GH Update Thursday 4/25/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/25/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth storms into Kelly's and flings Nikolas's pants at AJ. He's confused and asks who's pants those are. "Nikolas's" Elizabeth retorts. "We we're all over each other and I ripped them off of him." She starts to tell AJ off. Nikolas, still pantless, listens to Tracy's proposal.

Mac is at The Floating Rib, describing the guy who left with Lulu just as Milo walks in. They wonder what guy when Dante mutters "Dead guy", and crushes the glass in his hand. Milo tries to hide, but they've all seen him, so he joins them at the bar. He asks what's going on, and Dante says that his wife left with some lowlife last night. They tell Milo how Felicia found Lulu's engagement ring in a bowl of peanuts.

Lulu is at Milo's reading about herself online. She's startled when someone starts banging on the door. She looks around for something to use as a weapon. She grabs the blender, when she hears someone opening the door. She bonks Max over the head with the blender.

At GH, Ellie can't resist the urge to use the computer to hack into Maxie's records. Dr. Westbourne is walking down the hallway, when she receives a call from Patrick. He's returning her previous call, and she confirms that her appointment is later on in the day. He asks her if she's sure, if she wants to go through with it.

Elizabeth is still ranting at AJ for telling Nikolas to back off. Tracy continues with her presentation to Nikolas. He tells her that he was only in a coma for a few days, and knows that she's out of ELQ. Tracy carries on but Nikolas tells her, that he's more worried about Lulu. Tracy is startled to learn that Lulu is missing.

Max is going crazy calling out Milo for sleeping with The Boss's daughter-in-law. Lulu is afraid of him because she doesn't recognize him either. She tells Max to stop calling Milo names. Max assures her that he's not there to hurt her, and that Milo is his brother. He doesn't understand what Lulu is doing there. Lulu nearly passes out when Max mentions Maxie being her surrogate. Milo listens nervously to Dante, Maxie, Mac and Felicia go on about the lowlife that left with Lulu. Dante surprises Milo by asking him and Max for his help. It's a private matter, and doesn't involve Sonny. Milo thinks that Sonny would understand.

Dr. Westbourne is patting her baby belly while talking to Patrick about her appointment. Dr Westbourne reassures him that she's going through with the abortion. Patrick offers to go with her, but she turns him down. Dr. Westbourne turns the question around on Patrick. She again states that she doesn't want to raise a child alone. Patrick offers to cancel his date, but Britt says it's okay. When Patrick hangs up, he hears someone knocking on the door, so he goes to answer it. When he sees it's Sabrina, he happily greets her with a warm hug.

Elizabeth tells AJ that he has no right to treat her like his personal property. They only had one date. AJ apologizes clumsily and asks Elizabeth if he can explain. Nikolas explains to Tracy that there were complications with Lulu's rescue. Tracy asks which one of his degenerate relatives is responsible, and he tells her his father, kidnapped and brainwashed Lulu. Lulu was so overwhelmed when they brought her home that she ran away. Tracy drops the act and shows concern for her former daughter-in-law.

Max is still screaming for Milo when Lulu finally tells him that he's not there. Lulu tells Max that nothing happened between her and Milo. Milo has no choice but to listen to Dante tells him that even though they have all the bases covered. He could really use his help especially since Dante knows that he likes Lulu. Dante tells Milo about Lulu's amnesia, and that she doesn't even remember the baby they're expecting.

Ellie is at the nurses' desk trying to resist the urge to hack into Maxie's records. She talks to herself about how wrong it is, but in the end, she goes through with it. She is caught by Dr. Westbourne. She tries to deny it but Dr. Westbourne knows better. Meanwhile, Patrick and Sabrina are talking about Dr. Westbourne in his doorway. Felix shows up with presents for Emma. He's babysitting her while Sabrina and Patrick go on their first date. Sabrina admits that she told Felix that Dr. Westbourne is having an abortion. Just then, Emma comes into the living room, and asks if Felix is going to babysit her. When Felix calls "baby girl", she tells him "I'm not a baby but my little brother and sister will be."

Tracy and Nikolas talk about Lulu and all that she's been through. Tracy says that she knows that Lulu is strong, and that she will come through this. Nikolas tells Tracy that he knows that she loves his sister but wonders about her sincerity. Is she using this to get him to invest in her company and relish? Tracy tells them she believes that Lulu will be okay. Nikolas tells her that makes him feel better. It doesn't necessarily mean he wants to be her business partner. Tracy pleads her case, but it isn't until she mentions AJ that Nikolas becomes interested.

AJ. is pleading his case to Elizabeth, but everything he says come out wrong. Things are rapidly going downhill. Finally, Elizabeth asks him outright if he trusts her. "Well, you did sleep with him behind Lucky's back."


Milo is still between a rock and hard place at The Floating Rib. Dante is still asking for his help, and Mac is telling him what they know. There was a new bartender on duty and he didn't recognize the guy Lulu left with. They talk about the engagement ring and why she left it. Suddenly, Milo remembers why he's there and says " Ring!" He then says he wants to order onion rings which confuses Mac. Mac says that Milo is always after him about a healthier menu. He mutters it's for Max but cancels it. Milo leaves saying he and Max will start looking for Lulu. Maxie says that even though Sonny complains about Max and Milo a lot, they really are good at their jobs.

Lulu is explaining to Max why she is hiding out at Milo's. He's astounded when she tells him that Milo knows about her amnesia. She tells him that she doesn't remember anyone. Max introduces himself telling Lulu that he has to protect his brother. He's not exactly the brightest bulb. Max asks for the whole story, so she tells him. When she tells him that Milo knows everything, he says he's going to do what Milo should've done. Call Dante.

Ellie and Dr. Westbourne are now in an exam room. Ellie confronts her with her suspicions, but Dr. Westbourne has an answer for everything. She even threatens to tell Monica about Ellie's hacking. Maxie has a hard time grappling with Lulu's memory loss regarding her pregnancy. Dante reminds her that she doesn't remember anyone. She doesn't even want to be with her Dad. They are still trying to decide why she would go off with a stranger. Felicia wonders if they should be asking Sonny's men for help. But Mac understands that sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.


Lulu pleads with Max not to call Dante. She knows her family is worried about her but she isn't ready to go back to them yet. She needs more time to remember things. Max still has his hands on the phone when Milo returns. "What are you doing?" he asks. He and Milo argue about what they should do. Milo tells Lulu how worried Dante and Maxie are about her.

Maxie and Dante are talking about the missing Lulu. Maxie reminds him that she knows how to take care of herself. As they talk, they realize that maybe Lulu left with someone she knew.

In the meantime, Ellie and Dr. Westbourne are arguing about Maxie's secret. Westbourne threatens to go to Monica to report Ellie for hacking. Ellie fires right back, telling her to go ahead. Westbourne tells her that Maxie told her how devoted Spinelli was to her all those years. Westbourne reminds her, that while Ellie was laid up in the hospital, Maxie and Spinelli had sex. Ellie calls her a mean horrible person. Westbourne asks her if Maxie weren't involved, would Ellie really be interested in this baby?

AJ is still trying to get out of the hole he dug himself into. Elizabeth is upset that AJ is judging her. He begs her for another chance. He thinks they have something good together. Elizabeth doesn't agree, and tells him that it's over. Nikolas is still listening to Tracy's pitch, and they talk about their mutual disdain for AJ She feeds him the relish which he likes. She continues to use the AJ card. "So you want to be my partner?" she asks.

Sabrina and Patrick are talking about Dr. Westbourne. He tells her that he hasn't really had a chance to know how he feels yet. Sabrina offers to postpone their first date. Patrick tells her that the only thing he does know is that he wants to be with her.

Nikolas finally agrees to become partners with Tracy. He just wants to do something about the name. Maxie receives a phone call from Westbourne. She warns her that Ellie was trying to hack into her records. Westbourne says she did some damage control but she doesn't know hoe much more time they have. Maxie makes her excuses to Dante and leaves. Mac hands Dante the evening's credit card receipts and the bartenders information.

Milo tells Lulu that he ran into Dante and Maxie. He tells her how worried they are about her. He tells her that they found her ring, and had a description of the guy she left with. Milo encourages her to call Dante.

Patrick and Sabrina are talking about their date. Felix comes back in the room with Emma. Felix takes off. Emma wants to know about the baby. Patrick tries to explain that there won't be a baby anymore. Emma isn't disappointed but Patrick seems to be. Sabrina takes Emma to her room. When she comes back she tells him that Emma already has forgotten about the baby. They talk about their date before Sabrina leaves to get ready.

Elizabeth has left Nikolas's pants at Kelly's. AJ flings them angrily across the floor. Tracy has arrived and picks them up "Pants in a twist?" she mocks. She tells him that she now has a partner. AJ mocks her now " What kind of masochistic bonehead would want to go into business with you?" "Nikolas Cassadine!" she tells him proudly. Elizabeth returns to Nikolas's room where he asks for his pant. Elizabeth realizes that she forgot them. She tells him that they are the last thing AJ will ever get from her.

Lulu is begging Max for more time, but then both he and Milo beg her to call Dante. So she does, but it's very short telling Dante that she needs more time. At GH, Ellie is at the nurses' station computer again. She's still trying to get into Maxie's medical records. Maxie steps off the elevator and marches over to her. "I know what you're doing, you bitch." Patrick's doorbell rings again, only this time it's Dr. Westbourne. "I'm sorry. I-I can't do this. I can't," she says.

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