GH Update Monday 5/13/13

General Hospital Update Monday 5/13/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

It looks like The Chew is ready to invite Tracy and Nikolas to be on their show to introduce her famous relish. But before that can happen, he announces that he's not going to go through with it. AJ is with Elizabeth and they go to confront him. He assures them that he will not work with Tracy to double-cross AJ. Tracy watches from her television as the Chew hosts announce that she is too chicken to go on their show.

Patrick is then at Kelly's with Emma who is full of questions about the baby Britt may or may not have whom she says is his. Patrick then explains to his daughter that Britt has decided to have the baby and that she (Emma) will have a little brother or sister. Yes, he previously told her that would not happen. But there has now been a change of plans.

Michael goes to attempt to find Morgan after Sam and Carly have found out where he is. Michael finds his brother passed out on the floor after it appears he's been assaulted.

Tracy is furious to see that The Chew hosts announce that she has chickened out from the competition. She tells them she is not going to take this sitting down and will go on the show to confront the charges. But before she can, Nikolas' bodyguard goes to prevent her from leaving the building. The Chew hosts then announce that they will introduce her courageous competitor Alan Quartermaine Jr. Everybody claps and cheers while they expect AJ. But he has not appeared either while he talks to Elizabeth and AJ. But when he hears his name called for the 2nd time, he appears and comes out on the stage to join The Chew hosts at their cooking table.

Emma yells loudly to her daddy that it is not fair when he previously promised her there would not be a baby. He asks her where she got the idea that he was not going to buy a word Britt said, but later realizes that it must have been her "uncle" Felix And he tells Emma he's going to go and have a chat with Felix.

At the hospital, Sabrina has that very conversation with Felix. He tells her that he bets it's highly likely that a guy named Brad who works at the lab is falsifying reports for Britt to lie to Patrick that she's having life threatening morning sickness and needs urgent medical care. She tells Felix she finds that a bit far fetched. But he tells her he bets it's true. Britt is in a private room having that very conversation with Brad who assures her he can pull the scam off for her and nobody will be the wiser.

Michael goes to find Morgan and helps him get on his feet. Morgan is not worried and urges his brother not to come to his rescue or tell their parents. Michael then gets a call from Carly which Morgan urges him not to take but which he tells his brother he has to.

Kate/Connie is also worried about Morgan and discusses it with Olivia. She tells her cousin she can't just sit there and has to do something about it. Olivia urges her to know that these guys who are putting Morgan up to do their dirty work for them are dangerous and she can't mess with them. Right then, the very guys in question appear and confirm that she is right.

At Kelly, Emma tells her daddy that she knows that Britt is not to be trusted and the thought of her being Emma's new mommy is not something she will ever accept. He assures his daughter that Britt being her mommy will never happen. She asks how he knows that. he replies because he said so. .She reminds him that he made the same promise about Britt not having a baby so how can she trust him with the promise of Britt never being her mommy. He tries to get his daughter to trust and respect his judgment But she asks him if he could make certain that the "next time he has a baby", could it be with someone nice. Like Sabrina? He does not know what to say to her about that.

At the hospital, Felix tells Sabrina that he won't let her give up on getting to the bottom of what he believes is a scam that Britt is putting Brad up to helping her pull off. They stand outside the exam room and overhear their conversation. When Britt sees them, she tells them that they were having a private conversation and they need to step away. But Felix tells Brad he is there to check his temperature.

The guys who are accused of endangering Morgan and other college kids tell Olivia and Connie that they should not be getting a jail bird like Johnny Zacchara involved in this. And they happen to know that the college kid known as Morgan Benson is really Morgan Corinthos.

Michael demands that Morgan tells him his secrets about playing Texas hold 'em on his computer and put himself in debt with loan sharks or worse. Morgan demands that his brother lets him handle what he is privately handling and stay out of it. But Michael can see that Morgan has been assaulted and needs help.

The hosts of The Chew ask AJ of Pickle-Lila, which is one of a kind is really his own recipe which he owns. Nikolas and Elizabeth stand outside the television studio when he gets a call informing him that Tracy has apparently "gotten away".

She struggles with the guys who are preventing her from going on the show.

On The Chew, AJ tells the hosts, audience and viewers that he as a new recipe that is the new and improved addition to the famous relish. And at that point, they go to a commercial and forewarn the guests that when they are back on the set, AJ will reveal his secret.

When Felix tells Brad that he looks "feverish." Brad gets up in his face and asks if Felix is "propositioning" him. Felix smirks and tells him it has nothing to do with that. While the two guys are distracted"," Sabrina goes and tells Britt she wants to talk to her. Britt asks her what she wants. Sabrina seems confident in telling Britt she wanted to apologize if she was "rude" the other day. Before they can finish their conversation", Patrick enters and asks the two women what is going on. Britt tells him that Sabrina was just about to apologize to her. But it did not seem sincere. And at that point," Brad takes off his shirt and strips down to his shorts so that Felix can "examine" him.",

"The guy who goes to talk to Connie and Olivia asks them why the both of them would go and visit Johnny Z. at Pentonville. Connie tells them that she went to see him because she is his wife and they have marital business to discuss. Olivia informs them she is Johnny's ex and they are still friends. But the guys tells the two women they are lying. They know that Johnny's wife and ex girlfriend are out to cause trouble. And they can "discourage" them from doing that."

Michael takes Morgan to the hospital and while he's waiting, he is able to see The View from the television and watches his bio dad introducing Pickle-Lilia.

Outside the set, Nikolas and Elizabeth know that Tracy has "escaped". He tells her he is bound and determined to find them.

When AJ is in the middle of putting the relish on hot dogs for the crew on The Chew, he interrupts them and tells them he wants to talk about his son Michael.

Nikolas then goes to find Tracy who has already found her way to the set of The Chew. She then appears and tells them that they cannot start the condiment revelation with out her new invention Pickle Eddie with Edward Quartermaine's face on it. She tells them it's the daddy of all pickle relish.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Britt he's sure that if Sabrina apologized she meant every word. he dismisses their conversation and engages with Sabrina about his 'touchy" conversation with Emma. He informs her that she might want to talk to her friend Felix about "inappropriate conversations with children". Sabrina attempts to gather more information about Britt's "critical medical condition" and whether she's really going to be out of work for months.

When Tracy appears on The Chew, they ask where her partner Nikolas Cassadine is. she tells them that "Prince Nikki" couldn't be with them today. They ask why.

Carly gets on the phone to call Michael while she's with Sam and demands to know what her sons are up to and what secrets he's not telling her about Morgan. he assures his mo that everything will be ok with his brother. But she demands that he lets her talk to Morgan.

The guys who come to confront the Falconeri women smash computers and threaten Connie and Olivia at the office in order to motivate them to stop their investigation of them endangering Morgan. Not far away, Sonny and Shaw appear with guns in hand.

Britt tells Patrick she will have issues with her job as a physician if she's out of work and won't have health care insurance. He tells her he can pick up the cost of her medical bills. She tells him there's another problem. She might lose her place. She can't pay her rent or mortgage given the situation and doesn't have anywhere to go. Not far away, after Felix has been "unsuccessful" in getting the truth out of Brad, Sabrina tells him she is worried about his behaviors that might get them both in trouble.

When the guys threaten the lives of Olivia and Connie as well as Michael, Sonny and Shawn break through the room and shoot them.

The producers of The Chew find Nikolas and Elizabeth in the waiting room after Nikolas has gotten injured. At The Chew program, Tracy tells them that her nephew is stealing her parents' recipe and is a fraud, fake, embezzler and cannot be trusted. But he asks the hosts to sample his new relish. They are impressed and see that his relish has a "special kick" that nothing else has. And maybe they can combine both of their "guests" recipes to make a totally awesome product. They then announce that the winner of the condiment competition is while Elizabeth watches with suspense. But the announces appears to pass out before he can deliver the answer to who's pickle relish "won."

Sonny and Shawn subdue the thugs and tell them the better get out of town. Sonny tells them he does not know who they think they are but if they think they can go after his family, especially his kids, he will end them. The women urge Sonny not to shoot him because they need him to tell them where Morgan is.

Carly and Sam go to the hospital to find Michael and Morgan. Sam suggests they split up and go in different directions to cover more of the hospital that way. Sam then goes into a lab and sees a guy who looks just like Caleb, the vampire (the John McBain lookalike.)

Michael rushes to attempt to find his brother. Somebody won't let him open the door. He pushes it open and sees Starr Manning on the other side of the door.

It appears that somebody's relish has made The Chew's host pass out and sick. And when everyone is distracted while they are all sick, out of nowhere, Todd Manning appears.

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