GH Update Monday 4/15/13

General Hospital Update Monday 4/15/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Patrick notices Sabrina’s “new look” without glasses and tells her how nice she looks and how happy he is to be on track with her. They don’t even broach the subject of Britt and her baby.

Meanwhile, Britt’s mom keeps telling her that she cannot give up on their plan to “take” Patrick. Britt cries and tells her mom she doesn’t want to go through with this anymore. She realizes that Patrick is done with her and she is not going to believe otherwise. Her mother tells her she needs to stop sniveling or she will give her daughter something to cry about. Britt continues to protest that this is a sick scheme and she doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore. Her mother tells her she hopes it’s nothing more than hormones that are causing her daughter to be so weak. Her mother tells her that she is a human being with feelings. And it does not appear her mother understands that concept.

Carly frantically rushes to find Michael, and AJ tells her she needs to respect their son’s boundaries. They argue about how the other is a lousy parent to their son. She protests that if Michael slept with Brenda, that is not ok. Brenda is twice Michael’s age. He asks what is wrong with Michael being with a beautiful super model. They rush into Michael’s apartment and see that his bed has not been slept in.

Michael returns to Sonny’s home and tells his dad that he has been terribly depressed and emotionally damaged. He drank too much the night before and he made a serious mistake. He slept with Brenda.

Patrick takes his dad to the airport. Noah tells his son he’s really going to miss him and Emma. And he urges him not to let that woman who claims to be pregnant by him ruin his relationship with Sabrina

Scott Baldwin goes to find Bobbie and asks her if she’s ever thought of wheat their lives would have been like if they had “gotten together” all those years ago. She smirks and tells him she admits that she used to be interested in him but got wise realizing that he has always only had eyes for Laura. She can see, however, that he has probably failed his relationship with Laura and is seeking her out because of that. But she encourages him not to give up on Laura. She tells him she’s had more failed relationships than anyone. In response to that, he asks her what is wrong with all those guys in Seattle. They must be really stupid. She laughs and tells him she’s met some very nice men but not yet found anyone who’s right for her. Yet she has not given up on love and neither should he.

Luke and Laura find Lulu and it appears that Stavros has killed her. They are devastated. Laura sobs and talks about all the time she’s missed when she could have been there for her daughter and now it’s too late. She tells her that when Stavros turned on the gas to kill someone, it should have been herself and not Laura that died in the process. Luke stands over his lifeless daughter who lies on the table. He relives their history together, all they’d been through together and how she’s always been there for him. And it was his demons, dragons and enemies that dragged her there. He is her father and it was his responsibility to protect her and he failed her. He cries and screams that he cannot believe there is a God if this could happen. How could anyone take his beautiful daughter from him?

Sabrina talks to Felix who tells her he bets that Dr. Westbourne got pregnant on purpose. She doesn’t want to believe it but he tells her she needs to realize that that is what happened.

Britt’s mom tells her daughter that all the power she needs to win Patrick over is growing in her belly. That baby is the answer but she needs to know how to use it. Britt protests that she cannot do this and see this as some plan with objectives and some scientific procedure. This is involves people and feelings and in order for her to “win” Patrick, he has to first of all want a relationship with her. But her mother persists that she needs to “go to war” and find out where Patrick is vulnerable. She tells her daughter she has to return home and Britt has to “carry out her mission”.

Dante cries and holds deceased Lulu’s hand while he relives how they first met. He laughs about how he got into confrontation with her brothers when they were playing pool. He saw that she was the one for him. He remembers seeing her later on the peer and seeing how funny and how beautiful she is. And when she kissed him that night, he knew right then that he was in love with her. She was the one. He knows he’s said that but he knows that he cannot live without her. He sobs and holds her while she remains lifeless. But right then, he is able to tell that he may hear a heartbeat. He calls to Luke and Laura. They rush in. Laura holds her daughter’s hand and discovers that there is a pulse. She asks Luke if they should not rejoice.

Carly tells AJ that their son needs support and guidance and if he cares about Michael, he will know that he won’t’ get it from AJ. He asks her if she thinks he’s going to get it from Sonny. She needs to know what type of whack job Sonny is and how he controls and sees Brenda as his property and just what he’s going to do when he finds out that his son had sex with Brenda.

Michael tells his dad he realizes that he made a serious mistake and betrayed his dad and he’s sorry. He accepts full responsibility for his actions and he’s sorry. Right then, Sonny silently closes the door. He has his hand on his gun but it’s uncertain what he’s going to do at that point. Michael urges his dad to please say something.

Carly and AJ continue to argue where she tells him that Brenda is exploiting their son and his not seeing it that way.

When Sonny is silently holding his gun, Michael asks him what is up. Sonny appears unusually calm and simply tells his son he wants to lock it up so that no accidents occur. Michael explains how he and Brenda got to talking about how they have both suffered tragic losses. He continues to protest to his dad that he is ashamed and apologizes. Sonny asks his son if Brenda is sorry or regretful. He admits no. She did not. And Michael still appears; baffled to know what is going on in his father’s mind when Sonny is silent.

When Dante, Luke, and Laura discover that Lulu is alive, they all fight to revive her.

Sabrina tells Felix it makes no sense for Britt to disappear and then suddenly think she’s going to win Patrick over with the baby> he tells her he wouldn’t put anything past that woman knowing how she could use “that little monster” she’s carrying inside her to wreak havoc. And right then, Britt walks in to overhear their conversation and asks Felix to repeat what he just said about the “precious life” growing inside her.

Patrick is with his father at the airport when he runs into Britt’s mom. He obviously hasn’t a clue whom she is. But she asks if he is Dr. Patrick Drake. He replies yes. She tells him that she has some vital information to tell him about his wife. He then turns to her and asks what she believes she knows about Robin. She replies that she saw the nurse’s ball last night. He spoke of all the great things about his deceased wife. And then, their joyous occasion had to be interrupted. She somehow knows what a “great father” he would be. He hasn’t a clue whom this woman is or what she wants.

At the hospital when Dr. Britt confronts Sabrina and Felix, she assures them she is not going to use Patrick’s baby to cause any trouble or to break up the “love birds”. Felix asks her why, then, did she have to announce her baby at the nurse’s ball and not in private. She then asks why they are so concerned. If Sabrina is so secure in her relationship with Patrick, then why would it matter? Is Sabrina afraid that something threaten what she has with Patrick. Britt then notices that Patrick is not nearby. Sabrina doesn’t seem to know where he is. and she asks just where Sabrina’s “boyfriend” is anyway. Where is Patrick?

Patrick departs after seeing his father to the airport and after the weird encounter with the “strange woman”.

Luke Laura and Dante revive Lulu. But as soon as she is awake, she observes her husband, mom and dad, looks all around the room appearing baffled and asks where she is.

Bobbie calls Carly form the airport and tells her she has to get back to Seattle. AJ is in the room and asks her if her mom is gone and if she is planning on continuing to harass Michael, with no regard for the fact that he’s a grown man and treat him like a child. He’s not going to leave Michael’s apartment not knowing where she’s going or what she is doing.

After finding out that Michael slept with Brenda, Sonny tells his son that he is very proud, not at all angry at him and believes that Michael is justifiably in a lot of pain and grief and that it took a lot of courage for him to admit to what he did. Michael then goes out the door. Sonny remains calm all the while he’s in Michael’s presence. But as soon as he closes the door behind Michael, he slams it and has an outburst. He declares he can forgive Michael, but Brenda is another story. He reveals that he is furious with her. Right then, he opens his door to see an unidentified woman with long blond hair.

Dante, Luke, and Laura explain what has happened to her and assure her that she is going to be ok and they are going to get her home. But she looks at them and tells them she’s never seen them before in her life.

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