GH Update Thursday 4/18/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/18/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Olivia visits Connie at her office and slaps her up the side of the head. Carly is with Sonny telling him about Michael and Brenda. Sonny surprises Carly by telling her that he already knows. Carly wonders why Sonny hasn't gone after Brenda yet.

Brenda arrives at Kelly's, and runs into A.J. and Michael. She and AJ catch up pleasantly, until AJ brings up her tryst with Michael. Michael is embarrassed, and tries to shut AJ up. He pushes AJ to go and see Elizabeth at the hospital. He leaves reluctantly, but not before telling Brenda how proud he is of Michael.

At GH, Elizabeth checks in on Nikolas and is surprised to find the bed empty. She turns around to find Nikolas half-dressed behind the door. She has good news to tell him but won't give it to him until he gets back in bed. As a compromise, he sits in the chair instead, so Elizabeth tells him that Lulu has been found, and is on her way home. When Nikolas asks about his father, they assume that Stavros is dead. AJ turns up just as they are celebrating by hugging.

While Rafe is chatting with Molly, he overhears Lucy's suggestion about living with Sam. Molly is ecstatic but TJ has hard time showing support. Molly doesn't help, when she suggests that Rafe live with her and Alexis. Lucy uses this as part of her plea for Rafe to stay with Sam.

Connie is defending herself and her reasons for breaking up with Sonny to Olivia. Olivia tells Connie about her visit with Sonny, and how devastated he was. She can't believe that Connie would leave him after everything he did for her. Connie tries to make Olivia understand that even though she loves him, she can't stay with him. Olivia doesn't get it.

Carly doesn't get why Sonny hasn't killed Brenda yet. She goes over the day she found Michael in bed with Brenda. Carly tells him she believes Brenda used Michael to get to her. Sonny doesn't disagree but his heart really isn't in it. Carly is on the warpath.

Sam has decided to take Rafe in, much to the relief of Lucy and Molly. Alexis takes Sam aside to make sure that she is sure. Sam basically wants to "pay it forward". She reminds Alexis how her childhood was similar, and that Jason left her well-provided for. Sam also tells her Jason would do it. Alexis tells her that she is proud of her. They return to tell Rafe and company. Sam asks Rafe if he wants to come live with her. Of course, he says so Lucy and Molly squeal in delight. Alexis and Sam go off to find the judge.

Back at Kelly's, Michael offers Brenda a seat then apologizes to her for AJ's behavior. Brenda tells Michael that Carly kicked her out so she changed hotels. She also tells him that she misses her son so she's going back to Rome. Michael confesses that he told Sonny about their night together. Brenda wishes that he hadn't done that.

Carly is still ranting to Sonny about finding Michael and Brenda in bed together. She gives him all the gory details then wonders why he hasn't gone after her yet. Sonny tells her flatly that Connie left him. Sonny and Carly talk about their messy history together. Carly bristles when Sonny compares her behavior to Brenda's.

Brenda isn't thrilled to learn that Michael talked to Sonny. Brenda blames Carly for making Michael feel guilty. She tells him that Carly has to realize that he's a grown man. Michael tells her that he had to be honest with his father. He had to take responsibility for what he did.

AJ makes himself known to Elizabeth and Nikolas. She's happy to see him but Nikolas not so much. She tells him the good news about Dante and Lulu coming home. She asks him where he's been, and when he tells her, she tells him to call her. AJ and Nikolas have an uneasy reunion with lots of barbs thrown back and forth. When Elizabeth is called away, the gloves come off. AJ tells Nikolas that he and Elizabeth are dating, and not to interfere. Nikolas has his own issues with AJ, and lists them off. Elizabeth returns in the middle of this, and wonders what's going on.

Lucy is wondering the same thing about TJ. She wonders why he's hanging back so he tells her about Shawn's advice. He tells her that he doesn't want Molly to feel that she has to take sides. Lucy is impressed but notices that Sam and Alexis have returned. In the hallway, Rafe can't believe his luck, and wonders if it'll really happen. Molly offers to run away with him if he doesn't He tells her that he doesn't want to live like that anymore. Well, he's in luck cause the judge approved Sam's petition. Alexis tells them that the case will be reviewed in 90 days. As Lucy and Molly, squeal in delight, Sam takes Rafe home. Alexis goes to finish filing the petition. Lucy offers to buy ice cream for everyone. She goes off in search of Alexis leaving Molly and TJ to finally talk. Molly tells him that he doesn't have to pretend. She knows that he's relived that Rafe won't be living with her.

Sonny and Carly relive how they started and that they know all about "revenge" sex. They talk about Jason being shot while they were having sex, and how he walked in on them. They admit that they knew it was wrong, and they both felt bad about it. The point is, Carly says, they were adults. Michael was vulnerable and Brenda took advantage of him. Carly pushes Sonny to do something before Brenda cause more damage.

Brenda asks Michael about Sonny's reaction to his confession. He tells her that Sonny heard him and forgave him. He feels things have changed and that their relationship is broken. Michael still can't remember anything about that night.

As Molly and TJ are talking, Sam is showing Rafe his new home. Rafe is in awe. Elizabeth notices the tension between AJ and Nikolas but they say all is fine. Olivia is wrapping things up with Connie when she receives a page from Dante. Olivia apologizes to her cousin, and tells her that she loves and support her, no matter what. When Olivia leaves, Connie returns to her desk, and takes out a picture of her and Sonny. She sits there and gazes at it.

Carly and Sonny are also wrapping things up. They promise each other to be honest with Michael. He apologizes to her for the Brenda crack. Carly wants revenge. Carly thinks that after all this, Brenda will be off limits to him. Little does she know that Brenda is about to make a confession that will change everything.

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