maybe Carly would want to tell Elizabeth. AJ says that Carly doesn't want anyone to know either, least of all Elizabeth. AJ says that now that it's official that the relish was tampered with, there's no need for him to step up and take the blame for what happened on The Chew. He asks if she'll keep quiet. Tracy says she's got bigger fish to fry, namely getting AJ out of ELQ. AJ asks how she intends to do that. Ava walks in, asking if she's interrupting something.

Sonny asks Carly if she means they need to talk about Michael. Carly tells him that they need to talk about Morgan. Sonny tells Carly that he's got Shawn on Morgan. Carly tells Shawn that his guys aren't doing a great job. Sonny asks if someone got to Morgan. Carly tells her that the girl from New York, Kiki Jerome, is staying with Michael and Morgan.

Michael tells Kiki that he was looking for a pen. She points out a pen on a nearby table, then calls for Morgan. Morgan joins them, wearing a towel. Kiki tells Morgan that Michael was going through her things. Michael asks if that's true, and Michael confesses that it is true.

Sam read a book about Africa to Daniel. She then decides it's time for Daniel to have a nap. As she carries him upstairs, the stranger steps out in the open and opens the DVD player to retrieve the DVD. He stops as he hears a knock at the door. He hears Sam call out that she will be right there, then goes to hide in the closet. She answers the door to find Spinelli there. He says he is there to tell her how he's frustrated by his failure to find the Quartermaine heir. He says that AJ hired him to find Franco's daughter, so that's what they are going to do.

AJ asks how Ava got in. Ava tells him that Alice let her in. AJ asks what her name is, and before she can answer, Tracy tells him that Ava is a business associate of hers, and it's none of her business. Ava comments on him being "the famous AJ Quartermaine".

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she is very aware of his feelings about AJ. Nikolas says he's not making things up because he is jealous or wants her back. He confesses to her that he's in love with her, and wants another chance. He says that he has kept his word that he hasn't tried to undermine or hurt AJ in any way. He tells her that what he has to say is a fact if she'll just hear him out. She agrees to listen to him.

Ava says she feels like she knows AJ already from what she's seen in the news, and she tells him that he is much more handsome in person. AJ thanks her and asks her name, when Tracy interrupts, saying that she and Ava have business. Tracy tries to dismiss AJ, when Ava says they do have a meeting, and comments that Tracy his having trouble coming up for the money for their business venture. Ava says that maybe AJ would like to hear what she is offering instead. AJ says it depends on what the project is.

Morgan says that Kiki is in his apartment and her purse is open in his living room. Morgan reminds him that he's not a cop or an attorney. Michael says he's Morgan's brother, and he's trying to watch Morgan's back. Morgan asks if he's doing it by invading Kiki's privacy. Michael says that he promised Carly he'd keep an eye on Kiki. Kiki taunts him about "mommy" telling him to spy on her.

Shawn apologizes to Sonny, but Sonny says he has nothing to apologize for. He says that Shawn's guys are looking for a threat, not a kid. Carly says not to write her off yet, because she's related to the Jerome family. Sonny said he didn't think it would matter, because he didn't think she would show up. Carly says that Kiki is chasing him, and she pressured Morgan to bet. Sonny says that Morgan got into trouble by himself, and that Kiki didn't bet for him, but Carly says she may as well have. She tells him that when Michael started losing, Kiki encouraged him to keep betting, and she blames Kiki for Morgan getting beaten up. Sonny says Morgan will be more careful next time. Carly reminds Sonny about the second fight Morgan got into, the one where Michael got involved. She says that if a neighbor called he cops, Michael could have gotten arrested. Sonny tells Carly that he got there in time, and Morgan got the message. Carly disagrees, and says that Morgan badgered Michael into letting Kiki stay in his apartment with them. Sonny says there is no law that says Morgan can't have a girlfriend. Carly doesn't think he should have this girlfriend. She's concerned that Kiki was the bait who got Morgan gambling, and maybe even called the thugs on Morgan. Sonny tells her that she doesn't know any of that for sure. Carly says that for all they know, Kiki could be connected to a rival crime family. Sonny tells Carly that no one has heard from the Jeromes since the 80s, and that for all they know, all the Jeromes are dead. Carly doesn't care. Sonny says Kiki may not be related to them at all. Carly doesn't like her or trust her. She says this is why she has Michael watching her.

Kiki continues to taunt Michael about watching her for Carly. Michael tells her that she's acting defensive, and guesses that she has something to hide. Morgan reminds Michael that he is his brother, not his bodyguard. Morgan apologizes for Michael to Kiki, saying that Michael does whatever Carly wants whether it's right or wrong. Michael says he doesn't trust Kiki. He says that Morgan doesn't see it, but Michael thinks she's working Morgan. Kiki tells Michael to go ahead and look through her purse, because she has nothing to hide.

Olivia joins Dante at the hospital as he waits for Lulu. She asks if Lulu remembers anything. Dante says with any luck, that's what's happening right now.

Kevin says that her family found her on Cassadine Island. He asks if that's where her memories take place. She says that they don't, and he says that she is in charge. He asks her to share what she remembers. She says she thinks that her memories were on a boat. She thinks it was the Haunted Star. Kevin asks Lulu what the first thing she remembers about the Haunted Star is. She said a man carried her onto the boat. Kevin encourages her to tell him what happened next.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he doesn't get into other peoples' business, but he cares about her. He tells her how she tends to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, no matter how bad they may be. Elizabeth asks he hears how judgmental he sounds. He says he's telling her the truth. Elizabeth tells Nikolas the many positive attributes he has, but he has made mistakes, then she tells him that no everyone is as resilient as he is. Nikolas asks if she is interested in AJ or feels sorry for him. She tells Nikolas how she admires him for trying to make a new start. Nikolas says that she doesn't have all of the facts, and that she deserves to know what AJ is really like.

Tracy tells Ava that there's no need to involve AJ in their business, and that she has Ava's money. AJ tells Ava that her business venture sounds fascinating, and that he'd like to hear more about it. Tracy threatens to tell Elizabeth about AJ and Carly. AJ says that it won't be necessary, then tells "Ashley" to finish her meeting with Tracy as he leaves them. Tracy closes the door to give her and Ava privacy. Ava says that if Tracy has her money, she will take it now. Tracy refuses until Ava produces her daughter.

Kiki taunts Michael for wanting to look through her purse. Michael asks Kiki if she has any brothers or sisters she worries about, and wonders how she would feel about a sibling being scammed. Morgan steps in and tells Michael to back off. Michael reminds Morgan that he only knows what Kiki wants him to know about her. He says that Morgan may know all lies about her. Morgan accuses Michael of being jealous that he has something good in his life, but Michael doesn't. Michael leaves them as Morgan tells him not to forget to file his report with Carly. He says there's nothing to find about Kiki. Michael says he's going for a walk and that Kiki is Morgan's problem, then leaves.

Shawn helps Sonny out of his boxing gloves as Sonny agrees with Carly that they need to keep an eye on Kiki. Sonny worries that Michael may not be ok with spying on Kiki, but Carly says Michael doesn't trust her either. She says that Morgan has been running wild for too long and has been making stupid choices. When Sonny asks what Carly is going to do, she says that she's going to call Michael and ask if he's found out anything about Kiki yet.

Sam tells Spinelli that she has no interest in trying to locate Franco's daughter. She doesn't blame Franco's daughter, but Sam wants to keep her at a distance. She tells Spinelli she has her own problems, then tells him about Silas wanting custody of Rafe. Spinelli wonders how Rafe feels about it, and Sam says he's not happy about it. She notices the DVD player is open and the DVD in it. From the closet, the stranger hits a few buttons. Spinelli's and Sam's phones ring, signaling a message. Sam looks at her phone, then looks at Spinelli.

Outside of his apartment, Michael's phone rings, signaling a message for him.

As AJ is on the way out of his house, his phone rings, signaling a message for him.

Elizabeth's phone signals a message for her.

Carly's phone signals a message for her.

Sam shows her phone to Spinelli. Her text message is a photo of Jason. Spinelli shows Sam that he received the same photo. They both realize it's an invitation to the Haunted Star at eight that evening. Sam wants to know who sent it.

Elizabeth is confused by the texted photo of Jason. She asks Nikolas why someone would send it to her.

Sonny notices Carly's reaction to the text and asks if she's ok. She tells Sonny that she received a photo of Jason and the invitation to the Haunted Star. Sonny asks who sent it to her. Carly has no idea. Sonny says that someone is messing with her. Carly says that she thinks it's sick. Sonny's phone rings, signaling a message. Shawn picks up Sonny's phone and tells Sonny that someone is messing with him, too. He shows Sonny the photo and invitation.

Michael arrives at the Quartermaine mansion. AJ shows Michael the text of Jason's photo and the invitation, asking who would send it. Michael says he doesn't know, but he received the same thing.

Tracy tells Ava that she doesn't have to meet her daughter, but she wants her signature on the document promising to vote with Tracy to oust AJ as CEO of ELQ, then she will give Ava her money.

Morgan tells Kiki not to worry about Michael. He promises to talk to Michael and Carly. Kiki wonders if that will work, and Morgan thinks it will. Morgan tells her that Carly has trust issues when it comes to new people, and that she will get over it when she figures things out. Kiki wonders if Michael and Carly hate him. She thinks they blame her for encouraging him to keep gambling. She says Michael may be right. Morgan explains to her how Michael is just overprotective and overcompensates by taking care of Morgan. Morgan tells her that Michael and the rest of his family will like her when they get to know her. Kiki says she doesn't think they will give her a chance. She wonders if it would be better for her to leave.

Dante tells Olivia that whatever Lulu remembers, she isn't ready to tell him yet. He worries that he is pressuring her, and he's afraid of pushing Lulu away. He thinks that Kevin could help. Dante and Olivia agree that Kevin helping may be a good idea since he's a neutral third party. Olivia assures Dante that he's doing the right thing by Lulu. Dante tells Olivia how Kevin believes that Lulu is trying to block something that she wants to forget.

Kevin tells Lulu not to force the memories, just let them come. He suggests that she think about what prompted the memories and where she was. She tells him that she was at Laura's wedding at Wyndemere. She tells Kevin that when her grandmother pronounced Scott and Laura husband and wife, she heard the same thing. She could see a bouquet in her own hands. She says she was on the Haunted Star. Kevin tells her that Dante told him that she and Dante were married in New York. She says that she wasn't marrying Dante. She thinks she was marrying Stavros.

Olivia tells Dante that she has to go for an appointment. Dante tells her to go, and that he will be ok. He tells Olivia about what happened when he brought Lulu to the Haunted Star. He says he'd give anything to see her smile again. Olivia assures Dante that everything will be ok, then leaves.

Lulu becomes upset at the thought of marrying Stavros. Kevin tells her that she did nothing wrong and has nothing to be ashamed of. He tells her that she was forced into it, and that the marriage isn't legal. He then asks Lulu if something else happened. Lulu says she doesn't remember. Kevin wonders if she can't or won't remember.

Tracy hands Ava the document and dismisses her. Tracy asks if getting the signature will be a problem. Ava says that she knows her daughter, and her daughter will be happy to help. Ava notices how badly Tracy wants to take over ELQ considering what she's willing to pay for it. Tracy says she will do anything to reclaim what is hers.

AJ asks Michael who would send him a picture of Jason. Michael says that he thinks someone is trying to get a reaction out of them. AJ says it is working. Ava passes through, saying goodbye to AJ and Michael. Michael asks who Ava is. AJ tells him that she's a business associate of Tracy's. Michael wonders what kind of business. AJ says he wonders what kind of business, too.

Morgan tells Kiki that she isn't leaving. Kiki says she needs to do what is best. Morgan tells her that leaving isn't what is best for him. Kiki reminds him that Sonny thinks that she's a mobster, and both Carly and Michael hate her. Morgan explains why Michael reacts the way he does, telling her that Michael is getting over a bad break up and he shouldn't have made the comment that he did about Michael being jealous. Morgan says that he does have something good. Kiki asks if he's happy. Morgan says that he is very happy, and that he's crazy about her. Kiki says she's crazy about Morgan, too. She removes his towel, and he kisses her.

Shawn gives Sonny's phone to him as Sonny wonders if the invitation is some psycho's idea of a joke. Carly tells Sonny how much she thinks about Jason. She tells him she knows that Jason is gone, and not coming back. She tells him how much she misses Jason. Sonny tells her that whomever sent the invitation knows that.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that it is a shock to see Jason's face on her phone. She wants to know who wants her at the Haunted Star. Nikolas says he doesn't know, and says that all he knows about Jason's death is that he was shot on the docks. Elizabeth explains about Faison masquerading as Duke when he shot Jason and dumped him into the harbor. Nikolas asks if Jason's body was ever found.

Sam asks Spinelli if he can trace the text to find out who sent it. Spinelli says not without more specific equipment. Sam points out the number on the text, but Spinelli says that it's an apparent dummy number created for sending the messages to prevent tracing. Spinelli wonders who would want to see both him and Sam at the Haunted Star. Sam reads the message that says "I'll be there", then asks Spinelli if he thinks it could be from Jason.

Tracy calls Ned, and shares with him that she's about to get Franco's daughter's signature on the document. She tells him that Franco's daughter's mother is going to see to it.

Kiki and Morgan kiss after apparently making love. Morgan asks if she is leaving him. She says not after that. He asks if it is worth putting up with his family. Kiki says it's worth everything. Morgan wants to take a shower, but Kiki asks for a rain check. He goes off to take his shower as there is a knock at the door. Kiki answers the door, surprised to find her mother there. She asks what she is doing there.

Lulu returns to Dante. Dante asks how it went. Lulu tells him that it went. She says that Kevin is a nice guy, but if Dante was hoping for a big breakthrough, it didn't happen, then apologizes. Dante says it's ok, and that they will take as long as they need to. He then asks if she is free for a tour of Port Charles tomorrow, with him. Lulu says maybe. She rushes off, saying she has to get to the Haunted Star to host a party as she gets on an elevator and leaves.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that whatever he has to tell her about AJ will have to wait. She says she has to go. Nikolas says it's ok and asks if she is alright. She says she feels like she just saw a ghost.

AJ tells Michael that he feels like he's just received a message from the grave. Michael asks what they are going to do about it.

Sonny says that he doesn't like someone using Jason's picture. He says it means something. Shawn asks what they're going to do. Carly asks what choice they have.

AJ tells Michael they don't have a choice, not if they want to know what the invitation is about.

Elizabeth doesn't understand the invitation. She says that she needs to be at the Haunted Star tonight.

Carly tells Sonny that they have to go. Sonny wonders if they could be walking into a trap. Carly insists that she needs to know who sent that. She says that Jason would never send that message. Sonny agrees. He says that they will be there.

Spinelli reminds Sam that Jason's dead. She tells him that she knows it. She says that she will be on the Haunted Star. Spinelli says that he will be there, too. They are interrupted by Daniel crying. Spinelli promises to get to work on who sent the text, and promises to see her later as he leaves. Sam runs upstairs to tend to Daniel. The stranger comes out of Sam's closet. He grabs his DVD, then leaves just as Sam comes down the stairs. She senses that someone was there. She looks at a her photos, notices the photo of her and Jason is out of place, then looks around the apartment.

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