GH Update Wednesday 5/22/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/22/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Michael is lying on his couch but can't sleep, because of all the racket that Morgan and Kiki are making. Morgan and Kiki finally emerge from his bedroom, and he immediately gets annoyed, because she's wearing his "Pickle-Lila" T-shirt. He tells her to take it off, and of course, she does!

Tracy taunts AJ about when he's going public that it was "Pickle Lila" that was tainted. She wonders if he's confessed to Elizabeth about his fling with Carly. Carly is coming out of Kelly's, when she bumps into Elizabeth. Carly gets nervous when Elizabeth tells her that AJ told her everything.

The man, who looks like Todd Manning, is compiling a guest list on his tablet. We see the names Sonny, Carly, Maxie, Spinelli and Elizabeth. He's on The Haunted Star waiting for Lulu, who shows up late. She notices all the monitors, and he tells her it's for his party.

Dante meets up with Kevin Collins at Kelly's. He tells Dante that he just left Lucy who's starting a new business today. When Dante asks him what kind of business, Kevin has no idea.

We soon see Lucy carrying a Tour flag, gathering a group of people on the pier. She call her tour, "The Stephen Clay Experience", promising them all the sites of the macabre and malevolent.

Meanwhile, at the penthouse, Sam tells Alexis how she met Dr. Silas Clay in New York. She tells her how arrogant he was, and that he turned up in Port Charles last night. Alexis asks how the meeting between Rafe and Dr. Clay went, and Sam tells her that Rafe freaked out. They are unaware that Rafe is at the top of the stairs listening to them.

As Lucy conducts her tour, she is unaware that a disguised Silas, has joined the tour. Lucy continues with her "monster behind the music" story, where Alison Barrington was murdered. As Lucy recounts, how Alison was killed in front of her son, several people take pictures, including Silas.

Sam worries that Dr. Clay won't give up on seeing Rafe. Rafe let's himself be known by declaring that he doesn't want to see him.

Dante tells Kevin about Lulu's condition, and that Lesley thinks it might be psychological. On The Haunted Star, Lulu can't remember how to spell her married name, when she has to sign for some work done. She ends up signing her maiden name. The mystery man tells Lulu that he can tell that she's right-handed and sleeps on her right side. That's all he has for her.

Back at the Quartermaines, Tracy is badgering AJ, who finally admits that he hasn't Elizabeth yet. AJ fights back by asking about Tracy's sons, and her love life, calling her a "lonely old shrew". Carly misunderstands Elizabeth, but she is only concerned about Michael and Morgan. Carly flashes back to her one night stand with AJ, when Elizabeth wants to know why she's being so defensive. Carly tells Elizabeth that she has a lot on her mind. Elizabeth remains suspicious.

Michael is stunned by Kiki's boldness, and can't stop staring at her. Morgan tells Michael to stop staring at his girlfriend, who decides she's suddenly hungry. The brothers begin bickering again, and Michael tells Morgan, that he can stay but she has to go!

Carly snaps at Elizabeth but quickly apologizes for her rudeness. Carly thanks Elizabeth for saving Joss's life, and she will always be grateful for that. Elizabeth is more concerned with Carly's attitude towards AJ. Carly tells her that the only thing she and AJ have in common is Michael, and she wants nothing to do with him. She wishes Elizabeth good luck in her relationship with AJ, the takes off.

Back at the Quartermaines, Tracy and AJ argue over who sabotaged the relish. She reminds him that she was locked up by Nikolas's goons. AJ says that if she had the jar with her then he couldn't have done it. H wonders who really tainted the relish.

On The Haunted Star, the man who looks like Todd Manning, jumps when Lulu asks for his name again. She needs it for legal reasons, but he tells her he'll announce his name when the time is right. When she asks about the security deposit, he hands her an envelope full of cash.

At Kelly's, Dante and Kevin talk about Lulu. When Kevin hears there is no neurological reason for her memory loss, he suggests that something happened that she doesn't want to remember.

Rafe is adamant about not seeing Silas Clay again. He tells Sam and Alexis that seeing him, only reminds him of watching Stephen murder his mother.

Lucy is at the very spot where Allison died. There is still blood on the pier. Silas snaps another picture One of her customers asks what happened to the boy. Lucy says that he survived but the trauma still lingers. Someone says they are hungry so Lucy takes them all to Kelly's.

Silas Clay stays behind, and mulls over Lucy's story. He bends down to touch the spot where Allison died. He feels the blood on his fingers.

Lucy has taken the group to Kelly's, where she tells the story of her staking John McBain. One of the customers asks why she isn't in jail. Lucy is taken aback, but says she was, but she was exonerated. Again she has trouble avoiding the word "vampire". One of the customers keeps wining about food, when

Lucy suddenly notices a very surprised Kevin.

Meanwhile, Silas is still on the pier where he runs into the man, who looks like Todd Manning.

Dante turns up on The Haunted Star, where Lulu is setting up for the mystery man's party. Once again, Dane is too pushy, and makes Lulu uncomfortable.

Morgan and Kiki half-heartedly apologize to Michael, but he's having none of it. Adding insult to injury, Kiki tells him that she was on his computer when it crashed and won't reboot. Carly shows up and bangs on the door. Morgan tries to stop Michael from letting her in, to no avail. Michael opens the door and introduces Kiki as Morgan's girlfriend, and that they just had sex in my bed. Carly gives Kiki the once over, and doesn't like what she sees.

Tracy and AJ are still battling over the tainted relish, and her blackmail. AJ gets frustrated, and says he won't be blackmailed, and storms off. Ava Jerome strolls in from the rose garden and declares "I thought he'd never leave!" to an annoyed Tracy.

Dante badgers Lulu some more. He tells her that he's her husband and has a right to worry about her

Silas Clay has left the pier after a brief conversation with the mystery man . The mystery man adds Carly's name to his list of invites.

AJ meets up with Elizabeth, who's still outside of Kelly's. She tells him about her earlier meeting with Carly. Elizabeth tells him that she had a feeling that Carly wanted to tell her something.

Carly is going all "Carly Corinthos" on Kiki and Morgan. She sends Kiki off to get dressed, while she tells off Morgan. Morgan tries to defend himself, but Carly is in no mood to listen to him. Carly wants to know why Michael let Morgan and Kiki stay with him. He tells her that Morgan didn't want her and Sonny fighting over him.

Ava makes herself at home, while Tracy seethes. Ms. Jerome clearly has dollar signs in her eyes.

Morgan battles with Carly over Kiki, who Carly clearly doesn't like. She worries about her being connected o a rival crime family. Morgan gets snarky with his Mother. She turns back to Michael, who tells her that Morgan was going to leave with Kiki.

Sam worries about Silas, so Alexis offers to take Rafe to his appointment.

Lucy drags Kevin into being a part of her tour. He's obviously not happy but goes along with it. The whining customer continues to complain about being hungry. Another customer asks questions, but Lucy assures everyone that Stephen Clay is dead and gone. Of course, that when Silas Clay walks in! Outside, AJ is about to confess to Elizabeth, when they hear Lucy's bloodcurdling scream.

On The Haunted Star, Dante is still pushing the subject. When he tells her that he thinks it may be psychological, Lulu realizes he's spoken to a shrink. Dante explains that her memory is blocked because something bad that happened to her when she was kidnapped. as he's talking, Lulu has another flashback of a wedding.

Lucy freaks out thinking that Stephen's come back to life. When he introduces himself, Kevin recognizes his name and goes to shake his hand. Lucy still doesn't believe him, but Sam walks in with Danny.

The man, who looks like Todd Manning, is still on the pier, adding familiar names to his guest list.

Michael is trying to fix his computer, while Morgan argues with Carly. Michael smirks when Carly points out pretty much the same thing he's already said. Kiki hides while listening to them.

Tracy questions Ava about her background, and ask about her relationship to the Jerome crime family. Ava tells her that she's an art dealer, so Tracy deduces that's how she met Franco. Ava is quite capable of dealing with Tracy, and does just that. She tells her that she won't even tell Lauren about her shares unless Tracy comes up with some big bucks. Tracy is appalled but Ava tells her if she doesn't then she will go to AJ.

Sam tells a disbelieving Lucy about meeting Dr. Clay in New York, and that he's in town to meet with Rafe. When they hear this, Lucy's tour group starts calling her a fraud,. Lucy quickly corrals them and tells them that they're going to the catacombs. Kevin reluctantly goes with them. Silas thanks Sam for her help, but Sam only did it to prevent Lucy from staking him. He tries to be friendly with Danny, but Sam doesn't like it. Silas can't do anything right by Sam, so when he offers financial help with Rafe, she hotly turns him down.

Tracy has met her match in Ava Jerome, who doesn't give up easily. AJ has returned to Elizabeth and tells that the ruckus was caused by Stephen Clay's look-alike brother. She wants to know what he was about to tell her about Carly.

Carly is dealing with a rebellious Morgan, who refuses to listen to anything bad about his girlfriend. Morgan leaves the room in a huff. Carly thanks Michael for looking out for his brother. Kiki receives a phone call from her Mom, and she thanks her for telling her to come Port Charles. Ava doesn't tell her that she's in town.

Sam and Silas are still bickering, so she decides to leave. Before she can, he pulls a legal document out of his jacket, and hands it to her..

Dante pours his heart out to Lulu, so Lulu gives in, and agrees to see Kevin.

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