GH Update Tuesday 4/16/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/16/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

A prison guard is giving instructions to Spinelli on what not to do while visiting an inmate. As he lets Spinelli in the room, the guard smirks, "Enjoy your visit." Spinelli, unsure of his next move, hears "Well, hello Damian!' It's Heather Webber.

Felix has found Sabrina, about to pull back her hair, in the change room. He tells her not to ruin all his hard work, and hints about hair conditioner. Sabrina lets him fix her hair, but she is obviously in a mood. Felix correctly assumes that Britt Westbourne is responsible.

Britt has stopped Patrick in the hallway to unveil a new plan. She's not going through with the pregnancy. Patrick is stunned to learn that Britt is going to have an abortion. In his hospital room, Nikolas is on the phone with Spencer, reassuring him that he's okay. He tells him he may be there for a while. He tells Spencer that maybe Grandma Lesley can bring him to Port Charles to see his cousins. Just then, a doctor enters the room and starts closing all the blinds. Nikolas tells Spencer that he has to hang up, but not before Spencer asks for a new pony.

On Cassadine Island, Lulu (now being played by Marcy Rylan) is struggling with her surroundings. She has no clue who Dante, Luke, and Laura are. She still thinks she is Stavros's wife, and calls out to him for help. She refuses to go anywhere with them especially Dante. Dante, of course, is frustrated, as is his father, at the moment.

Sonny is on the phone giving orders to find Brenda and bring her to him. Just then, the doorbell rings. Sonny slams the phone down, nearly knocking over Michael's picture. Sonny assumes that's Brenda but it's not. It's Kate/Connie, whomever. "Well, they sprung me." she says as she enters the house. Not exactly in a patient mood, Sonny cuts the small talk. " So which one are you? Connie or Kate." he asks.

A.J. and Tracy arrive at Kelly's, at the same time. A.J. orders a BLT while Tracy grabs Shawn to ask his help in hanging up her promotional ads. Shawn tries to brush her off but Tracy proceeds anyway. Tracy tells Shawn of her plans to relaunch "Pickle Lila" and offers Shawn first dibs. A.J. makes a crack about a hot dog stand down the street. Shawn actually remembers "Pickle Lila", and says he loved it. He makes the mistake of saying that Kelly's isn't a relish joint. Tracy ignores A.J.'s cracks and tells Shawn the history of Kelly's and the relish. Tracy strikes out with Shawn, who goes to make A.J.'s order. "I'm going to try Windom's and you'll be sorry." she calls after him. As usual, A.J. and Tracy begin to bicker about ELQ.

Unaware of Sonny's bad day, Connie struggles to tell him about her therapy. First she has a question for him...."Who was he expecting when she came back...Kate or Connie?" Lulu is also struggling with what's going on. Even after they introduce themselves gently, she has no clue as to who Dante, Luke and Laura are.

Sabrina and Felix, are discussing Dr. Westbourne. Felix pretends to be Dr. Westbourne during her pregnancy, and how she will work Patrick. Patrick is struggling with Dr. Westbourne's news that she wants an abortion. Britt states all her reasons, but it makes no sense to Patrick.

Back at Kelly's, the battle continues over "Pickle Lila". A.J. says that he owns the name but Tracy is counting on Luke to find the missing Quartermaine heir. A.J. reminds her that Luke is busy elsewhere, and that he already has someone following a lead. Tracy is stunned to learn that Spinelli has changed sides. "As they speak", A.J. tells her that Spinelli is talking to Heather Webber. And Heather isn't making it easy on him.

Lulu continues her struggle with reality. Laura tells her that Stavros was a kidnapper not her husband. Dante pushes her to remember their life together but it doesn't help. Seeing his frustration, Laura tells him to take a break. Luke whisks him out of the room. Luke tells Dante to calm down, and not make Lulu dig in her heels. She may not remember them, but she still has her personality. Laura is telling Lulu how she got her name. She tells her that Lulu is a nickname. She was named after her grandmother who loves her very much.

Dante's father is also trying to remain calm, as Connie tells him what happened with her therapy. All Sonny wants to know is who she is now. Connie, as she has now calls herself, says that yes she is integrated, but some changes have to be made.

In the GH change room, Felix is giving Sabrina a pep talk. He pretends to be Britt during her pregnancy to show Sabrina how she will play Patrick. Britt tells Patrick that she won't bring a child into the world unloved and unwanted. She grew up without a father, and she won't do that. Surprised to hear this, Patrick apologizes.

Spinelli has trouble keeping up with Heather. When he mentions Luke, this gets Heather's attention. He realizes he's onto something, and goes with it. He reels Heather in by letting Heather think that Luke is now with Tracy. This sends Heather on a rant about Luke's bad taste in women.

In Nikolas's room, the so-called doctor is asking him unusual questions. She seems to know a lot about his family. Fortunately, Epiphany comes to rescue. She tells Nikolas that the doctor is actually a tabloid reporter. Yes says the reporter. "I'm from Access Port Charles." Nikolas mixes up her name calling her Katie (as in Couric who guest stars), before he tells her that he will have his cousin, Alexis Davis, sue her. Then he will buy the station and fire everyone. Epiphany then ushers her out the door but doesn't leave. Nikolas tells Epiphany that she doesn't have to stay. Epiphany grabs a cloth and a tub of water smiling, saying "It's time for your sponge bath." Epiphany chuckles evilly as Nikolas looks horrified.

Patrick is still confused by Britt's behavior. She tells him that he's off the hook, and walks away. Just then, Sabrina joins him. She asks him what's wrong. He tells her that Dr. Westbourne is going to have an abortion.

Sonny's bad day gets worse when Connie tells him that she can't be with him. He doesn't understand why they can't be together. Connie tells him that, in order, for her to stay healthy, she has to stay away from him.

Spinelli is finally getting somewhere with Heather. He tells her that the best way to beat Tracy is to help A.J. find the missing Quartermaine heir. Heather says she lost touch with her link to Franco when she lost her Internet privileges.

Luke and Dante have rejoined Laura and Lulu. They have trouble convincing her to leave with them. Lulu is convinced that Stavros's men will protect her. Luke blurts out that there are a lot of dead bodies on the island including Stavros. She starts to freak out when Laura intervenes and tells her that the only person who believed she was his wife was Stavros.

Sabrina is shocked to hear that Britt is going to have an abortion. Britt is in the changing room being harassed by Felix predicting her behavior. Britt takes it in stride telling him he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Now outside of Kelly's, A.J. and Tracy continue their bickering. Tracy is stunned to learn that EL owns the name "Pickle Lila". Tracy says she'll think up a new name, She decides to start her own company TAQ and swears she will win back her father's company from him.

Heather is agreeing to help Spinelli. First she wants a favor. "Which is? he asks. She starts to say she wants him to deliver a letter to Steven Lars before she cracks up. She tells him that she's messing with. She tells him to come closer. She doesn't want the whole world to hear what she knows about Lauren Frank.

Lulu is finally convinced to leave with her parents and Dante. She refuses Dante's help when he offers her his arm. Laura is frightened that Lulu will never be the same since Stavros brainwashed her. Luke is more hopeful.

Sonny realizes that Connie is breaking up with him. They admit they love each other, and share a passionate kiss. Connie tells him to take care of himself as she walks out of his life for good.

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