GH Update Friday 5/3/13

General Hospital Update Friday 5/3/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Michael arrives at the Quartermaine mansion. He asks Monica about AJ. He has been trying to reach him, but AJ is not returning his calls. Michael asks Monica if she knows what AJ is up to.

Carly hangs up the phone at the Metro Court, then flashes back to her night with AJ. She then shakes her head and puts some sanitizer on her hands. Carly hears a cell phone starts ringing, and she sees that it's Elizabeth's number. AJ runs in and tells Carly not to answer it.

At the hospital, Elizabeth is on her phone, leaving a message for AJ, telling him that she's glad they worked things out, and that she looks forward to seeing him. She asks him to call her back.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas flashes back to kissing Elizabeth. He is interrupted by Tracy telling him that he didn't hear her. She tells him that the final battle of the relish wars has begun. She says that "Pickle-Lila" has fired the first shot.

At the hospital, Felix and Sabrina come off of the elevator. Felix asks Sabrina what Patrick told her. Sabrina tells him that there was no abortion.

At the nurses' station, Patrick notices that Britt is in pain. He asks if she is ok. She tells him that she doesn't think so.

Johnny is shown to the visitors room at Pentonville to find Olivia waiting to see him. He guesses that Connie told her about Morgan. He asks if Carly is taking care of it. Olivia tells him that Carly isn't taking care of it, but Sonny is on it.

Sonny and Shawn arrive at Morgan's dorm room, followed by the dean who is protesting, telling Sonny that Morgan is not on campus. Shawn flashes the gun on his hip to the man.

Nikolas tells Tracy that he doesn't understand. He thought that mass marketing didn't start until the end of the month. Tracy explains that Duke managed a marketing coup. Nikolas asks what Duke has done. Tracy tells him that Duke has booked a spot on The Chew. Nikolas has no idea what The Chew is, so Tracy explains. She tells Nikolas that the exposure would crush their relish. Nikolas asks what he is supposed to do. Tracy tells him that he needs to make sure that AJ doesn't make it onto the show.

Monica tells Michael that she has no idea why AJ isn't answering his phone. Michael guesses that AJ had a big date, and Monica asks why he would think that. Michael says that AJ mentioned to him that he was going to try to win back Elizabeth. Monica says that Elizabeth did stop by. She flashes back to her catching Carly in AJ's closet. She then tells Michael that Elizabeth stopped by after dinner. She says that AJ and Elizabeth did seem to be in a good place. Michael says that AJ deserves someone great. Monica comments that it should be anyone but Carly.

AJ takes his phone from Carly and breathes a sigh of relief when he sees that the call went to voicemail. Carly says she must have been so grossed out by having sex with AJ that she took the wrong phone. AJ tells her that he regrets their night together, too. Carly tells him to keep his voice down. He gives Carly her phone back, and tells her to stay far away from him. The two argue over who wanted the night more. AJ tells her that he doesn't want to relive it, especially since Elizabeth is giving him a second chance.

Elizabeth approaches Patrick and Britt, asking if everything is ok. Patrick tells her that Britt is having morning sickness. Britt is surprised that it is lasting so long, then rushes off to get sick. Elizabeth says she thought that Britt wasn't keeping the baby. Patrick tells her that Britt changed her mind.

Felix is surprised by the news that there was no abortion. He wants to know why. Sabrina tells him that Britt changed her mind because Patrick agreed to co-parent. Felix doesn't believe the reasoning behind Britt's change of heart. He tells Sabrina that it was an act, and that Britt never intended an abortion in the first place.

Olivia explains to Johnny how Sonny came to find out about Morgan, then tells him that Sonny and Shawn are handling the situation.

Sonny tells the dean that he's going to find out about Morgan, no matter what. The dean says that the university values its peace and quiet. Sonny wonders about the safety of the students. The dean reminds him that Morgan is enrolled under the name "Morgan Benson", and that Sonny's identity has been kept quiet for Morgan's benefit. The dean tries to convince Sonny that Morgan is in no danger, but Sonny says that he heard Morgan is in danger. Sonny suggests that the dean open the door to Morgan's dorm room. When the dean starts to decline, Shawn steps in and asks him. The dean opens Morgan's dorm room door. Shawn and Sonny walk in to find a boy pointing a gun at them.

Elizabeth asks Patrick how he feels about Britt keeping the baby. He admits the situation is not ideal, but he is the father and he will be there for the baby. Patrick says that when he found out about Matt, he gave Noah a hard time about it, but now he is in the same situation. Elizabeth tells him it's not the same situation because he wasn't unfaithful to a wife. Patrick tells her that even though he didn't plan on the child, he will be the best father he can. Elizabeth and Patrick agree that the timing is bad. He then asks her to check on Britt and she agrees to.

Sabrina asks Felix if he thinks Britt staged the whole situation. Felix says that he does. He reviews the way things have happened with Britt, and that she pulled the stunt to get into Patrick's head. Felix tells her that Britt will do anything to get her hooks into Patrick, then reviewed more of Britt's stunts with her. Sabrina agrees after she hears the list of things that Britt has done. Felix tells Sabrina that Britt is a big fake.

Elizabeth comes running back to Patrick, telling him that something is wrong with Britt. He rushes off with Elizabeth.

Nikolas asks how he's supposed to stop AJ from appearing on The Chew. Tracy tells him that he should make some calls. She reminds him that he's a prince, so he should use his influence. Nikolas tells her that she's a Quartermaine, so maybe she should call the head of the network. Tracy says that the head of the network won't take her calls. She explains that if AJ isn't stopped, he will get an entire segment, and if the chefs are impressed by the relish, they are finished. Nikolas concedes that she has a point, then agrees to make the call. He then suggests that they get booked on the show.

Monica apologizes for her comment about Carly. Michael understands Monica's feelings. He then says that she has nothing to worry about with Carly and AJ, they hate each other. He says that they can't be in the same room with each other without insulting each other. Monica tells him that she and Alan were like that, then stops herself from comparing herself and Alan to AJ and Carly. Michael says that he knows that Alan and Monica loved each other, but AJ and Carly are toxic to each other.

Carly is surprised that Elizabeth is giving AJ another chance, then comments that Elizabeth always makes bad relationship choices. AJ tells Carly that she's in no position to judge. She then reviews all of Elizabeth's bad choices to AJ. AJ reminds Carly that Elizabeth helped save Josslyn's life. Carly says that's why she feels bad for Elizabeth. Carly admits that she owes Elizabeth, and says that maybe she should tell Elizabeth what happened. AJ warns her against telling Elizabeth about them. Carly says she meant she should warn Elizabeth in general. AJ tells her that it makes him ill that she was in bed with her while Elizabeth was agreeing to give him another chance. Carly tells him that they have a son together, and promises to take their night together to her grave. AJ tells her the sooner the better, then leaves her. As AJ leaves, she checks her cell phone and finds eleven missed calls from Sonny.

Johnny tells Olivia that if he'd known about the gambling ring, he would have stepped in sooner. Olivia tells Johnny that she knows he hates Sonny, then asks him to be honest, and tell her if Sonny is walking into a trap.

The dean asks Travis what he is doing. Travis says he doesn't want to hurt anyone. Sonny clarifies that Travis is Morgan's roommate. Travis tells them to leave him and Morgan alone. Shawn draws his gun, points it at Travis and warns him to put his gun down.

Carly checks her voice mails and finds Sonny leaving several messages about Morgan. The last message tells her that Morgan is in serious trouble, and he wants to know where Carly is.

Johnny asks Olivia if she believes that he would use Morgan to get back at Sonny. She reminds him that he used Connie. Johnny admits that he did, but tells her that Connie used him, too. Johnny admits that he should have done better by a lot of people, but he's being honest. She reminds him that he's used Sonny's kids to get at Sonny in the past. Johnny says that this isn't about Sonny, but is about Carly and Morgan who is in a lot of trouble. Johnny swears that he is being honest, and told them everything he knows. Johnny says that he thought she was there about Morgan, then asks when she became so concerned about Sonny.

Shawn again warns Travis to put down his gun, and the dean suggests that he do so as well. Travis says he is afraid that if he does, Shawn will kill him. Sonny promises that Shawn won't kill him. Travis tells him that they were warned that people were coming for them. Sonny tells him that it wasn't him sending that message. He says that Travis may have a lot of enemies, but he isn't one of them. Travis threatens to shoot as Sonny steps closer to him. Sonny says that he won't shoot, then lowers Shawn's gun. He then approaches Travis, telling him that he's not there to hurt Travis. He guesses that Travis isn't going to shoot him.

Elizabeth and Patrick help Britt into the exam room that Felix and Sabrina are talking in. Patrick explains what is wrong with Britt. He asks Sabrina to get Britt some water, then orders some tests with Felix. Felix steps out of the room with Elizabeth. Outside of the room, Felix asks Elizabeth if she actually saw Britt get sick. Elizabeth says that she didn't, that Britt was already on the floor when she got there. Felix comments that he knew it, then goes to order the tests for Patrick. Britt asks Patrick if the baby is going to be ok. Patrick promises that the baby will be fine, and that he is there for her.

Nikolas tells Tracy that they have the better product and AJ knows it. He wants to make sure the world knows it. Tracy agrees, then says that if they win the chefs over with their relish, their market share will sky rocket. Nikolas asks when AJ is scheduled to appear on The Chew.

AJ returns to the Quartermaine mansion. Michael tells him that he's been trying to reach AJ. Monica steps in and tells AJ that she told Michael that AJ had his phone off. AJ agrees, then voices his excitement over being booked on The Chew. He tells Michael that Duke is worth every penny they are paying him. Michael tells AJ that he's got an entire social network campaign started. AJ asks when they are booked for. Michael says that's why he was trying to reach AJ.

Nikolas tells Tracy that tomorrow morning is too soon, even if they can get AJ bumped from the show. Tracy says that she has a jar of relish ready to go. Nikolas tells her that the name of the relish is no good. Tracy begrudgingly tells him that a focus group agrees with him. She then reveals that she's renamed the relish "Pickle-Eddie" to honor her father.

Sonny and Shawn get Travis to put down his gun. Shawn takes it from Travis and tells Sonny and the dean that the gun is a fake. Travis admits that the gun came from the drama department props. Sonny asks why he needs a gun. Travis reminds him that he needs it to protect himself. The dean tells them that he's going to call the police. Sonny tells the dean that Travis' gun was a fake. The dean says that Shawn's was real and that they should both go to jail for bringing a gun on campus. Sonny watches as the dean starts to call the police.

Olivia tells Johnny that she is there for Morgan, but she's also worried about Sonny. She explains how Sonny is a target and that makes Morgan a target. Johnny says that he doesn't remember Olivia and Sonny being so close. Olivia reminds him that she and Sonny share a child. Johnny says that Olivia's feelings about Sonny have never been so intense before. She tells him that he's crazy. Johnny says that he calls it like he sees it. Johnny says that Connie left Sonny and Steve is behind bars, so she and Sonny are both alone. He asks if she's sure that there's nothing going on between her and Sonny.

Sonny takes the phone from the dean, telling him that he doesn't want to call the police. The dean thinks that Sonny is threatening him, but Sonny says he is not. Sonny says that the dean doesn't want cops on the campus with the gambling situation, then reminds him that it would be a public relations nightmare for the dean. The dean asks what Sonny wants. Sonny says he wants to talk to Travis, and that the dean is welcome to supervisor. The dean agrees to stay and supervise. Sonny asks about the gambling, then offers to track the people down if Travis gives him the website. Travis says it's shareware, and that they get to the gambling through message boards. He tells Sonny that he and Morgan were winning for a while, but then they started to lose. He tells Sonny that they owe $50,000 and they don't have it. He says that Morgan burned through is allowance for the quarter and that he is on scholarship, so he doesn't have the money either. Sonny asks where Morgan is. Travis tells him that when the threats started, Morgan ran.

Carly calls Sonny to see what is going on. She reaches Sonny, and asks what is going on. Sonny explains what happened and that Morgan has disappeared.

Michael explains the plan to AJ and Monica, telling them that he and AJ leave tonight. Duke is sending the relish, and Michael plans to promote the relish as a new and improved version of the relish from the 80s. AJ and Monica are impressed with Michael's work.

Nikolas is concerned that there could be copyright issues with the name. When Tracy assures him that AJ can't claim Edward as "intellectual property", Nikolas then mentions that Edward didn't exactly give a warm and wholesome image that Lila did. Tracy tells him that the research disagrees and that Edward is the perfect image for pickles. Tracy tells Nikolas that he can shut AJ down. Nikolas tells her that's her concern, not his. She then reminds him about Elizabeth and AJ together. Nikolas doubts that Elizabeth will end up with AJ. Tracy tells him how AJ drags people down with him, so he needs to be shut down. She says the sooner, the better for Elizabeth. Nikolas agrees with her. She tells him that they both have a lot invested in seeing AJ destroyed.

Patrick and Elizabeth work to make Britt comfortable and calm. Felix asks Sabrina to step outside the room with him. Britt asks Patrick to call her doctor so she can update her doctor on what is going on with her. Outside the room at the nurses' station, Felix and Sabrina discuss the possibility that Britt is faking. Felix says he called it at the ball when he said that Britt is going to use the baby to tie Patrick up. Sabrina tells him that they can't let Britt get away with it. Patrick approaches, asking who they can't let get away with what.

Olivia denies being involved with Sonny to Johnny. She tells him how much Sonny has been going through lately. She tells him about Lulu, but Johnny didn't know about Lulu. She continues to tell Johnny what has been going on with Sonny. She tells him that Sonny has needed a friend, and she's always been that to him. She tells him that she's just Sonny's friend, but Johnny doesn't believe her.

Sonny explains to Carly about the gambling, how much Morgan owes, and that he took off. Carly is worried that Morgan has never been on his own before, and doesn't know how to take care of himself. Sonny says that he needs to find Morgan before things get worse. Carly wants to join Sonny, but he convinces her to stay in Port Charles in case Morgan comes home. He promises to keep her updated on the situation.

Nikolas says it's not terrible. Tracy is looking for more than "not terrible", then admits that it would be high praise coming from Edward. Tracy asks if he's in. He says that she makes a good case, and that he can't see anyone choosing AJ over what Nikolas can give them. Tracy corrects him stating that it's what they could give them. Nikolas tells her "right, sure". Tracy urges Nikolas to make some calls and get them on The Chew.

Monica tells AJ that it's exciting that they are going to be on television with no one dead or going to prison. AJ tells her to get used to it. As Michael leaves, AJ and Monica tell him that he's doing a great job. AJ starts to leave when Monica stops him. He tells her that it's all happening because she was in his corner. Monica says that she doesn't want to discuss that. She thinks he needs to call Elizabeth. AJ tells her that he's trying to forget his night with Carly. Monica tells him that he and Elizabeth can work if he's willing to work at it. He asks for a suggestion. She tells him that New York is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and that he should be able to think of something.

Elizabeth takes blood from Britt. Britt asks her for some advice since she's never been pregnant before. Elizabeth suggests a class the hospital offers for new mothers. Britt says she was hoping for something more personal since Elizabeth has been there more than enough times.

Felix covers for them, saying that Sabrina heard that Epiphany is putting all of the newbies on the night shift. Sabrina tells him it's just a rumor. Patrick tells them that the night shift is a rite of passage, then tells them how he's done the night shift himself. He asks Sabrina to keep an eye on Britt as a favor to him, even though she is not Sabrina's favorite person. She promises him that she will, then heads off to join Britt. As Elizabeth leaves the room, Sabrina enters. Britt thanks Sabrina for all of her work, but Sabrina tells her that she knows Britt is faking.

AJ approaches Elizabeth at the nurses' station. He asks what the rest of her day looks like. Elizabeth tells him that her shift just ended, and she invites him to lunch with her. He says that he hoped for more of her time. He invites her to go to New York with him.

Nikolas finishes a phone call and hangs up as Tracy asks if they are going to New York. She asks if Nikolas got AJ bumped from the show. Nikolas says that AJ wasn't bumped from the show, as the producers told him that they made a commitment to AJ, and intend to honor it. Tracy is upset, concerned that AJ has gotten the jump on them. Nikolas tells her it's not over, then tells her that they were able to compromise. He and Tracy are going to be on the show as well for a surprise taste off. Tracy is excited over the idea of an ambush on AJ. Nikolas tells her that the producers are excited as well. Tracy believes that AJ is going to be humiliated on television, and that her relish will win the taste off.

Michael approaches Carly at the Metro Court. He says he's just checking in with her, and that he's going to New York with AJ. He sees that she's upset, and asks if she's ok. Carly asks Michael if he's talked to Morgan lately. Michael says he hasn't, and asks what is going on. Carly says she has something to tell Michael.

Sonny starts to tell Shawn his idea to track Morgan when the dean interrupts. He is going to call the police, and suggests that Sonny and Shawn leave. He also warns Sonny that Morgan's status at the school is in question now. Sonny says that he won't allow Morgan to return, and refuses to give the school that can't keep his son safe anymore money. He then tells Shawn to get Morgan's phone and get it Spinelli to have him track the information on the phone. Travis interrupts, saying that he may know something about where Morgan went.

Olivia tells Johnny about her past relationship with Sonny, and that now they are just friends. Johnny still doesn't believe her, then tells her he doesn't want to see her get hurt. She assures Johnny that she's fine, and thanks him for being concerned. She says she needs to go. He asks that she keep him updated on Morgan. She promises to do so. She apologizes for accusing him of setting Sonny up. He tells her they both know that he could have. She tells him that he's a good person inside. He thanks her for believing that. She asks him to let her know if he hears anything more. She says she may visit him again, then tells him to take care of himself. She leaves and the guard tells Johnny it's time to go back to his cell.

Sabrina accuses Britt of faking everything but the baby. She unloads on Britt, accusing her of using her knowledge as an OB to fool Patrick. Patrick walks in at the end of Sabrina's rant.

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