GH Update Friday 5/17/13

General Hospital Update Friday 5/17/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

The stranger who looks like Todd Manning is on a plane looking at a news story on his tablet. The story is about how the relish made everyone sick on The Chew during the taste off.

At her house, Elizabeth is on the phone while her sons are coloring. She tells AJ to stop worrying about her, that her boys are on their best behavior and that she's feeling better. She's taking the day off. AJ apologizes for what happened. Elizabeth still thinks he's speaking too soon, and that it may not have been his relish that made people sick. Tracy comes in and takes the phone from AJ. She tells Elizabeth that she has something to tell her about AJ.

Luke is at the Floating Rib, drinking and calling for the bartender. Mac arrives and Luke seems surprised to see him. He orders another drink, but Mac says he's not sure it is a good idea.

At Wyndemere, Scott tries to shake hands and asks Leslie if she will forgive him. Leslie steps away from him. Laura tries to fix things, telling Leslie how Scott is the same man she fell in love with years ago, how they found each other because of Scott and that she is not giving up on Scott. Leslie asks if Laura is sure it's love, and not gratitude or nostalgia. Laura reminds Leslie how she used to trust Scott to look out for her. She says now that she has kids, she knows about being scared over them. She tells Leslie how Scott found her in New York and brought her home. Leslie agrees with Laura. Scott tells Leslie how he has regrets, but that he has always loved Laura, and still does. Leslie agrees to give her blessing to Laura and Scott's marriage for Laura's sake. She warns Scott against hurting Laura ever again. Scott says it will never happen.

On the Haunted Star, Lulu asks Dante if he kept throwing cheesy pick up lines at her until he wore her down, and he says he pretty much did. Lulu asks what happened. Dante tells her that he accused her of being obsessed with kissing him. He flashes back to his accusing her of the obsession on the Haunted Star in the past. In present day, Lulu says it sounds like she kissed him to shut him up. Dante asks if she feels like shutting him up now.

On the plane, the stranger who looks like Todd is interrupted by a passenger behind him. The passenger sees the article on the stranger's tablet, and asked if he saw the episode. He goes on about how hot the lady hosts of The Chew are, then how he nearly got sick watching everyone else get sick. The stranger tries to blow off the passenger, by saying he can't hear him because of the ear buds he is wearing. The passenger persists by speaking up louder. He says that something must have gone wrong backstage, and asks the stranger who he thinks is responsible.

Lulu tells Dante that she gets it. She says that he didn't need to bring her out there to assess damages, he brought her out there to recreate their first kiss. Dante asks if that would be so bad. He asks what it could hurt other than she may not like it, but he's pretty sure she'll like it. Lulu wonders if he's being too confident. She accuses him of not being modest, and of not respecting her. He disagrees, saying that he does respect her. He suggests that she look closer. She says that he really thinks that he can talk her into a kiss. He asks what if she kisses him and not only likes it, but she remembers it and remembers them.

Scott tells Laura that Nikolas texted him to let him know that they are having their wedding at Wyndemere. Laura says that Nikolas offered the house and she accepted. She says she hopes Scott is ok with that. Scott says if that's what Laura wants, it what he wants, too. Laura says that it was a lovely gesture from Nikolas, and that's all that matters to her. She says she wants as much family around as she can get.

Luke tells Mac that he is in a bar, so he would like another drink if they still have booze and their liquor license is up to date. Mac says they have plenty of booze and their license is just fine. Luke asks what the problem is. Mac asks if Luke should be drinking. He thought that Luke swore off of alcohol over a year ago. Luke says that Mac is wrong, then asks for another drink. Mac reminds Luke of the intervention. Luke says that it was a mistake and a waste of time. Mac says maybe the methods were flawed, but they didn't have a choice after Luke killed Elizabeth's son.

Elizabeth asks Tracy what is going on and why she took the phone from AJ. Tracy says that AJ is a cheat, a liar and a sneak, but none of that is news. AJ takes the phone back from Tracy. Elizabeth asks what is going on. AJ says he will need to call her back later, then hangs up. He approaches Tracy and there's a knock at Elizabeth's door. She answers the door to find Nikolas there. She says that she got his messages, and asks if he got her text. He says he did and is glad she's feeling better. Elizabeth asks what he's doing there. He says that they brought her something. Spencer gives Elizabeth a bouquet of flowers.

AJ asks what Tracy was doing. Tracy says that she was telling Elizabeth AJ's secret about his sleeping with Carly. She says she's doing so because he didn't take full responsibility for the tainted relish.

The passenger sits next to the stranger who looks like Todd. He tells the stranger that the whole thing is a P.R. disaster. He wants to know how ELQ let that happen. The stranger who looks like Todd says that maybe someone did it on purpose.

Tracy tells AJ to either take responsibility or she will tell Elizabeth about the night with Carly. He says he took responsibility to Mario Batali, but Tracy wants him to take full public responsibility and clear her relish of fault. AJ asks how he does that. Tracy wants him to issue a press and social media release taking the blame or she will tell Elizabeth about him and Carly. AJ says he will tell Elizabeth about it himself, but Tracy doesn't believe him. AJ swears that he will and he leaves.

Elizabeth thanks them for the flowers. She wonders when Spencer got there. Nikolas says that Spencer arrived this morning, and he hoped to get him acquainted with his cousins. Elizabeth brings Spencer in to see Aiden and Cameron. They come over, say hello, then all go to color together. Elizabeth says that if she knew they were coming, she would have planned more for the boys to do. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that they have another engagement. He tells Elizabeth that Laura and Scott are getting married at Wyndemere. He wants to know if she and Lucky's sons can attend the wedding.

Dante and Lulu start to kiss when she flashes back, and remembers someone dragging her onto the Haunted Starr while she calls out to be let go. Dante asks what she remembers as her phone rings. He asks her not to answer the phone, but she says that it's Laura, and she should probably answer it. She tells Laura that she will have to think about it, then hangs up. She tells Dante that Laura is marrying someone named Scott, that Laura doesn't care if Lulu doesn't remember, she would like Lulu there. Dante asks where the wedding is, and when Lulu says Wyndemere, Dante explains that Wyndemere is her brother Nikolas' home. Lulu remembers Nikolas visiting her. She says she likes Nikolas and thinks he's weirdly polite. Dante says that if Nikolas is hosting the wedding, they should go, and Laura would like that. Lulu says she doesn't even know where Wyndemere is. Dante points Wyndemere out to her on Spoon Island. She realizes that Nikolas lives in a castle. Dante says that she would need to take a launch out to the island, then offers to take her to the wedding if she'd like.

Laura wonders if she was too pushy with Lulu. Scott says that there is nothing pushy about inviting Lulu to Laura's wedding. Leslie tells her that somewhere deep inside, Lulu realizes that it is important for her to be at the wedding, then says she'd love to see Lulu, even if she doesn't remember anyone. Scott promises a terrific wedding, even if Lulu doesn't make it. Leslie agrees, and says that Nikolas is there for her too. She says that if she knows Nikolas, he's out gathering loved ones for the wedding.

Luke tells Mac that a good bartender pours drinks and minds his own business. Mac says he was just answering Luke's question. Luke tells Mac that it was a terrible accident. Mac says that Luke confesses to drinking that night. Luke swears he wasn't drunk, and that the accident happened because a four year old was in the road in the dark, and that he didn't see him. He says that no one would have seen him. Mac says they'll never know, just like they'll never know if things would have been different if Luke hadn't been drinking that night. Luke agrees. Mac tells Luke that Coleman mentioned Luke paying to have the name changed from Jake's to The Floating Rib, not wanting Jake's name attached to a bar, so he's wondering why Luke came into that bar of all places to drink. Luke says that is the first thing Mac says that makes sense. He asks why he would come and drink in a bar where he can't get any peace, and is questioned by a moralizing ex-cop. He pays for the drink and leaves as Felicia arrives. As Luke leaves, he tells Felicia that she must really miss Frisco Jones. Felicia asks Mac what that was about.

Dante tells Lulu that Spoon Island is a tricky place, and he wants to make sure she gets there ok. Lulu asks if he knows a lot about boats, and he tells her that he's reasonably proficient. Lulu is surprised since Dante grew up in Bensonhurst. Dante explains that he won't be driving the launch, there's a launch pilot there. Lulu asks why she needs Dante, if that's the case. Dante says he doesn't want her to get lost anywhere. Lulu asks about Milo, since he is expecting her home soon. Dante says that Milo can entertain himself. Dante says they might have fun if they go together.

Nikolas will understand if she is still feeling under the weather from AJ's relish, and can't go to the wedding. Elizabeth tells him that she's still not convinced that it was AJ's relish, and that she feels fine. Nikolas tells her that she will come then. Elizabeth appreciates the invitation, but wonders if the invitation really came from Laura. Nikolas says that it did, and wonders why she would think Laura wouldn't invite her. Elizabeth presses on, wanting to know if Laura did invite her. Nikolas wonders why it matters who invited her, it's a family wedding and she's family. He says that it's about time that they have something to celebrate, and Laura deserves to be surrounded by loved ones as she begins a new life. He would really like Elizabeth and the boys to be there, so how about it. AJ walks into the house, asking how about what?

The passenger asks if the stranger who looks like Todd really believes that someone messed with the relish on purpose. The stranger says that stranger things have happened. The passenger says that whomever would poison a condiment on live television would have to be one sick puppy. The stranger says that he wouldn't go that far. He says that maybe someone wanted to screw with ELQ to send it into a tailspin, and make it ripe for a takeover.

Tracy is coloring on the newspaper when she hears someone walk in. She assumes it is AJ, and asks how it went. She wants to know if it was an epic fail. She hears Luke tell her something like that. Tracy says she was wondering when he would be there to console her, then tells him that it was AJ's relish, not hers, that caused the problems. She is anxious to tell Luke how she is blackmailing AJ while Luke fixes himself a drink. She notices Luke's demeanor and asks why he's in such a bad mood.

Scott tells Laura how he'd like all of their families to be there, but he's selfish and doesn't want to wait, unless she does. Laura says he doesn't want to wait. She says she wants to start their life together, and is grateful for whomever wants to be there. Scott says that they have everyone they need there, including Leslie, who he says agrees that it will be a nice wedding. Leslie agrees, but adds that she thinks Laura is marrying the wrong ex-husband.

Cameron is excited that AJ is there, and tells AJ that he is showing Cameron their coloring books. AJ promises to come and see them in a second, but he needs to talk to Elizabeth. AJ approaches Nikolas and Elizabeth, asking Elizabeth why Nikolas is there. Nikolas explains that he's there to wish Elizabeth a speedy recovery. AJ says he needs to speak with Elizabeth, and starts to dismiss Nikolas when Elizabeth steps in. She tells AJ that Nikolas was in the middle of inviting her to Laura's wedding, and she is about to give an answer. She says that she would love to attend the wedding, then asks if it includes a plus one. She then asks AJ to attend the wedding with her, and he accepts. Elizabeth thanks Nikolas for the invite and says she will see him there as AJ and Nikolas smirk at each other. After Nikolas is gone, Elizabeth returns to AJ in a new dress. AJ tells her how beautiful she is, then thanks her for inviting him to the wedding. He guesses that Nikolas didn't intend for the plus one, and Elizabeth says he's right. She knows that Nikolas didn't intend it, but she was being pressured, and she was glad that AJ showed up when he did. She compliments AJ on his perfect timing. He tells her that he has always waited for the right place and time for something good to happen, but he realized that he has to make the moments. He says when he is lucky enough for the moments to happen, he has to not throw them away. Elizabeth asks if that is one of those moments. AJ says that there is something he needs to tell her.

Nikolas and Spencer return to Wyndemere as decorating is happening, and they hear Scott telling Lucy that the mayor is needed at Wyndemere, and not the courthouse. Scott hangs up and greets Nikolas and Spencer. Nikolas sends Spencer up to get dressed for the wedding. Scott thanks Nikolas for hosting the wedding, then tells him that it is important that Laura have a great day. Nikolas agrees, then asks where Laura is. Scott says she's getting dressed, then mentions that Leslie hoped that Nikolas was gathering more family members for the wedding. Nikolas says that he was, then tells him that Elizabeth is coming with Cameron and Aiden. Scott asks if Elizabeth is Nikolas' date. Nikolas says she isn't. He admits he tried to trick her into coming, but she beat him at his own game.

AJ tells Elizabeth may want to re-think what she says about this being a good moment. Elizabeth asks what he means. He says that he doesn't want to tell her now when they are about to go out, but it is important. Elizabeth asks if what he has to say has anything to do with Tracy taking his phone earlier. He says in a way, it does. He asks her to sit down with him. Before AJ can start, Cameron and Aiden come down the stairs to join them. Elizabeth sees that Cameron's tie isn't done, so he goes to AJ who helps him fix his tie. AJ tells him how important a guest he is, and that he should look ship shape. He tells Cameron that he looks awesome. Elizabeth notices the close moment between AJ and Cameron.

Luke pours himself another drink as Tracy tells him that someone must be responsible for Luke's bad mood. Luke tells her that Mac is responsible, and Tracy is surprised by this. Tracy asks what happened. Luke tells her that Mac started preaching about Luke's drinking.

Mac tells Felicia that he thought he was helping Luke by stopping him at one drink. Felicia assures him that he was helping. Mac says that if he didn't know Luke, and all that had happened, he wouldn't have said anything. He says his job is to pour drinks. Felicia tells him that he did the right thing, and that it's not his problem. She says it's Luke's problem. No one can tell Luke what to do and no one ever could.

Luke tells Tracy that the last thing he needs from a bartender is 12 step help. He tells Tracy that Mac even brought up Luke's paying to have bar's name changed. He says that he paid for the name change so Elizabeth wouldn't have to drive past the bar with Jake's name on it, giving her a bad reminder. He says he was not trying to avoid what he did. He says that he doesn't need lectures about Jake's death, and certainly not from Mac. He asks Tracy if she can believe that Mac wouldn't serve him any more drinks. Tracy says that she can.

The passenger asks the stranger who looks like Todd if he thinks that someone was trying to take down ELQ, commenting that it is diabolical. The stranger says that is high praise. The passenger asks if the stranger is one of those conspiracy theorists. The stranger says that he is sometimes. The passenger then realizes that the stranger who looks like Todd looks familiar to him. He asks if he knows the stranger from somewhere. The stranger says that he's certain that they don't know each other. The passenger says that he knows him. He starts guessing who the stranger could be, but he is wrong with each guess. He then asks if the stranger is famous. The stranger says it depends what he means by famous. The passenger says he knows the stranger, but can't put his finger on it as the stranger smiles at him.

Scott asks Spencer to tell him a specific story again. Spencer starts to talk to Scott as Nikolas goes to greet Elizabeth, AJ, Cameron and Aiden to welcome them. Nikolas and AJ agree for once on something: that Elizabeth looks beautiful. Leslie and Laura enter the room to find the guests, and Laura is happy to see everyone there. She tells Nikolas that she has him to thank for everything, and for almost everyone being there.

Felicia tells Mac how much fun she and Maxie are having planning the wedding. Mac wonders if he should be worried, but Felicia assures him that Maxie has great taste. He tells her that Maxie isn't know for being good with budgetary limits. Felicia says that they are going to do it right this time, and tells her that Maxie suggested they get a salsa band. She says that Maxie also suggested a candy bar at the wedding, using a beach/cantina feel. As Felicia describes what she and Maxie are discussing, Mac sits down with a sigh. Felicia asks what is wrong. Mac says that nothing is really wrong, but he's thinking a lot about the wedding. Felicia asks what he is thinking. He says that maybe they don't need to do all of that. Felicia asks if he doesn't want a big wedding with everything. Mac says that he's thinking maybe no wedding at all, and Felicia looks disappointed.

Scott tells Laura that he doesn't think Lulu is coming. Laura says she knows, but she is glad for everyone who is there. She is grateful that everyone there wants to spend their wedding day with them. Scott asks if she is ready to get married, and Laura says she is. Everyone turns to see Lulu and Dante walk in. Laura goes to Lulu and hugs her. She mouths "thank you" to Dante behind Lulu's back, then thanks Lulu for coming. She tells Lulu that she loves her. Laura says that she is now ready to et married. Cameron goes to Lulu and hugs her, but Lulu doesn't seem to remember him. Dante goes to say hello to Cameron, seemingly to both tell Lulu who Cameron is, and to put a little space between Lulu and Cameron. Nikolas suggests to Cameron that they give Lulu a little room as he and Elizabeth lead Cameron away from Lulu. Lulu is near tears as she asks Dante if this was her family. He tells her that they are, and that she can do it. Lulu asks what if she can't. Dante assures her that she can because he will be by her side the whole time.

Luke asks if Tracy is siding with Mac. Tracy says she's not siding with anyone except Luke. Tracy says he came back to Port Charles not drinking, and now he is. Luke insists he's not an alcoholic. Tracy says that she hasn't said anything about the drinking, knowing how he'd react to it. He asks why she is saying something now. Tracy says because he brought it up, and she's concerned about him. He asks why she's concerned, and she tells him because she cares about him.

Leslie introduces herself to Lulu, and Dante says he should remember to do the introductions. Lulu says that she really wants to remember. Leslie assures her that she will, and that she'll know how much Leslie loves her. Leslie tells Lulu how happy everyone is that she's there. Elizabeth assures he sons that they will get cake after the wedding. AJ and Nikolas step aside. Nikolas tells AJ that it is good that AJ could join them. AJ thanks Nikolas for having him to his home. He comments that the house is as warm and inviting as Nikolas is. Elizabeth notices the exchange.

Felicia asks if Mac doesn't want to get married. Mac says why they should bother. They are together and in love, why bother with the paperwork. As she eats from the bowl of nuts, Felicia says that she should have known that Mac didn't want a ceremony, she doesn't even have a ring. Mac says that she doesn't need one. She is his wife in every way that counts, in spirit. He says they don't need all the superficial stuff like candy bars and starfish. Felicia finishes his list by including rings, just as she feels something in the bowl of nuts. She picks up a diamond ring. Felicia asks if it is Lulu's ring, but Mac confirms that it's for Felicia. In tears, Felicia says she really started to believe that Mac didn't want to get married. He tells her that nothing could be further from the truth. He takes the ring, gets down on one knee, and properly proposes to Felicia. She tells him no, but then says she got him. He says he deserved that. She then accepts his proposal. He puts the ring on her and they kiss as the other patrons in the bar applaud.

Scott is on the phone, telling someone that something is unacceptable, that it is crucial that they get it done. Lulu realizes that Scott is who her mother is marrying. She asks Dante if it would be weird if she said she didn't like Scott. Dante says it would be weird if she did like Scott. Leslie asks Nikolas if Elizabeth is dating AJ. Nikolas assures Leslie that it won't last. Laura takes a private moment to thank Dante for convincing Lulu to attend the wedding. Dante is glad that Lulu agreed, then hopes that Lulu will have some memories from attending the wedding. Laura hopes so. They are interrupted as Scott takes Laura aside, telling her that they may not be getting married at all.

Luke asks if Tracy really said she cares about him. Tracy says she doesn't want to lose him to alcohol, or at all. She tells him that she wants to strangle him sometimes, but she cares about him a lot. Luke says the feeling is mutual, then kisses Tracy.

The passenger insists that he knows the stranger who looks like Todd. The stranger says maybe he knows him from a past life. The passenger says he knows it will hit him who the stranger is as soon as he's off the plane. He then notices that they are about to land. The passenger goes back to his seat as the stranger says he's relieved that the flight is nearly over. The stranger says it was longer than he anticipated. The passenger asks what brings the stranger to Port Charles. The stranger says with luck, a little of both business and pleasure.

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