GH Update Wednesday 5/15/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/15/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

In Port Charles, we see a replay of Molly and Rafe agreeing to be "just friends". TJ shows up as they're hugging and jumps to the wrong conclusion....again.

At the hospital in Manhattan, Sam threatens to call the cops on the doctor, who looks like Stephen Clay. He finally gets a word in, and tells her that he's Stephen's older brother, Dr. Silas Clay.

In Connie's office, the Falconeri girls are enjoying pizza, and debating which restaurant is better. They decide to ask their guest, but he's a little tied up, at the moment. Apparently, they're holding the gambling goon for Sonny. Shawn and Sonny are in New York, checking the information that he gave them.

Also in New York, Michael is trying to talk Morgan out of the poker game. He thinks that Kiki set it up for Morgan to lose, but of course, Morgan doesn't listen. He sits down to play.

At the hospital in Manhattan, Carly still can't find Michael, so AJ agrees to help her. AJ wants to check up on Elizabeth first, and Carly makes a face, they argue about his relationship with Elizabeth. Tracy is wandering the halls looking for Mario Batali. As she walks past the cubicle where, Carly and AJ are arguing, she overhears them talking about their one night stand. Aha! Suddenly, she has something she can use against AJ. She sets her phone to record, but AJ hears her squeal and throws back the curtain. Busted!

In her hospital room, Nikolas is happy when Elizabeth wakes up. But Elizabeth only wants to know where AJ is. Nikolas tells her that AJ went to find a doctor, and hasn't come back. AJ is doing damage control with Tracy, about what she thinks she heard. Tracy hides her cell phone behind her back. Carly tries to help out, but Tracy won't be swayed. Elizabeth asks Nikolas to find AJ for her, but he takes the opportunity to trash AJ again. Elizabeth tells him that she's grateful to Nikolas for trying to stop Tracy, but she's still with AJ. Nikolas asks why they had separate hotel rooms. Elizabeth reminds him that it's a new relationship.

Back in Port Charles, TJ doesn't heed Felix's advice, and goes off on Molly and Rafe. Molly gets pissed off at TJ, and fires back at him. She ends up telling him that her and Rafe were hugging because he agreed to be her prom date. At the hospital, Sam tells Dr. Clay that his younger brother was a serial killer

Sonny and Shawn burst into the location given to them. Olivia and Connie listen intently, and it soon becomes clear that the information was false. Sonny orders Olivia to take care of our guest. Olivia pulls a gun from her purse, and aims it at the goon. He scoffs at her. She tells him, that her son is a cop, and he taught her how to shoot. She advises him not to lie to Sonny again.

Kiki complains to Morgan about Michael hovering, and Michael fires back that Kiki is setting him up. Morgan ignores him, and continues to play. But the game quickly goes south, when one of the players accuses Morgan and Kiki of cheating. Michael doesn't help by making snide remarks about Kiki.

Meanwhile, Sam is stunned by Dr. Clay's cold attitude when she tells him about his brother. She tells how Stephen thought he was a vampire, and that he thought he was immortal. She tells him ho Stephen snapped when his wife died. "What good's sanity when it separates you from the woman you love? Better to embrace the madness and believe you can bring her back." he says. Sam is spooked because he sounds exactly like Stephen. When he asks if she knew him, Sam tells Dr. Clay that when his brother escaped, he came after a lot of people.

Back in Elizabeth's hospital room, she and Nikolas talk about AJ with Nikolas insisting that AJ will hurt her in the end. AJ changes the subject with Tracy to the poisoned relish. They bicker about whose fault it was, Tracy blames him for Mario Batali almost dying. Carly and AJ try to distract Tracy, to no avail. Tracy blackmails AJ into taking the blame for the relish fiasco.

Sam tells Silas how Stephen thought she looked like his dead wife and kidnapped her and her son. She tells him how he tried to make her into a vampire, so they could be together. "Death is an obstacle. Leave it to my little brother to try and defeat." he chuckles. Sam I shocked by his uncaring attitude. He callously dismisses what happened to her and Stephen's other victims.

Tracy is still waiting for an answer from AJ, who turns to Carly for help. Carly is more concerned about her sons to care. AJ follows suit because he's worried about Michael. Tracy thinks he's bluffing, and takes off to find Elizabeth. Carly can't believe that he let her go. Carly doesn't want Michael or anyone else to know they slept together. She asks him if he really wants Elizabeth to know. Nikolas and Elizabeth are still debating whether or not AJ has changed. Suddenly, Tracy shows up and agrees with Nikolas that AJ will hurt her.

Back in Port Charles, Molly checks on Danny then goes back to talk to TJ. TJ goes off on Molly, so Rafe tries to defend her. Molly gets angry at TJ, and ends up telling him that Rafe agreed to be her prom date.

Olivia gets ready to shoot her guest on Sonny's orders. Connie plays along, and worries about the mess. Olivia apologizes for the rug, but doesn't get a chance to shoot. The goon finally gives out the correct address.

Back in New York, the game has broken up leaving Morgan worried about how he was gonna pay off his debt. Michael and Kiki bicker about Michael spoiling the game. Carly and AJ are arguing over Tracy and her blackmail. AJ is too worried about Michael to care. Just then, Sonny calls Carly to tell that they found the boys. She tells AJ, who for once is grateful to Sonny.

Michael tries to get Morgan to leave, and then Kiki tries to get Michael to leave. When she opens the door, Morgan's thugs are there, and they barge in. They demand the money which, of course, he doesn't have. He does give them the ten thousand, but it's not enough. They threaten to hurt Morgan and Kiki. Michael steps in, using the Corinthos name to scare them. It doesn't work so when one of the thugs goes to beat up Morgan, Michael jumps in, and it turns into a brawl.

Carly and AJ talk about the boys, and Carly makes a crack, that he didn't help find them. She turns the subject to Tracy. Tracy is about to tell Elizabeth the truth, when AJ suddenly appears. He admits that he has hurt Elizabeth.

Back in Port Charles, Molly is still telling off TJ for not believing in her. TJ thinks that she's just trying to get back at him.

When Silas walks away from her, she tells him that he has a nephew. She tells him how Stephen killed Rafe's mother in front of him, and that he was in foster care for awhile. When he asks where his nephew is now, Sam tells him that he's living with her. He tells her that she's not very direct. She tells him he's not very compassionate. He agrees, and walks away. Later when she's looking for him, he just shows up. Again Sam is spooked. They have more words before Sam gives up.

AJ tells Elizabeth that it was his relish that was poisoned. He says he rushed the process before it got FDA approval. Elizabeth is confused because she tasted it before and didn't get sick. Tracy gloats as AJ apologizes to Elizabeth.

Back in Port Charles, Olivia and Connie leave the goon in her office. They're waiting for the police to pick him up. TJ and Molly are still fighting till TJ storms off.

In the meantime, Sonny and Shawn burst into Ava Jerome's apartment. They break up the fight between Michael and the thugs. Morgan introduces Sonny to the thugs. Sonny pays off the thugs including the 10 thousand that Morgan already gave them. Sonny goes all Sonny Corinthos on them. He warns them to stay away from his family. Sonny wants to know what happened. Morgan starts to tell him, but he asks Michael too instead. Sonny tells Morgan that he's taken him home. Morgan wants to know what about Kiki.

Molly officially asks Rafe to the prom. Sam questions Silas about his feelings. She doesn't understand his attitude.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth and AJ that the tests results came back. It was definitely food poisoning. AJ bites the bullet and goes to see Mario Batali. Tracy hands him Mario's clog.

Connie and Olivia chat about Aunt Teresa and how she didn't like made men. Olivia jokes that maybe she's in the wrong line of work. Connie wonders why she's always dragged back into Sonny's life.

Kiki introduces herself to Sonny as Katherine Jerome. He wonders if she's related to the Jerome crime family. Katherine doesn't know who Olivia and Julian are. Morgan tries to defend her, but Michael tells him that Sonny knows what he's been up too. Morgan tries to argue his case, but he doesn't win. He kisses Katherine goodbye and leaves with his family.

Sam and Carly finally meet up, and Sam tells her about this arrogant doctor she met. As they leave, Silas Clay comes around the corner. It looks like he was eavesdropping.

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