GH Update Tuesday 4/23/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/23/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Michael is still reeling from Brenda's confession. Carly comes into Kelly's, looking for Brenda. Brenda arrives at the airport, and runs straight into Sonny. Sonny is upset thinking she is skipping town to not face him Brenda tells him she lied, and that she never slept with Michael.

At GH, Patrick is checking his messages, when Felix joins him at the nurse's station. Felix is at the end of his shift, but instead of going home, he tells Patrick that he's meeting Sabrina. He asks him to join them at The Floating Rib, but Patrick begs off. Felix then asks Patrick when he's going to ask Sabrina out. Felix tells him not to wait too long. Felix then leaves.

Sabrina shows up at The Floating Rib, and runs into Milo. The two play catch-up then Milo asks how things are going with Patrick. Patrick finally reads his messages, and finds one from Dr. Westbourne. She tells him that she has made an appointment for the abortion. Patrick doesn't look too happy about it. Just then, the Spencers arrive with Dante and Lulu. He goes over to greet them, but Lulu doesn't recognize him either.

Meanwhile, Scott is visiting Nikolas in his hospital room. Nikolas thanks him for keeping vigil while he was in a coma. Scott then tells him that it comes with the dinner. Scott tells Nikolas that he and Laura are engaged. Nikolas isn't that surprised.

Dante tells Patrick what happened with Lulu, and asks for his help. In the meantime, Scott and Nikolas are talking about Laura and her "fascination" with Luke. Neither of them understand it but, at least, Nikolas has learnt to live with it. Scott and Nikolas talk about life with Laura in Europe. Nikolas offers Scott some advice on how to win Laura over. He tells him to do the opposite of what Luke does. Patrick hears out Dante, Luke and Laura then offers to help Lulu. Patrick takes Lulu into an exam room, but when Dante tries to join them, she freaks out.

At the Rib, Milo and Sabrina are making amends. He apologizes again for trying to interfere with her and Patrick. Sabrina tells him not to give up on love. As they are chatting, we see Connie enter and look around.

In Kelly's, Carly comforts Michael thinking that Brenda left him high and dry. Michael tells her the truth, that Brenda was lying. Brenda is telling Sonny the same thing. Sonny goes after Brenda for using Michael. Brenda admits that she wanted to get back at Carly for all the years she had to deal with her. Brenda defends herself to Sonny till she breaks down and finally admits that she's still in love with him.

Carly has a hard time hearing that Brenda set her up. She goes on a rant against Brenda before taking off to find her at the airport. Connie finally sits down at the bar, right beside a nervous Milo. An emotional Brenda asks Sonny about Kate.

Back in Nikolas's room, he and Scott talk about Laura's fascination with Luke. Neither of them understand it but Nikolas has come to terms with it. Nikolas advises Scott that he should do the opposite of what Luke has always done. He should stay, and Laura will come to him.

Lulu is adamant about Dante not being in the room with her. Patrick talks to Dante about backing off. When Luke offers the same advice, Dante storms off. Laura wonders if Lulu will be the same again. Luke assures that with their help Lulu will return to them. Just as they're hugging, Scott steps off of the elevator. Laura greets him warmly. and tells him about Lulu's condition. Scott tells her that he just came from visiting Nikolas, and that he was asking about her. Laura goes to see her son while Luke and Scott square off.

Over at The Floating Rib, Connie tells a nervous Milo about her integration. Connie teases him until Milo asks about Sonny. Sonny tells Brenda about the integration, and how Connie feels she can't be with him. Brenda can understand this but still wonders why she always loses him.

Felix has finally shown up at The Floating Rib, but when he sees Milo with Connie, he gets wistful. Sabrina again has to remind Felix that Milo isn't gay. Felix still isn't so sure but changes the subject to her and Patrick. He tells her that he spoke to Patrick about their first date. He doesn't want her to lose out to Dr. Westbourne and her baby. Sabrina tells him that there won't be a baby anymore.

Patrick exams Lulu but the only thing she can't remember is her family. Back at The Rib, Milo is pouring his heart out to the new and improved Connie. Milo confesses to never having gotten over Lulu. Lulu freaks out because she can't remember what they want her too. Dante, who was eavesdropping, bursts in when he hears her distress. Dante desperately tries to force her to remember their life together.

Meanwhile, Luke and Scott are going over old ground about who loves Laura more. Luke lets Scott think they he and Laura slept together. Laura enters Nikolas's room, just as he's calling Elizabeth for an update. After an emotional reunion, Laura tells Nikolas that both his father and Helena are dead. Nikolas realizes that leaves only him and Alexis. Laura reminds him that he also has her, Lucky and Lulu. They talk about Stavros and how he probably left her no choice but to kill him. Laura tells Nikolas that she did have a choice.

Back at Kelly's, Michael tries to keep his Mother calm. She's still on a rant about Brenda using him to get to her. Carly decides to go after Brenda, and heads for the airport. "This isn't gonna end well." says Michael to himself. In the meantime, Brenda stuns Sonny by asking him to leave Port Charles with her.

At The Floating Rib, Felix wonders what Sabrina and Patrick's first date will be like. Sabrina suddenly decides to take the bull by the horns. She going to ask Patrick out first. At the same time, Connie and Milo are playing pool are talking about his love life. He tells her that he never got over his first love, Lulu. He moans that he always falls for unavailable women. Connie wonders why that is and plays therapist.

Dante is devastated when Lulu can't remember anything. Patrick escorts him from the room. Luke breaks down and tells Scott nothing happened between him and Laura. He tells hi how Stavros had them drugged. Scott can't help but wonder if Luke wants more. Laura is telling Nikolas that they thought Lulu was dead and that's why Stavros ended up dead. Nikolas understands but is more concerned about Lulu. Lulu is alone in the exam room looking at her wedding ring, feeling scared and confused. Luke and Scott are still arguing when they see Dante and Patrick. Patrick wants to keep Lulu overnight which Dante reluctantly agrees too. Scott suggests they all band together.

Sonny tells Brenda that he is still hurt over her using Michael, and Connie leaving him to go with Brenda to Rome. He tells her that they need time to heal. With heavy hearts, they say goodbye but not before Sonny gives her a passionate kiss. At The Floating Rib, Connie and Milo are still having drinks. Connie tells him not to give up on his "dream" girl. Milo tells her that he likes the new Connie, and a new friendship is born.

Nikolas has now joined Laura, Dante, Luke and Scott. Luke tells Nikolas that it's nice to see him up and around. Dante thanks him for trying to warn them about Stavros. Laura is elected to tell Lulu that she's spending the night. Laura has discovered that Lulu has left the building. Milo is surprised when she walks into the Floating Rib looking for a drink.

Carly is angry when she misses Brenda at the airport. She tells Sonny that Brenda lied about sleeping with Michael At Kelly's, a waitress serves Michael coffee and asks if that was the model, Brenda Barrett he was with, Michael smiles fondly and says yes. He flashes back to Brenda feeding him coffee the night they didn't spend together. Brenda is now on the plane where the stewardess also serves her coffee. Brenda also smiles enigmatically.

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