GH Update Tuesday 5/21/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/21/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Molly watches Alexis as she sets up a romantic table for dinner. "All this for takeout?" she asks. Alexis tells her that she hasn't seen Shawn in days. She then tells her to go away so Molly scoots up to her room. Just then there is a knock on the door, Alexis thinking it's Shawn, answers saying "Hello handsome!" But much to their mutual embarrassment it's only Rafe.

Shawn is over at Connie's office cleaning up the mess that the goons left behind. He updates Connie and Olivia about finding Morgan and bringing him home. Olivia is concerned when she learns that Morgan is staying with Michael. Just then, there is a knock on the door, so Connie goes to answer it. When she sees it's Sonny, she gets uncomfortable.

Milo is picking up dinner for Lulu at Kelly's, when he literally bumps into Felix. He apologizes then rushes out the door. He doesn't get very far, because he run into Dante who's still looking for his wife.

After arguing with Michael, Morgan goes to leave, but when he opens the door Kiki is already there. "Surprise!" says Kiki, much to Michael's annoyance.

Meanwhile, Sam is bothered by an insistent knocking on her door. When she finally opens it, she's surprised to see Dr. Silas Clay. He tries to talk to her, but she slams the door in his face.

Alexis clumsily apologizes to Rafe for calling him "Handsome". She asks him if Sam knows where he is, and he says yes. Rafe wants to ask Molly something about the prom. Alexis thinks that someone has asked Rafe, and is surprised to learn it's Molly. Alexis yells for Molly to come downstairs.

In the meantime, Lulu has returned to The Haunted Star. As she looks things over, she has a flashback of her in a wedding dress, carrying rose. The memory is broken by the man who looks like Todd Manning. Lulu starts to tell him something but then changes her mind, "Who are you? she asks.

It's obvious that Connie is rattled being around Sonny. Olivia rushes over to hug Sonny for getting Morgan home safely. As Sonny and Olivia continue talking, Connie looks like she's in a trance.

Morgan and Kiki are all over each other, making Michael extremely uncomfortable. Kiki tells Morgan that she couldn't stop thinking about. Michael makes snarky remarks about Kiki. Morgan is surprised that she knew where he was. Kiki says she didn't, and was looking for Michael. She wanted to know how to win over Sonny.

Sam tries to ignore Silas, but he keeps knocking. She swings open the door, telling him to go away. He reintroduces himself which only angers Sam. He apologizes for his behavior in New York. He says what she told him, was a lot to take in. Sam isn't interested and asks "Why are you here?"

Molly comes downstairs, and is surprised to see Rafe. Alexis is upset over not knowing about Rafe. Molly has some explaining to do. She tells Alexis that she and TJ broke up.

Felix sits down at the counter, and notices that Milo isn't the only one who spacey. TJ seems out of it, too and tells Felix that Molly broke up with him.

Milo tells Dante that the last time he saw Lulu was when she left with Dante. Dante tells him that they went to The Haunted Star and then to Laura's wedding. Lulu seemed overwhelmed and took off. Milo and Dante argue about letting Lulu go away on her own. Dante tells him that he went by his place, and saw the note on his door about Kelly's. But it turns out that neither of them know where she is.

Lulu meets the man, who looks like Todd Manning, who turns up on The Haunted Star.

TJ tells Felix what happened when he went to see Molly. He tells Felix that he caught Molly and Rafe hugging, Felix encourages TJ not to give up on Molly, but TJ is feeling dejected. Molly has to explain to Alexis why she and TJ broke up. She tells her what happened, and that's how she ended up asking Rafe to the prom. Rafe is shocked when he learns that he has to wear a tux. While learning of all of this, Shawn shows up, with flowers in hand. Alexis accepts the flowers, and ignores his surprise that Rafe is there. Molly and Rafe quickly leave, before Shawn can say anything else.

Sam has a hard time getting rid of Silas Clay. He tries getting past Sam's distrust. He tells her that what she told was hard to process. He apologizes to Sam for his behavior in New York. She gives him tit for tat, but finally agrees to let him in.

Meanwhile, Dante and Milo are still arguing about Lulu. Dante gets frustrated and takes it out on Milo. Lulu tells the man, who looks like Todd Manning, her troubles. She mentions her family Luke, Laura and Lucky. The mystery man says that's a lot of L's ,and Lulu quips that she's in L hell. She's overwhelmed enough and decides she doesn't want to know his name. She tells him that she may not be the same person everyone wants her to be. The mystery man can relate so Lulu says "let's talk business."

In the meantime, Kiki and Morgan are bugging the hell out of Michael. Morgan seems suddenly resentful of Michael being "the golden child". Michael tells Kiki that Sonny rarely changes his mind when he doesn't like someone. Morgan gets snarky again with Michael, but is glad that Kiki is staying in town. He recommends what he knows is a sleazy motel across town.

While Sonny and Olivia play catch-up, Connie looks like she's about to crack. Sonny thanks them for their help, when Connie suddenly blurts out, "Enough already!"

Silas Clay admires the penthouse, and assumes that Sam's husband makes a good living. Sam bristles, and they have a contentious conversation. She ends up telling him that Jason is dead.

The mystery man tells Lulu of his plans for his party.

In the meantime, Kiki and Morgan are bugging the hell out of Michael. Morgan seems suddenly resentful of Michael being "the golden child". Michael tells Kiki that Sonny rarely changes his mind when he doesn't like someone. Morgan gets snarky again with Michael, but is glad that Kiki is staying in town. He recommends what he knows is a sleazy motel across town.

After Connie apologizes for her behavior, Sonny offers to pay for the damages. Sonny sees Connie's distress, and quickly leaves. Olivia expresses her concern to Connie, and asks if she's jealous over her and Sonny.

Milo and Dante are having a heated argument over Lulu. Milo insists that he's just Lulu's friend. Dante accuses him of wanting more. Milo says he's cared about Lulu long before Dante came around. Things get even more heated and Dante decks Milo. Fortunately, Sonny turns up in time to break it up.

Connie protests too much, when questioned by Olivia.

Sonny questions Dante and Milo but Dante tries to change the subject. Sonny isn't fooled and orders Milo to wait inside Kelly's. He asks Dante what's going on.

Silas apologizes to Sam for her loss. Sam doesn't want to talk about him, and tells Silas now isn't the time to meet Rafe. She tells him to leave, but he refuses. He wants to meet Rafe, but the more he talks, the more he aggravates her. When she goes to call security, Silas gives in but tells her he's not leaving town. When she opens the door to let him leave, Rafe and Molly are standing there.

Back at the Davis home, Alexis and Shawn are enjoying their meal. After some small talk, Shawn asks her about Rafe and Molly. She covers her mouth with a glass of wine, and tells him that Molly and J broke up. Shawn is surprised since he told Rafe to back off since Molly belongs with J. Alexis is surprised at Shawn's attitude, and an argument ensues.

Felix says that J had a rough upbringing, and says he's not used to not getting what he wants. Felix gives him some advice, and tells him not to give up so easily. Felix sees Milo nursing his cheek, and goes over to see him. Milo tells him that he got into a fight. Outside, Dante tells sonny that he threw the first punch. He tells Sonny to go easy on Milo, but Sonny only wants to know about Dante. Dante tells him that things aren't back on track.

Lulu asks the mystery man if he's famous, but he doesn't really answer her. Lulu tells the mystery man that she doesn't remember how to run a boat. The mystery man tells Lulu he'll take care of everything.

Rafe freaks out when he see Silas, and thinks he's Stephen He and Molly are surprised when Sam tells them that he's Stephen's brother. When he offers his hand to Rafe, he backs away from him.

Alexis and Shawn are still arguing, when they realize how ridiculous they sound. They call a truce, agree to let the kids fight their own battles. They end up having sex.

Morgan and Kike are making out on Michael's couch. Michael tells him that he's the guest and he shouldn't be inviting someone else to stay at his place. Morgan mouths off to his brother, saying that he owes Kiki and her Mother. Morgan says that if Kiki leaves, then he goes with her, leaving Michael between a rock and a hard place.

Olivia is taken aback by Connie's attitude, and wonders how far back it goes. Olivia apologizes to Connie for being insensitive about her friendship with Sonny. She tells her cousin that Connie will always come first with her.

Sonny wonders if Lulu doesn't want to remember something that happened on the island. Dante doesn't disagree, but remembers that Stavros took Lulu from The Haunted Star. He leaves Sonny and goes to The Star.

The mystery man empathizes with Lulu, so she agrees to work with him. The mystery man takes off,

Michael has trouble dealing with Morgan and Kiki, and loses control of his apartment.

Rafe gets upset, when Silas calls Stephen his father. Rafe and Molly head to his room. Silas admits that Sam was right, and that he should've waited. She tells him that he can go back to New York now, but he tells her that he isn't going anywhere.

Shawn and Alexis come back downstairs all happy. They agree to stay out of their kids' lives. Alexis almost tells him that she loves him. but instead tells she imagine being without him.

Sonny breaks up Milo's talk with Felix and TJ. He wants to talk about why Milo is "shacking up" with Lulu. Lulu is cleaning up, when she's hit by another flashback, this time of someone pouring champagne and making a toast. She drops the bottle she's holding, just as Dante shows up. When he asks her what's wrong, she takes off again.

Connie and Olivia are all friendly again, as they leave the office. The man, who looks like Todd Manning, shows up as soon as they're gone. He goes to the painting behind Maxie's desk, and removes a disc. He stands there with a determined look on his face.

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