GH Update Friday 4/12/13

General Hospital Update Friday 4/12/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie walks into the Floating Rib to see Mac. She says she hadn't heard from him since the Nurses' Ball and was there for her dose of support, and to work with Mac to decorate his place. Mac tells her to take a breath and slow down. He knows she's worried about Dante and Lulu.

Sonny and Olivia arrive at Anna's office. They walk in to find her on the phone. Anna hangs up, and Sonny asks if there is any word on Dante and Lulu. Anna asks them both to sit down.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica is showing AJ a photo of Sonny and Carly. He asks why he would want to see a photo of Sonny. Monica tells him to keep scrolling. AJ scrolls until he comes across a photo of himself with Elizabeth. Monica tells him that's her favorite.

At the hospital, Nikolas tells Alexis and Elizabeth that Stavros has unlimited resources and Helena will back him with anything he wants to do with Lulu. Elizabeth tries to calm Nikolas and Alexis heads out. Nikolas asks where Alexis is going. She tells him she needs to go talk to Anna because she and the WSB need to know that Stavros is alive.

Anna tells them how the WSB is monitoring things. Sonny asks about Dante. Anna tells them that three bodies were tossed overboard from the Haunted Star, and that one of the bodies was the height and build of Dante. She tells them that they need to prepare for the possibility that one of the bodies is Dante.

There is a replay of Dante discovering Lulu's body in a frozen room and he calls out to her. He tries desperately to wake her.

In the Cassadine dining room, Laura asks what he did to Lulu. Stavros says that Lulu is safe. Luke wants to know what Stavros meant when he said he did to Lulu what Helena did to him. Stavros tells them more or less, but there have been medical advances since then. Luke wants to know if Lulu has been frozen. Stavros says that he is her prince and she is his Ice Princess.

Dante continues to pound on the door, calling out to Lulu to try to wake her. He tries to get into the room with another thumbprint lock, but is denied again.

Alexis tells Nikolas that he needs to rest, and she will talk to Anna. Nikolas tells Alexis where to find the lab under the main house. Alexis isn't surprised that the Cassadines made it difficult to get to the lab. Nikolas tells her to let Anna know that she can come and interview him, but Alexis won't allow it yet, then asks Elizabeth to let her know if anything changes with Nikolas. Nikolas stops her once more and thanks her. Alexis tells him that she's glad he's ok and hopes everyone else is glad, too.

Luke and Laura demand to know where Lulu is. Stavros says he did what was necessary with her. Luke threatens Stavros, but he doesn't acknowledge it, but instead tells Laura how stubborn Lulu is. He says that Lulu didn't want to submit to the life he had imagined for them, a life he once had with Laura. Laura asks again what he did to Lulu. Stavros remembers how things were with him and Laura, then how Laura left him and Nikolas. Luke tells him that he doesn't care about Nikolas. Laura begs Stavros to tell her what he did with Lulu. Stavros says that Lulu was a bit too hot blooded, and he needed to cool her down.

Dante continues to call out to Lulu, promising that he won't let her die in there. He goes off to find a way to help her.

Anna tells Sonny and Olivia that the WSB has not been able to recover the bodies yet, so there's been on confirmation that it's Dante. She says that they've been able to confirm multiple shots fired during a gunfight, and that the casualties were thrown into the water. Olivia remembers her vision, and wonders if Dante could have died before he saved Lulu.

Dante continues to work at trying to find a way into the room. He tries to force the door open.

Olivia is trying to clarify what they know. She says that Dante "might" be dead. Anna tells her that she hopes the bureau is wrong. Sonny asks for a minute alone, so Anna gives them some privacy in her office. Olivia wants to know who the Cassadines are. She doesn't care about how they live, she wants her son back. Sonny tries to calm her down. She tells Sonny that in her vision, Dante told her that he couldn't save Lulu.

AJ tells Monica that he and Elizabeth looked good and had a good time. Monica asks if he and Elizabeth a couple. AJ tells her to define couple, and Monica asks if Elizabeth is going to be her new daughter in law.

Elizabeth explains to Nikolas that emotional stress is as hard on the body as being shot. Nikolas is anxious to talk to the police, but Elizabeth says he's no good to anyone if his heart stops again. Nikolas tells her that his heart feels fine. Elizabeth tells him to keep it that way. She then says that now that the police and the WSB have something to go on, everything will be ok. Nikolas tells her that everything is not going to be ok, and may never be again. He tells her that it's his fault.

AJ tells Monica that they had one date and she's planning their wedding. She tells him that she saw him and Elizabeth kissing behind the stage, so it could happen. AJ says that they like each other but there's no rush. Monica urges him to share his feelings with Elizabeth if he has them, and to do it soon. She tells him that Elizabeth hasn't left Nikolas' side since he was admitted. AJ tells her that Elizabeth is a nurse. Monica reminds him that her the bond was deeper and he knew it. AJ tells her that he knows about the affair with Nikolas, and that Elizabeth regrets it. Monica tells AJ that even if Elizabeth regrets the affair, she can be invested in the relationship. AJ says he's not worried, but Monica wonders if he should be.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that he always takes responsibility for things that happen, even if they aren't his fault. She tells him he did all that he could, but he disagrees. Elizabeth tells him that Helena would have killed him. He tells her that she would have tortured and manipulated him, but not killed him. He tells her how Helena loves him in her own way. Elizabeth says that others aren't so lucky. Nikolas apologizes for what he did, and how he hurt Lucky. Elizabeth says they both hurt him.

Mac tells Maxie how he and Felicia offered to help, but Anna turned them down. He tells her that Anna told them that Frisco is on the case. Maxie is glad that Frisco is helping with Dante and Lulu if he was going to leave town. Mac tells her that a lot of people are helping. He's more worried about Maxie. Maxie says that she's used to Frisco being absent. She knows that he's not really cut out to be a father. Mac tells her that he's sorry for it, but Maxie says she doesn't need Frisco. She has Mac, and Mac is her real father and always has been. She says that she wouldn't trade one of those memories for more time with Frisco. Mac tells her that he didn't expect to become a father, but he got to raise three extraordinary girls, something he wouldn't trade either. He tells Maxie that his being her father is about to become official.

Sonny tells Olivia how resourceful and determined Dante is. Olivia says that does him no good if he's at the bottom of the ocean. Sonny reminds her that Dante survived Sonny shooting him point blank in the chest. They discuss how everything is forgiven between Sonny, Olivia and Dante, and now Sonny has a real relationship with Dante. Sonny says he's lucky he has that. Olivia tells him how she admires how Sonny stuck by Dante, knowing how stubborn Dante is. Sonny says that he and Dante worked too hard to have a relationship, and he's not about to lose Dante now.

Dante continues to work on getting into the freezing room Lulu is in. He drags a guard in to use his thumb to get into the room.

Stavros tells Laura that Lulu is forever preserved the way she is. Luke wants to know where Lulu is before he kills Stavros. Laura stops him and goes to Stavros. She appeals to Stavros to stop whatever he's done to Lulu. She says that if Stavros ever loved her and if there is any of that love left, please take her to Lulu.

Dante uses the guard's thumb, but this time can't get into the room. He sees how cold the room is at -210 degrees. He tells Lulu he's getting in to get her. He grabs a fire extinguisher and starts pounding on the lock, setting off an alarm. Luke, Laura and Stavros hears this. Stavros panics and runs off for Lulu. Luke and Laura follow.

Mac tells Maxie that he and Felicia are getting married. She is happy for him. Mac tells Maxie that Felicia proposed to him. She tells him how Georgie used to predict that Mac and Felicia would reunite, but Maxie used to ignore it. She can't wait to plan their wedding. She asks if Mac picked the ring out himself, but he says there's no ring yet, then guides her to sit down. Maxie wants to help with the ring. He tells her that he and Felicia went ring shopping, but Felicia wanted Maxie's input. Maxie tells him that she knows a guy in Manhattan, so she'll arrange for them to go see him as soon as Dante and Lulu are back safely. Mac assures her that they will be back. Maxie hopes so, then asks what will happen to the baby if they don't come back.

Sonny tells Olivia how Dante is a survivor. Olivia agrees with that. She shares a memory with Sonny where she went with Dante to a father/son outing. She says that Dante used to get a hard time over not having a father, and she knew it used to get to him. She tells him how Dante ran away when it got to him too much, but came back safe and sound. Sonny assures Olivia that Dante will come back this time, too.

Stavros finds Dante trying to get into the room, and orders him to leave Lulu alone, because he'll ruin everything. Dante demands to know what Stavros did to Lulu

Alexis gets to the PCPD and explains to Anna how Stavros is alive and likely has Lulu on Cassadine Island. Anna wonders if Nikolas is confused from just waking up. Alexis tells her how Helena saved Stavros and is helping him to get whatever he wants. Alexis explains that Helena is the capable one, and Stavros is the violent one. Anna asked why Nikolas didn't tell anyone about Stavros. Alexis explains that Nikolas try to stay close to them to find out what they were up to, but couldn't pull it off because he has a soul and a conscience. She tells Anna that Stavros wants Lulu, he took her and couldn't care less if anything happens to her, but if anything does happen, Nikolas will never forgive himself.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth how he and Lucky are patching things up. He tells her that he created business in Ireland to give him an excuse to go talk to Lucky. He says they talked about Laura and Lulu, but not about Elizabeth and the kids. He wonders if they didn't talk about her and the kids because of all the pain it caused. Elizabeth tells her that they made a mistake, now the three of them are paying for it. Nikolas says it is difficult for he and Lucky to be around each other, and asked if that's how it is for Elizabeth. She says she still doesn't completely know why he left. She does know that they could never find the love that they were supposed to have. Nikolas says that they may have found it if it wasn't for him. She tells him that Lucky would be the first to thank him for the risk he took for Lulu. Nikolas says he was still too late.

Anna speaks to the WSB on the phone, then hangs up and tells Alexis that she's not going to believe it. She tells Alexis how the WSB is working on advanced satellite footage of the Haunted Star. Anna says one of the bodies on the deck of the Haunted Star was just tentatively identified as Helena. Alexis tells her that's got to be a mistake. Anna says the only reason the identification is not definite is because they haven't been able to recover the body. Alexis can't believe that Helena is dead. She says that it has to be a decoy or something, because Helena isn't dead. She says she won't believe that Helena is dead until she sees the body, and even then she won't believe it. Anna tells Alexis that another person was seen leaving the ship. Alexis guesses Dante, but Anna tells her it was Ethan. Alexis asks why Ethan was there, but Anna doesn't know and Ethan will be questioned. Alexis asks about Luke and Laura. Anna tells her that Luke, Laura and Dante's signals were picked up and all three are on Cassadine Island.

Stavros tells Dante that Lulu isn't his anymore. He says he's preserved her the way she should be. Dante tries to convince Stavros that the computer isn't working anymore. Stavros says that it is functioning, and Dante tries to get Stavros to come and look. Stavros promises that Dante will regret interfering. Luke comes from behind, and knocks Stavros unconscious. He holds his gun on Stavros as Laura joins them. Laura tells Dante she's glad he's ok. She then goes to the door and pounds on it, calling out to Lulu. Dante and Luke drag Stavros over to the computer to use his thumb to open the door. Laura panics because Lulu isn't moving, and Luke looks in on her. The door opens and the three of them rush in. Luke lowers the table Lulu is on and they try to make her warm. Stavros comes to, steps in the doorway and orders them to stop touching her.

Alexis asks Anna to keep her informed on anything that Ethan says, and Anna promises to do so. Alexis says that Nikolas will be relieved to hear about Luke and Laura, but asks if there is anything about Lulu. Anna says nothing yet, then says that she needs to talk to Sonny and Olivia. Alexis says she'll be at the hospital if Anna needs her, then leaves. Sonny and Olivia come out of her office. Anna tells Sonny and Olivia that Dante's signal was picked up on Cassadine Island, and it appears that he's alive.

Maxie is worried that she just sounded selfish. Mac assures her that it's appropriate to wonder what will happen to the baby if Dante and Lulu don't return. She says she knows how badly they wanted the baby, and it would be sad if they never got to be parents. Mac encourages positive thinking that they will come back. Mac says if the worst happens, he assumes that Luke, Laura, Sonny and Olivia will decide custody. Maxie thinks they won't be able to agree on anything, but Mac has faith that they will be able to put their differences aside for the baby. Maxie wonders if she wouldn't be next of kin if anything happens to Dante and Lulu. Mac says that she's not the mother, so she has no connection after the baby is born. Maxie insists that she does have a connection.

Monica tells AJ that she's not trying to interfere, just trying to offer some advice. She says she can see that Elizabeth makes him happy. He tells her that he and Elizabeth like spending time together, and he hopes that continues.

Mac apologizes to Maxie, that she does have a connection because she's nurturing the baby and it's growing inside of her. He reminds her that she signed a contract that gives her no parental rights to the baby. Maxie says she's prepared to give up the baby, she was just counting on giving it to Dante and Lulu. Mac assures her that Dante and Lulu will be coming home, so there's nothing to worry about.

Olivia is relieved to hear that Dante is ok, and promises to read Dante the riot act for scaring her. Sonny reminds her of her not wanting to be a pushy Italian mother, but Olivia says she changed her mind. She tells him to stop acting so cool, she noticed how terrified he was. Sonny hoped that she didn't notice, and thanks Anna for everything. Anna is glad that she could give them good news.

Alexis returns to Nikolas' room, and he asks if she spoke to Anna. Alexis tells Nikolas that she passed her information along to Anna who gave it to the WSB. She then tells Nikolas about Ethan being seen leaving the ship. Nikolas and Elizabeth wonder why Ethan was there, since he wasn't likely working with Helena, Luke or Laura, but Alexis says Ethan was confirmed leaving the ship. She tells Nikolas that they will interview him, and get more information. Nikolas asks about Luke, Laura and Dante. Alexis tells him they are on the family island. He asks about Lulu.

Anna tells Sonny and Olivia that there's now word on Lulu. Olivia is confident that Dante will find her. Anna tells them that there's a complication: that Stavros is alive and that he took Lulu. Olivia asks if Stavros is dangerous, and Anna says that's the impression she gets. Sonny hopes that Luke, Laura and Dante are getting close to Lulu and Stavros before it's too late.

Stavros insists that Lulu is his. Luke forces Stavros further into the room as Laura and Dante get Lulu out. Once Luke is out of the room, they secure Stavros in the room to freeze. Dante is concerned that there's no pulse, but Luke wonders if the cold has slowed her heartbeat. Dante, Luke and Laura try to bring Lulu around.

Anna explains to Sonny and Olivia that they can't confirm Helena's death yet. Olivia asks if it's over when they get Lulu away from Stavros. Anna says she hopes so. Anna tells them how glad she is that Dante is ok. Olivia thanks her and leaves with Sonny. After they leave, Anna makes a call.

Mac gives Maxie some ice cream for her and the baby as his phone rings. He tells her that Anna is calling. Mac gets some news and promises to share the news with Maxie. He hangs up and tells her about Dante, Luke and Laura on Cassadine Island. Mac tells her that Dante and Lulu will be home soon to claim their baby.

Olivia and Sonny share their relief that Dante is ok and coming home. Olivia is sure that Lulu is coming home with Dante.

Nikolas asks Alexis to keep him informed when she hears from Anna. She promises to do so, and promises him a cupcake from Kelly's before she leaves. Elizabeth sits with Nikolas, asking if he feels better. He says he does. Elizabeth is confident that Luke, Laura and Dante will find Lulu and stop Stavros. Nikolas thanks Elizabeth for being there with him. They hug just as AJ arrives to see them.

Luke, Laura and Dante continue to work on bringing Lulu around. Luke and Dante are concerned that there's no pulse. Laura begs Lulu to breathe, but gets on response. Dante hold Lulu and tells her how sorry he is. From the next room, Stavros shouts at them to leave Lulu alone, because she belongs to him. Laura yells at Stavros that he killed Lulu. Luke goes to change the temperature in the cryogenic chamber, but Laura hits the control, freezing Stavros.

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