GH Update Tuesday 4/9/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/9/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie is left devastated, when Frisco tells her goodbye. Ellie is about to leave the lobby when she sees Maxie crying. Britt shocks everyone when she makes her grand entrance. As she watches from her hotel room, Dr. Obrecht talks to a photo of Britt's father, Caesar Faison, about how proud he would be. Emma clings to her father while Patrick and Sabrina ask Britt to leave. Britt says she has something to say first then opens her coat. "I'm pregnant !" she announces to a shocked crowd. Dr. Obrecht is pleased as punch, and tells Faison's picture "Just wait till Patrick finds out Robin is alive." she says, while sipping wine. "But that's Jerry Jacks' s surprise."

Britt continues her performance with Patrick and Sabrina, but when she tries to talk to Emma, Emma backs away. Anna jumps on stage and reminds Britt that she is the girl's grandmother before whisking Emma off. Britt defends herself until Patrick escorts her offstage with Sabrina following. Backstage, Elizabeth and Felix ask Sabrina if she's okay. Sabrina is so furious she could scream and does. Elizabeth mentions that Britt could be lying. This really makes Sabrina angry. She storms off to find Britt. Elizabeth is concerned but Felix is amused and eggs Sabrina on.

Of course, the show must go on, so Lucy introduces the next act.....The Bensonhurst Medium and her hunky sidekick, who turn out to be a very funny Olivia and Max. Meanwhile, Patrick and Britt are going over the details of their relationship. Britt makes a nasty remark about not knowing what she could catch from Patrick. Not a good move. As Max and Olivia are performing, Sam and Spinelli discuss Britt's announcement. Olivia is taking potshots at Port Charles citizens and one about Maxie catches Spinelli's attention. Maxie is in the lobby having an unwanted conversation with the persistent Miss Trout. Onstage, Olivia takes a shot at Frisco which amuses both Felicia and Mac.

Lucy reappears in a new outfit and hairstyle before taking a break. Sam is surprised to here that Spinelli would like to have a family. Spinelli then goes off in search of his errant girlfriend. He finds her and Maxie arguing about the conversation Ellie overheard between Maxie and Frisco. Elsewhere, Duke and Anna have found an empty dressing room to take Emma. Duke hands her a treat that he nicked from the kitchen. He and Anna attempt humor but Emma isn't laughing. Emma asks if Patrick and Britt are going to have a baby. Duke and Anna gently try to explain it to her. She would be okay with having a bother or sister, if Britt wasn't going to be her mommy.

Patrick is understandably upset with Britt's insult. He reams her out but she has an answer for everything. Britt asks if Patrick can turn his back on his child. Just then Sabrina joins them. Back in the ballroom, Felix makes a request of Tracy and Monica. Tracy is reluctant until Monica challenges her. Lucy is onstage introducing the next act...........Molly and T.J. Molly, looking like Avril Levigne, rocks out to a song called "Private School Girls" (written by Nancy Lee Grahn's daughter Kate). Kate is also Molly's back up singer with her band performing.)

Felicia wonders what has become of Maxie. Maxie is disengaging herself from Miss Trout and Spinelli before returning to the ballroom. Ellie relays her theory about the conversation she overheard to Spinelli. She is, unknowingly, this close to the truth. Spinelli then tells her about Dr. Westbourne's announcement. Dr. Westbourne takes her leave of Patrick and Sabrina, hoping she's left her mark.

An exuberant A.J. and Elizabeth run backstage. They congratulate themselves on their performance (which we didn't see). They finally kiss, just as Felix passes by saying, "Performers coming through." A.J. and Elizabeth are stunned to see it's Monica and Tracy. In the lobby, Ellie and Spinelli discuss her theory. Ellie would like to know where the name Frisco came from.

Lucy then introduces the next and best act.................Epiphany and The Revelations (Monica and Tracy) They are dressed like The Supremes or better yet, The Pointer Sisters. Epiphany rocks out to Jump for My Love and soon has everyone dancing. Mac and Olivia are having the best time as is Dr. Obrecht, much to Britt's surprise. Mother is proud! Patrick and Sabrina are determined to make it, in spite of Britt. Sabrina tells Patrick that Elizabeth thinks Britt is lying. Epiphany and The Revelations are a big hit!

Spinelli and Ellie table their discussion about Maxie to rejoin the party. Dr. Westbourne is doubtful that her Mother's plan will work. Patrick reassures Sabrina with a kiss before returning to the ballroom. Michael receives a phone call from Starr but goes to another room to hear her. Lucy is once again onstage thanking everyone for their participation. Felix joins her and pays tribute to Lucy herself and gives her a bouquet of roses.

In her hotel suite, Britt reveals that all she wants is for someone to love her. Dr. Obrecht and Britt discuss her father, and the "unusual" relationship they had. In the hotel lobby, Michael tells Starr about his performance. She tells him some devastating news. She's never coming back to Port Charles. Britt wants to go home but her mother asks her to stay. Dr. Obrecht is uncharacteristically comforting.

Lucy invites Sabrina up onstage to accept her due. Sabrina then announces that it was Emma's dream to bring back the Nurses' Ball. She asks Patrick bring Emma onstage. "Thank you everybody." says a delighted Emma. "Do you think Mommy's watching us?" As usual, Emma touches everyone as Sabrina suddenly belts out "You're not alone" Patrick soon joins her. Britt is watching (alone) from her Mother's room. Mac and Felicia lead everyone onstage where they spread out holding hands and sing along. Last shot is of Patrick, Emma and Sabrina, with a picture of Robin in the background. Patrick kisses Emma's cheek.

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