GH Update Friday 4/5/13

General Hospital Update Friday 4/5/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

In her dressing room, Lucy tries to decide what to wear. Felix walks in, wanting to know why she's not dressed yet. She tells him how important the red carpet dress is, and she hasn't decided on one. He tells her that she can't go on stage in her underwear. She says it wouldn't be the first time she's done it.

On the red carpet in the Metro Court lobby, guests start to arrive as a commentator announces their arrivals and they have their pictures taken. Felicia, Maxie, Frisco, Mac holding Mr. Marbles, Spinelli, Ellie, Duke, Anna, and Emma arrive. A reporter stops Anna and Emma, tells them how beautiful they look and asks about the ball honoring Robin. Anna tells him how happy she and Emma are that the ball is going on and honoring Robin. The commentator mentions how there is no sight of Patrick yet.

At Anna's suite, Patrick is surprised by Sabrina's transformation. He tells her that she looks beautiful.

Sonny and Carly arrive on the red carpet. They are asked by the commentator if they are reuniting. Carly tells him no comment. He asks Carly if she has any comment on Jax and Brenda being engaged. Carly says she'll doubts the wedding happens and if they show up at all. She notices Brenda arriving. Brenda joins Sonny and Carly, then is asked where Jax is. She tells him that Jax is busy and couldn't make it, but send his support and regrets. Carly asks where her ring is, but Brenda says it didn't go with her dress.

Michael, Olivia and Bobbie arrive together. The commentator mentions no sign of Bobbie's former flame Noah and again mentions no Patrick yet.

Sabrina tells Patrick that the makeover was Felix's idea, and while she looks different, it's still her underneath. Patrick is glad to hear it.

Elizabeth, AJ, Monica, Tracy, Shawn, Alexis, Molly, TJ, Sam, Epiphany and Anton arrive. Anton bumps into Sam and tells her she could still dance with him tonight. Finally, Felix and Lucy arrive. Milo approaches Felix, asking about Sabrina.

Sabrina thinks that Patrick is looking for Emma, but Patrick says he's looking for her. He tells her that he left a message, but she never called back. Sabrina says she never got the message and thinks he just wanted her to pick up Emma. He says that's not what he wants to say. He says he hopes that it's not too late, and that she still has feelings for him because he has feelings for her, too. Patrick tells how much she's done for him. He says that when she shared her feelings for him, he tells her how he realized he had feelings for her, too. He says he wanted to ask her out at graduation, but she accepted a date with Milo. She tells him that she went out with Milo to get over him. Patrick asks if she got over him. She says her feelings for him haven't changed. He apologizes for taking so long to figure it out, and taking so long to kiss her.

At the ball, Frisco switches his name card for Mac's at their table. Mac accuses Frisco of thinking Felicia is going to choose him. Frisco tells Mac that Felicia belongs with him. Mac tells Frisco that he lost Felicia last time and he's going to lose her again.

Felicia says that she doesn't know how she's going to choose. Anna says she better hurry up, because Mac and Frisco look ready to kill each other.

Noah approaches Bobbie. They comment on how long it's been since they've seen each other. Bobbie says she's checking with Scott. Noah asks if she's with Scott, but she tells him she's not seeing anyone, and it's been ages since she faked blindness to win over a man. She walks away from him and Anna joins him. They reminisce about the whole Noah/Eli Love incident. Anna asks if he thinks that they'll get a visit from Eli Love. Noah teases maybe, maybe a visit from someone. Anna asks who.

Alexis comments to Sonny about him bringing Carly as a date as Michael brings her and Sonny some champagne. Sonny comments that it's a long story. Michael asks if it has something to do with Brenda.

Brenda looks at her name card and at Jax's. Carly arrives, holding the signed divorce papers in her hand. She asks Brenda where Jax is, because he was excited to be at the ball. Brenda tells Carly to go to hell, but Carly says that's what he thought: the engagement is off. Brenda confirms that Jax called off the engagement and blames Carly for it.

Felicia joins Mac and Frisco. Both push Felicia to decide between them right there.

Sabrina can't believe that Patrick kissed her. Patrick asks if he lost her to Milo. She remembers that Milo is her date and waiting for her. She tells Patrick that Milo is a sweet guy, and she's sure she can smooth things over with him. Patrick asks Sabrina to be her date to the ball. She accepts. She says that nothing will matter if Lucy kills her for being late for the opening number. Patrick asks if she if she is ready. She says she's been ready since the day she met him.

Alexis, Shawn, Sonny and Michael hear Brenda and Carly arguing over Carly telling Jax about Brenda visiting Sonny. Sonny nods to Shawn and they go to try to break things up. Milo and Max join them. Sonny interrupts them and introduces Brenda to Shawn. Shawn offers to escort Brenda to another table. Brenda declines, saying that she wants to sit at her table, but that it was nice to meet him. An announcer opens the ball as Sonny, Carly, Brenda and Max sit down at their table, and Shawn, Alexis and Michael go to their tables.

Backstage Lucy gets the nurses in their places for the opening number. She wonders where Sabrina is. Sabrina rushes in and both Elizabeth and Lucy comment on how gorgeous she looks before Lucy tells her to get ready for the opening number. Lucy rushes off as Felix wonders how long it takes to practice in heels. Sabrina says she didn't practice, then tells Felix and Elizabeth that Patrick kissed her. Both Felix and Elizabeth are happy for her. Felix tells Sabrina that he knew that Patrick would come around.

Patrick joins Emma, Anna and Noah at their table. Emma asks Patrick what's on his collar. Noah comments that it looks like Patrick found "her".

The announcer introduces Lucy. Lucy welcomes everyone to the 2013 Nurses' Ball. She tells everyone how much went into the ball and she thanks everyone who helped, and thanks everyone for coming. Lucy introduces the opening number to a song written by Molly and TJ.

The opening number commences with Sabrina, Felix and Elizabeth singing pieces, then Epiphany taking the lead.

Milo speak with Sabrina, telling her that she looks amazing. She tells him that she couldn't do it without Felix, but Milo says she's always been beautiful, inside and out. He's worried that she won't want to be seen with him after he tells her what he did to her.

Duke tells Anna how beautiful she looks, and Anna tells him how dashing he looks. She says the kilt reminds her of the one he wore when they got married. He asks her if it reminds her of the love they shared, despite their differences.

Sam congratulates Anton on his choreography. Anton asks her if she would dance with him, because his partner is injured. Sam says she doesn't dance, and has nothing to wear. He says they can find something for her to wear, then urges her to take a chance.

Lucy comes back onstage, and pays tribute to Jessie Brewer and Amy Vining. She also introduces one of her dearest and oldest friends, Bobbie Spencer. She asks people to applaud her and the rest of the nurses. Lucy then wants to thank the person who underwrote the Nurses' Ball, then asks that person to stand up to be acknowledged with applause, but no one stands. She thinks that the person just wants to remain anonymous, but thanks that person for their generosity.

Maxie asks Felicia who she's going to choose. Felicia says she doesn't know, because she loves them both.

Backstage, Ellie and Spinelli argue about how they promised to table their discussion on having children, then Spinelli comments on Maxie's pregnancy. Spinelli apologizes and asks for her forgiveness. They are called to their places for their act.

Lucy introduces Spinelli and Ellie. They perform their song, "She Blinded Me with Science". After their song, Ellie says she forgives him. She loves him too much to let the problems get in the way. Spinelli says he loves her, too, and they kiss.

Maxie starts to walk away from their table. Frisco stops her and tells her that it's not too late for her to tell Spinelli that she's pregnant with Spinelli's baby.

At their table, Brenda and Carly engage in a bread fight. A security guard arrives and offers to help Carly. Carly says she wants Brenda out of there. Brenda tells security not to touch her, she can leave on her own. She gets up and leaves. Sonny asks if that was necessary. Carly says it was because Brenda was causing a disturbance. Sonny says that Brenda was there for Robin, and asks her to give Brenda that much. Carly refuses, and Sonny goes after Brenda.

Milo tells Sabrina that he can't let them get any closer before telling her. He confesses to deleting Patrick's voicemail from her phone. Sabrina says that explains everything. She tells him that Patrick left her a voicemail about her and Patrick. Milo asks if that means she's with Patrick. She apologizes, but he says she has nothing to apologize for. He says that she and Patrick obviously has a connection that can't be denied.

Backstage, Anton changes as Felix goes to him. He says he hears that Anton's partner is hurt, and while it's unconventional, he offers to be Anton's partner. Sam arrives, saying she can't believe she let Anton talk her into this. Anton apologizes to Felix, saying he has a partner. Sam asks if he's sure about this, and Anton says he is. He tells her to just follow his lead. Lucy introduces Anton and Sam. Anton and Sam take the stage and dance.

Lucy comes back onstage and introduces Max and Mr. Marbles. Mac takes the stage and performs his ventriloquism act, roasting Frisco in the process. At the end of his act, Mac tells Felicia that whatever she decides, he just wants her to be happy, then he tells her that he loves her. Frisco gets up and walks away. Felicia asks what just happened. Maxie tells her that Mac decided to fight back.

Sabrina joins Patrick and Emma. Emma is excited to see Sabrina. Emma asks what happened to Sabrina's glasses. Sabrina says she's not wearing them today. Emma says she looks like a princess, and asks Patrick if he agrees. Patrick does agree. Emma invites Sabrina to join them. She goes to their table with them.

Monica asks Michael if he knows what is going on with Carly and Brenda. Michael says they don't get along. Elizabeth thinks it's too bad that they can't put it aside for one night. She cites AJ and Tracy as examples, saying they're not fighting. AJ says he knew that Elizabeth was a good influence on him. Tracy says she needs some air, then gets up to leave. Monica gets up to go after her. She tells AJ that a truce can only last so long. She's going to make sure Tracy isn't going to poison his filet mignon.

Mac asks Felicia and Maxie what they think. Before they can answer, Lucy introduces the next act, one she says is a last minute addition. She introduces Frisco who sings "All I Need." Felicia is in tears during the song.

In her dressing room, Lucy can't remember what dress she is wearing next. She hears a noise and goes to investigate. She opens a door and is surprised by who she sees.

Frisco dedicates his song to Felicia, the love of his life. He insists she is really all he needs right now and proposes to her.

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