GH Update Friday 5/10/13

General Hospital Update Friday 5/10/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe walks down the stairs of Sam's apartment when she walk in and catches him in sunglasses, trying to sneak out. She asks why he's wearing sunglasses. She takes them off of him to reveal a black eye.

At Kelly's, TJ holds Molly's cell phone, reading texts between Molly and Rafe. He flashes back to his confrontation with Rafe, revealing that the texts were sent by him, not Molly, resulting in his hitting Rafe and warning him to stay away from Molly. Back in current time, Molly walks in and sees TJ with her phone. She's relieved that TJ has her phone.

In New York, Tracy is not happy that Nikolas is not going on The Chew. He announces to her that neither of them is going on the show. Tracy insists that she's going on the show, but Nikolas stops her, telling her she's not going. Tracy wants to know why, and Nikolas tells her because of Elizabeth.

At the studio of The Chew, AJ and Elizabeth walk backstage, excited to be there. AJ is confident that the appearance is going to save ELQ, and Elizabeth is glad to be there with him. She tells him that right before the Nurses' Ball, she almost wrote him off. AJ flashes back to kissing Carly at the Quartermaine mansion, then to their ending up in bed together. Current day, Elizabeth tells him that she was wrong.

Carly walks out of Kelly's on her cell phone, leaving a message for Spinelli to call her back regarding a job. Anna comes by, asking if she's ok. Carly tells Anna that her son's missing.

At Carly's home, Michael looks at a photo of Morgan with Carly and Sonny as his cell phone rings. Morgan calls him, and Michael asks where he is. Morgan asks if Sonny and Carly are still fighting. Michael tells him they're not having a normal conversation, and asks if he's ok. Morgan says he's fine. Michael tells him that they all know about his gambling. Morgan says that he's taking care of it the same way he has taken care of everything since Carly sent him to military school. Michael reminds Morgan that he was sent there for his protection. Michael promises that they are going to get him out of trouble, and Morgan isn't happy that Sonny is involved. Michael tells him about the encounter between Travis and Sonny at Morgan's dorm room. Michael warns Morgan to get home right away.

Carly tells Anna about how Sonny is trying to track down Morgan, but tells her that Sonny can only do so much, and they need help from the police. Anna says she can't do anything since Morgan disappeared outside of her jurisdiction. Carly is upset that Anna can't help. Anna promised to get the national police department on the case, and offer her help, but she suggests Carly hire her own private investigator. Carly goes off on Anna, telling her that she's thought of that, but can't reach Spinelli. She then realizes something, tells Anna she needs to talk to someone, then rushes off.

Sam offers to get Rafe some ice, but Rafe declines. He tries to tell her that he walked into a door to avoid telling her who hit him, but she doesn't buy it and doesn't drop it. Rafe takes the blame for the black eye. Sam thinks that it happened because of Molly, and asks if TJ hit him.

Molly tells TJ how upset she was about finding her phone missing. They discuss her playing Phrases with Family. He deletes the text conversation before handing the phone back to her. Molly is disappointed that she doesn't have any texts. TJ asks if she was expecting something.

AJ is glad that Elizabeth changed her opinion of him. She says that it was all him, and is confident that he will change a lot of minds with his appearance on The Chew. A producer comes by, interrupting them. He explains how the segment will go. He reveals to a surprised AJ that Tracy will be on the show, too, for a taste off between the two relishes by mistaking Elizabeth for Tracy.

Tracy asks what Elizabeth has to do with their plans. Nikolas tells her how much Elizabeth means to him, and that he's changed his mind because it would upset Elizabeth to hurt AJ. Tracy tells him that's the point. Nikolas says that Elizabeth knows why they are there, she asked him to back off, so he's backing off. Nikolas tries to convince her that there are other ways to market their relish. He tells her that he wants to crush AJ, too, but won't do it if it hurts Elizabeth. The two disagree on which is being reasonable. Tracy announces their partnership over as she doesn't need Nikolas, and begins to storm out to appear on The Chew, but is blocked by two large guards at the door.

Duke joins Anna at Kelly's. He brings her a jar of AJ's relish. Duke says that he expects gratitude and Anna promises to show it later. Duke and Anna discuss their busy schedules and Anna compliments Duke's being able to get AJ on The Chew. Duke predicts AJ's appearance to be a success, unless Tracy causes trouble.

One of the guards carries Tracy back into the hotel room and drops her on the bed. Nikolas tells her to relax and it will be over soon. Tracy tells him that AJ just needs enough time to annihilate ELQ.

AJ and Elizabeth are shown into the green room by the producer. He says AJ will be sent for when hair and makeup are ready for him. The producer leaves them alone for the moment. AJ is concerned about Tracy not being there yet. He is sure that she's up to something. Elizabeth hopes that Nikolas was able to convince Tracy to back out.

Nikolas gives the guards Tracy's phones so that she can't call anyone. Tracy tries to convince Nikolas that his helping AJ is only going to help him win Elizabeth. Nikolas starts to leave when Tracy tries to appeal to Nikolas to help her family. Nikolas refuses and leaves Tracy with the two guards.

TJ asks if Molly was expecting something specific. Molly guesses that he means Rafe, then assures him that the kiss was a one time thing. She says that Rafe knows they are just friends, and that he backed off. TJ isn't so sure.

Sam presses Rafe, asking if it was TJ. Rafe avoids asking, and Sam assumes that she is right. Rafe says that he will talk to TJ, but Sam says that she will talk to Shawn. Rafe asks her not to do so. Sam wants to protect him so he doesn't have to fight TJ the way he had to fight off other kids at the group home. Rafe says he has it under control, and heads out. He opens the door and Carly walks in, saying she needs Sam. Rafe leaves them, telling Sam not to worry. Carly tells Sam that Morgan is missing and she needs Sam's help.

Morgan refuses to come home until he gets himself out of his situation. Michael says that Sonny handled it, but Morgan says that he will take care of it, because he doesn't want his father cleaning up his messes. Michael asks Morgan to at least let him help if he refuses Sonny's & Carly's help. Morgan asks what Michael is going to do. Michael wants to see him first. Morgan says he doesn't need Michael to take care of him, but Michael says he's just standing by him like brothers do, and that he doesn't have to handle it alone. Morgan tells him that he's not handling it alone. Michael asks about the "Jerome" person. Morgan asks Michael knows about her, and Michael is surprised to hear that it's a woman. Morgan asks how Michael knows about her, and Michael tells him how Spinelli found out and gave them the information about Ava and about Morgan's troubles. Michael says that Morgan only needs to say where he is and he will be there for Morgan.

Carly tells Sam how Morgan has been missing for days and Anna won't help her. She complains how much attention was paid to Emma disappearing, and accuses Anna of not helping because Morgan's last name is Corinthos. Sam tells Carly that Anna doesn't have jurisdiction to find Morgan. Carly wants to hire Sam to find him. Sam says that she will take the case for free. She asks Carly to tell her everything she knows.

Molly tries to reassure TJ that Rafe is just her friend, and that she is into TJ. She says she can't wait to show him off at the prom. She tells him that she and Alexis are going dress shopping, so hopefully she can tell him what color dress she will have for him to buy the corsage, and says that she can't wait to go to prom with him. TJ says he can't wait either. He starts to come clean about what happened between him and Rafe when Rafe walks in and Molly is instantly concerned, asking who hit him.

AJ paces nervously as the producer comes to get AJ for hair and make up. Elizabeth promises to wait for him and wishes him luck.

Tracy paces in her hotel room as the two guards watch her, then tries to leave, only to be stopped by the guards. The guards say that Nikolas wants her there. She then tries to plead with the guards. She tries to tell them how the Cassadines are falling, and that Nikolas and his son are the only ones left and their riches are dwindling. She offers the guards jobs with ELQ if they let her go.

Elizabeth helps her to some cookies in the green room, putting them in her purse as Nikolas sees her and teases her about being busted.

Duke starts telling Anna some of the things that Tracy could do to ruin AJ's appearance and his success as Anna enjoys the relish. Duke says that his future depends on the relish succeeding. Duke teases her about returning to a life of crime, and Anna teases that she would have to arrest him.

Elizabeth comments on Nikolas' deciding to show up. Nikolas says that they were invited, but she reminds him that he and Tracy plotted to be on the show to torpedo AJ, and that he was doing it to look better than AJ. She tells him that he's not looking good to her at all. Nikolas agrees. Nikolas assures Elizabeth that Tracy is not there, and she's not coming because he stopped her. Elizabeth asks why he did that. He says because she asked him to.

The guards turn Tracy down and step outside to guard her from outside the door.

Carly explains to Sam about Morgan's situation and how Sonny is off looking for him. Carly wonders if Morgan feels abandoned since being sent away to military school. She says that she just tried to protect him. Sam tells her that they will help Morgan. Sam has Carly dial Morgan's number into her cell phone. Carly comments on how no one in the family has reached them. Sam says that she's not family, she's "Jerome Around the World".

Morgan turns down Michael's help, afraid that Michael will give him up to Sonny and Carly. Michael offers to lie, but Morgan reminds him that he's a terrible liar. They are interrupted when Morgan receives a text. The text reads, "Sup, Captain?".

Rafe tells Molly that he ran into some of the kids from the home, and they attacked him again. Molly says that they have to do something. Rafe tries to get her to drop it, but she refuses, sure that the kids are bullying others as well. TJ tells her that Rafe wants her to let it go, but she still refuses. She wants to go to Anna to tell her. As she starts to go to Anna, TJ tells her that Rafe lied about the black eye, and comes clean to her. Molly is surprised by this. Molly asks Rafe if what TJ told her is true, then apologizes. She feels responsible after telling TJ she and Rafe kissed. She tells Rafe that she also told TJ that they are just friends and she told Rafe that she was unavailable. Rafe says that he does understand that, and TJ accuses him of lying, then mentions one of the texts he deleted from Rafe. TJ confesses to deleting the text after he replied to Rafe, pretending to be Molly to lure him to Kelly's. Rafe tells Molly that TJ would have lost a fair fight, he sucker punched Rafe, then took off. Molly is furious, calling TJ "shady" for setting up Rafe the way he did.

Carly tells Sam how Sonny predicted that Morgan might be a troublemaker, since he has half of his DNA and half of Carly's. Carly says that he almost wishes that it was Michael on the run, because Michael is strong and can deal with problems, while Morgan is reckless. Carly doesn't think that Morgan is going to believe that Sam is "Jerome Around the World". Sam suggests waiting a little longer, when a text comes over asking what happened to her phone. Sam texts back, saying she lost the phone and got a new one, needs to talk and asks if he is available to meet.

Morgan receives the message, sends another text and gets back to Michael. He asks where they were, and Michael says that Morgan was about to tell him where he is.

Sam reads the text from Morgan, telling her that he can't talk because he's on the phone with his brother. Carly is surprised that he is talking to Michael. Both Sam and Carly leave for Carly's house to catch up to Michael.

Elizabeth is surprised that Nikolas kept Tracy away from the show for her. He says that she asked him to not interfere, so she won't. He tells her that AJ will crash and burn on his own without any help. He says that AJ is lying about something. Elizabeth asks what he is lying about, but Nikolas doesn't know, but there's always a lie with him. He tells her that he hopes that she won't be hurt when the lie comes out. Elizabeth says that AJ has changed, but Nikolas doesn't agree. He promises not to push because that's not the way to win her over, and he intends to win her over.

Tracy paces in her room, trying to figure out how to get out. Tracy turns on the TV to find a promo for The Chew. She turns off the TV and starts to cry, then talk to her father, afraid that it's all over for her. She tells Edward that she got the message: he wanted her to save ELQ. She says that she was so close but she failed. She says she's trapped while AJ steals her victory. She apologizes to Edward and asks for forgiveness for wasting the chance he gave her. She hears two thuds outside the door and opens the door to find the guards unconscious on the floor.

TJ accuses Rafe of continuing to chase Molly after she shut him down. Rafe says it wasn't like that. Rafe says he wanted to apologize to both of them. TJ says that Rafe could have emailed them. He accuses Rafe of moving in on Rafe. Molly tells TJ that he is wrong. TJ apologizes to Molly, but she doesn't accept it. She breaks their date for the prom and storms out.

Anna and Duke watch the commotion before Duke says that AJ wants Duke to spread the word about relish launch. He says he doesn't know how to do it. He asks about how to use Twitter, so Anna sends the message for Duke, advertising The Chew.

Tracy calls out wanting to know who knocked the guards out. She is convinced that Edward did it from beyond the grave, and she thanks him, then rushes out to get to The Chew.

Elizabeth reminds Nikolas that she's there with AJ. Nikolas says that he wanted to make his intentions known: he will back off but not back down. He wants Elizabeth in his live. He believes that Elizabeth has feelings for him, too, and he doesn't want them to give up on that. They are interrupted by AJ who arrives to tell Elizabeth that the show is about to start.

Carly and Sam rush into Carly's house as Carly calls out to Michael. She calls out that she knows he talked to Morgan, but there is no answer. Carly wonders where he is.

Morgan is texting when he is interrupted by a knock at the door. He answers the door, obviously expecting someone but is surprised by two men who force their way in. They tell him that they are waiting for their money. Morgan says that he needs to finalize the arrangement for their money. They two men beat Morgan up as incentive to speed up the process.

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