GH Update Monday 5/6/13

General Hospital Update Monday 5/6/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu is happily and comfortably with Milo and admits she has no recollection of her past life and no feelings for Dante.

Nikolas is still not willing to give up on Elizabeth. He goes to see Lulu who has no memory whatsoever of him. She answers the door and says: “Can I help you?”. He informs her that he is her brother. Remembering being told she has a brother named Ethan and seeing that he does not look like the picture she saw of Lucky she admits she’s never heard of any other brother she has. But he informs her he’s neither. He’s Nikolas whom she’s apparently never heard of.

Tracy finds Luke and asks just where he disappeared to now and how it’s just like him not to be there for her when she needs him. He informs her that he’s sorry to have disappointed her but he had some matters to attend to like saving his daughter from death.

Laura is with Scott Baldwin now that her daughter is back. But he’s having his doubts that she’s really committed to him and really over Luke.

After Ellie “spills the beans” to Maxie that she has found out that Maxie is not pregnant Dante and Lulu’s baby, has since miscarried yet told no one about it, and is now pregnant by Spinelli and keeping that a secret, Maxie asks her what she plans to do with the secret she’s now uncovered.

Laura tells Scott Baldwin that although her daughter is back, she is concerned about Lulu’s fragile state and the fact that Lulu has lost her memory about everything and everybody in her life.

Luke tells the same to Tracy and asks if she is not interested in how her step-daughter is. But Tracy admits that she is still obsessed about taking ELQ as well as the magic pickle relish from AJ and in finding the mysterious Quartermaine heiress.

AJ goes to see Elizabeth at the hospital and tells her he would really like another chance. She admits that she can make time to see him again with no kids around them if she can get her grandmother to watch them. Right then, Spinelli is not far away and reminds AJ that he has found out some very important and vital information.

When Lulu observes Nikolas, she asks him if he really is her brother because she does not see any resemblance. He tells her it’s because he’s her half-brother. They have the same mom but different dads. He admits that his biological father is Stavros Cassadine. She asks if her mother was really with that evil man. She’s never heard that before. He explains that they were married briefly and had him. But he is nothing like his father. He has always been there for her to protect her. He once saved her life, and he fought off Stavros, taking a bullet in order to save her. She then invites him in and tells him she wants to remember everything although he warns her that she may not want to remember some of the terrible things that his family has done to her family. She urges him to know that she wants to remember things, remembering that she can see that Dante loves her “so much”. She can see it in his eyes. Yet she cannot remember anything about him or about them. Right then, Milo comes to the door after getting out of the shower. And awkwardness sets in when Milo sees that “the cat is out of the bag” with Lulu’s brother.

When Britt goes to the exam room telling the medical staff that she is having terrible morning sickness and feels terribly sick and worried about her baby, Sabrina firmly tells her she is not buying this “act” for a minute. Although Britt is not lying about being pregnant, everything involving telling Patrick she intended to have an abortion only to manipulate him, and the whole thing is just an act. Patrick then enters and asks her why she is yelling at Britt. Sabrina informs him that Elizabeth never saw Britt gets sick. Britt only appears that way when people are around. She tells him that she knows that Britt is doing what is just like her to do. Britt gasps and appears to be sick and in pain and remarks: “that is reprehensible”. Sabrina comments that is absolutely correct and it’s just like something Britt would do. Patrick comments that Sabrina’s and Felix’s suspicions about her are “pretty elaborate”. Sabrina says that may be true for anyone else. But Britt is pulling this stunt to reel him in. And she wishes he would see right through it and not let her do this to them and to Emma. She asks him if he really thinks what she believes is that far-fetched? Patrick does not answer.

Elizabeth tells AJ she will make arrangements for them to be together tonight. She gets back to work. AJ is happy and confident when he has succeeded with that and notices that Spinelli might have some very valuable information about the Quartermaine heir. Spinelli then tells him he went to New York City and met the mother of Lauren Frank. She’s “Franco’s” mother.

Luke explains the same finding to Tracy.

Dante goes to find Maxie at her apartment. And unknown to him, it’s right when she’s in the middle of her discussion with Ellie. He tells her that he is bound and determined to make Lulu get her memory back. And he bets that can happen when Lulu see how pregnant Maxie is with “their kid”. Hearing that, Maxie and Ellie both appear to be spooked and do not know what to say.

Nikolas asks Lulu if she remembers a conversation they had a few years ago about how if love was easy, it wouldn’t mean much to have. But she still has no recollection. Milo comes to greet him and asks if he’s ok after dodging that bullet. Nikolas is less friendly to him and confronts him about keeping his sister away from her husband. In response to that, Lulu urges Nikolas to please not be angry with Milo. She wants to be there. She feels really safe there. Milo assures Nikolas that he would never do anything to hurt Lulu. Nikolas tells him he better not or he will answer to Nikolas. He tells his half-sister, he needs to go. But he wants to let her know that the people who love her are not going to give up on her. She means too much to everyone. Alone with Milo, she cries. He asks if she is ok. She exclaims to him that she can see that she is hurting so many people. There’s nothing she can do about it.

When Dante goes to see Maxie and Ellie, he can see that they are busy and tells them he didn’t mean to “barge in” unannounced, assuming that’s the reason Maxie is not ready to help him get Lulu’s memory back. But Ellie urges him to wait.

AJ walks in on Tracy and Luke’s conversation when he overhears her telling Luke that she needs to do whatever is needed so that she can beat AJ to the punch. He admits he’s confident that will not happen. When AJ leaves them alone, she admits to Luke that what her nephew does not know will not hurt her. She tells him that unknown to AJ, the relish is not called Pickle-Tracy. It’s named after her father. And she has many tricks up her sleeve. But she can see that he is worried about Lulu and he might get back with Laura.

Laura is having a similar conversation with Laura, realizing that she and Luke are both concerned about their daughter.

Lulu talks alone with Milo about how when Dante made his most recent attempt to get her to remember, she tried and almost succeeded but she had to admit that she has no recollection. She cries and tells him she feels like she has done something terribly wrong. She can see that Dante is full of so much hope. But she keeps letting him and everyone else in her life down. She cries and Milo comforts her.

When Ellie calls to Dante, he asks her if there was anything she wanted to tell him. But she tells him it was nothing. Spinelli then enters. She admits that she has something very important and crucial to tell him. He tells her that he knows that she lied to him about why she needed his cyber help. She wanted to spy upon Maxie. She took advantage of him and violated Maxie’s privacy.

In the exam room while Britt continues to appear to be in pain with morning sickness, Patrick debates with Sabrina about why she would think that Britt is faking her sickness. He tells her that he realizes that Britt gives nobody any reason to trust her. He doesn’t trust her any more than Sabrina does. But he realizes that Britt has nobody in her life except him. And although he believes what she says, as the father of her baby, he cannot abandon her. She asks if he had a chance to talk to Britt’s new OB and find out if the morning sickness was really happening or what was really going on. He tells her that Britt’s OB is right on his way to send them the paper of the findings. She tells him she would bet anything that those test results will confirm that Britt is lying. Patrick pulls out the folder and looks at the files.

Nikolas goes to see Elizabeth and greets her little boy. She encourages her son to say hi to his uncle Nikolas and acknowledges he is her boy’s daddy’s brother. But she reveals to him that she did give AJ another chance and they are going out tonight.

When Tracy asks Luke if he is really over Laura, he angrily tells her that he realizes that his ex-wife is going to marry that no good piece of trash Scott Baldwin. But she wonders just how it was that he had the power to interrupt their wedding.

Scott is with Laura and asks her the same question. She protests that they had to find and save Lulu and are still worried about their daughter.

Maxie goes with Dante to visit Lulu at Milo’s apartment. Dante still has no clue of Maxie’s secret. Lulu is gracious to Maxie after having been told that she is Lulu’s best friend and is a surrogate with hers’ and Dante’s baby. She admits that she would like to remember and feels Maxie’s belly to see if it can jog her memory. But Maxie remains “spooked”.

When Spinelli tells Ellie that she betrayed him by sneaking behind his back to spy upon Maxie, she protests that she was worried that something terrible could have happened to Maxie’s baby. And she believes that Dante and Lulu have the right to know that. He still tells her that it was no ok for them to get into Maxie’s private affairs. He reminds her that it’s been proven that her illegal breech of Maxie’s privacy proved to be for nothing. It’s now been confirmed that there is nothing that Maxie and Dr. Westbourne are hiding. But she protests she happens to know that there is even if he does not know that.

Patrick looks at the medical finding and announces to Britt that she is suffering from a deadly disease that could seriously harm both her and the baby. He tells her it’s the same illness that put Kate Middleton in the hospital during the early part of her pregnancy. Sabrina listens silently. Britt calls to her telling her she “really wishes she was faking”, now that it’s been “revealed” that she is not doing so.

When Laura tells Scott she does not want to talk about Luke. She just wants her daughter back. She tells him that she is committed to their relationship. In fact, she will take him out to dinner tonight. He is happy to hear that and tells her that she will now have no reason not to marry him.

Tracy tells Luke that he needs to find her niece before Spinelli finds her first for AJ. He tells her that his daughter is his highest priority. But he will do what she asks. He leaves and AJ gloats asking her if even Luke is really desperate enough for cash to let her put him up to doing what she wants. He tells her he’s going to win the battle. But she is confident that will Nikolas now in her corner, she is confident that won’t happen.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas she hopes he is not hurt. She just wants to “see where things go” with AJ. He tells her he is not hurt. But he’s jealous and he admits he wants her. He graciously tells her that he will let her get ready and hopefully they will see each other again.

In the exam room, Sabrina tells Patrick and Britt she will leave them alone to talk. When he finds out the “devastating” report about the fatality of her pregnancy, he asks her why she did not “tell him”. Knowing that there’s an “obvious reason” why she has not contacted him and the fact that she tells him she did not want to “burden” him, he promises that he will be there for her and urges her not to hesitate to contact him if she needs anything.

Dante relives, again, being happily and lovingly with Lulu while they heard and saw the sonogram of their baby. Maxie wants to encourage Lulu to get her memory back assuming no harm will come to her if that happened.

Spinelli asks Ellie if she did not get to see that Maxie’s medical records had nothing amiss. She tells him that that is exactly what she knows that he is unaware of. There was something “amiss” in Maxie’s medical records.

Patrick finds Sabrina and asks if she is ok. She tells him she regrets going off on Britt like she did. He tells her he completely understands how she has good reason not to trust a word Britt says after everything she has pulled. But he tells her he hopes that she can understand that regardless of the situation, he has to be there for Britt and the baby.

Spinelli asks Ellie just what she discovered about Maxie’s baby. She tells him that Maxie had a miscarriage.

Maxie takes Dante and Lulu with her to “see how that baby is doing”.

AJ is ready to take Elizabeth to New York to the Hotel Central.

When Lulu has left with Dante and Maxie, Laura appears and sees that Milo is alone. She asks him how her daughter is doing. He tells her she’s doing ok and might even be remembering stuff before too long. Laura graciously asks him if she can hang out there for a while and wait for her daughter. And she thanks him so much for taking care of her girl. He tells her it’s his pleasure. She then looks at photo albums of her family. And once again, the picture of her and Luke as the perfect couple appears. Scott is alone and waiting for her. And right then, Luke comes to the door when she’s alone in Milo’s apartment. She opens the door to see him. And they both smile, beaming with happiness to see each other.

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