GH Update Wednesday 4/10/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/10/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the Metro Court, Carly stops one of her employees outside of Brenda's room. She is surprised to learn that Brenda is still there while Jax left. He tells her that Brenda had ordered breakfast and had said to charge the room to Carly. Carly dismisses the employee and enters Brenda's room. She brings breakfast in and finds Brenda in bed with someone. Brenda sits up, surprised to see Carly.

Felicia and Mac arrive at Anna's office to hear her telling someone on her phone to keep her informed of any leads. Mac assumes that there's no news. Anna tells him that he's right. She says that Luke, Laura, Lulu and Dante are all unaccounted for. She says a lot of worried people want answers.

At the Quartermaine mansion, AJ is on the phone with Elizabeth, discussing the Nurses' Ball and the dance they had performed. AJ wants to talk to her more, but he knows she is busy with Nikolas. He tells her to call if there is anything he can do to help, and then tells her to let him know when she's ready to take a chance on a second date with him Elizabeth promises to, and hangs up.

At the hospital, Alexis walks into Nikolas' room to find Scott there. He has been there all night. Alexis tells him that she can stay with Nikolas, and he can go. Scott refuses to until he hears from Laura.

Luke is in a bed, dreaming. The dream is a flashback to Luke and Laura preparing to face whomever is approaching the Haunted Star. Luke wakes and looks around to find himself in a strange room, in bed with a sleeping Laura.

Brenda gets out of her bed, and puts on her robe, asking Carly if she's bringing breakfast because she's short staffed today. Carly tells Brenda that she's not welcome to stay in her hotel anymore, then notices men's clothing on her floor. Carly rails at Brenda for bringing home a "total stranger" the same night Jax breaks up with her. Brenda says that the man in her bed isn't a total stranger, then tells Carly that it's not Jax in her bed. Carly thinks it's Sonny, then pulls away the blanket, yelling at "Sonny" to find Michael in the bed, and waking him up. She wants to know why Michael is in bed with Brenda. Michael seems to be confused and Brenda swears it's not what it looks like.

Scott walks out of Nikolas' room to run into Bobbie. Bobbie asks how Nikolas is. Scott tells her that he is still unconscious, and mentions that Laura hasn't called yet either. Bobbie tells him that Laura may not be able to call right now. Scott tells her that he was about to call the PCPD to try to get answers. He then rants at his allowing Laura to run off with Luke. Bobbie reminds him that they are looking for their daughter. She says it's not as if they're in bed together, shacking up.

Luke wakes Laura who is as disoriented as Luke is. She asks where they are, but Luke doesn't know. She then wants to know why they are in bed together, and what is going on, but Luke had hoped that Laura could tell him.

Elizabeth has joined Alexis in Nikolas' room. Alexis tells Nikolas that he needs to wake up, then both she and Elizabeth tell him about Elizabeth's and Molly's performances at the Nurses' Ball as well as about the tribute to Robin. Elizabeth asks Alexis if it was ever discovered who underwrote the Nurses' Ball, but Alexis says not yet. Elizabeth wonders if Nikolas might have. Alexis says it's something he would do, but she believes he didn't keep tabs on Port Charles. Elizabeth tells Alexis that Nikolas left because of her. Alexis tells her that Nikolas left because he was trying to do the right thing. Elizabeth tells him that they are taking care of him now, and that she's not leaving him until he's ok. He squeezes her hand, then opens his eyes. Elizabeth makes sure Nikolas isn't in pain. She tells Nikolas what happened and that he's in the hospital. She starts questioning him to make sure he remembers everything. Elizabeth and Alexis are relieved that he remembers them. Alexis tells him that the doctors said he would be ok. Nikolas and Elizabeth exchange a look.

Luke and Laura notice that they're still dressed, and wondering how long they were out. They talk about how they put up a good fight against the Cassadine men, but they were outnumbered. They recall how their capture happened. Laura realized that they were knocked out and abducted the same way Lulu was.

Scott is worried, not knowing if Luke and Laura are back together, dead or alive. Bobbie tries to get Scott to think positively and stop torturing himself. Bobbie offers to take Scott to the hotel, that the hospital will call with any news about Nikolas and they can wait for word about Luke and Laura at the hotel. Scott agrees, thanks her, and leaves with her.

Anna tells Mac and Felicia how Olivia and Scott call every hour, and she just had to tell her desk sergeant to stop putting their calls through because she has no new information for them. Felicia and Mac tell Anna that they are there to offer to help. Anna says there's nothing they can do, and that everything is in the hands of the WSB. Anna notices how Mac and Felicia look at each other and mentions Frisco's proposal. She believes Felicia turning him down sent Frisco back into the field. Anna says that she thinks that Mac and Felicia belong together. Mac tells Anna that Felicia proposed to Mac. Anna is happy to hear that they are getting married. Felicia says that they need to congratulate Anna as well, for reuniting with Duke.

Duke has arrived at the Quartermaine mansion. AJ is on the phone, leaving a message for Michael to remind him that they have a meeting with Duke, so he needs to get there as soon as he can. AJ hangs up and joins Duke, telling Duke that he's anxious to give Michael good news. He asks if there is any update on the SEC releasing the ELQ funds. Duke explains that he told the SEC that Tracy and her money are no longer involved with ELQ and how it would benefit the SEC to release the funds. He tells AJ that he will share more details when Michael arrives. AJ wonders why Michael is late.

Carly tears into Brenda for sleeping with Michael who is half Brenda's age. Michael tells Carly he's fine, but still seems confused. Carly demands to know what Brenda did to Michael, but Brenda says that Carly doesn't really want an answer to that question. Carly urges Michael to get dressed so he can go. Brenda tells Carly that Michael hasn't had breakfast yet. Carly goes to attack Brenda when Michael steps up and tells Carly to leave Brenda alone. He tells Carly that it wasn't Brenda's fault, it was his. Brenda reminds Carly that Michael is an adult and she should leave them alone. Carly refuses. Michael agrees with Brenda that Carly shouldn't be there. Michael is exasperated as Carly and Brenda argue. Carly tells Michael that Brenda slept with him to get revenge on her. She tells Michael to get dressed and leave with her. Michael says he needs to stay and talk to Brenda, but Carly tells him no, and that Brenda is never getting near him again. Brenda tells Carly that Michael is a grown man, and Michael tells Carly that the situation is between he and Brenda. Carly finally agrees to leave. She warns Brenda that it's not over. Brenda says she hopes not. Carly throws a glass at Brenda, words are exchanged and Carly leaves. Michael apologizes to Brenda for Carly. He tells her that Carly is just worried about him and overreacts. Brenda tells Michael that Carly can't just barge into her room, and that Michael is a grown man. She then goes into the next room. Down in the lobby, Carly tells her desk clerk to get her entire security team to Brenda's room to drag her out. Bobbie and Scott walk in to hear this. Bobbie approaches Carly and asks what is going on. Carly tells Bobbie that Brenda seduced Michael into her bed.

AJ is concerned that Michael isn't going to make the meeting. Duke urges AJ to give Michael a little more time. AJ recalls the last time he saw Michael was after the performance Epiphany, Tracy and Monica gave. Duke and AJ admire each other's performances during the ball. AJ asks Duke if he and Anna are reuniting. Duke says he doesn't know.

Anna tells Mac and Felicia how Faison ruined memories she had with Duke. Felicia and Anna discuss the tango Duke and Anna did during the ball. Anna also admits that she and Duke kissed. Felicia congratulates her, but Anna says not to get carried away. Felicia says that maybe they should get carried away as they wait for word on Dante, Luke and Laura.

Luke works at trying to get the door open to get out of the room he and Laura are locked in. Luke says they are locked in and Laura is surprised that someone did that. Both Luke and Laura recall how it isn't Helena's doing because she's dead. Luke wonders if their abduction is retaliation for killing Helena. Luke and Laura wonder if Ethan got away safely. Luke is confident that Ethan got away, but isn't so sure about Dante. Laura wonders where Lulu is. Luke believes that whomever kidnapped the has Lulu, so they must be getting closer. Laura says they are prisoners, so that doesn't help. She also notices her cell phone is gone, and is upset that they can't check on Nikolas. Luke reminds her that Alexis is with Nikolas, and says he's doing ok, so they need to focus on Lulu. He says that they need to get out of the room first. Laura looks around, then tells Luke she knows where they are.

Nikolas' doctor examines him, then tells him that he will be fine as long as he takes it easy. The doctor charges Elizabeth with keeping Nikolas calm. After the doctor leaves, Alexis tells Nikolas that she's not sitting by his bedside through another gunshot again. Nikolas asks about Spencer. Alexis tells him that Spencer is safe in Italy, and that she speaks with them every day. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Spencer just thinks he is away on business. Alexis promises to tell Leslie that Nikolas will call Spencer in a few days after he's regained some strength. Elizabeth asks Nikolas if he knows what happened right before he was shot.

Luke asks Laura if she's been there before. Laura says she has. She says it's different but it's been years since she's been there. She tells him that they are on Cassadine Island.

Anna tells Mac and Felicia how complicated her situation with Duke is. She says that they've made progress, but she isn't sure she's ready to be in a relationship with Duke again. She has no idea where things are headed after their kiss.

Duke shares with AJ how he and Anna became closer, and that he hopes that he has a future with Anna, but he doesn't know where things are going. AJ advises him to take things as they come. Duke is sure that he will have Anna back in his life eventually. AJ encourages him to continue to think positively, and be strong enough to follow through. Duke wonders if AJ is speaking from personal experience. AJ tells Duke that he's positive that things will go well with the SEC, but Duke says he was talking about Elizabeth. AJ says that things are going well with her, and that the ball was their first official date. Duke wonders if there will be a second, and AJ is confident there will be a second, but it will have to wait until Elizabeth is done caring for Nikolas.

Elizabeth asks if Nikolas remembers what happened before he was shot, but Nikolas doesn't remember. He asks what happened. Alexis explains how he was shot at Lulu's apartment. She tells him that he was shot by a professional who was caught by Dante, but the assassin killed himself before Dante could get any answers. She tells him that the man who shot him was a professional. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that he was trying to tell Laura something but was shot before he could tell her. Nikolas tells Elizabeth and Alexis that Lulu is in danger.

Luke is searching the room while Laura worries that Scott will be concerned. Luke tells her to worry about them, not Scott. Laura asks who is behind their kidnapping, but Luke says since they are on Cassadine Island, it's one of the Cassadines, then asks if there's a secret passage in the room. Laura says there's not unless the room has changed since she was there. She tells Luke that they are in the room she was kept in and gave birth to Nikolas in. Luke reviews the list of Cassadines to try to find a likely kidnapper. He can't think of anyone since Mikkos, Helena, Stavros and Stefan are all dead.

Bobbie can't believe that Brenda would sleep with Michael, but Carly says that she saw them in bed together herself. She wonders if Brenda drugged Michael because he was incoherent. Bobbie asks why that would happen. Carly tells Bobbie that Brenda wants to get back at her.

Michael gets dressed as Brenda returns. He says he doesn't remember a lot, then asks how much he had to drink. Brenda says he had a lot, but less than ten drinks. He says he's not a big drinker, and Brenda agrees, then says that she ordered him breakfast because of it. He can't stand the sight of the food, so Brenda gives him aspirin and coffee. Michael apologizes for taking advantage of Brenda, but she assures him that he didn't, that she doesn't do what she doesn't want to do. Michael reminds her that she was his stepmother, but Brenda tells him that they have nothing to be ashamed of.

Carly tells Bobbie what happened between her, Brenda and Jax. She is convinced that Brenda only slept with Michael to get back at her. Carly then realizes that when Sonny finds out that Brenda slept with Michael, Sonny will kill Brenda. She starts to text on her phone.

Michael sees a message that AJ is looking for him. He tells Brenda that he's late for a meeting. Michael makes excuses for Carly's behavior, but Brenda says that she understands and can handle Carly. Michael tells her that he knows that she wouldn't hurt him. Brenda tells him that everything is ok. He says that he will talk to Carly about it eventually, but he hopes Carly isn't waiting in the lobby for him. Brenda promises to keep her fingers crossed for Michael as he gets up to leave. He makes sure that she is ok before he leaves.

Bobbie stops Carly from sending the text. Carly says that she wants Sonny to handle it. Bobbie tells her that if Sonny kills Brenda, has she considered what it would do to Sonny and Michael. Carly says she just wants to make sure that Brenda stays away from Michael. As Michael steps off the elevator, Scott tells Carly that Michael is an adult who makes his own decisions. He warns her against jeopardizing her relationship with Michael. Michael quietly slips out of the Metro Court unnoticed by Carly, Bobbie or Scott. Bobbie reminds Carly of the advice Jason used to give her. Carly says she never used to listen to his advice when he used to advise her to take a breath and count to ten before acting out. Bobbie tells her that she needs to now, and she agrees to do so. Bobbie takes Scott's hand in hers.

Luke continues to look for a way out, but is unable to find one. Luke says that eventually whomever has them will get bored and want to play. He opens a wardrobe to find a dinner invitation, a tux for him and a dress for Laura.

Nikolas asks if anyone warned Lulu that she's in danger, and asks if Lulu is ok. Alexis tells Nikolas that no one knows where Lulu is, that she disappeared, and was likely kidnapped. Elizabeth tells him that Luke, Laura and Dante are looking for Lulu.

Laura realizes that the person who invited them to dinner didn't sign the invitation.

Alexis tells Nikolas that they think that Lulu was taken out of Port Charles on the Haunted Star, and that it is somewhere in the Atlantic. She tells Nikolas that Luke, Laura and Dante managed to get aboard two days ago. Nikolas asks when was the last time anyone heard from them. Alexis tells him about the phone call from Helena on Laura's phone. She tells him that Helena told her that Luke and Laura were her prisoners, but she's confident that Luke has turned the tables on Helena. Nikolas tells her that it isn't Helena who took Lulu.

Scott tells Bobbie and Carly that he's going to his room to figure out what happened to Laura. Bobbie encourages him to get some rest. Before he leaves them, Scott tells Carly to listen to Bobbie because Bobbie is always right. Bobbie tells Carly she needs to get back to the hospital to check on Nikolas. Bobbie advises Carly not to act out and do something she can't take back.

Michael arrives at the mansion, and AJ tells him that he just missed Duke. Michael apologizes. AJ guesses that Michael never got home, and Michael tells him that he's right. AJ asks what is wrong. Michael shares that he spent the night with someone. AJ asks who and Michael tells him it was Brenda Barrett. AJ is surprised.


Carly looks at photos on her phone of Michael with Josslyn. Brenda asks Carly to give Michael's bow tie back to him.

Nikolas says that Helena as no reason to kidnap Lulu. Alexis says he must be mistaken. She spoke with Helena, Helena had Luke and Laura, so she must have Lulu, too.

Luke and Laura dress, and Luke tells Laura that she looks beautiful. He shouts that they are ready, and the door flies open. Laura takes Luke's arm and they head out for the dining room.

Anna hangs up her phone. She tells Felicia and Mac that she confirmed that Frisco is back out in the field, and that there's progress in tracking Luke, Laura and Dante. Mac comments that they didn't say how much progress, then again offers his and Felicia's help. Anna tells him that there's nothing that even she can do, let alone them. She reminds them that they have a ring to buy anyway. Mac and Felicia leave to go ring shopping after asking her to keep them updated on Luke, Laura and Dante.

Luke and Laura enter the dining room, and look around to find it empty.

Nikolas tries to convince Alexis that Helena has no reason to take Lulu. Elizabeth asks who does.

Luke looks around the room as Laura calls out for Lulu. Luke tells her that it isn't going to be that easy. A door to the dining room opens.

Elizabeth tries to calm Nikolas. Nikolas tells them to listen to him, that Helena doesn't have Lulu. His father has her. Elizabeth and Alexis are stunned by the news.

Luke and Laura are joined by Stavros Cassadine in the dining room.

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