GH Update Wednesday 4/24/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/24/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, Elizabeth catches Nikolas again trying to get dressed. He wants to help the search for Lulu, but she tells him he's still in recovery. At the loft, Dante is on the phone to Anna getting an update. He tells that he just came home to shower and change. He too is half dressed as is Lulu who wakes up in a strange bed. Someone is in the shower.

Back at GH, Spinelli is following Ellie around, before he leaves on his trip to for Lauren Frank. His employer is in Kelly's kitchen with Michael, trying to find the "Pickle Lila" recipe. Michael has obviously told AJ that Brenda lied about them sleeping together. A.J. voices his disappointment but is impressed with Brenda's creativity. Michael changes the subject to the relish.

Tracy arrives at The Floating Rib, where lovey-dovey Mac and Felicia pouring over wedding magazines. Felicia is munching peanuts all the while. Tracy interrupts them asking to speak to Mac privately. They sit down at a table leaving Felicia to her peanuts and magazines. Tracy tells Mac that she has a business proposition for him. While they are talking, Felicia, sitting at the bar, bites into something that isn't a peanut. She discovers an gigantic engagement ring, and think it's from Mac.

Dante is still on the phone to Anna, when someone knocks on the door. He tells Anna he'll call her back and hangs up. When he answers the door, he finds Maxie, looking like she's going to a wedding. But no she's back working for Kate/Connie. She wanted to see Lulu first, and typical Maxie rambles on until Dante shocks her by saying that Lulu's not home.

Lulu is still in bed when her host, Milo Giambetti, comes out of the shower, wrapped in a towel. At The Floating Rib, Mac is excited about Tracy's proposal about "Pickle Lila". Felicia is excited about the ring she thinks it's her. Tracy talks up her product but Mac notices the missing "Pickle Lila" logo. Tracy then produces "Pickle Tracy" logo.

Meanwhile, in Kelly's kitchen, the boys are working hard to find the right ingredients. Shawn tells an amusing story how, back in the service, on Paris Island, he was obsessed with perfecting the relish. Unfortunately, he was deployed before he could. AJ and Michael are captured by the story, and want him to continue his obsession. Shawn says, "I'm over it!" AJ and Michael tag team Shawn to work for them.

Back at GH, Ellie is still convinced that Maxie is hiding something about the baby. She's convinced that there is something wrong with the baby, and that Dante and Lulu have a right to know. Spinelli advises that it is none of their business but Ellie is determined.

At Dante and Lulu's, Maxie is stunned when she learns that Lulu has amnesia. Maxie tells him that they know Lulu best, and should be looking for her. Dante admits that he already has overwhelmed her, and that's why she ran away. Dante thinks that Lulu is alone and scared. But Lulu is anything but at Milo's, and is even okay with Milo exercising. She even helps Milo with his sit ups. She asks him if she's been here before, and Milo says no. Milo suggests that they call Dante but she adamantly refuses. He is nervous about hiding the boss's daughter-in-law. Milo reflects on the night before when Lulu told him about losing her memory, and running away from the hospital Lulu tells him that she doesn't know the Lulu that they know. In the present, Milo reminds Lulu that Dante is a cop. Lulu says that at least he hasn't picked up her scent yet. She tells Milo that he is her hero.

Back to Nikolas's room, they are still struggling over his pants when Elizabeth falls into his arms. Nikolas tells her that she' hurting him. Elizabeth immediately jumps back, with pants in hand. He tries to talk her into letting him leave to no avail. He and Elizabeth share a moment, but he doesn't want to upset AJ Elizabeth wonders why? Elizabeth is furious, when Nikolas tells her about his conversation with AJ

AJ and Michael are trying to persuade Shawn into sharing his secret ingredient even using the "Alexis" card. Shawn tells him it comes fro Afghanistan, and it's very difficult to smuggle out. He pays an exorbitant price for "Banh Mi". He says Alexis would have his head if he didn't use it in his meatloaf. In the meantime, Mac's enthusiasm wears off when he hears that Tracy doesn't own the rights to the trademark, He says that part of the success of "Pickle Lila" was that the image was warm and fuzzy, and reminds you of your grandmother. He also goes on about the three L's, and that "Pickle Tracy" doesn't sound the same. Tracy gets her back up and claims that she can be warn and fuzzy, too Mac is doubtful and backs out. Tracy gets all warm and fuzzy by threatening to buy The Rib when she's successful. She'll turn it into a parking lot. Tracy goes off in a huff. Felicia is so entranced by her ring that she doesn't notice Tracy leave. She jumps when Mac comes up behind her. Mac is stunned when she says she found the ring!

Back at GH, Spinelli wants Ellie not to confront Maxie, who can be intractable. Ellie rationalizes that Lulu is his friend too, and he should be concerned on her behalf. He half-heartedly agrees, than asks if they can table the conversation till he returns.

Meanwhile, Milo is treating Lulu like a queen She flashes back to the night before when Milo greets her happily. She tells him that he doesn't remember him or Dante or anyone else she's supposed too. When Milo mentions Dante, Lulu says that she doesn't have a husband, at least one, that she remembers. She takes her ring off , and puts it on the bar.

Tracy greets Shawn when she enters Kelly's but Shawn wants no part of her. Shawn doesn't want any trouble. Tracy pulls out the new "Pickle Tracy" logo. He tells her that AJ would fire him if he puts up any of her campaign ads. A.J. and Michael come out of the kitchen when they hear Tracy's voice. They both brag that the original recipe is back!

At the loft, Dante explains to Maxie how Lulu is feeling. Maxie tells Dante that they know her best, and should be, out looking for her. When he turns her down, Maxie wonders how he's coping. He says not very well but encourages her to go to work. He doesn't want her to lose her job. She stops short when he asks her about the baby. She updates him on the pregnancy and that everything is going well. Dante asks permission to speak to the baby. H e tells the baby not to worry, that his Mom will be back soon. Maxie assures him that Lulu loves him and will come back to him.

Back to the present, Lulu suddenly remembers her ring, and panics when she doesn't have it. It may not mean anything to her but it means something to Dante. He must've paid a fortune for it. She wonders how he can afford it on a cop's salary. Milo reminds her that Sonny has deep pockets, but Lulu doesn't think Dante would take money from his father to pay for the ring. She senses that Dante isn't that type of person. She says some drunk ass barfly probably has pawned it by now. She panics so after they can't find it, she says they'll have to go back to the restaurant to find it.

Back at The Floating Rib, Felicia is superexcited about the ring. She babbles on and on about it until Mac tells her it isn't from him. They are wondering who it belongs too, when Maxie comes in and says it's Lulu. She wonders why her Mom has Lulu's ring. As they are trying to figure it out, Maxie suddenly remembers to call Dante.

Ellie hopes that his trip is successful. Spinelli advises her to stay out of Maxie's business, then kisses her farewell. "Stay out of trouble, you." he warns as he gets on the elevator. Ellie's sheepish look says otherwise.

Elizabeth gets upset when Nikolas tells her that A.J. asked him to back. Nikolas defends AJ saying that he's falling for Elizabeth and is territorial because of their history. Nikolas says that he didn't like him, when he was dead, and likes him even less now.

AJ is bragging to Tracy that ELQ assets are now "unfrozen", and that he is about to go into production. They have the perfect recipe, thanks to Shawn. He challenges Tracy to try it but she doesn't trust him so gets Michael to go first. Michael isn't poisoned, and declares it good, so Tracy gives it a shot. "Not bad." she declares reluctantly. He tells her that everything is set to bring "Pickle Lila" back. Tracy again goes off in a huff. Outside, she mutters that she needs investors, then spies Nikolas on the front page of a newspaper. She grabs it from its owner then hands it back. She continues on with her mission. "Hello Nikolas!"

Felicia and Maxie finally get Lulu's ring off with butter. Felicia apologizes to Dante for trying it on. She never would've done it if she knew it was Lulu 's. She explains how she thought it was a surprise fro Mac. Dante doesn't understand why it was in a bowl of peanuts. Maxie reminds him that at leas she knows Lulu was there. Mac is on the phone to the bartender that served her. Dante looks at the ring and wonders if ditching the ring meant that she's ditching him. Mac gets off the phone and confirms that the bartender recognized Lulu. Lulu is begging Milo to go the restaurant alone. She doesn't want to go back to the hospital.

Michael is in the kitchen thinking that they may have been too hard on Tracy. AJ tells him that as soon as Michael aligned with him, he was on her hit list. Shawn comes into the kitchen to tell that he's found all the ingredients in Little Kabul. He's going to buy everything he can, so Michael volunteers to go with him. He's never been there.

In Nikolas's room, Elizabeth is now on the warpath. Nikolas still wants his pant back but Elizabeth is ranting about AJ Tracy shows up and hints that AJ is at Kelly's. Nikolas tries to get her to leave but she won't. Elizabeth leaves the pants on a chair, so Nikolas makes a bargain with Tracy to get them. Just then, Elizabeth returns to snap them up and leaves. Oh well!

At the nurses' station, a doctor comes and logs into the computer. He's looking for blood work on a patient. Ellie informs him that those tests aren't ready yet. The doctor is called away, and doesn't log off, leaving temptation in Ellie's hands. Ellie succumbs and hacks into the patient records for Maxie's.

Mac confirms that Lulu was there and even has a description of the guy she left with. He gives Dante the bartender's information so he can question him. Dante is angry, and smashes the glass in his hand, on the counter. Milo shows up to witness this. Lulu is using Milo's computer to find out about herself online. She is startled by a knock on the door.

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