GH Update Monday 4/8/13

General Hospital Update Monday 4/8/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Felicia declares to Frisco that she loves him but she can’t accept the ring he’s giving her. She tells him that she has realized after a long time that they are not meant to be together. She tells him, crying, that even if he believes she’s the one for him, she declares that the man for her is Mac and always will be and she is sorry. Mac and Maxie observe them.

At the end of the Nurses' Ball musical, Lucy Coe argues with Richard Simmons about each believing the other has stolen the creative control of the show and their creative differences. He tells her the difference between them is he has class and she does not. She tells him it’s fine with her if he thinks that but she’s going to go and dance, but he tells her she is not dancing. No one is even going to see her. all the others are waiting for them on the dance floor on the stage.

Britt is alone with her mom with their plan but tells her mom that this is not a good idea. She wants to call this of.

Behind the stage, Emma asks Sabrina if Milo is not her boyfriend anymore. Sabrina clarifies that they were never boyfriend and girlfriend. She just likes Milo as a friend. Patrick observes them and smiles while Emma asks Sabrina if her daddy will not be Sabrina’s boyfriend.

When Lucy is not there and the audience is waiting, Elizabeth takes over the microphone as announces and announces that there is not a dance between Duke Lavery and Lucy Coe, but Duke is telling Anna that she has to dance the tango with him although Anna is hesitating. She announces Duke and Anna and they dance together just like they did many years ago when they were first together.

When Frisco runs off after Felicia’s rejected his proposal, Maxie runs after her dad and asks him where he’s going. He replies after that humiliation he just experienced, anywhere except here.

Felicia and Mac are together but he appears to have reservations, but he tells her they need to be clear. He loves her, but what she said in front of all of those people is what he needs to know that he can trust and to know that she is finally in it with him for the long haul.

Patrick, Sabrina and Emma are all happily together and content with the arrangement that has been made.

Britt tells her mother that this is all about revenge. What good is it going to do? Her mom tells her she needs to get a hold of herself and that weakness is unbecoming. Britt protests she was not being weak. She was being realistic, but her mom tells her she needs to stop believing she must give up on the “good doctor”. She needs to get dressed, put her plan into motion and let the entire town of Port Charles know that they both mean business.

In the dressing room behind the stage, Richard Simmons locks Lucy inside the room and tells her he’s going to go out and dance.

Britt hears her mom telling her that she needs to know that she has been humiliated by the rejection of the handsome doctor. Britt remembers Patrick telling her they are done and there’s no way he would want to have a relationship with anyone who does not love his daughter. Her mom asks her if nurse Santiago set her up, should she (Nurse S.) be the one to win? In response to that, Britt agrees that she wants to do this.

Duke tells Anna that he knows they both have their reservations about the uncertainty of them being together again, but he tells her that they need to take the risk and face this brand new world together and asks her what she says.

Elizabeth announces that the next act is Magic Milo. Milo with a group of other guys in tuxedoes including Max, Felix, Michael, AJ, Anton, and Spinelli. The guys then take off their jackets. They all dance while the women watch them intently. They go into the seating area and make contact with the women and then go back on stage to take off their shirts. The women cheer and watch them. They continue to dance and then strip down to their shorts. Everybody cheer and claps.

Lucy breaks out of the room where Richard Simmons has locked her in. She tells him he is not taking over her show. It will be over her dead body. Right while the woman in the audience are cheering on the male strippers, they are interrupted by Lucy forcing her way on stage and a screaming match between her and Richard Simmons. All the people assume it’s an act and they cheer Lucy on, but she screams that this is not an act. Richard Simmons has attacked her and tried to ruin her nurse’s ball. They need to call security. At that point, the male dancers grab him and get ready to carry him off stage while he protests that they cannot do that.

Felicia tells Mac she needs him to say yes to marrying her. He tells her yes. He wants to marry her again, and they kiss.

Maxie cries and asks her dad if he is going away again. He tells her that he will always be her father, but she tells him it can’t be that way if he’s on the other side of the globe. He needs to know how important he is to her as he was the only person with whom she could share the secret of her pregnancy.

Emma is happy to see that her dad has declared that Sabrina is his girlfriend, and she notices her grandma with Duke and asks if he is grandma’s boyfriend. They all reply yes. Anna then faces Patrick and tells her son in law she realizes it’s about time for her to move on. He tells her that he knows that’s the same for her.

On stage, Lucy says that Noah Drake, their previous GH doctor, is a musical legend. She wants everyone to put their hands together for Mr. Rick Springfield. Rick Springfield (actor who plays Dr. Noah Drake) gets up and sings his 1981 pop hit "Jessie’s Girl."

Britt finally smiles and gets into her formal clothes, make-up and jewelry and agrees to go through with her mom’s plan. She tells her she just hopes it goes as planned. Her mom assures her it will and if anything happens, she needs to know that her mom will be watching every step of the way.

After “Noah Drake” gets done singing. Bobbie takes him aside and tells him it’s amazing how much he looks like the real Rick Springfield. The dancing guys all get back into their clothes for an encore. Maxie urges her dad to stay and tells him that he cannot believe that he is no longer deeded and she cannot lose him, but she’s afraid she will, all over again. She asks him where he’s going to go. He replies he does not know and when he gets there he will let her know. He hugs his daughter and tells her he loves her and will see her soon.

Lucy gets on the microphone and tells the audience she’d like to introduce the youngest member of the ball, and she announces Emma Drake with Sabrina Santiago. We see them both dressed like little girls in pajamas with stuffed animals, and they do a duet of a popular song. They then change into ball gowns and dance together. Everybody claps and cheers.

Britt gets off the elevator of the hospital. Not far away, she can hear the cheering at the Nurses' Ball.

Lucy acknowledges the late Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake, the founder of the ball, and she introduces Robin’s husband, Dr. Patrick Drake. Patrick stands up and approaches the stage while everyone claps.

After Maxie departs from talking to her father, Ellie finds her and can see she has something on her mind and has been crying. Maxie tells Ellie her dad left and that’s normal for him. She should be used to it by now, she realizes, but for some reason, it’s really hitting her hard this time. Ellie then faces her and asks her if there’s something she might “want to tell her”. Maybe it’s regarding the baby Maxie is carrying?

Patrick gets up on the stage and announces on the mic that although progress has been made to treat AIDS, there is still a lot of work to be done, and nobody knew that better than his late wife, Robin Scorpio Drake. He announces for those of them that did not know, Robin became HIV positive when she was a kid. Back in those days people did not know much about it, but the hospital and the town of Port Charles supported Robin while she worked heroically for the cause. He then asks Emma to stand beside him and announces all that Robin did and that her legacy will always live on. So he thanks all the people who have made a significant contribution to helping Robin’s dream become a reality. Everybody claps while Patrick and Emma thank them, but out of nowhere, Britt enters. He asks what she’s doing there. Her mom obviously has a plan for her daughter to reveal something to Patrick. Emma and Sabrina stand beside Patrick, and Britt seems to know that she has something very special to reveal to all of them.

Frisco tells Maxie that he made a huge mistake coming back to Port Charles. There’s nothing for him there. She asks him what about her. Isn’t she enough of a reason for him not to want to leave town again.

Felicia declares her love for Mac, and they are not thinking about Frisco.

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