GH Update Tuesday 4/30/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/30/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Ellie is at home about to hack into Maxie's medical records, when Maxie joins her. "What are you looking at now?" she declares.

Against her better judgement, Elizabeth has accompanied Nikolas to Windemere. He insists that he's comfortable there, and that he has a staff coming to clean the place out. She doesn't like him being so far away from medical help. He says he feels comfortable there, and besides he's not going anywhere till Lulu is safe.

Carly, has apparently taken A J. home, where he is desperately trying to get hold of Elizabeth. She walks in on him, leaving yet another message. Carly throws him an ice pack for his face (where Sonny decked him). Old habits die hard and they start arguing over why he had to provoke Sonny.

Dante shows up at Sonny's looking for Max and Milo. He catches Max napping, then asks Max if he and Milo have any leads on Lulu. Over at Milo's, he and Lulu are having a very suggestive conversation, until we see her massaging his back.

Meanwhile, Connie/Kate have found Olivia and Sonny having an unbirthday at Metro Court. She tells him about the gambling ring that goes after rich university kids. She said that Johnny saw Morgan's alias on a list and wanted to warn Sonny. Johnny was worried about what would happen, if they found out Morgan's real name.

In the meantime, Ellie and Maxie are arguing over what Ellie was looking at. Maxie wonders why she snapped the laptop shut so quickly. Ellie desperately comes up with a story about skyping with Spinelli who's in the "all together". Maxie is having weird cravings like relish and marshmallows. Ellie tells her that they're out of relish. Maxie claims she never liked that one anyway. She's trying to catch up on work that she missed on her first day. Maxie is still suspicious about Ellie's snooping, as well she should be.

Carly and A. J. are still going at it. She doesn't think his panic attacks are real. At Windemere, Elizabeth and Nikolas are talking about Lulu. Elizabeth is sure Lulu will be okay. She checks her messages and finds one from A. J.

When Connie/Kate tell Sonny and Olivia her, news Olivia thinks it may be a set-up. Sonny isn't taking any chances, and says he'll take care of this himself. He gets frustrated when he can't get ahold of Carly or Morgan.

Max tries to be encouraging about the phone call Dante received from Lulu. Dante still insists that Lulu needs to be hospitalized, but she won't tell him where she is. Dante gives Max the description of the guy Lulu left with. He recognizes the description as Milo, and starts to tell Dante that he may have a lead, his brother.

Back over at Milo's, he and Lulu have finished working out. They end up talking about Dante, and the pressure he puts on Lulu to remember. Milo reminds her that she can't stay with him forever. "Why not?" asks Lulu.

Carly and A. J. are having one of their infamous fights. Carly calls him lazy for not going after what he wants. Carly challenges him to fall off the wagon. When A. J. admits to having panic attacks, she wonders what he's afraid of.

Meanwhile at Windemere, Elizabeth tries to dodge Nikolas's questions about A. J. Elizabeth is having second thoughts after hearing A. J.'s long winded apology. Nikolas gives her a hard time about giving A. J. another chance.

Sonny becomes frustrated, when he can't get a hold of any of his children or Carly. He tells Connie/Kate and Olivia that he has to leave to find things out himself. Max is about to rat out Milo, when Dante receives a phone call from the police station. Max leaves to give Milo a chance to get out of his hole that he's in. Lulu is trying to convince Milo to let her stay with him. She doesn't understand why she was never interested in him before. He tells her about her past boyfriends. Milo admits that he still has feelings for Lulu.

Maxie is still harassing Ellie with her suspicions. Ellie is dancing as fast as she can. Carly encourages A. J. to be the loser, he always was so Michael and Elizabeth will see who he truly is. She even brings up Courtney. Nikolas is trying to talk Elizabeth out of liking A. J. She leaves the room to see what's in his kitchen. Of course, as soon as she leaves, A. J. phones her so Nikolas answers her phone. A. J. freaks out when he hears Nikolas's voice.

Sonny comes home to find Dante waiting for him. He fills Sonny in on the search for Lulu. Sonny tells him what he's learned about Morgan. He's going up to the school himself. Dante offers to go with him, but Sonny tells him that Shawn will go with him. Sonny will leave Max and Milo to help Dante. Neither of them can believe that Morgan has gotten into trouble.

Something is definitely brewing between Lulu and Milo, much to Max's dismay. He tells them that the game is up. Back at Metro Court, Connie/Kate and Olivia worry about Sonny. Olivia just wanted Sonny to have a nice birthday.

A. J. gets angry at Nikolas for picking up Elizabeth's phone. Elizabeth takes the phone away and tries to talk to A. J. He accuses her of playing house with Nikolas, and hangs up. A. J. throws the phone across the room as Carly watches.

Things are barely civil at Maxie's, between her and Ellie. Connie/Kate feels bad that she can't be there for Sonny. They talk about his last birthday that she trashed.

Max tells Milo and Lulu that he's about to give them up to Dante. Lulu tells Max that Dante will push her too hard to remember him. Max replies that Milo is, at rick, if she continues to stay with him. Milo and Max argue over Lulu staying with Milo.

Nikolas and Elizabeth argue over A. J. and their past together. Carly and A.J. are arguing about their history as well. A. J. recalls how Carly dumped in a laundry hamper and made it look like he was drunk.

Ellie is now alone and arguing with herself about hacking into Maxie's medical records. Curiosity and her sense of righteousness wins out. Ellie is shocked to find out that Maxie had a miscarriage. Dante offers to help Sonny, when he receives a call from Olivia. Olivia just wants to wish Sonny well. She and Connie/Kate continue to chat over his birthday cake. Sonny advises Dante not to push Lulu too hard. He reminds Dante of his plight with Connie/Kate.

Having struck out with Milo and Lulu, Max returns to Sonny's. Sonny is on his way out, so Max tells Dante where Lulu is. Lulu and Milo are bonding, and they share a kiss. Carly and A. J. are arguing over his drinking, when he throws a glass across the room. Carly goads him, but it's not the reaction she's looking for. A. J. pulls her into a kiss. Nikolas and a. Elizabeth are arguing over A. J., when he blurts out his feelings for her. He also grabs her and kisses her passionately.

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