GH Update Monday 4/29/13

General Hospital Update Monday 4/29/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Connie goes to see Johnny at Pentonville. She asks what has happened. Is he in some sort of trouble? He tells her no. This is about Carly.

Carly is alone at Metro Court after having gotten the call from Johnny at the prison where he asks her to accept the charges, and she's refused.

Sonny talks to Olivia wondering what he could possibly to do help Dante and Lulu and the present situation with Lulu losing her memory. She tells him actually there is something he could do to help them.

Rafe is staying at Sam's home with her and baby Danny. She is able to tell that he has something on his mind and is uneasy. He hears a knock on the door and asks Sam if he has her "permission" to answer it. She replies that it's fine with her and with Danny and wonders what is up with him. He then opens the door to see Molly smiling and happy to see him.

Sabrina goes to watch Emma and takes Felix with her after Patrick had to cancel their date when Britt has gotten him to "fulfill his commitment" to go with her to the clinic when she tells him she's going to abort "their" baby. Emma notices Sabrina alone and asks why she's not on a date with her daddy.

At the clinic, after Patrick has accompanied Britt, the receptionist calls her and tells her they are ready for her. She asks Britt if she is ready. She replies no, she is not.

When Emma notices Sabrina and Felix in the house when her daddy is away and not with Sabrina, they explain to her that her daddy needed them to watch her but they don't tell her the rest.

When Molly comes to visit Rafe at Sam's home, she is really happy to see him and he-her. Not far behind, Alexis enters and visits with her daughters and grandson. Sam asks her mom to what do they owe the pleasure of her visit. She happily replies she just wanted to see how Rafe is doing in his new home. She tells them that she has papers to fill out. Sam tells her mom that she wants to mention, if she is asked to write anything, how good he is with Danny. He happily tells her she sounds like he is doing her a favor when it's she that's helped him.

When TJ is alone at Kelly's, he tells Shawn that he needs some help with a loan.

Olivia tells Sonny that she intends to celebrate his birthday. She's already known since they were in kindergarten. He needs to eat and she will take him to dinner since she owes him for his help with Connie. But he is uneasy.

Connie angrily tells Johnny that if he thinks for one minute that she's going to go out of her way to visit him in prison and help him get back with Carly, he has another thing coming and he's wasted a free phone call. But he tells her he's not asking for that.

At Metro Court, Carly argues with AJ about how Brenda did something terrible by manipulating Michael. Although he tells her that Brenda has not done anything wrong now that they know now that they didn't even sleep together. She tells him that even if it didn't happen, Michael believed it did. He tells her that he really does not care if it offended Sonny. He thinks he can control everything and everything and demands loyalty from others yet has not respect for anyone. And even if Michael did sleep with Brenda, he's a consenting adult and no crime was committed. And it's none of her business. She tells him that this hotel is her business. She had Brenda removed from staying there and she can do the same with him. He then tells her he knows that she needs some sort of favor from him. She admits that is correct. He asks what it is that she wants.

Felix and Sabrina are wondering what to do with Emma's question. She persists that she needs to know why Sabrina and her daddy did not have a date and where he is. They tell her that he had to tend to a patient. She asks who the patient is. At that point, they don't know how to answer that.

At the clinic, the doctor asks Britt what she intends to do. Patrick sits saliently overhearing when Britt "prompts" the doctor to ask her the circumstances surrounding the fact that she got pregnant by accident, has doubts, has the right to reconsider, might want to reconsider and just what the situation is regarding the father of her baby. She replies that she realizes this is the best option since the father of her baby does not care and has left her with no other alternative.

Rafe and Molly go out together. Alone with Sam and Danny, Alexis can see that her oldest daughter is not entirely on board with Rafe's seeing Molly. Sam admits to her mom that she is concerned about Rafe.

Olivia tells Sonny that he needs to let her take him to the Metro Court for his birthday and not be worried if they are seen by people they know.

At the Metro Court, Carly asks AJ what happened with his would-be relationship with Elizabeth. She wants to gloat about hearing that Elizabeth may have dumped him and that Elizabeth is not exactly known for her "fidelity." She tells him in order for her to consider giving him a table and doing what he wants, she needs to know the circumstances of Elizabeth dumping him and whom she dumped him for. He angrily tells her that he "caught" Elizabeth with Nikolas Cassadine but he's not going to share his personal stuff with Carly and she needs to leave it alone and mind her own business. But she wants to know all about the situation that embarrass him and dishonors Elizabeth.

At Kelly's TJ tells Shawn he needs $500. Shawn asks his nephew why he needs that much money. TJ tells him he wants to take Molly to the prom and asks if Shawn does not think she's worth it. Shawn asks if he really wants to fork over that much money and why he believes it will accomplish what he wants with Molly. Meanwhile, Molly is with Rafe and they seem to be "starry eyed" to be together.

Emma knows that Sabrina and Felix are evading the question of what exactly her daddy is doing, whom the patient is that he's supposedly "helping" and just what type of "help" this person requires. They continue to tip-toe with answers and attempt to distract her from continuing to find out exactly what her daddy is doing and with whom. She asks just whom this person is who taking daddy away from his date with Sabrina is.

At the clinic, Britt manages to "lead" the doctor into asking her if Dr. Drake "persuaded" her to have an abortion and implies that he must be the "bad guy" who hurt her.

At Pentonville, Johnny tells Connie that the concern he has regarding Carly is that he's heard through the grapevine that Morgan Corinthos is in trouble while at his boarding school. At that point, Connie knows that if this involves Sonny's and Carly's son, then she needs to listen to him and do something to help Morgan.

When Olivia walks into the Metro Court and hears AJ and Carly arguing, she intervenes. Both women are concerned about Sonny and know they need to find out what is up with him. They walk in to hear AJ telling Carly his opinions about Sonny. Sonny walks in and assaults him. AJ furiously tells both Carly and Olivia that someday they are going to wake up and see Sonny for who he is. Carly lights into him telling him that he has never worked a day in his life and has never done anything of any honor or merit and has no right to be judging Sonny. AJ appears to be having a panic attack. He falls over and seems to be hyperventilating.

At the clinic, Britt is able to manipulate the doctor into asking Patrick his thought and feelings about her having his baby. He then admits that he did not plan on having a baby with her, but she has the right to make the decision she wants to make. If she chooses to have the baby, he will accept his responsibility regardless of their differences.

Emma continues to "probe" Sabrina and Felix the name of the patient whom her daddy is helping. They tell her about how when someone is a grown-up, they have the right to ask doctors not to reveal their identity. But she knows that they know and won't "let it go."

Alexis talks to Sam about the fact that Rafe has not gotten the stability he's needed in his life. So it might take him a while to get acclimated. She tells him the good news is that Rafe has many people who are there for him.

Molly tells Rafe she likes him as a friend but not as more. She goes to find TJ at Kelly's while he's talking to Shawn about winning her back.

At the Metro Court, when AJ has his panic attack, Carly and Sonny scoff and don't "buy" that he's in danger. But Olivia is a bit concerned and knows he needs medical help. She has someone come and help him and escort him out of the Metro Court.

When Johnny informs Connie that Morgan may be in trouble, she tells him that Sonny and Carly can handle that and she cannot get involved in that. She really can't "reach out" to Sonny. It's problematic. But she agrees that she needs to do something for Morgan because he cannot while locked up. And she admits that she does care for him and has feelings for him as he has for her.

Felix tells Sabrina that he needs to go while she is dressed as tinker bell with a tiara and wings.

At the clinic, after Patrick tells Britt that he will fulfill his responsibility for this baby if she chooses to have it, she asks him if he really wants to do that. She reminds him that he is with Sabrina, and she realizes there is a limit to the time and commitment he can offer the baby and offer her. The doctor asks the two of them if they have been able to "clear up" their dilemma. Britt replies they have. The doctor asks her what her decision will be.

Sabrina falls asleep on Patrick's couch. He returns home and sits beside her, kisses her and they both smile. She assumes that he's "done" with Britt and asks how it went. He tells her it's going to be ok. But there's something he has to tell her" about Britt."

At the clinic, the doctors and nurses remind Britt that if she "changes her mind", she is too far along in her pregnancy for them to abort if they wait. She assures them that's quite ok. She will not terminate this pregnancy now and never intended to in the first place.

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