GH Update Thursday 5/16/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/16/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu's screams brings Milo running. We see Lulu being dragged off of The Haunted Star by an unknown assailant. Laura turns up at Wyndemere to invite Nikolas to her wedding.

Scotty arrives at The Floating Rib, where Lucy is reading her resume. Lucy is going stir crazy and wants to find a job. When he sees her Master of Library Sciences, he tells Lucy that she's not that person anymore. He tells her that he's got a job for her. He needs her to get the Mayor down to the courthouse, so he can marry Laura today.

Dante is on a police call to The Haunted Star, where he nearly shoots Luke.

At Wyndemere, Laura and Nikolas discuss her relationship with Scotty. Lucy is doing the same with Scotty at The Floating Rib. She tries to convince him that he's finally won "the girl", but Scotty still thinks that Luke is a problem. Nikolas tells Laura that he is grateful for Scotty's support during his recovery, but he hasn't forgotten how Scotty treated Lulu, even if she can't remember. Laura tells him that Lulu and Scotty have made peace with that. Nikolas reminds her that, that was before Lulu's memory loss.

Lucy is excited for Scotty, thinking Lulu has recovered her memory. Scotty tells her no, but he and Laura don't want to wait anymore. Scotty thinks that the only problem will be Luke. Meanwhile, Luke is on The Haunted Star, telling Dante how he came by The Star. Back at Milo's Lulu is still trying to figure out if it was a dream, or a memory. Milo tells Lulu that she screamed "Let me go!" She tells Milo about the guy dragging her off of The Star. Milo gives her a hug.

At Wyndemere, Laura talks to Nikolas how her and Luke finally said goodbye. Nikolas is sad for her, but Laura says that it's time move on. Nikolas thinks that everything has been resolved, and the Cassadine curse has been lifted. She reminds him that there is one Cassadine that she will always love. They continue to talk about the wedding, and when Laura mentions that it's at the courthouse, Nikolas offers Wyndemere instead.

Lucy is trying to calm down a nervous Scotty. He trashes the Yoga she's practicing on him. He mentions how Lucy and Serena tried to teach him Yoga a long time ago. Lucy reminds him that Laura chose him, not Luke. Just as they are hugging, Kevin shows up at The Floating Rib.

On The Haunted Star, Dante updates Luke on Lulu's progress, or lack thereof. She won't be alone with him, or even come back to the loft. Lulu is freaking out at Milo's. He teases her, and tries to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Dante tells Luke that Lulu won't even be alone with him. She won't come back to the loft. Luke advises him to bring her to The Haunted Star, she needs to sing for it anyway. Back at Milo's Lulu is telling him about the man dragging her off the boat. She thinks maybe it was Stavros. She thanks him for being a good friend. He tells her how much being around her means to him. He leans in to kiss her.

Laura is overwhelmed by Nikolas's offer, and happily accepts. They talk about Lucky and how he won't be there. Nikolas tells her that Lucky would want her to be happy. She tells him they will have a big reception, for all the people who can't be there later. Just then, Lesley Webber walks in, with little Spencer, in tow.

Back at The Floating Rib, Scotty plays pool while Lucy plays catch-up with Kevin. Kevin makes snarky comments about Scotty. When Kevin wonders if this marriage will last, Scotty decides to leave to take care of just that. Meanwhile, Mother and daughter are having a happy reunion. Nikolas takes Spencer on a tour of Wyndemere, so they can talk. Lesley is happy that everyone returned home safe and sound. But Laura has to tell her about Lulu's memory loss.

Milo and Lulu's kiss is interrupted by a knock on the door. Of course, it's Dante, who makes a crack about Milo not being dressed. He tells Lulu that he's not there to force her to remember things. He's on police business, he says. He tells her that, as the owner of The Haunted Star, she has to come down, and check out the damages before it can be allowed back in port. Lulu is surprised to hear that she owns a boat. He also tells her it was where they first met. She is reluctant but eventually agrees to go with him.

Scott has managed to track down Luke on The Haunted Star, much to Luke's surprise. He and Luke trade barbs and Luke also echoes Kevin's sentiment. Scotty warns Luke not to interfere with his wedding to Laura. While waiting for Lulu, Dante warns Milo not to try anything with Lulu.

Lesley is upset to hear about Lulu's memory loss. She reminds Laura how hard it was for them to reconnect a long time ago. They had to start from scratch and it worked. She tells Laura that it will for her and Lulu, too. Just then, Nikolas returns with Spencer, who announces "We're going to have a wedding!" Nikolas rushes Spencer out of the room. Lesley thinks it's Nikolas but it's stunned when Laura tells her that she's marrying Scotty Baldwin.......again!

Dante and Lulu arrive at The Haunted Star, where Luke has apparently left. When she asks about the so-called damages, he points out the scratches on one of the posts and a bullet hole. She doesn't thinks it's so much, so he tells her the tale of how Luke and Laura tried to rescue her from Helena. He tells her how they found Ethan, instead, and how he swam from a WSB boat to The Star. She seems impressed that he would do that for her. He tells her that she would do anything for her. He also tells her that this where they shared their kiss.

Lesley isn't happy when she hears that Laura plans to marry Scotty again. Lesley talks about how Scotty followed Laura to Paris. She admits that she even stayed in Italy at Nikolas's house, to avoid him. At the same time, Luke shows up at The Floating Rib, to drown his sorrows, about losing Laura to Scott.

Lucy is still there trying find out who Kevin's mystery patient is. Because, the patient is in Seattle, she thinks that Bobbie has finally snapped. Kevin says no, but tells her that he did meet up with Bobbie for coffee. She asked him to tell Lucy, that Noah Drake is romancing "the hell out of her." Lucy wants Kevin to settle down in Port Charles.

On The Haunted Star, Lulu seems charmed by Dante's story of their first kiss. Lucy is still trying to get Kevin to share information with her. He tells her that he has things under control.

While they're still talking, Scotty shows up at Wyndemere, making Lesley nearly jump out of her skin. He tries to make nice, but Lesley's having none of it. When he has the nerve to ask why, Lesley screams "Because you murdered my husband!" Scott recounts that he was trying to save Laura from Rick hurting her. It was an accident. He says how sorry he is, and asks for Lesley's blessing.

At the same time, Luke shows up at The Floating Rib, he has a drink, and makes a sarcastic toast to Scotty and Laura.

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