GH Update Tuesday 5/14/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/14/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Felix goes to Kelly's and meets up with TJ, whose upset of losing Molly. Molly is at home babysitting Danny, when Rafe shows up. He tells that Sam told her to stay with Alexis, while she's in New York. Sam is at the hospital, helping Carly look for Michael and Morgan, when she runs into a Stephen Clay lookalike. Carly runs into the nurse who attended Morgan earlier. Michael shows up at Ava Jerome's, banging on the door and yelling for Morgan, The door is opened by a girl, who's a dead ringer for Starr Manning.

Shawn and Sonny are on a plane on their way to New York. Sonny apologizes to Shawn for getting him involved with his kid. Shawn says that he would've gone anyway.

In the meantime, the "relish wars" on "The Chew" are turning into a disaster. As Mario Batali announces the winner, he suddenly becomes violently ill. Suddenly the other co-hosts start getting sick, too. AJ and Tracy blame each other. As Nikolas and Elizabeth are watching from the green room, Elizabeth becomes ill. Nikolas rushes to her aid.

A mysterious stranger roams the studio hallways, and watches the chaos on screen. "Who is responsible for doing this?" asks one of the hosts. "Who indeed?" he says to himself. The stranger looks a lot like Todd Manning.

Felix listens to TJ as he tells him what he did to Rafe. Rafe and Molly are talking about the same thing. Sam gets rattled when she sees Stephen's doppelganger. She drops her phone when she runs away from him.

Carly questions the nurse who doesn't remember Michael and Morgan. Michael barges past the Starr Manning lookalike, still yelling for Morgan. Morgan finally appears, and Michael yells at him for leaving the hospital. When he asks why, Morgan tells him because of his girlfriend. Morgan and his girlfriend play kissy face.

Meanwhile, chaos erupts at "The Chew" when everyone becomes ill. It's only the people who tasted the relish. Tracy and AJ bicker, until AJ goes for help. The PA runs into the green room, looking for paper towels. He meets the mysterious stranger who looks a lot like Todd Manning.

Michael has his hands full with Morgan and the lookalike who introduces herself as "KIKI". He tells them how everyone thought that she was a predator. Kiki tells them she is, and goes to take off her shirt. Michael stops her then Morgan and Kiki are all over each other.

Carly gets nowhere with the nurse, until she pulls out a picture of the boys. The doctor finally catches up with Sam to return her phone. She freaks out, threatening to call the cops on him. She thinks he's Stephen Clay.

Back in Port Charles, Molly and Rafe discuss her breakup with TJ. Rafe confesses that he told Sam how he feels about Molly. At the same time, TJ admits to Felix how he duped Rafe, and that's why Molly broke up with him.

Nikolas is taking care of Elizabeth, when AJ finds them. They argue over who should be with Elizabeth, before deciding to take her to the hospital. Tracy tries to take care of Mario, and do some damage control, but Mario wants nothing to do with her. The PA is questioning the Manning lookalike, when we hear someone calling for Todd. It turns out to be the PA's name. He has to leave before we find out who the lookalike is.

Felix is stunned when TJ admits how he duped Rafe. Felix understands now why Molly is mad at TJ. He advises the kid to keep his jealousy under control. Rafe and Molly are having a heart-to-heart about their relationship.

At the hospital, Sam is freaking out, when the doppelganger tries to return her phone. Carly continues to question the nurse, when she pulls out a picture of the boys. She tells Carly that Morgan has a mouth on him. She tells her that it appeared that Morgan ran out on Michael.

Michael is trying to deal with the lovestruck Morgan. Kiki gives Michael attitude, which doesn't help Michael to like her very much. Morgan and Kiki tell Michael about their plan to win back Morgan's losses. Michael isn't too thrilled and tries to talk Morgan out of it. As they argue, the doorbell rings, and Kiki's guests arrive.

On their way to New York, Sonny tells Shawn about his father, Mike Corbin, and his gambling issues. He tells them how Mike's problems ruined their relationship. He wants to do better by Morgan. He's determined to bring Morgan home.

Tracy, now alone on the set, picks up Mario's clog and wipes it off. She looks up to the heavens, and asks her father for help. The Todd Manning lookalike watches her from the green room.

AJ, Nikolas and Elizabeth have now arrived at the hospital. AJ goes looking for help, Morgan's hears Nikolas screaming for help, and leaves Carly alone. Sam is freaking out, when the doctor lookalike is called away. She is startled when he tells her that she doesn't know everything about Stephen.

Rafe takes ownership of his part in the TJ bust-up. He doesn't want to lose his friendship with Molly. Felix tells TJ to suck it up and go and talk to Molly. Rafe tells Molly to give TJ another chance, because even though she may not return Rafe's feelings, he still wants her to be happy.

AJ runs into Carly and wonders why she's at the hospital. She tells him about Michael and Morgan, then he tells her about "The Chew" disaster. Michael is still trying to talk sense into Morgan, especially when he hears Kiki setting up Morgan to her guests.

Morgan tells him it's the other way around, and goes to join the game.

The doctor, who looks like Stephen Clay, is checking out Elizabeth. He asks Nikolas what she ate. Nikolas looks at him sheepishly, and says relish. The doctor gives Nikolas a pointed look but doesn't say anything. Morgan's nurse looks after Elizabeth with Nikolas hovering close by. She says that he seems to care about her a lot. Nikolas tells her that they've known each other a long time.

Tracy is still searching the studio for Mario, when she runs into Todd, the PA. He tells her that they took Mario to the hospital, so Tracy takes of. She doesn't see the Todd Manning lookalike hiding behind the door.

Kiki tries to get Michael to leave but, of course, he doesn't and keeps a close eye on the game. AJ agrees to help Carly with looking for the boys. Sam calls home to check on Danny. Molly accuses her of sounding like Alexis! Ouch. Molly notices that Sam seems off, but Sam denies it. Sam is startled when the Clay lookalike shows up.

Michael gives Morgan one last, futile shot to back out. He threatens to call Carly on Morgan. Carly calls Michael, but Kiki sees the message first and disconnects it. The doctor, who looks like Stephen Clay, tells Sam that he's Silas Clay, Stephen's brother.

Tracy arrives at the hospital looking for Mario Batali. She runs into Morgan's nurse, who knows nothing about him. Back in Port Charles, Molly and Rafe have agreed to be "just friends". As they're hugging, TJ shows up.

At the hospital, AJ wants to check on Elizabeth before helping Carly. Carly scoffs at him, and AJ goes off on her. As they're arguing, Tracy walks by, and overhears their secret.

Back at the studio, the remaining "Chew" cohosts talk about what happened. The stranger, who looks like Todd manning, watches them very pleased with himself. He makes a phone call telling someone "I'm done." He tells them that he's on his way to Port Charles.

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