GH Update Tuesday 5/7/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/7/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Scotty is at Metro Court, looking at a picture of Luke n Laura, that fell out of photo Laura's album. Lucy steps off the elevator looking like a million bucks! She's expecting Kevin home shortly.

Luke has turned up at Milo's to see Lulu, but finds Laura instead. Laura tells him that Dante and Lulu have gone with Maxie for her checkup. Laura is waiting for her so Luke joins. They begin an epic conversation.

Molly has turned up at Keely's to meet TJ He's left romantic clues for her including Scrabble letters that spell out asking her to the prom. TJ shows up with flowers to ask her in person. She tells him she can't.

Sam, Danny and Rafe are at St. Luke's, where they light candles for Alison and Jason. As he lights his candle, he tells his Mom that he will be okay. Sam comes over to ask if he's okay, and they talk about losing loved ones.

Dante and Lulu arrive at the hospital with Maxie. They learn that Dr. Westbourne will be delayed, and that Maxie needs her new insurance card. At Maxie's, Spinelli is floored when Ellie tells him about Maxie's pregnancy. At the hospital, Dante steps away from the girls to answer a phone call. Lulu admits to Maxie that she remembers nothing about their friendship.

Meanwhile at Metro Court, Scotty tells Lucy, that he's waiting for Laura. They talk about Laura, Lulu and Luke. He shows her the picture, and admits that he's still insecure about how Laura feels about him. Luke and Laura are playing catch-up, with her telling him about Nikolas. He tells her about Bobbie seeing Noah Drake in Seattle. Luke asks her if she's still banana peeling down the aisle with Baldwin.

At Maxie's, Ellie tells Spinelli about Maxie's miscarriage. Maxie has forgotten her insurance card, and goes home to get it. Dante laughs at another patient giving a sperm sample. When Lulu asks why, Dante tells her about the first time he did it. There is another reenactment about her helping him. At the end of it, Lulu seems to be remembering something.

Maxie arrives home, only to find that Ellie has told Spinelli, that he is the father of Maxie's baby. Spinelli is ecstatic and tells Maxie he loves her. He breaks up with Ellie, much to her horror.

TJ gets angry when Molly tells him that Rafe kissed her. She pleads with him that it was one-sided, and that she broke it off. Meanwhile, Rafe tells Sam what happened, because she wants to go to Kelly's. He tells her he can't go there anymore. Sam thinks that Rafe just has a crush on Molly. Rafe insists that he's in love.

Scotty and Lucy talk about his feelings for Laura. While Lucy tries to calm him down, Laura does the same with Luke. Luke and Laura discuss their relationship. They share a kiss, after going down memory lane. Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing left but friendship. Scotty worries about where he stands with Laura. Luke and Laura are saying goodbye. Lucy learns that Kevin isn't coming home. Scotty invites her out for dinner.

Molly finally seems to convince TJ, that she doesn't return Rafe's feelings. She tells him that Rafe is grieving and confused. She reminds him of how he was when his dad died. Sam tells Rafe about the kind of person Molly is.

Ellie is heartbroken, when Spinelli chooses to be with Maxie and their baby. When Dante and Lulu arrive, Maxie and Spinelli tell them about the baby. Lulu freaks out on Maxie and slaps her. There is a struggle and a gun goes off, leaving Ellie hit. But, of course, it's all Ellie's imagination because Spinelli snaps her out of it. He's asking about Maxie's miscarriage. Ellie decides to lie to Spinelli, about how Maxie got pregnant again. At the hospital, Maxie returns with her insurance card, breaking yet another moment between Lulu and Dante. She and Lulu go to her appointment.

Luke and Laura are saying goodbye. Laura asks him if she can have his blessing to marry Scotty. She doesn't get a blessing, but he agrees not to stand in their way. She gives him a family picture to remember them by. He tells her that he's going to New York on business for Tracy, and reluctantly leaves. Outside Milo's apartment, he's on the phone to Tracy telling her he's leaving.

Ellie is nervously rambling, when Spinelli tells her that, he too, has to leave for New York on Quartermaine business. After he leaves Ellie, Spinelli calls AJ to tell him that he's also on the way to New York.

TJ tells Molly that's he okay before she leaves for home. Molly leaves her phone which TJ sees has a message from Rafe. TJ pretends to be Molly and asks Rafe to meet him at Kelly's. Rafe leaves Sam at St. Luke's to go and meet Molly.

Maxie returns home to find out that she's dodged a bullet. Ellie tells her that she's decided to keep her secret.

Laura finally meets up with Scotty at Metro Court. She tells him that she saw Lulu, but it didn't go well. She also tells him that she and Luke said goodbye. She finally ready to set a wedding date, much to Scotty's delight. Luke has arrived at Lauren Frank's address, but it's not Lauren. Spinelli, however, seems to have found the missing Quartermaine heir.

Rafe has arrived at Kelly's looking for Molly. TJ shows up and decks him warning him away from Molly. Sam is lighting a candle at St. Luke's, and talking to Jason. Sam hears a noise and asks "Who's there?" Suddenly, the candle goes out and the church goes dark.

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