GH Update Thursday 4/11/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/11/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael tells AJ he spent the night with Brenda Barrett. AJ starts to ask what he means by that, and Michael says he had sex with her. AJ does a very messy spit-take.

At the Metro Court lobby, Brenda asks Carly to give the bow tie back to Michael, saying he must have forgotten it because they had such a good time. Carly threatens to wrap the tie around Brenda's throat.

Olivia and Sonny go to Dante and Lulu's apartment. Olivia opens the door to see Dante in there.

At the hospital, Nikolas tells Elizabeth and Alexis that Helena doesn't have Lulu, his father does.

At the Cassadine compound, Luke and Laura are stunned to see Stavros in front of them. Laura says that he is dead, but Stavros says he is back and better than ever.

Carly accuses Brenda of going after Michael because she didn't have the guts to come after Carly. Brenda tells Carly that Michael is a grown man, and who he chooses to spend time with is up to him.

AJ is surprised to hear that Michael had sex with Brenda. Michael says he woke up next to Brenda. AJ asks Michael about Starr. Michael says that Starr called him, told him that she isn't coming back, and that if she means anything to him, he won't fight her on it, so he isn't fighting her. AJ sympathizes with Michael, and tells him that at least he didn't cheat on anyone with Brenda. He comments about Brenda cheating on Jax with Michael. Michael tells AJ that Jax broke it off with Brenda and left. AJ says that it's even better, because they are both free. He congratulates Michael on sleeping with a supermodel. AJ then guesses that Michael hasn't told Sonny yet. He asks what Michael is waiting for.

Olivia rushes to Dante, asking if he's hurt. Dante says he failed Lulu. Olivia hugs Dante, but then hears someone say "Excuse me". She steps back to see a uniformed officer standing there. She apologizes, but he says there's no problem. He heads out of the apartment. Sonny asks the officer if there's any word on Dante or Lulu yet. The officer says that there isn't, but he will keep them informed before he walks out, leaving Sonny and Olivia alone. Sonny asks Olivia what happened. Olivia tells Sonny that she'd seen Dante there, and that he told her that he failed Lulu. She worries that Lulu is dead. Sonny tells her not to jump to conclusions. Olivia asks what else that could mean.

Nikolas insists that Stavros has Lulu while Alexis and Elizabeth try to convince Nikolas that he is confused, and that Stavros is dead. He tells them that they need to listen to him. They try to tell Nikolas that he should get some rest, then when he wakes up, things will make sense. Nikolas says that things do make sense. He says that Stavros is alive.

Stavros invites Laura to sit down, as she is his guest of honor. Laura warns him to stay away from her. Stavros tells her that she's using such hurtful words after all they've been through. Laura panics and hides behind Luke. Luke asks how he expects Laura to react. He says that Stavros has been back from the dead twice. Stavros reminds Luke that reports of all of their deaths have been exaggerated at some point. Luke pulls a knife on Stavros, promising that the third time is the charm.

Nikolas asks if Alexis remembers him helping Robert Scorpio with Helena. He says that after that happened, he knew that Helena would be furious. He tells her how he went to Greece to confront Helena. He flashes back to his visiting Helena to explain why he helped Robert with exposing Faison. Nikolas tries to get information from Helena, but she wouldn't share because she didn't trust him. He asks for a chance to prove himself. He tells Alexis that he would he knew Helena was hiding something. He flashes back to trying to discover what Helena is hiding, and Helena stopping him. She convinces Nikolas to go find the guard. Once he is gone, Helena unlocks the door that Nikolas couldn't open. Nikolas returns and stepped into the room behind Helena, asking what is going on. He discovers Stavros there.

Luke tells Stavros that there is nothing to stop Luke from killing him. Laura reminds Luke that only Stavros knows where Lulu is. Stavros taunts Luke, saying that Luke should kill him, but he will die knowing that Luke knows nothing. Laura asks were Lulu is, and Luke demands to know. Stavros tells them that in good time, he will share every detail with them.

Olivia asks Sonny to distract her from the whole situation before she goes crazy. She then asks what was going on at the Nurses' Ball between Carly and Brenda.

AJ is excited that Sonny was going to hear about Michael sleeping with Brenda. AJ asks Michael if he could please tell Sonny. Michael isn't glad that AJ is excited about it. AJ tells him that karma is a bitch and now Sonny is going to get some. Michael says that Sonny needs to know he slept with Brenda and that it needs to come from him. AJ tells Michael not to feel bad about it, and that he thinks that Brenda is finally shows good tasted, choosing Michael after all that Brenda meant to Sonny. Michael wonders how he's going to tell Sonny that he slept with the love of Sonny's life.

Carly asks Brenda if she drugged Michael, but Brenda says that's Carly's thing. Carly claims that Michael would not sleep with Brenda willingly, because he has a girlfriend he loves. Brenda says he doesn't anymore. Carly accuses Brenda of breaking up Michael and Starr. Brenda tells Carly that Starr dumped Michael. Carly says that Brenda took advantage of Michael, but Brenda says she consoled him, then one thing led to another. Carly attacks Brenda.

Sonny tells Olivia what happened with Brenda visiting him. Olivia hopes that Sonny told Brenda that he was engaged to Connie. Sonny says that he told Brenda that they had both moved on and Carly was there to overhear the conversation. He continues the story about Jax going to Carly to share news of the engagement, then how Carly later told Jax about Brenda visiting him. Olivia asked who started to food fight. Sonny says he heard it was Brenda, then said that Carly did Brenda a favor because Brenda would never be happy with Jax. Olivia asks if Sonny is going to get in the middle of Brenda and Carly's war. Sonny says he doesn't have to, because there's a chance they cooled down by now.

Brenda and Carly continue to fight at the Metro Court until they are broken up by Carly's security.

AJ asks how Michael how he ended up in bed with Brenda. Michael tries to change the subject, but AJ won't let him. He tells AJ how upset after he talked to Starr, so he had some drinks, then Brenda showed up and was upset over Jax. They commiserating with each other and consoled each other. He tells AJ that at some point, they went up to Brenda's room where he thinks they had sex. Michael isn't sure because he had a lot to drink.

Alexis tells Nikolas that it doesn't make any sense, that Luke saw Stavros fall into a pit and die. Nikolas says that Cassadines are hard to kill. He flashes back to his discovery that Stavros is alive. Helena tells Nikolas that Stavros has spent the last ten years recovering. She tells Nikolas how she saved Nikolas' life, and that he's slowly but surely regaining his strength. She promises that Stavros will be healthier and stronger than ever.

Stavros notices that neither Luke nor Laura has eaten, then wonders if they think he poisoned their food. He assures them that he hasn't, because when Cassadines come after people, they look the victims in the eyes as life drains away. Stavros assures Laura that he would never harm her. Laura warns Stavros not to touch her. He becomes upset over Laura's attitude. Stavros says he'd hoped they would be able to be a family again. Laura agrees to stay with Stavros willingly if he lets Lulu go.

Nikolas tells Alexis how hard he worked to prove his loyalty to Helena and Stavros, and how he even started to help take care of Stavros. He says that soon Stavros was talking again, and just as obsessed as ever. Alexis tells Nikolas that Stavros was always infatuated with Laura, then asks what that has to do with Lulu. Nikolas flashes back to seeing Stavros staring at a photograph, calling the person in the photo his princess. Nikolas takes the photo from Stavros, glances at it, then looks at Stavros.

Stavros tells Laura that she would never return his affections the way she once did. Laura says he doesn't know that, but he says he does know that. He's given up on a future with Laura so he could hold on to their past. Laura doesn't understand, she says she thought he wanted her to be with him. Stavros says he wants her the way they used to be, when it was perfect. He blames Luke for changing Laura's feelings for him. He says that he's accepted that he will never be with Laura. He says he's met someone else.

Nikolas tells Alexis that the photo wasn't of Laura. It was of Lulu.

Laura guesses that Stavros means Lulu. Stavros calls Lulu his princess. He says that since Dante has been disposed of, nothing is standing in his way.

Dante waits for one of the Cassadine guards to appear, then knocks him out.

AJ asks how Michael is sure he slept with Brenda. Michael says that he woke up naked in Brenda's bed. He starts to tell AJ about Carly finding them. AJ is even more excited about the story, hearing that Carly entered the picture.

Carly and Brenda continue to struggle against security to get at each other. The guards release both women. Carly tells Brenda that she told Jax the truth. Brenda tells Carly that it was none of her business. They continue to argue over Brenda sleeping with Michael and over Michael being an adult. Carly asks how Brenda thinks Sonny will react to the news.

Sonny tells Olivia that Carly should have let Brenda stay at the ball. Olivia wonders if Sonny is still in love with Brenda, but Sonny denies it. Olivia asks if either Connie or Kate has anything to worry about when either comes back to Sonny.

Nikolas tells Alexis that Stavros was more disturbed than before, so he went to Helena for answers. He flashes back to confronting Helena, asking why Stavros is doing what he's doing. Helena explains to Nikolas how she tried to stimulate Stavros by talking about his grandson, but it didn't work. She tells him how Stavros was taken to a Swiss clinic, but on the way home to Greece from the clinic, Stavros lit up and said his first words, "my Laura". She tells him how Stavros saw Dante, Lulu and Luke in Istanbul, then became convinced that Lulu was Laura.

Laura wants to know what Stavros did to Lulu. Stavros tells Laura that Lulu was what Laura once was, and that he even mistook Lulu for Laura. He says that he wants to preserve Lulu just as she is. He says that he's courting Lulu and has been ever since he sent her the Ice Princess.

Nikolas tells Alexis that he had intended to protect Lulu from Stavros. He flashes back to his trying to convince Stavros that Lulu is not Laura. Stavros didn't believe him. He shows Stavros a photo of Laura and Lulu. Stavros still doesn't believe it. He tells Nikolas that he was going to send the Ice Princess to Lulu. Nikolas tells Stavros he has to let it go, and Stavros says he understands. He then knocks Nikolas unconscious with a statue. Present day, Nikolas tells Alexis that he realized how much danger Lulu was in.

Luke realizes that Stavros sent Lulu the replica of the Ice Princess. Stavros tells him it reminded him of Lulu. He says his next gift was much more useful, though. He flashes back to going to Lulu and Dante's apartment, knocking Dante out and taking Lulu.

Nikolas tells Alexis that he called Lucky in Ireland to warn him about Lulu being in danger. Elizabeth asks if he spoke with Lucky. He says that he didn't talk to Lucky. He flashes back to calling Lucky, and leaving a message that Stavros is alive and coming after Lulu. He hangs up and is caught by Helena and her guards. She has the guards take Nikolas' phone and take him prisoner. Present day, Nikolas tells Alexis that he escaped and came to Port Charles, but he was too late.

Stavros tells Luke and Laura how he brought Lulu to the Haunted Star and they sailed off. Laura says that there was no sign of the on the Haunted Star. Stavros tells her that he learned that Nikolas was in Port Charles, ready to expose him, so he stopped Nikolas. He tells them that Helena had gone to Ireland to get Lucky after Nikolas tried to warn him, but they found Ethan instead. They decided that Ethan would make a good diversion. Laura asks about Dante. Stavros says he assumes that Helena fed him to the sharks.

Dante approaches the other guards who realize that he is not one of them. A fight ensues.

AJ recaps what Michael has told him about the situation with Brenda and gets excited. He says that Carly walking in almost makes up for Michael not letting him tell Sonny. Michael says that he's glad AJ is amused. AJ says that it goes beyond his being amused, and that he wishes he was there. Michael says he was and it wasn't fun. AJ apologizes, and says that it must have been awkward. AJ says that as happy as he is that Michael slept with a supermodel, he worries about how Michael got to her room. Michael says he doesn't remember. AJ says that's his point. AJ is worried because alcoholism runs in the family, and asks Michael to be careful. Michael makes that promise. AJ says he's sorry and it probably makes him a bad guy, but he can't get over Carly catching Michael in bed with Brenda.

Brenda says that Sonny doesn't have to know about it. Carly says that Brenda said that they are consenting adults and that parents have the right to protect their kids. Brenda reminds Carly that Michael isn't a kid anymore. Carly says that Sonny may disagree. She wonders how Sonny will react to Brenda sleeping with Michael. She suggests they call him and find out.

Sonny tells Olivia that he isn't abandoning her cousin. He says he's committed to Kate and Connie. Olivia apologizes for getting in Sonny's face, telling him that she's trying to distract herself. Sonny says that he's worried about Dante, too.

Dante dispatches of the guards and tries to get into the locked room via the thumbprint lock. The lock doesn't accept Dante's thumbprint.

Alexis tells Nikolas that Helena never mentioned Dante. Nikolas wonders if Dante is missing, too. He says that Stavros is in love with Lulu which makes Dante his rival. Alexis and Nikolas agree that Stavros doesn't tolerate rivals, he eliminates them.

Dante uses the thumb of one of the guards to open the locked door. He enters the room and looks around to find a body under a sheet.

Luke tells Stavros how happy he was to kill Helena. Stavros says he knows what Luke did, but now he's taking care of Helena the way she took care of him.

Dante pulls back the sheet from the body to reveal Helena dead on the table.

Brenda asks Carly not to tell Sonny. Carly says she's not going to, but it's not for her, its for Sonny and Michael. She tells Brenda how Sonny is already worried about Dante, and doesn't need to worry about Michael, too. She's also keeping the secret to protect Michael. She tells Brenda to enjoy her revenge, then tells her to get out of the hotel.

Sonny tells Olivia that they are driving themselves crazy waiting for news. Olivia suggests checking in with Anna, but Sonny says that's not what he had in mind. Olivia asks if she has to go by herself, but Sonny goes with her.

Dante covers Helena back up and looks around some more. He finds a second door, one with a window. He looks into the room.

Alexis tells Nikolas that Stavros knew that Nikolas was going to try to warn Lulu. Nikolas figures out that Stavros had him shot to stop him. Elizabeth asks what kind of man puts out a hit on his own son. Nikolas says that if Stavros could do this to him, would could he do with Lulu.

Luke and Laura guess that Stavros froze Helena. Stavros says he did with his mother like he did with his new princess...his Ice Princess.

Dante sees Lulu in the room through the little window and calls out to her.

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