GH Update Wednesday 5/8/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/8/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Michael and Sonny arrive at Carly's, almost at the same time. They are there because of the missing Morgan.

Elizabeth and AJ have checked into their hotel. They enjoy the view from AJ's suite and he talks excitedly about being on "The Chew". Nikolas and Tracy have also checked into the same hotel. Tracy gets ahead of herself, and wants to toast to their success, and, of course, AJ's failure.

We have a replay of Sam lighting a candle, and talking to Jason. She hears a noise, and then the candle goes out.

Luke is attempting to charm the Mother of Lauren Frank. Spinelli does the same with the person, whom he thinks is Lauren herself.

AJ is pumped, and optimistic about his future, and Tracy's downfall. AJ and Elizabeth toast to their success.

Meanwhile, Luke plays a cat and mouse game with the mystery woman. He tells her that he does know who she is, and picks up a letter with her name, Ava Jerome, on it.

Alexis has shown up looking for Sam and Rafe. She has some paper work for them to sign. She notices how spooked Sam is, and Sam tells her mother that she thought someone was watching her. Alexis tries to comfort her daughter who misses Jason.

After telling her the information that Betsey Frank gave him, Ava finally admits the truth. She tells him about how she met Franco, when she was a young gallerina (art dealer). Meanwhile, Spinelli is giving his prey a history lesson on the Quartermaines.

Tracy isn't thrilled with the accommodations, and even less thrilled to learn Elizabeth and AJ are staying at the same hotel. Nikolas tries to calm Tracy down, and she warns him not to be seen before she leaves.

Elizabeth enters her room, and is surprised to find Nikolas there, getting undressed. It turns out that she and Nikolas have the same room. Elizabeth is immediately suspicious, of course.

AJ finishes talking to Michael, then goes to look for some ice. He runs smack dab into Tracy. Michael updates Carly about AJ 's trip. Sonny asks him to call Spinally, but Michael tells him that Spinelli is out of town on ELQ business.

Spinelli gives Lauren the lowdown on the Quartermaines. He tells her about her inheritance, and why AJ needs her help. AJ immediately suspects, that Tracy is there to sabotage his appearance on "The Chew".

Ava tells Luke the story of how she met Franco. She hung his first show. She paints a picture of a charming, but eccentric genius. She tells Luke that she became enamored of him, and they spent the night together. She didn't realize that he was crazy after she became pregnant. Franco became obsessed with their daughter, and she had to get Lauren away from him.

Meanwhile, Sam is also talking about Franco, and how he ruined her last few months with Jason. She is still spooked, so Alexis tries to comfort her. Alexis thinks it's time for Sam to let go of her anger. They decide it's time to take Danny home. After they leave, someone steps out of the shadows.

Carly wants Spinelli to drop everything to find Morgan. Michael intervenes, and suggests that they used the FOS Friends of Spinelli) instead. It turns out that one of them actually works for Carly so Michael contacts him.

Nikolas makes a play for Elizabeth and suggests they share a room. Elizabeth rejects him, and goes to get her own room. Tracy lies to AJ about why she's in New York. She swears to him on parents' names, that it has nothing to do with the relish. As she leaves, she wishes him good luck on "The Chew". She's practically gloating.

As he asks Lauren to sign the document, Spinelli learns, he's been tricked by Luke Spencer. He isn't with the real Lauren, after all. Ava takes the document, but doesn't tell Luke if she'll give it to her daughter.

Carly and Sonny talk about Morgan. She apologizes for keeping him from Morgan. They talk about how scared they're, because Morgan is like them. They look at a picture of the three of them.

When Luke leaves, Ava tells her guest that they can come out now. Surprise! Surprise! Morgan comes down the stairs.

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