GH Update Wednesday 5/1/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/1/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At Milo's, he and Lulu share a moment before she kisses him. At Maxie's, Ellie is reeling from her discovery. Maxie enters the room, so Ellie confronts her. Spinelli arrives at the home of Betsey Frank, and introduces himself.

At the Quartermaines, we see a replay of Carly goading A. J. into drinking. He throws the glass on the floor and they start making out. We also see a replay of Nikolas confessing his feelings to Elizabeth. He draws her into a passionate kiss before she leaves Windemere.

Milo breaks off from Lulu's kiss, and he reminds her that she's married to his boss's son. Lulu tells him that he's the only one she feels safe with. She doesn't feel so alone with him. She tells him that he doesn't feel what she should be feeling, but just then, Dante starts pounding on the door.

Ellie confesses to Maxie that she lied, and she did hack into her medical records. Ellie tells Maxie that she tricked Spinelli into helping her. She tells Maxie that she was worried about the baby, and how it would affect Dante and Lulu. Maxie tries to cover her tracks, but Ellie is persistent. Ellie comes to her own conclusion.

Meanwhile, Spinelli tries to convince Franco's Mother that "Bobby" is a Quartermaine heir, but since he's dead, his daughter is eligible. Betsey denies knowing anything about Lauren. She hates the Quartermaines, because Jason killed "Bobby". When Spinelli mentions Heather, Betsey denies that "Bobby" had children. He tells her that Heather told him, that they remained in touch, and knows for sure that Franco had a daughter. She tells that "Bobby" didn't like to talk about it much.

As Betsey asks Spinelli to imagine having a child kept from him, Maxie is trying to cover her tracks, with the stubborn Ellie. Ellie thinks she has the answer. Ellie thinks she had another embryo implanted in her. Ellie wants to go to the lab to find out but Maxie stops her.

Lulu tells Milo to let her answer the door. Dante sounds really angry, so Milo lets her. Lulu finally answers the door.

At Windemere, Nikolas tries to convince Elizabeth to give him another chance. Elizabeth is mortified, and still feels guilty for hurting Lucky the first time. Nikolas tells her that he's always loved. He only stayed away because of Lucky. Nikolas thinks they can have another chance. In the meantime, Carly and A. J. are having "hate" sex.

Ignoring Sonny's advice, Dante continues to push Lulu into remembering him. He wants her to come home with him, but she refuses. Dante turns to Milo for help, but when Milo blurts out he knew where Lulu was when he saw him earlier, Dante loses it and decks him. Lulu goes off on Dante, and demands an apology to Milo.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas her reasons for not being with him. She tells him how upset she was that A. J. told him to stay away from Elizabeth. She tells him that she didn't go to Kelly's to break up with him, A. J.'s attitude made her angry. When Nikolas tells her that A. J. is trying to manipulate her, Elizabeth accuses him of doing the same thing.

Maxie can't take it anymore, and tells Ellie the truth about her pregnancy, Spinelli sympathizes with Lauren, not knowing her father. He never knew his parents. Betsey goes on a rant against Lauren's Mother..

Nikolas pleads with Elizabeth to start over, and have a real relationship. Elizabeth turns him down. He thinks it's because of A. J. Carly and A. J. come up for air, and wonder how they ended up in bed together. They swear each other to secrecy. Suddenly, there's a knock on the's Monica!

As Maxie tells Ellie what happened after her miscarriage, Ellie figures out the truth. Maxie is pregnant with Damian's baby. Spinelli uses the Quartermaine card to get the information he needs on Lauren. After he leaves, Betsey tells someone they can come out now.

Elizabeth is upset that A. J. knew Nikolas feelings for her before she did. Elizabeth wants to talk to A. J. to give him another chance. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he will never give up on her.

Meanwhile, A. J. is trying to get rid of Monica. She was concerned when she heard a noise. He makes something up but Monica won't go away. Monica thinks he doesn't look well and asks if he had another panic attack. Finally, Monica realizes that A. J. is not alone. Monica mistakenly thinks it's Elizabeth, and happily goes off. Carly has heard the whole thing, and realizes that she has to get out of there.

Dante desperately tries to get Lulu to leave with him. She continues to explain that he means nothing to her. She only feels safe with Milo because he listens to her. Dante reluctantly apologizes to Milo (who's standing by awkwardly). He again pleads with Lulu to go home with him, and how much he loves her. When she refuses to leave Milo's, so does he. Poor Milo!

Ellie is in shock about Maxie being pregnant with Spinelli's baby. As she learns this, Betsey asks Spinelli, how he would feel, if someone kept a child from him. Betsey gives Spinelli the information he needs. Maxie admits to a stunned Ellie that Spinelli doesn't know he's the father. Ellie goes to call Spinelli to tell him, but Maxie stops her.

Nikolas has a flashback of him and Elizabeth making love. Carly is in a hurry to get dressed, and sneak out of the mansion. Monica is downstairs, looking at pictures from the Nurse's Ball, especially one of A. J. and Elizabeth. The doorbell rings, and Monica is surprised to see Elizabeth.

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