GH Update Thursday 5/9/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/9/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Tracy comes to Nikolas's suite, only to find him not ready yet. "Is that the way you typically answer your door?" she asks. Half-dressed, Nikolas quips "You're in luck. I'm overdressed" As Tracy keeps her eyes averted from Nikolas's assets, she urges him to get dressed like he was on a major publicity campaign, not like a daytime hunk taking his shirt off. "Sounds like you watch some of those?" he teases. "Maybe one. Now get dressed!" Tracy demands.

AJ is on the phone with Michael getting an update on the missing Morgan. As he hangs up, Elizabeth enters his suite, with genuine New York bagels. He tells her needs all the luck he can get. He then tells her that he ran into Tracy, at the same hotel. Spinelli is at the front desk, urgently looking for AJ's room, when Luke sidles up beside him looking for Tracy's room. Spinelli looks at him and angrily says "You!"

Sonny is sitting at his desk, talking to Shawn on the phone. When Olivia arrives, he hangs up. "Rough night? she asks. "You're psychic powers tell you that." he quips. She tells him it's written all over your face. You always could read me, he answers. He updates her on the search for Morgan.. When he gets up from his desk, the camera pans to a picture of him, Morgan and Carly.

Carly picks up the same picture at her place. Michael is there to comfort her. She asks him about the hacker. The camera then pans to the same picture, that Morgan is looking at on his cell phone. He is staying at Ava Jerome's, Lauren's mother.

Sonny tells Olivia what he can about the search. Sonny then asks for her help. Michael tells Carly that he was able to reach a Friend of Spinelli's. He tells her that they think someone may have "catfished" Morgan on the gambling site. Apparently, "catfished" means someone pretending to be someone younger.

Ava serves Morgan coffee, and they talk about Luke's visit. Unaware that Luke is Carly's uncle, Ava tells Morgan, the visit has nothing to do with him. She tells him that he was looking for her daughter.

Meanwhile, Luke and Spinelli are duking it out (verbally) over Luke's trickery. Luke tells Spinelli that Betsey Frank had already decided on siding with Tracy. He tells a frustrated Spinelli that the girl he spoke to, was the daughter of someone who owed him a favor.

Keeping her eyes still averted, Tracy tells Nikolas she ran into AJ She tells him that "that dope on a rope" won't know what hit him. Tracy is beyond excited about her pending victory over AJ Tracy can't stand it anymore, and urges Nikolas to get dressed.

AJ tells Elizabeth about running into Tracy in the hallway. He's convinced, and rightly so, that Tracy is out to sabotage his appearance on "The Chew". Elizabeth is shocked when AJ tells her, that Tracy and Nikolas are business partners. AJ wants to go after Nikolas but just then, Spinelli shows up. An angry Elizabeth rushes out to find Nikolas. Spinelli has bad news for AJ

When someone pounds on his door, thinking it's Tracy, Nikolas tells her to hold on. Unfortunately, it's not Tracy but Elizabeth, and she's loaded for bear. Elizabeth goes off on Nikolas for backing Tracy in the relish wars. Nikolas admits that they changed the name but Elizabeth isn't finished with him. Elizabeth confronts him about trying to sabotage AJ on "The Chew". Nikolas confesses that they are.

Spinelli's friend, Woodrow arrives at Carly's to help with the search for Morgan. He rambles as much as Spinelli about his cyber skills, until Carly snaps at him. "Can you help me find my son?"

Ava encourages Morgan to call his parents, but he wants to protect her. She tells him that if it were her daughter, she'd be going crazy, She urges him to listen to his messages.

Sonny asks Olivia for her help. He wants her to visit Johnny, and pump him for more information. Olivia confesses that she's already been to see Johnny. She tells him, that she went to see him when Sonny was away. She believes that Johnny is telling the truth. He seems to be genuinely concerned about Morgan. She also mentions that Johnny needled her about her relationship with Sonny.

In the meantime, Carly and Michael hover over Woodrow. He explains how the gambling site works, and how it sucked Michael in. Woodrow tells them that Morgan was a pretty popular guy on the gambling site. He also tells them that the person he talked to the most was someone named "Jerome Around the World". At the same time, Michael listens to his messages. Ava overhears Sonny offering to pay off his debt.

Luke meets up with Tracy to update her on his visit with Ava Jerome. He tells her that Ava has a weakness for reprobates. Tracy teases that she must've liked you. Unfortunately, he tells her that he still doesn't know where Lauren is though.

Elizabeth confronts Nikolas on why he's partners with Tracy against AJ Spinelli reports to AJ how Luke misdirected him. Elizabeth reams out Nikolas for using her to set-up AJ Nikolas defends himself passionately, and tells her that Elizabeth deserves someone better. When Elizabeth asks "You?" He says "Yes!"

Spinelli has to tell AJ that he doesn't know where Lauren is. AJ works himself up to a panic attack. Spinelli wants to call 911, but AJ wants him to call Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is furious with Nikolas for setting up AJ Nikolas tells her that when he was recovering, he had a chance to think. He tells her that the only two thing he would miss were Spencer and her. He is determined to win another chance with her. Elizabeth is appalled at his methods. She doesn't think he's playing fair. She asks him to call off the sabotage, if he really loves her.

Spinelli is desperately trying to help AJ, including CPR. He thinks that AJ is having a heart attack. Elizabeth returns, just in time, to calm AJ down. She tells Spinelli that he's having a panic attack.

Luke and Tracy talk about Ava, and how he left her the proxy document. Tracy thinks Ava will use the proxy as leverage. She might not be that far off. Ava's ears perk up when she hears Sonny's offer. She doesn't understand why Morgan won't accept it. Morgan tells Ava, that his father still thinks that he's a kid. He wants to solve his own problems.

Olivia and Sonny talk about Johnny's accusation that she's falling for Sonny again. They both scoff at the idea. Michael is explaining screen names and their uses to Carly. Woodrow hands them a printout of Morgan's conversation with Jerome Around The World. It's pretty graphic, horrifying Carly. Michael tries to get her to stop reading. Morgan apologizes to Ava for being defensive.

Olivia and Sonny talk about Johnny's accusation and laugh at it. Woodrow tells Carly and Michael that he's done all he can do for now. Carly asks Michael to stay with Josslyn, and heads over to Sonny's office.

Ava gets ready for a business trip telling Morgan, he can stay at her place. Luke and Tracy are talking about Ava. Luke isn't sure she can be bought. Tracy is anxious to get going and goes to get Nikolas. Luke actually feels sorry for "Nicky" because Tracy is on the warpath.

Elizabeth has calmed AJ down, so he thanks Spinelli for trying to help him. Spinelli tells Elizabeth that he wasn't successful in finding Lauren. They both tell her that Tracy found Lauren Frank first. Elizabeth tells them that Nikolas and Tracy are planning to "ambush" AJ on "The Chew". She tells them that she tried to talk him out of it.

Tracy is pounding on Nikolas's door. Nikolas, now dressed, goes to answer it. AJ and Elizabeth talk about "The Chew" and how well he will do. He thanks her for going to bat with Nikolas for her. She doesn't know if it helped. But Nikolas is telling Tracy that he's not going anywhere, and neither is she..

Carly shows up at Sonny's office with the printout. Sonny is at a loss at how to track Morgan.

Ava leaves keys and instructions to Morgan before she leaves, suitcase and passport in hand. He thanks her for letting him stay. She tells him she enjoyed having him. Morgan again looks at the same picture on his cell phone. At Carly's, Michael is also looking at the same picture, when he receives a phone call. It's Morgan!

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