GH Update Monday 5/20/13

General Hospital Update Monday 5/20/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sam comes down the stairs to hear what Spinelli has to tell her. He admits that he has failed to find the missing Quartermaine heir.

Kiki (Morgan's girlfriend who looks like Starr Manning) is in her home when her long lost mom appears. Kiki admits that she is not ok with the fact that Morgan appears to have disappeared.

Michael returns to his mom. Carly asks her son where Morgan is. Morgan then appears.

Spinelli admits to Sam that he was “bamboozled” by Luke Spencer.

Tracy is with Luke after learning he's back on the booze. He asks her why she's concerned. She admits that she cares about him although at times she may want to strangle him. Right then, he kisses her. She appears surprised.

At the wedding of Laura and Scott Baldwin, people are arriving and wondering what their roles are.

A man who looks just like Todd Manning goes to the prison to visit Heather Webber.

Luke lets go of Tracy after kissing her. She instantly tells him she knows he's evading the issue of the question she's asked him about drinking. She seems to be correct in that he does not want to answer her question.

Laura's mom, Lesley, tells her daughter and Scott that if they are looking for a person to perform the wedding ceremony, she can do it. She has training and education with Wiccan religion.

Spinelli informs Sam that he found a false lead of a girl that passed herself off as Lauren Frank.

The girl who is Morgan's friend, Kiki, is the real Lauren Frank. She tells her mom that her plan to get Morgan’s money back for him ended up badly. He got assaulted. She was going to solve the problem, but then Morgan's nosy pain in the butt brother, had to interfere, and Morgan went back with his dad. And it was not by choice.

Carly and Sonny are determined to protect Morgan and prevent him from going back to his school and having future involvement with the “bookies”.

It appears that guy who looks just like Todd Manning is someone Heather has known for a long time and has not seen in a while.

Carly lectures Morgan about how worried they were. Sonny tells him that he owes his parents an explanation starting with the gambling. He demands that they stop. But Carly tells him that she will not stop. Lives are ruined from doing what he has done. And he's lucky he has not been killed. She tells him he needed to tell his parents the second he knew he was in trouble. He protests that he was going-to do things his way. Michael then tells his brother that “his way” could have gotten not only him but his girlfriend killed.

Kiki reveals that she is Lauren Frank and has a long history in Port Charles.

The man who looks just like Todd Manning reveals to Heather that he has an important reason to visit her after all this time. He replies that they need to talk about Samantha Morgan.

When Sam hears Spinelli admit that he's ready to give up after failing to find Lauren Frank, she remarks that is not like him. He is not one to give up. He tells her that although they have agreed to help AJ Quartermaine with his goals, it looks like Tracy is going to win and overthrow him.

Tracy tells Luke if that kiss was not a distraction from their discussion about his drinking, what is it? He replies that Laura is getting married.

Laura's mom asks her if she commits to being there for Scott for as long as they both shall live. Laura replies she does. She then asks Scott if he commits to her daughter for as long as they both shall live. Scott replies he does. She then concludes there is nothing left for her to do except to declare them husband and wife. She is obviously reluctant. But everybody gathers around Laura and Scott and congratulates them. Lulu is having a vision or memory. Dante notices her and asks her what is wrong. She appears stunned but refuses to share.

Luke admits to Tracy that he had a confrontation with Scott Baldwin where Scott told him that he is going to be alone for the rest of his life. Hearing that, she asks Luke why it would matter to him and why or if he cares if he's alone. He then admits that he may not want that and may want her in his life.

Carly asks Morgan about his girlfriend. He tells his mom that her name is Kiki. He likes her. Sonny reveals that he met her but has heard that she is part of the mob family, the Jeromes. Morgan tells his parents that they cannot assume that Kiki is part of a mob family, but they are suspicious and Michael agrees with his parents about that.

We then see a flashback of Kiki's (Lauren's) mom talking to Luke who tells her that Tracy is the deserving heir of the Quartermaine fortune.

The guy who looks like Todd Manning reveals that both he and Heather have made Sam's life miserable.

Sam admits to Spinelli that she also tried and failed to find Morgan. She went with Carly to find him but did not. However, the crazy thing is when she was looking for Morgan, she found someone else. She reveals to Spinelli the picture of the guy who looks just like John McBain who is the doctor and brother of Steven Clay.

Tracy asks Luke if she is nothing more to him than a fireplace with a compass. She reminds him that he has used her just like a baseball player who in some innings makes it home and in others does not...although he does not want to be compared to that.

At the wedding, Lulu informs Dante that she still remembers nothing and maybe she should not be there.

Kiki (Lauren) notices her mom not contented when she mentions Port Charles. The mom then remembers Luke telling her that AJ Quartermaine is a very messed up person who is only going to ruin ELQ. She then answers to her daughter that she has heard of the pickle relish. And at that point, she concludes to her daughter that she encourages her to continue seeing Morgan. He sounds like a very nice young man. Kiki/Lauren is then a bit confused by her mom’s sudden “180” for first expressing she does not want her anywhere near Morgan and now thinking well of him as soon as she puts 2 and 2 together to find out that Morgan is an heir of the Quartermaine fortune.

Sam reveals to Spinelli that she met Steven Clay's brother, Dr. Silas Clay.

Todd admits to Heather that he believed he had to leave town but would like to make things up to Samantha Morgan.

Tracy tells Luke she knows that he is afraid of getting old and dying alone. He wants a safety net. He wants back-up. And she's sorry. She can't be that for him or for anyone.

Morgan tells his parents and older brother he doesn't know why they gotta get on his case or on Kiki's. Michael protests that they are justified. Carly reminds her son that his brother cannot be involved in a fight, since he has a criminal record. He needs to know that he has no business getting Michael involved in his issues. Sonny then concludes that Morgan is going to live at his home. But Carly protests she does not believe he'll be as safe there as at her home. Michael expresses that his brother is safer with him than with either of his parents. They then agree but Carly tells her two sons they better answer their phones when she calls them.

Heather tells her visitor that although they've “had their moments”, they have a bond after all they've been through together. He then asks her if she will, in that case “help” him with Samantha. She tells him, of course.

Sam tells Spinelli about her conversation with the “robotic” Dr. Clay. She was able to see that he could care less about his nephew Rafe and had no human emotion. He then asks Sam if maybe she could get the courts involved to give Dr. Clay some responsibility. She tells him no. She won't make Rafe live with anyone who does not want him. He tells her he understands and leaves. As soon as Sam is alone in her home, she pulls out some information that she is keeping her mind on.

Scott and Laura toast their wedding vows. They can see that neither Nikolas nor Elizabeth are “comfortable”. AJ is there and also ill at ease not wanting to share Elizabeth with Nikolas.

Tracy tells Luke that his “wanting her to be his true north” is not the life for her. She keeps the fire burning while he's off God knows where doing whatever he wants whenever and wherever he wants. He tells her that regarding that, he has thought that she doesn't have any better offers. She is not dating anyone and has no social life. So what would be wrong with the two of them having that arrangement. She tells him she gets to have her as his consolation prize in order to prove to Scott Baldwin that he's “not alone”. But she wants more than that. She wants a soulmate. Hearing that, he asks her since when. She replies since always. She reminds him that he and Laura have had everything, and she would like to have what he had. She admits to him for the first time that she wants and she dreams what every single woman dreams of which is true love. Hearing and knowing that for the first time, Luke admits he's surprised. She tells him she is not about to give up on what she wants. So how dare he come and kiss her and throw her crumbs that are convenient for him to give to her. She does not want crumbs. She wants the whole meal. And she is not giving up until she has that! When he does not reply, she asks if that's all he has to say. He then asks her to give him a minute. And he tells her she deserves all of that and more, but doesn't she think it's a little late in the game for such grand romantic dreams? She tells him it’s never too late and it's not a dream. And she wants him to leave, so he can see himself out. She goes out the door.

In a flashback, Luke tells Lauren's mom that Tracy needs her daughter to help them save the family fortune and can she help them do that?

When the guard takes Heather back to her cell, he asks who that guy was that just visited her. He looks so familiar. She replies just an old friend.

Sam's doorbell rings. She gets it and reveals it's someone she knows. But we do not see who.

Laura follows Dante out the door and tells her son in law that Lulu's repressed memory may be due to more than physical trauma. It could be psychological due to her not remembering because of memories buried in her past that she does not remember.

Lulu is alone having flashbacks. The guy who looks like Todd appears. She stares at him appearing startled as though she knows him.

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