GH Update Thursday 5/2/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/2/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

As seen previously, at Maxie's, Ellie is on the phone with Spinelli, and about to tell him the truth, when Maxie rips the phone away from her.

Again as seen previously, Dante refuses to leave Milo's.

Laura turns up at Windemere to check up on Nikolas. She asks why Elizabeth isn't there, and Nikolas tells her that Elizabeth left after he kissed her.

Elizabeth has arrived at The Quartermaines, much to Monica's surprise. Monica tries desperately to get rid of her.

As Carly gets dressed, she rants to A. J. about his Mother praising Elizabeth. Carly receives a call from Mercedes, her nanny, and really has to leave now. A. J. is amused at Carly's excuse for being late to Mercedes. They swear to each other that their "hate" sex will never happen again.

Max turns up at Milo's, and tries to intervene between Dante and his little brother. Max and Milo argue over his helping Lulu. Dante adds his two cents, and refuses to leave.

At Maxie's, she and Ellie are struggling over the phone, leaving poor Spinelli hanging.

Meanwhile at Windemere, Nikolas and Laura have a heart-to-heart. He admits his feelings for Elizabeth, and that he kissed her.

Elizabeth is trying to get past Monica. Monica, has realized her mistake, and is stalling. Elizabeth is confused, as Monica flashes back to her talk with A. J. Carly is worried about Monica blabbing to Elizabeth. Her and A. J. agree to a "Cone of Silence". Their relationship is like a tornado.

Carly starts to sneak downstairs, but sees Elizabeth at the door. She rushes back to A. J.'s room, and tells him that Elizabeth is here. Elizabeth tells Monica that she and A. J. had a fight earlier, and wants to apologize. Monica continues to stall.

Nikolas tells his Mother how A. J. told him to back off of Elizabeth. He tells her that he told Elizabeth and Elizabeth broke up with A. J. He accuses A. J. of being paranoid, but Laura questions whether or not A. J. wasn't right. When he finally admits he never stopped loving Elizabeth, Laura doesn't think it's a good idea.

In the meantime, Spinelli is waiting for someone to answer him. The girls are still fighting, but Maxie uses his previous miscarriage, and wins out. She grabs the phone away from Ellie, and lies to Spinelli about Ellie having to leave. Spinelli wonders if the argument had anything to do with Dante and Lulu's baby. Much to Ellie's horror, Maxie tells him that Ellie hacked into her medical records. pinelli is not pleased, but Maxie lies to him again, and tells him everything is fine.

Lulu thanks Milo for his help, and makes a pointed remark about being patient and understanding. She leaves in a huff but when Milo goes to follow her, Max stops him. Dante goes off on Milo, before he takes off too. Max and Milo argue over him going after Lulu.

Lulu has turned up at The Floating Rib, where we also see Coleman! Dante shows up, shortly thereafter, where he asks Coleman if he's seen Lulu. No blond goes unnoticed, says Coleman, as he points Dante towards his wife.

Spinelli is not easily fooled, and is left with questions of his own. Ellie is furious with Maxie for not letting her talk to Spinelli. She tells her that this is only a stall. Maxie asks Ellie to hear her out.

Laura asks Nikolas to hear her out, over her objections to him n Elizabeth. She reminds him about Lucky, and all the damage their affair caused. Nikolas still wants to pursue Elizabeth, especially now that A. J. is in the picture. Nikolas reminds Laura of A. J.'s hurtful past. He just wants to protect Elizabeth from being one of A. J.'s victims. Laura plays devil's advocate, but hurts Nik's feelings when she calls him a "home wrecker".

A, J. finally rescues Monica, by coming downstairs to see Elizabeth. A. J. takes Elizabeth to the study, and Monica marches upstairs to A. J.'s room to find out who he was with. Monica rants as she looks for A. J.'s guest. She finally flings open the closet door, and is shocked to see Carly! Monica is appalled, and accuses Carly of having "wild sex". Carly is at a loss to explain. Elizabeth is downstairs making amends with A. J.

Just then, Maxie and Ellie are arguing over Maxie telling everyone the truth. Spinelli leaves a heated message for Ellie on her voice mail. He is disappointed in her for using him to hack into the hospital mainframe. Maxie pleads her case to Ellie about passing off her baby as Dante and Lulu's. Ellie still thinks it's wrong but then Maxie reminds her that if Dante and Lulu learn the truth then so does Spinelli.

In the meantime, Max tries to stop Milo from going after Lulu and Dante. Max comes in from the other room, and realizes Milo psyched him out. Milo is gone.

Elizabeth and A. J. are making amends. She tells him that Nikolas kissed her. Elizabeth wants to start over. Monica and Carly are arguing over her being with A. J. Monica warns her not to touch her son ever again. Carly heartily agrees.

Dante is trying again to help Lulu remember him. He tells her that this was where they first met. There is an reenactment (not a flashback because of nuLulu) of their first meeting. Dante talks her through it, and sets up the pool table. He tells her that she was pretty good. As Dante tells her about their first meeting, Lulu seems to be remembering something. Just then, Milo shows up, and the spell is broken. Lulu gets upset, and hastily leaves with Milo.

Maxie and Ellie are arguing over right and wrong, when Maxie feels the baby move. It's the first time, and she excitedly shares it with Ellie. Maxie uses this moment to get to Ellie. Ellie's phone ringing breaks the moment. Ellie gets upset with Maxie, and leaves.

Monica helps Carly leave The Quartermaines before Elizabeth sees her. A. J. and Elizabeth have made up, and vow to try again. Laura gives Nikolas advice to stay out of Elizabeth's business. Unfortunately, this fall on deaf ears. A. J. has some explaining to do to his Mother.

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