GH Update Wednesday 4/17/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/17/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, as Maxie arrives for her appointment with Dr. Westbourne, she collides with her nemesis Ellie. Maxie immediately accuses Ellie of stalking her. Maxie is clearly paranoid. At the same time, Spinelli is at Sam's playing with Danny. Sam and Spinelli talk business, when Spinelli tells her about their new client AJ.

AJ is at Kelly's, where he sees the "Pickle-Lila" poster that Shawn has put up. He quietly swears at Tracy, just as Michael joins him. AJ apologizes for his mood, but Michael isn't doing much better. AJ assumes that it's about Brenda, but Michael is more worried about Sonny. Sonny is at home staring at an old picture of Connie. An excited Olivia arrives to tell him good news. He thinks that she's learnt that Connie is back.

Connie is at the Metro Court reclaiming her office and Crimson. Carly shows up wondering who ordered all this work. Connie then announces herself, and again is asked who she is Connie or Kate. We see a shot of the name on the door....Connie Falconeri.

Now on spring break, Molly is with Alexis at the courthouse. Someone has applied to be a guardian for Rafe Kovich. Molly is anxious to see him, TJ is at Kelly's, moaning to Shawn about Rafe and Molly, of course. He wonders if he should join Molly at the courthouse. Shawn doesn't think that it's a good idea to be hovering over her. He tells TJ that Rafe and Molly won't have a chance to be alone together. Wrong! Molly greets Rafe, as he's brought to the hearing. Both are wondering who applied for guardianship. Just then, Lucy rushes in to say it's her and Kevin.

Olivia tells Sonny that Dante is on his way home with the Spencers. They are both relieved that Dante is okay. She notices that Sonny is distracted and wonders why he isn't happier about Connie. She notices an old picture of her cousin. Connie is being grilled by Carly, who's surprised that Connie isn't with Sonny right now.

TJ has decided to join Molly at the courthouse. Against his better judgment, Shawn lets him go, but advises him to be cool. Molly asks Lucy how she could be a guardian, when she and Kevin live out of town. Lucy informs her that she and Kevin have moved back to Port Charles. Lucy goes on to tell Rafe about the wonderful "Doc". Rafe is clearly overwhelmed but Lucy tells him that he is family.

At the penthouse, Sam and Spinelli are arguing over a check he's given her. It's part of a payment from AJ, but Sam refuses to keep it. Sam wins, thanks to Spinelli's distraction with Danny. Spinelli tells Sam that AJ has hired him to find the missing Quartermaine heir.

AJ is listening to Michael tell him that he told Sonny about him and Brenda. Michael says that Sonny has forgiven him. AJ is quick to remind Michael that Sonny has done much, much worse in his life. Michael changes the subject to Pickle-Lila and learns that although Kelly's is the birthplace of "Pickle-Lila", she can't use it. AJ tells Michael that their future all depends on Spinelli.

Spinelli is telling Sam that their investigation includes Franco. Although they are glad that Jason turned out to be Danny's father, they both lament that Jason isn't there. Spinelli also mentions that he'll never be a father. Sam is confused until Spinelli tells her that he and Ellie have put aside the baby question. He tells her that the only baby they talk about it Maxie's. Sam wonders why they are talking about Dante and Lulu's baby so Spinelli tells her about Ellie's theory.

Ellie defends herself to Maxie who is surprised to hear that Ellie and Spinelli have a theory. Maxie is relieved to hear Ellie say that the secret she overheard was about Dr. Westbourne's pregnancy and not hers. And, as luck would have it, Dr. Westbourne shows up just then. Spinelli is telling Sam the same thing but when he mentions Dr. Westbourne, Sam changes the subject. He then tells her that he went to see Heather Webber. She jokes about Heather asking him to deliver a letter. She's horrified when he tells she did but only in jest. Fortunately, Heather had some useful information. Just then the phone rings so Sam hands Danny over to Spinelli which he happily accepts. Spinelli tells Danny about Jason and how he will always be there for Danny as Jason was for him. Sam's nanny has called in sick and she has to be in court. Spinelli seizes the chance to babysit.

At Kelly's, AJ tells Shawn to remove all signs of "Pickle-Lila" because it's ELQ property. Shawn says it's a shame cause the name is catchy. AJ thinks Tracy is winning until Michael comes up with idea to make their own relish. At the courthouse, the hearing begins so Lucy takes the stand. Lucy tries flattery then goes on to explain her relationship with Rafe. When Lucy mentions Doc, Alexis tells the judge that Dr. Collins is out of town on an emergency. As Alexis hands the judge Kevin's references, TJ shows up to surprise Molly. Although the judge is impressed with Kevin, he's not as thrilled with Lucy.

Michael is trying to convince AJ to go ahead with the plan to produce their own relish. AJ still wants insurance against Tracy, and that means finding the missing Quartermaine heir. And here comes Spinelli to the rescue. AT GH, Ellie is being reamed by Dr. Westbourne, who's already pissed at being talked about. She cuts Ellie off then whisks Maxie away for her appointment. As the judge reads the list of Lucy's recent crimes, it doesn't look good. Alexis defends Lucy but the judge is unimpressed. Just then, Sam shows up to testify on Lucy's behalf.

Meanwhile, Sonny tells Olivia what it was like to see Connie again. Olivia assumes that they are back together. Carly is feeling out Connie when she tells Carly that she has gone back to her birth name. Connie bristles when Carly calls her Kate. Connie tells her never to mention that name again. Carly also assumes that Sonny and Carly are back together. Sonny tells Olivia that Connie doesn't feel mentally stable with him. Connie is telling Carly her reasons as well. Carly isn't impressed and reams her out after everything Sonny did for her. Carly then tells Connie that Brenda is back, and looking to get back together with Sonny. Connie tells Carly that she does love Sonny but she needs to be alone. Carly warns her to be sure cause if she has a change of heart, she might live to regret it.

Sam is testifying for Lucy and even calls her a heroine. Michael and AJ are delighted to see Daniel with Spinelli. Spinelli reports that his visit to Heather was successful. At GH, Ellie sees a nurse with too many reports in his hands. He tells her that one is for Dr. Westbourne. She jumps at the chance to deliver the report to Dr. Westbourne. In an exam room, Westbourne catches up with Maxie about Dante and Lulu. Maxie tells her that Lulu has been found so everyone is on their way home. Westbourne pushes Maxie until she confesses that she is still worried about Ellie. Maxie tells her about the conversation that Ellie overheard. Ellie shows up just as they are talking about the secret being about Maxie's baby and not Westbourne's. Ellie quickly leaves after handing Westbourne the report. Maxie freaks out wondering if Ellie overheard them.

Meanwhile, Spinelli is reporting to Michael and AJ the information Heather gave him. He tells them Heather stayed in touch with Franco's Mother for awhile. Heather learned about Franco's daughter through Betsy but because Franco wasn't allowed near her, Betsy had to keep moving. He tells that Sam recently found her in Woodstock. At AJ's urging, Spinelli makes plan to go there. He checks his messages before he leaves and notices one from Carly. He mentions it to Michael before he takes off with Danny. AJ wonders why Carly would be calling Spinelli but Michael brushes him off. Shawn comes by with the posters to throw them out but AJ tells him to hang onto them

Outside of Kelly's, Spinelli receives another call from Carly. She's relieved that he answered because she wants him to find someone. Spinelli tells her that he is leaving Port Charles on a case. As AJ suspected, Carly is desperate to find Brenda. She changes her mind and decides to let someone else handle it.

Olivia has a hard time understanding what Sonny is telling her about Connie. He tells her that he was distracted by something else but doesn't tell her who. He asks her to keep an eye on Connie. Olivia leaves suddenly, but not before reminding him about Dante and how grateful they should be. Sonny goes back to looking at Kate's picture.

At the courthouse, everyone is waiting for the judge's decision. Rafe isn't too hopeful about the outcome. Of course, Molly is more hopeful but TJ makes a crack about the group home. Just then the judge come back, and regretfully denies the petition. He all but calls Lucy crazy, and wonders why she isn't in treatment. Lucy protests to no avail.

Shawn is confused when AJ changes his mind about the poster. AJ is suddenly fired up about producing their own product. At the hospital, Dr. Westbourne tells Maxie that her pregnancy is on track. Maxie is too worried about Ellie spilling the beans to Spinelli Ellie finds Spinelli still hanging around Kelly's. She's surprised to see him with Danny but ignores the obvious. She proceeds to tell him what happened with Dr. Westbourne and Maxie. She tells him that she thinks her previous theory is wrong. The secret isn't about Westbourne's pregnancy but Maxie's. Spinelli wonders what it could be.

Rafe is devastated but Alexis isn't about to give up. She releases Rafe's worker then goes to talk to the judge. Molly comforts Rafe. Alexis returns quickly after striking out with the judge again. As Sam, Lucy and Alexis try to find a solution, Lucy thinks she has one. She wants Sam to apply for the job.

Connie pays off the workers who have finished putting up the Crimson. As she takes it all in, Olivia shows up, and literally slaps he up the side of her saying "What the hell is wrong with you?" Sonny also receives a visit from someone concerned about him. Carly tells him that she's seen Connie. He realizes that isn't the reason for her visit. She goes on tell him about Michael and Brenda. When he finally gets a word in, he tells her that he already knows. Carly asks him why Brenda isn't dead.

Back at Kelly's , Michael and AJ are going ahead with their plans. Shawn wants Kelly's to be a part of it, so he offers the use of the kitchen. Just as the boys are about to go the kitchen, Brenda turns up.

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