GH Update Thursday 5/23/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/23/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

AT GH, Spinelli has shown up at Ellie's lab with a bouquet of balloons. Ellie's waiting for news of her promotion to lab manager. Unfortunately, Brad comes in saying he's the new lab manager.

Maxie is also at the hospital, where she meets Dr. Westbourne in an exam room. She's surprised to find her in a wheelchair. She asks if Dr. Westbourne has broken her other leg, but Dr. Westbourne tells her that she's been ordered on bed rest. Dr. Westbourne also tells her that she's moving in with Patrick. Maxie looks at her in amazement.

Patrick enters the locker room, where Sabrina is getting dressed. As he approaches her, he's grinning from ear to ear.

Nikolas has been summoned to the Quartermaine mansion by Tracy. He admits he almost didn't come, because he was afraid she might retaliate for trying to keep her from going to "The Chew" . Nikolas tells her that he's wearing protection this time. Tracy tells him that she made it anyway, so she's not mad at him anymore. Besides, she doesn't want to hurt Nikolas, she wants to hurt AJ.

Over at Kelly's, Elizabeth still wants to know what AJ was going to tell her before. AJ tries to avoid the question.

Rafe and Alexis talk about his options regarding Dr. Silas Clay. Alexis is cautious but Rafe quickly realizes that Silas could take him away from Sam and Danny. At the same time, Sam is still at Kelly's, where Clay has handed her a copy of the legal document he filed. He dies want to claim Rafe, after all.

The man, who looks like Todd Manning, has arrived at Sam's penthouse.

Sabrina has finished dressing, shares a kiss with Patrick. While he takes a shower, he talks about Britt and how she definitely can't move in with him. He can't let her be around Emma, who hates her.

Ellie is shocked by the annoying Brad's announcement. She just can't believe that someone as incompetent as Brad got promoted over her. Brad is too busy being smug and tells her to take it up with Dr. Westbourne. He then tells that she can't fraternize with Spinelli on work time. "I'm on a break!" she snaps then leaves. Brad says that now he can enjoy the balloons, but Spinelli bursts each one of them and says "I think not!" He then goes after Ellie.

Elizabeth and AJ's conversation is interrupted, once again, this time by Duke Lavery. When Lavery sees Silas Clay, he wonders if it's his brother come back to life. Elizabeth informs him that it's Dr. Silas Clay, Stephen's brother. Elizabeth makes a crack about Lucy wanting to stake him, like she did his brother. He asks Elizabeth how she's feeling, and she says better. She just wishes that AJ would stop apologizing, since she believes it wasn't his fault. That's when Duke says that he has news on the relish front.

Nikolas is still curious, as to how Tracy escaped his guards. When Tracy tells him that she prayed, and Edward helped her, Nikolas scoffs at her. Tracy truly believes it was Edward helping her. "Who else could it have been?" she asks.

The man who looks like Todd Manning lurks outside of Sam's penthouse. Sam is still at Kelly's, where she is stunned by Dr. Silas Clay's announcement.

Alexis and Rafe haven't left Sam's yet. Alexis has to admit that Silas does have the right to claim Rafe. Rafe tells Alexis that he barely knows him. When he looks at Dr. clay, all he sees is the man who murdered his mother. Alexis tries to calm him down, and says that she doesn't think that Dr. Clay would try anything. She tells him that Sam told her that Dr. Clay was far removed from his brother. She offers to take him to breakfast before his counseling sessions. She wants to cheer him up. As she opens the door, the mystery is lurking in the hallway.

Back at GH, Ellie is upset over losing her promotion. She tells a surprised Spinelli that she thinks it was Karma for lying about Maxie's baby. Maxie has her own problems dealing with Dr. Westbourne. She has to tell Britt how Ellie found to about the baby.

Patrick is having a shower, while talking to Sabrina about what do about Britt. He has serious regrets about the offer her made. He compares Britt to Fantine (Les Miserables) ,when Sabrina quips "Did she sing "I Dreamed A Dream"?" Patrick replies. "Almost." Sabrina says they have come up with a plan, so Britt won't be terrorizing Emma.

At the Quartermaines, Nikolas has a hard time believing Tracy about Edward. He questions where she learned her moves, and she admits that Alice taught her a few tricks. Tracy apologizes to Nikolas half-heartedly then offers him a chance of a lifetime.

In the meantime, Duke informs AJ and Elizabeth that "The Chew" sent both relishes to a lab to be tested. It seems that someone has tampered with both relishes. Elizabeth is horrified, and AJ wonders, "Who would do that?"

Once again, we turn to the mystery man , who's decided to try another time, and pushes the elevator button. Alexis is rifling through her purse, looking for her sun glasses. She finally finds them, so her and Rafe leave. When she puts them on, the elevator arrives. Rafe tells her that she looks like an Italian movie star. As they step onto the elevator, she says "Ciao, Bella!" we see a rare smile from Rafe.

The mystery man lets himself into Sam's penthouse.

Sam doesn't understand why Silas suddenly wants custody of Rafe. She reminds him that when she first told him about Rafe, he wanted nothing to do with him. She also tells him that he reminds Rafe of the man who murdered his mother Dr. Clay explains that he's had time to process the information. He thinks that Rafe needs a fresh start where he's not reminded that his father was a monster. When Dr. Clay accuses Sam of being paranoid, Sam says it's her mother's instinct. She wonders what game he is playing with Rafe.

Speaking of games, the mystery man is playing one of his own. First, he makes sure there is no one left at Sam's. He then goes over to the fireplace, and looks at a picture of Sam, Jason and Danny. He has a strange look on his face.

Back at Kelly's, Sam is battling it out with Silas. He goes on about how he thinks that Rafe is tainted, and will never be able to get away, from what people think about his father. Dr. Clay thinks of him as family, and wants to give him that experience. Of course, that's when Alexis and Rafe show up. Sam starts to tell Rafe what's happening, but Dr. Silas Clay blurts out that he's Rafe legal guardian. Alexis is astounded by his insensitivity, while Rafe looks pleadingly at Sam.

The mystery an is carrying out his plan. He takes a close-up of Jason's picture.

Duke tells AJ and Elizabeth that the lab doesn't know where the poison came from. He reminds AJ that the Quatrains have many enemies. He tells them that investigation is in federal hands now, and will continue. Elizabeth tell AK that he jumped to confess for nothing. AK almost blurts out that now he doesn't have to tell Elizabeth about Carly. Elizabeth pursues the subject, but AK is saved by a phone call from Audrey. Cameron is home sick so she leaves to take the call. Duke is surprised when AK calls the sabotage fantastic news. He knows that he doesn't have to tell Elizabeth what he's done.

Tracy tells Nikolas about her meeting with Ava Jerome, and that she wants money. She wants Nikolas to loan her the money to pay off Ava. She will pay him back when she gets EL back. Nikolas tells her for the numerous time that he can't hurt AJ, if he wants a chance with Elizabeth, he can't do anything to hurt AJ. Tracy responds that AJ already blew his chance. Nikolas doesn't understand what she means, and is shocked when she tells him about Carly and AJ.

Over at GH, Maxie tells Britt how Ellie found out about her miscarriage. Britt delights in the knowledge, that she can have Ellie fired. Britt mutters something about a promotion, but Maxie asks her not to fire Ellie. Maxie continues with her story, and tells her that she convinced Ellie to be keep quiet by reminding her how hurt Dante and Lulu would be. Britt is surprised to hear that Ellie was so generous, until Maxie tells her she had another reason, too.

Outside of the lab, Spinelli tries to comfort his distraught girlfriend. He is perplexed about her attitude, and wonders if it's because of Maxie's secret. Of course, Spinelli still doesn't know that he is the father. When he says that if Maxie used another embryo than no one would be hurt. Crying, Ellie says that someone would.

Maxie tells Britt the rest of her story. When Britt scoffs at her, Maxie tells her that she's not like Britt. She doesn't want to trample over everyone to get to her man.

Which leads us back to Patrick and Sabrina in the locker room. He tells her that he checked nursing agencies and it's very expensive for home health care. He's determined not to let move in, when suddenly Sabrina gets a look on her face like she's come up with something. "I have an idea." she says, smiling.

Britt makes a snarly remark to Maxie giving someone else's baby to Dante and Lulu. Maxie is taken aback, but Britt has no sympathy for her. She thinks that she's won, and goes to find Patrick.

Spinelli tries to comfort Ellie ,who is still clearly distraught. He wonders who would be hurt, but before she can answer, the annoying Brad calls her back to work. He keeps calling her "Ells so she spells out her name for her, in frustration, and nearly breaks down in tears.

In the locker room, Patrick has gotten dressed, and is resisting Sabrina's idea about Britt. He goes along with it, anyway. Suddenly Britt turns up ready to go home. They tell her that there has been a change of plans. She'll be going home with Sabrina instead!

Nikolas doesn't believe Tracy when she tells him that Carly and AJ had sex. He says that he knows they hate each other, but Tracy says she has proof.

The mystery man is still in Sam's apartment, where he puts the disc into Sam's computer. He stares at the original photo.

Alexis and Sam vow to fight Dr. Silas Clay from taking Rafe. Rafe tells them that the kids at the group home said that family always come first. Silas steps up to say there's a reason for that. Silas pleads his case to Rafe, but when Silas says that his father gave him "gifts", Rafe calls him a psycho. Silas responds by telling him that Stephen snapped when he lost his wife, and snapped. When he says it doesn't make Stephen "evil", , Rafe says "but killing my mother does," and walks out. Alexis tells Sam to go after him, she will deal with Dr. Clay. Alexis lets Clay have it, and warns him to stay away from Sam and Rafe. She tells him to leave town and not come back. Outside of Kelly's, Rafe tells Sam that he thinks of her and Danny as family. She tells him they feel the same way, then sends him off to his counseling session.

AJ has apparently told Duke about his night with Carly, and Tracy's blackmail. When Elizabeth returns, he covers for AJ because overheard part of the conversation. Duke leaves after telling Elizabeth that AJ still feels bad about the sabotage. Much to Elizabeth's surprise, AJ says that he has to tell Tracy about the sabotage.

Nikolas writes a check while Tracy uploads the recording to his phone. Nikolas isn't sure what he's going to do with it. Tracy encourages to go after Elizabeth with everything he's got.

Just as Maxie is leaving the exam room, Spinelli turns up looking for Dr. Westbourne. He asks if the baby is alright, and she tells him yes. He's there to talk to Britt about Ellie not being promoted. Maxie tells him that she's gone, and that she has to find a new doctor.

Dr. Westbourne refuses to go anywhere with Sabrina. She says that she and Patrick already have plans. Patrick tells her that it's better if she goes with Sabrina. Patrick and Sabrina tag team her until she doesn't have a choice.

Ellie is having a hard time concentrating at work, because she's worried about her and Spinelli. Spinelli tells Maxie that he and Ellie have no secrets.

AJ turns up at the Quartermaines to tell Tracy about the sabotage. Tracy wonders who would do that. AJ is just happy that he doesn't have to tell Elizabeth about Carly.

Nikolas catches up with Elizabeth at Kelly's. He has something to tell her about AJ.

Alexis is on the phone and is surprised to see Silas still there when she hangs up. She warns him again to stay away from Sam and Danny. Sam has returned home telling Danny that there are no monsters trying to take him away from. The mystery man hears her and has to hide.

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