GH Update Monday 4/22/13

General Hospital Update Monday 4/22/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli is holding baby Danny and very happy to have him there and watch him for Sam while she makes arrangements for Rafe to live with her. Ellie enters to see him with the baby noticing how “baby friendly” he is and she does not look happy or comfortable.

Sonny is ready to pick up Dante and Lulu at the airport while Olivia is nearby and still urging him not to give up on Kate/Connie.

On the flight back, Luke and Laura wonder what they are going to do with the fact that their daughter is back but does not remember them or her husband. He tells her that she can see a doctor. But she reminds him as she knows all too well how seeing doctors cannot erase the fact that one is "broken".. At the other seat, Dante calls to Lulu. She replies but turns to face him revealing that she does not remember anything about being his wife.

At the hospital, AJ finds Carly and asks what she plans to do regarding Michael seeing Brenda. She tells him that she is not going to let Brenda get away with what she did to their son.

At Kelly’s, Brenda faces Michael and tells him that unknown to him, the two of them never had sex.

At the airport, Olivia tells Sonny that she has made many efforts to convince Kate/Connie to re-think breaking up with him. But they both know how stubborn both Kate and Connie are. And she believes that getting back with Sonny will cause her to break again. Although she tells him that she cannot understand how it would be better for anyone’s mental health not to be with the person they love.

Maxie goes to see the “new” Kate/Connie and admits she is not certain whom she is. She is not willing to work with her again. She remembers all of the bad things that this woman (Kate or Connie?) have done. Yet Connie tells Maxie she wants to integrate parts of both women and hopefully make the best of the situation and hopefully offer Maxie a job.

Ellie finds Spinelli with baby Danny and assures him that just because she does not want to have a child of her own does not mean she has any issues whatsoever with a child already born. She is completely on board with him having Danny stay with him. But she needs a favor from him regarding the secret that it appears Maxie is keeping from them.

While Luke and Laura sit together and “brainstorm” about what they could possibly do regarding their daughter’s complete loss of her memory and her entire life. Meanwhile, Dante attempts to “familiarize” her with her life and the two of them together and living in Port Charles. But she mistakenly calls him David, does not remember anything about him or her home town or anything. He assures her he knows that she is tired but knows things will all come back to her and she will feel better when they have their baby. Hearing that, she angrily demands to know about this baby that she has never heard and has no recollection of.

Olivia asks Sonny what he’s thinking and feeling and tells him that they are kind of in this together since they are having a grandchild. She tells him she knows that something is eating him alive and needs to know what it is. He then admits to her that the night of the nurse’s ball, Michael and Brenda slept together.

After Brenda informs Michael that he’s mistaken to believe they slept together, he asks her why.

In response to Ellie telling him she needs to find out if Maxie has some secret, he tells her that he does not want to invade Maxie's privacy. She tells him that she does want to find out something regarding Dante and Lulu.

On the flight back, Lulu cries and gets very angry and panicked when Dante reveals to her that “they” are having a baby. She yells that she does not know him or the two people who say they are her parents or anyone or anything. Laura then takes her daughter aside and assures her that everything will be alright.

Meanwhile, Elli asks Spinelli if he does not believe that Dante and Lulu have the right to know what is going on with their child. And she asks if he would not want some answers in a similar manner “if it were his child”. In response to that, he is silent and somehow knows she’s onto something.

Sonny explains to Olivia that he happens to know that it’s true that Michael slept with Brenda. He broke up with his girlfriend and was upset, got drunk and ended up in bed with Brenda. In response to that, Olivia admits that if her husband slept with her child, she’d want to kill them. She remarks that she would not blame Carly for wanting to murder Brenda and if she doesn’t, Carly is a “better woman” than she is.

At the hospital, Carly tells AJ that she’d like to continue this ridiculous conversation he wants to have with her but she needs to find a “whack job pedophile tramp” named Brenda.

While Ellie engages with Danny and asks the infant if he wants to follow in the footsteps of his mommy and his god father and become a PI, Spinelli tells her that he’d be honored to mentor Danny to do what he does if that’s what he chooses. In response to that, she tells him that maybe he can use his investigative skills to help her find out this “secret mystery” about Maxie's baby. She knows that Dr. Westbourne knows some secret that Maxie is hiding and Maxie’s father had to take action against Dr. Westbourne to keep her mouth shut. She thinks it involves the baby that Maxie is carrying for Dante and Lulu. Yet she cannot decipher what this secret is.

At the airport while waiting for Dante and Lulu, Olivia asks Sonny just what would have happened if he had not gotten the call to meet her there to see them. Would he be ready to find Brenda and kill her? But before he can answer that, Dante and Lulu appear. Olivia rushes to hug her son so happy that he’s ok after all the worrying. Sonny is also happy to know his son and daughter in law are ok. But as soon as Olivia attempt to hug and welcome Lulu, Lulu furiously turns away from her, very alarmed to be touched by someone she “does not know”. And she screams that she doesn’t know any of these people.

Michael talks to Brenda about what really happened the night in question and she tells him that maybe her mother wants his father to believe that she would sleep with him in order to provoke Sonny to want to take drastic action against her. And she explains to him what happened when she let him stay in her hotel room while he was drunk. We see them both fully clothed with Brenda inviting Michael to sleep on her couch, shower, sober up with coffee, having full opportunity to get him in bed but choosing not to do so.

Connie tells Maxie she knows that Maxie is going to have a baby. Hearing that, Maxie reveals she’s very suspicious about Connie possibly knowing her secret and demands to know if she’s been talking to Ellie Trout. Connie then reveals she knows nothing about Maxie secret and doesn’t seem to care to know but talks about how she does have issues about having someone working for her who “overstays” their maternity leave and spends too much time and energy getting obsessed about a baby. She remarks she will never understand how women think babies are so special.

Spinelli asks Ellie why she is assuming that some deep dark secret about Maxie that only Dr. Westbourne knows is regarding the baby nor was what motivated Frisco to take drastic action to protect his daughter.

Brenda admits to Michael that she was very tempted to sleep with him in order to inflict “pay back” upon Carly after all the terrible things Carly has done to her. So when she observed Michael sleeping on her couch, she got on her phone to order breakfast and charged everything to Carly. Michael was asleep and passed out when she got into bed with him and took off her clothes while waiting for his mom to arrive. She didn’t do anything regarding “touching” him. But he was dead to the world and would not have been the wiser when he woke up. And, she tells Michael: “the rest is history”. Having now found out that he did not have sex with Brenda after all, Michael is not “happy” or relieved. And he reveals that she did use him to inflict revenge upon his mother even if she believes otherwise.

At the airport, Laura goes with Lulu to the hospital. Luke attempts to urge Dante not to give up. Sonny and Olivia find their son and assure him that he needs to know that Patrick is a brilliant surgeon and he should be able to enable Lulu to regain her memory. But when they are alone, Olivia expresses to Sonny that she’s worried that it might not go the way they want. But they don’t want to lose hope. She tells him she has to get home and ready for work. Alone, Sonny gets on his phone to call Michael. But before he can get through, Brenda appears out of nowhere. And she looks at him with what appears to be a smug expression.

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