GH Update Friday 4/26/13

General Hospital Update Friday 4/26/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

In her suite, Anna is on the phone when there's a knock at her door. She opens the door to find Duke there, presenting her with a white rose.

At the Crimson office, Connie is telling her new assistant that she should dive into the work as it is the best way to learn. The new assistant asks who Maxie is. Connie tells her that she is the new Maxie. Connie explains that she offered Maxie her job back, but Maxie didn't show up to work, then wonders what could be so important.

At the GH nurses' station, Ellie is working at a computer, trying to figure out how to get into a file. Maxie comes off the elevator, announcing that she knows what Ellie is doing. Ellie asks if Britt called her. Maxie tells her that Britt did call her and Maxie knows that Ellie is trying to get into Maxie's personal medical files. Maxie asks what is wrong with Ellie.

At the Metro Court bar, Carly receives a call. The operator tells her that she has a collect call from John Zacchara, then asks if Carly will accept the charges. Carly refuses and hangs up. Felix arrives and asks if they are good. Carly asks what he is talking about. Felix reminds her of a reservation for two. Carly tells him that the reservation is set, then asks if he has a hot date. He says he doesn't but points out Sabrina and says that she does with the man of her dreams.

Patrick answers the door of his home to find Britt there, crying. He asks if she is ok. Britt says that she can't do it. Patrick asks if she's decided to keep the baby.

Carly tells Sabrina that she looks gorgeous. Felix tries to take credit but Carly tells Sabrina it's all about her. Carly asks what the occasion is. Felix tells Carly that Sabrina has her first date with Patrick and nothing is going to mess it up.

Britt says that she's still having the abortion. Patrick invites Britt in. Britt says that she doesn't want to go have the abortion alone. She asks if Patrick's offer still stands, asking if he will go with her.

Duke brings dinner into Anna's suite. He wanted to bring her dinner, knowing she's been working hard on Lulu's case. Anna asks why he didn't call first. He tells her that he guessed that she would have told him that she's busy, so he just showed up. Duke asks about Lulu. Anna fills Duke in on Lulu's situation and how Dante is reacting to it. Duke mentions he sympathizes with Dante losing the love of his life while he is hoping he will regain his.

Ellie apologizes to Maxie for her actions. Maxie threatens to have Ellie fired, especially given the stress Ellie knew Maxie was going through. Ellie claims that she was only trying to help, but Maxie wants to know how and why she did it. Ellie claims that she worried that something is wrong with the baby, and that she knows Maxie is withholding important information about the baby. Maxie tells her to stop it, and that there is nothing wrong with her or the baby. She tells Ellie that the problem is with her, then she storms off. Ellie asks why Britt felt the need to call Maxie if there was nothing wrong. Maxie says it was because Ellie was hacking into her private records. Ellie doesn't believe her. She says that Britt called Maxie because Ellie is getting close to exposing the secret that Maxie and Britt are keeping. Maxie insists that the secret that she and Britt were keeping was Britt's pregnancy. Ellie doesn't believe her, saying that Britt told Maxie that they both know that's not true that they were talking about Britt's baby, so Ellie knows the secret is about Maxie's own baby.

Connie explains to her assistant some of her duties. The phone starts to ring and Connie tells her assistant to answer it. The call is from Pentonville Prison. The assistant accepts the charges, then calls out to Connie that the call is for her. Connie asks "New Maxie" to come into her office, via the intercom. The assistant goes to her and Connie demonstrates the intercom button, then answers her call to find that it's Johnny calling.

Anna tells Duke how she's been thinking about him. Duke tells her that he thinks they were brilliant. Anna tells him that she feels freer, like she has gotten rid of her angst, but she got busy with Lulu's situation. Duke tells her that he gave her some space. He then asks her to join him for dinner, and she agrees.

Maxie is upset that Ellie was eavesdropping on her and Britt. Ellie says she heard Maxie and Britt in the middle of an intense conversation, then starts to recount what she heard. Maxie tells her that she's wrong. Ellie is concerned that something is wrong with the baby Maxie is carrying, and tells Maxie that she's going to have to come clean to Dante and Lulu. Maxie says that Ellie doesn't know what she's talking about. Ellie says she knows what she heard. Maxie says that she never said it, then says that Ellie's being hit by the car messed up more than Ellie's legs. She gets on the elevator, tells Ellie that she's very late to work then leaves Ellie. Ellie says that she knows that Maxie and Britt are hiding something.

Britt tells Patrick that she felt awkward asking Patrick to go with her before, but now she realizes how nervous she is. She tells him that with her mother gone, there's really no one other than Patrick to go with her.

Sabrina thanks Felix for everything. Carly promises to take good care about Sabrina. Felix assures Sabrina that Carly knows everything about men, and she can help Sabrina to reel Patrick in.

Connie asks Johnny why he would call her. Johnny tells her that it's important that he sees her.

Carly asks Sabrina if she'd like a drink while she waits for Patrick, but Sabrina declines. She says that she's been waiting for an evening with Patrick since she first met Patrick. She tells Carly how much Patrick has come to mean to her, and how happy Patrick means to her. She asks Carly for advice so that she doesn't blow it with Patrick. Carly tells Sabrina that she is the last person Sabrina should ask for help with men.

Britt and Patrick admit their shortcomings in the way they have treated each other. Britt says if she doesn't go soon, she'll lose her nerve. Patrick says that of course he will go with her, but he has to call Sabrina and cancel their date first. As Patrick calls Sabrina, Britt turns away from him with a smile, but then acts like she forgot about Patrick's plans with Sabrina and tries to tell him that she will go alone. Patrick tells he that it's ok, and that he will go with her. Britt expresses her relief and how that it will be best for both of them because he won't have to deal with her anymore. The doorbell rings, and Patrick answers the door to find Felix there. Felix starts to tell him how it is Patrick's lucky night, but then sees Britt and asks what she is doing there.

Sabrina starts to disagree with Carly, but Carly says that she can definitely tell her what to avoid. She then starts to tell Sabrina to avoid lying or the relationship is doomed. Carly tells Sabrina how she has her own problems with honesty. She then tells Sabrina to keep things in perspective, then tells her about how she ruined her marriage to Jax. She then tells Sabrina how lies ruined her relationship with Johnny, but it was Johnny's lies that ruined it.

Connie tells Johnny how she's changed. Johnny tells her that doesn't matter. He can't discuss it on the phone, and needs her to come and see him as soon as possible, then he hangs up before she can argue. Maxie comes off the elevator, announcing that she knows she's very late, but she has a good explanation. She sees the new assistant and asks who she is. The new assistant tells her that she's "The New Maxie". Maxie excuses herself, and walks into Connie's office, asking about the "New Maxie". Connie tells her that the "Old Maxie" never showed up for work, so she fired Maxie and hired a new one.

Ellie is back at work, trying to hack Maxie's records. Her phone rings, and she finds it to be Spinelli. Spinelli tells Ellie what she's doing in his search for Betsy Frank. He then notices that Ellie sounds distracted, then asks if something is wrong. Ellie says there is something wrong, and Spinelli is just the person to help her.

Duke shows Anna the dessert and introduces it to her. Anna says she remembers him saying the same thing years ago, then says it is a memory not ruined by Faison. Duke is glad that they are getting past what happened with Faison, and that they are building a future. He hopes that Anna feels the same way. Anna tells Duke that she's afraid of in pursuing a future with Duke. Duke says that they have the same fears, but he reminds her how she kissed him at the Nurses' Ball, and that it made him want to just make her happy. He asks if she will let him do that. She agrees, and they kiss.

Sabrina tells Carly how she's sorry Carly has been unlucky lately. Carly disagrees that she has been unlucky, but she says it's better than being called deluded and self destructive, even those words are more fitting. Sabrina tells her that she seems very confident. Carly says she is, because she realizes that the pain doesn't last and that you get over it. She then shares with Sabrina how Jason got her through her problems and how thinking about how Jason would help got her to walk away from a bad relationship. She congratulates Sabrina, telling her that Patrick is a great guy, and that she had fun with him years ago. She sees Sabrina looking concerned, then assures her that she's got nothing to worry about. She then goes to get a bottle of champagne for Sabrina and Patrick. As Carly walks away, her phone rings. Patrick is on the line. He apologizes, telling her that he can't make their date.

Maxie pleads with Connie not to fire her. She explains about stopping to see Dante and Lulu, but learned that Lulu is missing again. Connie tells her that she didn't even think to call and tell her that there was an emergency. Maxie admits that oversight, but then explains about going to the hospital to confront Ellie. Connie lectures Maxie about needing a first assistant who can do her job. Maxie says she is that person, and that Connie needs her. She asks for another chance.

Spinelli asks what she needs help with. Ellie flashes back to a conversation she had with Spinelli about Maxie's pregnancy, and Spinelli advising her to stay out of it. Present day, Ellie tells Spinelli that she locked herself out of her computer and needs help getting back in. She butters him up, but he tells her that his being away is going to hamper his being able to help her. He asks if the IT guy is not there. Ellie claims that she doesn't have time to call him, then asks if Spinelli can't log onto the network. She gives him an excuse about having to complete an urgent project. Spinelli says that he can help, but it would get her into the entire mainframe, which gives her access to sensitive information. Ellie says she can handle it. Spinelli says he is sure she will stay away from the personal files, and Ellie agrees. He then walks her through getting into the mainframe. She tells him that she's in now and thanks him. She wishes him luck in his job. He wishes her luck with her project as well, telling her that he is proud of how much she cares about her work, and that it's one of the reasons he loves her. She tells him she loves him, too, then hangs up.

Connie agrees to give Maxie another chance. She says mainly because she has something she has to do, and can't trust the "New Maxie". Maxie asks where Connie is going, then quickly says that she'll just say that Connie is in a meeting. Connie tells Maxie that she's going to see Johnny. Connie wonders if it has to do with her marriage to him, and asks Maxie to put some order to her office. She heads out, firing the "New Maxie" before she leaves.

Patrick explains to Sabrina how Britt needs him, and he couldn't abandon her. Sabrina says she understands. Patrick apologizes again. In the house, Felix congratulates Britt on her play. Britt claims ignorance. Patrick returns, telling her that he's ready to go. As Britt steps outside, Patrick thanks Felix for babysitting Emma. Felix says he'll be there as long as Patrick needs him. Patrick asks Felix to apologize to Sabrina again for him, then leaves with Britt.

Carly returns with the champagne, then tells Sabrina that she asked the chef to set up a tasting menu for them. Sabrina thanks Carly, then tells her that Patrick had to cancel their date. Carly guesses that it was a medical emergency. Sabrina apologizes for the inconvenience, but Carly says it's ok, and that she'll save the champagne for next time.

Duke and Anna continue to kiss. He starts to lead her to the bedroom, but Anna stops him. She begins to protest, using her job as an excuse, but he does lead her to the bedroom and she goes with him.

Ellie hacks into Britt's files, and then into Maxie's records. She copies Maxie's file to her flash drive and leaves the computer.

Maxie is on the phone speaking to a contact about flowers that were sent to them, and how much Connie loves them. As she hangs up, "The New Maxie" notices, and says that she knows that Maxie ordered the flowers, not Connie. Maxie explains how things work with taking credit for the bad things, and giving credit for the good to Connie. She learns that "The New Maxie's" name is Gwyneth. Gwyneth thanks Maxie for the tip, but says that she was just fired. Maxie tells her that Connie hires and fires people all of the time. Maxie tells her that she's not likely to get her job back, because her job is the job Gwyneth had, then says that she's sure Connie will find something for her. She suggests maybe Gwyneth could temp for her when she has her baby. Maxie feels the baby move for the first time.

Sabrina arrives at Patrick's house and joins Felix. Felix tells Sabrina how badly Patrick felt. Sabrina says that Patrick couldn't abandon Britt. Felix says he would have, but Sabrina doesn't think Felix would. She says that Britt is carrying Patrick's baby whether they like it or not. Felix tells her not for long.

At the clinic, Britt looks at a pamphlet about having a healthy baby. Patrick asks if she is ok. Britt asks if that's a serious question. Britt checks in with the nurse. The nurse says that they will be with her in a moment.

Carly pours herself a glass of champagne. She comments on how she misses Jason and how proud of her Jason would be. She reviews how she got herself out of a bad situation, then refused Johnny's call. She deletes the record marked "Pentonville Prison" from her phone.

Connie arrives at Pentonville, and is shown into the visitor's room where Johnny is waiting for her. The guard tells them that they have 20 minutes. Johnny thanks her for coming. Connie asks why she's there. Johnny says she's there because someone's life depends on it.

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